Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 181

Chapter 180 spirit xuan experts gather
Chapter 180 Spirit Xuan experts gather

Xuan Qi stabilizes tends to stabilize a while after reaching a certain realm, and the Xuan Qi color never changes again unless the person advances again. Even after one advances, though one can suppress their strength, one still cant issue the Xuan color of a lower realm.

Such as, even if a Sky Xuan expert lowers his strength in combat, he still cannot issue the Xuan color of the Earth Xuan realm or lower!

This was a simple and universally known fact!

There was only one way to change the color of ones Xuan Qi: An advance in Xuan level!

And this process was irreversible!

Going by that principle, this person had somehow managed to advance from Jade Xuan peak to Earth Xuan, and then to its mid-level mark, and then to its peak in a matter of moments.

A normal, sane man would never believe that such a thing could ever be possible!

However, irrespective of the fact that whether anyone would believe it or not, the Third Elder had just witness this miracle with his own eyes!

Even though he had seen the changing colors very clearly, the Third Elders subconscious couldnt help prompting him into rubbing his eyes. This isnt some strange damn dream, right?

But it doesnt matter even if hes an Earth Xuan Peak, does it? This guy still cant take away the Xuan Core from me. Im a Spirit Xuan! Third Elder comforted himself and then shouted out: Boy, dont play tricks on me; they are useless, just take the Xuan Core.

He had intended on saying Bring the Xuan Core here, but had ended up saying take instead, under the effect of the shocking scene he witnessed as he was speaking his sentence!

Holy Grandmother. Has this world gone crazy? Or are my old eyes betraying me?

He rubbed his eyes wildly as the Xuan Color of the black-robed man instantly disappeared and was momentarily replaced by a faint blue light!

This blue light slowly started becoming deeper and transformed into a sky blue color soon after, and then eventually turned azure!

A Sky Xuan Peak?!

The Third Elder almost fell down to the ground under the impulse of the shock!

I didnt sense a fart-worths Xuan Qi in this boy earlier, and now hes suddenly advanced to the peak of Sky Xuan? How this even possible?!

Whats going on! This guy isnt some kind of a ghost, is he?

Just as these thoughts were revolving around the Third Elders head, another astonishing this happened: The azure color coming out the mans body suddenly disappeared, but this time no other color emerged to replace it.

The emergence of no other color surprised the Third Elder even more; has this man actually entered into the Spirit Xuan realm now? He was trying to investigate the uncertainty behind the mans Xuan color when he noticed that the impatience in the mans eyes had slowly calmed down, and had then gradually transformed from indifference to mercy, and had then started turning into disdain.

The Third Elder stood there as the expression in Jun Mo Xies eyes, concealed behind his mask started taking a very arrogant shade, almost as if he was master of all life and death in this world; cold and ruthless!

These were the eyes of a Spirit Xuan expert! But far sharper and far more arrogant than the Solitary Falcon and even the Silver Blizzard Citys master, Han Feng Xue!

My God! Ah! My God! The Third Elder was unable to tell head or tail of this matter, what in the world in happening here?

At this point, Fei Meng Chen also arrived overhead in the sky, and descended downwards in manner so that he seemed equally potent of taking the Xuan Core. The three people were now stationed at equal distances from each other, almost like they were the three corners of an equilateral triangle!

By the virtue of being the Yu Tang Empires Imperial Teacher, Fei Meng Chen had always been cautious by nature. Having seen the Third Elder and the black-robed man seemingly poised for a battle, he couldnt help but wonder: Is this black-robed man actually capable of competing against a Spirit Xuan expert? Is he so powerful that even Silver Blizzard Citys Third Elder wont dare to act rashly against him?

As a result, the men just stood there motionlessly with no man willing to make the first move.

If Fei Meng Chen hadnt arrived in this moment, then the Third Elder would have ended up making a move; even if he would do so reluctantly. After all, even if the other man was actually a Spirit Xuan, it would only make this difficult for him at best!

And then, he always had a chance of getting away with the Xuan Core!

After all, if the man was a fake, then he would effectively be nothing more than an ant in front of him!

But now that Fei Meng Chen had arrived as well, he wouldnt dare to attack first!

The Third Elder shot a glance towards Fei Meng Chen! Even he cant see through this guy; If I had attacked him earlier, it would surely have been difficult to guess the winner.. but now this situation has completely changed- this is just plain bad luck.and awkward.

Fei Meng Chens concerns were of similar nature, however his thoughts were derived from the Third Elders hesitation: The Third Elder could have taken this Xuan Core a long time ago, but then why is he hesitating from making a move on this man? Theres more to this man than I think! If Silver Blizzard Citys Third Elder doesnt have the courage to act rashly, then should I take the lead, .no, right? Why didnt I just wait for Shi Chang Xiao to finish his battle? I should have waited for him, damn it. Now Ive foolishly landed myself in a pincer position against two Spirit Xuan experts, what is this holy grandmother. Damn my misfortunes!

Jun Mo Xie was the only man among the three with no hesitation in his mind, after all, he was the only one willing to escape away at any point of time The Xuan Core was simply useless, but moreover, he also had the Yin Yang Escape law to help him escape away to safety at a moments notice, but he was still waiting for Shi Chang Xiao and Solitary Falcon to show up. Where have the two of them gone off to? Come quickly so I can throw away this Xuan Core, and then sneak away to a safe place. Id really like to watch you all fight and die as I count my fortunes ah. What kind of silly Great masters are the two of you if you cant even get here before a normal Spirit Xuan expert

But this isnt good for me. These two old idiots have me trapped in his awkward position now; I cant even more a finger right now. one move and my bluff will be exposed once Im exposed, Ill have to leave immediately. This wasnt a part of the plan! I, I, I, Im so unlucky.

I had planned everything so accurately, but I had never expected that the Solitary Falcon.. that crazy fighting machine, and that Shi Chang Xiao guy would actually decide to be late today out of all days!

These three men stood their ground with the elegance and authority of peerless masters, but even though their arms and legs were free to move about, no one took the initiative. These three men continued to stare at each other sharply as they held each other in place with their gazes!

Jun Mo Xies body was sweating coldly, but thanks to the cover from the pouring rain, neither of the two men was able to spot them, else his bluff would have been exposed, which would have marked the end of his bluff


Two popping sounds came from a distance, almost as if something had been broken, which was followed by a wave of frightening surge in the air pressure and Shi Chang Xiaos booming voice: Brother Fei, since youve missed the opportunity, I guess Ill have to take this Xuan Core myself!

These words had barely been spoken when a black figure came flashing into the sky overhead!

Ha ha ha.. Shi Chang Xiao, you shouldnt start celebrating so early; I also want this Xuan Core! A powerful sonorous voice resounded, making everyone a bit more uncomfortable!

A low flying black figure approached closer, almost as if hawk was looking for its prey as the elegant-bodied, cruel-eyed, and desolate-faced man moved towards the gathering.

This man was also one of the Eight Great Masters; Shen Cis Solitary Falcon!

Shi Chang Xiaos smile immediately vanished off his face as he accelerated his pace, but still fell short since the Solitary Falcon managed to land on the ground half-a-breath earlier than his counterpart. The two men landed at a relative distance, and their eyes started flashing more currents towards each other than the thunderbolts in the sky above!

Whoosh Whoosh, the Sixth and the Ninth Elder of the Silver Blizzard City landed at the same time, each holding a broken sword in their hand. Even though their faces were slightly pale, it was evident that they hadnt sustained any serious injuries, and they quickly stationed themselves behind the Third Elder; since the Three Elders were now united again, their confidence obviously grew!

After all, the Three Elders were all Spirit Xuan experts!

Momentarily, six more people made their way through the storm and quietly stationed themselves behind Shi Chang Xiao.

Looks like everyone is here

Lei Jiang Hong is pleased to meet his seniors. Master-Brother Shi, Master-Brother Falcon, I extend greetings on behalf of my master Li Wu Bei! A middle-aged man emerged from the shadows along with his nine companions; this was obviously Li You Rans cavalry. Since their line-ups strength was the weakest amongst the parties involved, it wasnt surprising that they were the last ones to reveal themselves.

Strange. I have no relation with Li Wu Bei? So why is his apprentice calling me Master-brother? Where is this even coming from? the Solitary Falcon batted his eye-lids, and then asked in a cold voice: Shi Chang Xiao, dont tell me that you have an alliance with Li Wu Bei?

Li Wu Bei!

Li You Rans ten associates were actually the disciples of a Great Master, Li Wu Bei!

You bald Falcon! What nonsense are you talking? Shi Chang Xiao glared back: Even if youre not associated with Li Wu Bei, how dare you act so arrogantly to his apprentices? You dont have the manners of a Peak Spirit Xuan We have our laws!

Bah, this is how I am; Why dont you come and teach me otherwise! then, the Solitary Falcon looked towards the new arrivals, and said: Since your Xuan Qi is so pathetic, you people have no right to call me Master-brother. And since youre obviously here for the Xuan Core, Ill knock your heads together if you call me that word again. Moreover, what kind of an idiot is your master to send you here all by yourself? Do you actually think that you can take this Xuan Core? In fact, given your strength, youre not even qualified to join this charade!

Lei Jiang Hong had only greeted the Solitary Falcon out of respect and protocol, but he still smiled as he said: Since the Solitary Falcon doesnt recognize our friendly greeting, we will no longer address you as Master-Brother.

In reality, the Eight Grand Master had a norm; their disciples would be treated as a Brothers disciples by another, however, this norm had always seemed extremely irrational to the Solitary Falcon; There were only two lone-wolfs amongst the Eight Great Masters, and the Solitary Falcon was obviously one amongst these two..