Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 196

Chapter 195 fatally enticing
Chapter 195 Fatally enticing

Jun Mo Xie looked at the two of them as his feet slowly started sinking into the ground once again, and smiled in calm and relaxed manner.

All of a sudden, Jun Mo Xies body was partially submerged in the ground, with only his chest and head visible above the ground; the soil and the water had managed to retain their normal position on the grounds surface.

Jun Mo Xie smiled once again, and then suddenly a jet of water projected outwards from the ground..

The faces of the two Xuan Beasts instantly transformed to surprise and astonishment, and they immediately clutched their noses as they leapt sideways to avoid staining their clothes with Jun Mo Xies urine. The shock in their eyes was clearly speaking for their mouths: He actually did it! Its obvious that this is a mans urine. Theres no scope of fraud here!

Jun Mo Xie pulled his body out once he was done emptying his tank, and asked: What do you say now?

They looked at each other is dismal, and said: Youve done as you said, and we concede our defeat!

Jun Mo Xie was greatly relieved to hear these words; finally, I won!

However, he was completely unaware that his opposition was also sharing the same sentiment, but in a reversed context; Yes! We finally lost!

Even though the winner was forced to undergo several hardships, the losers were still eagerly hoping to lose the bet; such bets are hard to come by.

Alright, what is it that you wish for us to do? Long Crane frowned as he spoke: Although were willing to honor this bet, but I would like to remind you that we will only do just one task for you! In addition to this, you will not go back on your promise! We wont accept any excuses in case you go back on your promise!

Naturally; as long as you complete my assignment, Ill reward you as promised. Jun Mo Xie smiled as he extended his hand towards Long Crane.

Long Crane looked puzzlingly at Jun Mo Xie, but then slowly extended his hand and shook Jun Mo Xies. Just as the two hands came in contact, Long Crane was suddenly startled and his entire body started to tremble. His face was reveling in an indescribably surprised expression, and then he gradually closed his eyes as he started to enjoy the sensation.

A pure and unadulterated Aura was streaming from Jun Mo Xies hands and into Long Cranes body via his hands, and all of sudden, Long Crane felt as if he was walking in a heavenly paradise. Each meridian of his body, every inch of his bone, and every strand of his muscles was relishing this sensation.

The Xuan Qi which had been dormant for a long time had suddenly started burst into action in an unprecedented manner, and Long Crane could sense that as long as this Aura continued to circulate around his body, he could easily break past the next bottleneck! Wave after wave of this pure Aura had left him completely intoxicated, good heavens; I never knew such a sensation could exist in the world! Ill complete as many tasks as he assigns for me.

Long Crane had always been a calm and composed personality, but against his nature, his entire body was trembled in excitement at this moment! Ive never felt this kind of energy inside my body in years! Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes ah. I havent been able to break through the bottleneck for a long time now, and I only have about thirty more years at most before my cultivation starts to slip from its peak. Had I met him later in life, then it might have been too late to upgrade my cultivation..

Big Bear was looking dumbstruck at his brother, what is the third brother doing? Whats so mesmerizing about holding his hand?

Long Crane could sense that his cultivation was slowly inching towards its peak, and then suddenly this mysterious Aura stopped, just when he was about to reach the point of its need! This break in Aura almost drove him crazy for one second!

Jun Mo Xie had suddenly withdrawn his hand, and was now smiling at him. Jun Mo Xie opened his mouth and spoke in a calm voice: Are you convinced now that I can help you as promised?

At this point, Long Cranes heart was aching to grab Jun Mo Xies hand, and feed more Aura into his own body, but Long Crane was too proud to stoop to such desperation, and so he breathed deeply a few times in order to calm himself down, while his eyes remained shut the entire time. Then, he opened his eyes, and spoke up, but the traces of excitement were still lingering in his trembling voice: Yes, Im convinced! Im afraid that no Xuan Beast could ever be capable of resisting this temptation! For us, this is temptation can be fatally enticing!

Big Bear was still eyeing Jun Mo Xie doubtfully, which is why Jun Mo Xie smiled and extended his hand towards him as well, and startled him in the same manner; However, Big Bear didnt close his eyes as his Elder Brother had, and instead started staring at Jun Mo Xie as if the man was a celestial being. Big Bear tightened his paws around Jun Mo Xies hand, and it seemed as if he wouldnt let it go for the life of him; in fact, he almost started begging: Give me a little please.. give me a little, hurry, hurry, give me a little more of it. I I really need this!

This stout and burly beast with a body almost three times the size of an ordinary mans had suddenly started acting like a naughty child who was unwilling to part with his favorite candy..

Jun Mo Xie tried to pull his hand back, but found it stuck; he tried to pull harder, but Big Bear only gripped it ever more firmly, simply unwilling to let go, while constantly begging for more, leaving Jun Mo Xie to regret taking the extra initiative of convincing him as well

Fourth Brother! Long Crane berated his brother again: Stop acting like this! Act like the dignified Xuan Beast you are! Why are you acting so anxiously? We havent discussed the terms of appointment yet!

I, I, I how can I not be anxious? Big Bear glared back at his brother; the anxiety of his heart was clearly visible in the pumped up veins of his eyes: Ive been trapped at my current stage for close to twenty years now.. each day passes like a year for me ah..

You get back here, and shut up! Sire, what is it that you wish for us to do? What task could you possibly be incapable of accomplishing with your own supernatural abilities? Long Crane pulled his brother back with one hand, and asked in an urgent and pressing tone.

Although Im capable of doing this task on my own, but for reasons I cannot state, I wont. Else I wouldnt be offering you this reward.. Jun Mo Xie started to build up to his task in an unhurried and casual manner.

Oh! Just say it quickly! We can do anything for that reward! You cant just give us a taste of that sweet energy, and take it away its making me really desperate! Big Bear was practically jumping around Long Crane in the hope of breaking free of his Brothers grip: Ask us anything! Well do anything for you!

Recently, the Master Li Jue Tian has been giving me some trouble, and it disgusts me! Jun Mo Xie stated, paying special attention to their facial reactions: You need to kill him.

What? Is this a joke? Long Crane and Big Bear suddenly cried out at the same time once; and then both of them fell silent.

This is the second most powerful man in the world were talking about! And this guy is talking like its..

That man is almost as strong as Yun Bei Chen! And in case we actually had enough strength to kill him, then wouldnt we have killed Yun Bei Chen when we faced him that one time ah?

Li Jue Tian he says that name like hes your next-door Spirit Xuan neighbor

Find Li Jue Tian, and kill him! Jun Mo Xie repeated the assignment.

You think thats going to be like killing a chicken, ah?! Is this guy playing with us? Does he really think that its that simple? Why dont you just ask us to go into the sky, and then bring you the moon or a star, huh?

I reckon that even if our eldest brother, our boss personally attacked Li Jue Tian, then even he could only go as farther as defeating Li Jue Tian at best! But even he wont be able to kill that man! Theres only one way of killing Li Jue Tian: Wed have to fabricate a situation where Li Jue Tian would have no means of escaping away, and then wed have to attack him with our Eldest Brother in support thats the only way its possible. Even if we were somehow able to stage this advantage in our favor, I still reckon that at least one out of us three brothers will end up getting buried beside Li Jue Tians body!

Youre asking us to risk our lives in this deal no, youre practically asking for our lives!

[TL: Their boss and their Eldest Brother are the same person. It sounds like its a family coven of sorts]

What happened? If theres some sort of an issue, then please tell me ah. Jun Mo Xie looked at the two of them as he asked in a tone of surprise.

This isnt just another difficult task its an impossible one! Big Bear cleared his throat twice before speaking up: Did you really just ask us to kill Li Jue Tian? You think thats like slaughtering cattle or pigs ah? Bah, just say it, and hes dead?!

Whats to be done in that case? The Xue Hun Manor is my only problem at the moment, and why would I ask you do a task that I can get anyone else to do? If my task was that easy, then why would I come up with this kind of a reward in exchange?

Jun Mo Xie stretched his hands at chest level, and looked helplessly at the two of them, Since you cant do my task, then Im afraid that this contract is null and void. I guess Ill just have to deal with Li Jue Tian on my own it will take me a few days extra, and Ill have to get my hands dirty, but Ill do it on my own I suppose..

What? The deal is over? No, we cant let you scrap this deal.. if you hadnt given us a taste of that Aura then we ourselves wouldve scraped this deal, but now we simply cannot allow that to happen. Had Big Bear not been afraid of this mans hidden abilities, then he wouldve already tried to use force.

Hold on a minute! Long Crane raised his hand and spoke up in a keen tone: You just said that your troubles were provoked by Xue Hun Manor, and not Li Jue Tian himself, am I right? Long Crane finally grasped his focus again, and suddenly became excited all over again.

The heavens never bar a good mans way! The two of them cried out at the same time, we wouldve regretted losing this opportunity for the rest of our lives, but it seems that we might just be able to turn things for the better here.

I didnt understand your words properly; the Xue Hun Manor and Li Jue Tian are associated, arent they? That makes them one or the same thing, so whats the difference between the two? Jun Mo Xies tone was exceptionally calm, almost as if it was some minor detail he didnt really care about.

No, thats not the same thing! Big Bear exploded in excitement: Li Jue Tian is a perennial wanderer, and doesnt really live with the Xue Hun Manor; in fact, he barely comes back once a year! How could you consider them to be one and the same? Theres no issue with the task as long this doesnt involve Li Jue Tian; if its just the Xue Hun Manor you want dead, then well kill them off with ease!

Is that so ah? Hmmm if killing Li Jue Tian isnt necessary to do away with the Xue Hun Manor, then theres no need to kill Li Jue Tian! Jun Mo Xie continued in a puzzled tone, and patted his forehead: I was almost getting ready to kill the wrong person.

Both the brothers rolled up with eyes in contempt, almost getting ready to kill the wrong person? You think you can kill Li Jue Tian that easily? You almost scared the life out of us there!

If you only wish to deal with the Xue Hun Manor, then we can handle your task with ease. Long Crane smiled responsibly: Although Xue Hun Manor has several Spirit Xuan experts, but that wont pose any problems for us; its like my Fourth Brother said, well finish them off with ease.