Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 202

Chapter 201 free hand granted
Chapter 201 Free Hand granted

There are only the early signs of it at present. Zhao Jian Hun stated coldly: This scheme will require a very serious amount of planning before it can be executed. After all, the Jun Family is the strongest military power of the Tian Xiang Empire, and even the Emperor doesnt not take your Family lightly. However, their plan seems abundantly clear.

Ha ha, the smell of their mothers milk hasnt even dried out yet, and those three kids are actually thinking of targeting my Family.. Jun Wu Yi laughed coldly.

Moreover, the fact that the Dugu Family still cant find a suitable match for their daughter has made their position unclear on this matter. Zhao Jian Hun added: To be honest, Im actually looking forward to this happening. If the two main forces of the Tian Xiang Empire are divided If your Empires backbones breaks, then its a good thing for us, and I can just take my army and vandalize your entire force in one swoop, and then I can easily expand the Yu Tang map! How wonderful would it be if I could just unify this world in one single swoop?!

Why are you telling me this? Whats in it for you?! Jun Wu Yi grunted.

I cannot hide this in Jun Wu Huis presence! Im only telling you this because youre Jun Wu Yis family, and he was my most respected opponent.

Zhao Jian Hun turned around and looked at Jun Wu Huis statue once again and then slowly spoke: Im looking forward to the Jun Family producing another man or woman of the White Commanders caliber. But either way, I cannot allow this once heroic family to vanish in the dark of a power struggle.

This is the only thing Im capable of doing for the Idol of my heart.

Zhao Jian Hun stood up straight and strode forward to Jun Hu Wuis statue once again, looked up at it, and continued to stare at it for a long time, and then he suddenly turned around: Ill take me leave!

I wont be seeing you out! Jun Wu Yi stated in a harsh tone, and then added: .. nor will I be thanking you!

Zhao Jian Hun stood motionlessly for a while before he smiled at Jun Wu Yi, and asked in a coarse voice: You wont see me out?

Suddenly his voice lowered as he asked: Am I not important enough? Or perhaps Im not worthy enough?

Jun Wu Yi was silent for a while, but then he smiled and said: You are.

I understand. Zhao Jian Hun took a deep breath: Once I leave, Ill immediately return to Yu Tang! Jun Wu Yi, if we ever meet on the battlefield again.. dont hesitate, and dont think that I wont attack you mercilessly because of today!

The sides of his face showed a sign of sadness: All these year, Ive had to bear all this, and Im really tired of it now! The undefeated general. But Im really just a lucky Bastard!

Once he finished this last sentence, he turned around and walked away. Without looking back. without speaking another word. His desolate silhouette continued to walk away, his black cloak raised in the wind, his head held high, and his figure slowly disappeared out of sight

The Tian Xiang soldiers stationed on both sides of the walkway could only stare at their enemy nations commander in awe.

This man is too proud. Jun Wu Yi whispered as he stared at Zhao Jian Huns disappearing figure: Back then, Big Brother had once said: his pride is his characters biggest weakness, and can be used to trick him into several trap, and hell tread into them each time without repenting his action.

Jun Mo Xie couldnt help muffling his laughter: Yes, but he shouldve died a hundred times by now. managing to stay alive till now isnt an easy thing to do in his case.

Although this man is too proud, but his pride is also his greatest asset. Hes well versed with every battle formation, every ambush tactic, and his knowledge of warfare transcend that of any other man; why shouldnt he be proud of his abilities? If I were him, Id be the same!

Jun Wu Yi smiled: And this great ability of his was always admired by your father. Even in the greatest moments of desperation, this man never gave up; in fact he never even gave up hope even though he was defeated several times. Your father and I were once talking, and he told me that even he wouldnt have been able to do this! Zhao Jian Hun is an exceptional man! He never gives up, no matter how harsh his circumstances are!

Jun Mo Xie could only endorse this statement in his heart: setting sail with the tailwinds is not regarded as talent; surviving through adversities, and fighting to survive, and continuously fighting back is the sign of a true hero!

At that time, when we were trying to study Zhao Jian Hun, it was his own actions and words that had helped your father in deciding the strategy for dealing with Zhao Jian Hun. Jun Wu Yis words were brimming with pride: And his strategies are still valid when it comes to dealing with Zhao Jian Hun!

What? Jun Mo Xie suddenly became interested in knowing more.

Zhao Jian Hun was one of the most prominent bachelors in Yu Tang at that time, and one of the most influential ministers of the Empire wanted to give his daughter to Zhao Jian Hun in marriage; but that woman was extremely fat, and ugly. Jun Wu Yi smiled: At that time, Zhao Jian Hun had bluntly spoken out in front of the entire cabinet of minister: Hows such an ugly woman a worthy match for such a brilliant general?

Jun Mo Xie burst into laughter.

The first time when Big Brother heard of this, he said: Zhao Jian Hun is proud, blind to political power, and superior to his fellow soldier in terms of all kinds of abilities; he holds himself in a very high light, and will never allow himself to be subjugated to another man. Since the Yu Tang Empire lacks this kind of talent, they will allow him to break the rules to allow him to flourish, but this a bad thing for him. Being proud and aloof is good for a learned man in most cases, but there can be exceptions when pride can also become a fatal flaw! Even in the future, whenever anyone is capable of grasping this weakness of his, that man will be able to put himself in a position of invincibility against Zhao Jian Hun!

Jun Wu Yis voice seemed full of recollection: Big Brother had once said, Zhao Jian Hun is an ordinary general, but he has still risen to the spot of Yu Tangs most prominent general in less than two years! Big Brother had said, but even then, his weakness still remains the same as before. Getting a hold of his weakness isnt very difficult, but to use his weakness into getting the better of him isnt easy because his personality foreordains toughness of character. It will take more than just a series of fatal blows to erase his fighting spirits, but even then he would eventually come back. And thats exactly what happened; Big Brother used his weakness to defeat him twenty nine times, but unfortunately in the final battle..

Its easy to change circumstances, but its difficult to change ones nature. Jun Mo Xie sighed as a burst of sincere respect arose in his heart for the father he had never met. This one sentence alone had given infinite knowledge about the enemy general. This one sentence alone was enough to get a hold of the enemy generals weakness, but moreover had laid out the necessary plan to defeat the man. It is no wonder that Jun Wu Hui is regarded as the god his generations military minds!

After understanding Zhao Jian Huns weakness, Jun Mo Xie instantly understood the reason behind the mans suffering.

Hes a proud man, and a real warrior! If such a man has to bear the shame of defeat, then he perhaps wouldnt take it to his heart, and will probably be able withstand it because he knows that he can find another opportunity to wash that shame away. But now he has to bear the shame of something that doesnt even belong to him, a shady Victory!

For such a proud man, this victory is even more painful than death.

The lucky general!

This title. such shame is something that a man like Zhao Jian Hun is simply incapable of withstanding, and it has put his mind in shackles! Moreover, he has no way to get out of it either!

It is no wonder that he said: All these year, Ive had to bear all this, and Im really tired of it now!

At this point, Jun Mo Xie could finally understand the true meaning behind this sentence; he could finally understand the endless pain, grief, and burden that this man has had to bear all these year!

Perhaps, the only way to unload this burden would be to defeat the Third Brother of the Jun Family; the only remaining of the Three Great Jun, Jun Wu Yi. But even the chances of this taking place were now slim!

Zhao Jian Hun had remained undefeated all these years, and although he had seen many victories, but his heart was already overwhelmed! Therefore, he had recklessly followed after Fei Meng Chen to the Tian Xiang Empire so he could pay his respected to Jun Wu Huis cenotaph! Not for anything else, but just to vent out the pain of his heart!

From this point of view, Zhao Jian Huns words regarding taking revenge for Jun Wu Huis death werent fake! Because, Jun Wu Huis culprits are the same people who have brought upon this immeasurable pain on him!

Taking revenge for Jun Wu Hui would be tantamount to the only outlet he has left to vent out his own anger and suffering!

It seems that three Princes simply cannot wait to bathe in the springs of Imperial power! Jun Wu Yi spoke as they exited the memorial: Mo Xie, they simply cannot obliterate the Dugu and Jun Family. The Dugu Family and the Jun Family are simply too powerful for these little kids to deal with, and they simply arent qualified enough to remove us from their paths! However, dealing with just you alone, is much simpler; in fact, the chances of success are much higher for them. After all, you are the sole heir to the Jun Family, and if youre gone, then no matter how hard your grandfather and I work, no matter how well we place our Family it will all be for nothing. You should take guard in this regard.

Uncle my strength may not be too high, but.. if they want to kill me, Im afraid thats easier said than done. Jun Mo Xie smiled, and then broke into a cynical laughter, I was just manipulating a battle between six Spirit Xuan experts the other night, and even then I was able to move about freely, so what threats do these little assassination tricks carry for me? With the Yin Yang Escape law, I could even get away if all the Eight Great Master came for me, However, if they attack me first, then I will not show them any mercy.

Jun Mo Xies mouth slowly curved into a cruel smile.

The three Princes? Ha ha, the Princes want me dead? Thats funny! Id like to see which of the three brothers actually has the courage to come after me! Would I even need to retaliate?

Dont show them any mercy! Jun Wu Yis hair was flying back in the wind, while his eyes seemed a bit faint as he added: But once you attack them, it is necessary that you dont leave any traces behind at any stage, else it will bring an endless storm.

I understand. Jun Mo Xies eyes narrowed as he continued to push his Uncles wheelchair forward. Third Uncle really isnt afraid of starting trouble, is he?

When it comes to being discrete, I believe that theres no one else in the world more capable than I am at it!

At this time, a figure was standing at the roof of the opposing building, which suddenly dropped out of sight like an anxious bird flashing away for the fear of getting struck by lightning. The uncle and nephew duo, both caught a glimpse of this figure, and immediately became anxious.

He was too fast! Hes too fast for anyone from my generation! Jun Wu Yis pupils dilated.

Jun Mo Xies mind suddenly burst into movement.

Although the face wasnt visible, but the smooth flight of the figure was somewhat familiar; it was almost like a hawk was descending down from the heavens above, and in todays world, there was only one man capable of possessing such elegance and speed, and that man was none other than the Eighth Great Master himself, The Solitary Falcon!

Third Uncle, that man seems to be an old friend. Ill go and see things out; you please head back, and dont worry about me. Jun Mo Xie slowly stated as he noted the direction in which that figure had disappeared.