Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 206

Chapter 205 request me ill save him
Chapter 205 Request me! Ill save him!

It wasnt that the Solitary Falcon was afraid of getting hurt; unless the Blue Master himself casted out this skill, the Solitary Falcon wouldnt be in any danger of getting hurt.

The gap between the Solitary Falcon and Hai Chen Feng was so huge that this The wave of the World maneuver simply couldnt close it down. Let alone dying, the Solitary Falcon wasnt even likely to get hurt by this attack!

However, the Solitary Falcon was still afraid of this attack coming into play even though he was in no danger of getting hurt

Its all over now! All the fun that I could have had is now over; I couldve learnt so much more from this fight, but now this guy has inadvertently forced it all to an end but what will I tell Meng Hong Chen when he comes looking for answers? That I forced his disciple to his death while conducting my training? That Ive become a murderer?

Meng Hong Chen will not let go off me for this one. Hell fight me to death! But what can I do now?

Hai Chen Feng had also heard the Solitary Falcons words, and had suddenly become even angrier!

You old bastard! Why didnt you say this earlier?! This ship has already sailed, and Ive already burnt out all the energy in my Dan Tian. The arrow has already been released from the bow! Now its impossible to stop this!

Im toast!

At this moment, Hai Chen Feng felt as if he was dying under the most persecute of circumstances known to this world!

There are no words to describe the injustice of this world!

This man is actually my Master-brother, the Solitary Falcon?

What is this damned bastard saying?

Why didnt he say it earlier? Why didnt he tell me that hes at the peak of the Spirit Xuan realm? Had I recognized him earlier, I wouldve fled without thinking twice about it! Im nothing in front of a man like him!

I only cast out this attack to teach him a lesson, but this wont do anything to him at all, but Ill die for sure!

Hai Chen Feng was depressed beyond measure..

However, no matter how much he wanted to stop it, no matter how much he cursed, The wave of the World attack was now beyond the point of recall.

Solitary Falcon was as angry as Hai Chen Feng was, and was incessantly scolding and abusing the man along with this maneuver in his heart as well!

The Solitary Falcons state of helplessness was visible in his eyes, while his anxiety was evidently being displayed on his face

What do I do now? I should kill him at least this boys corpse will be preserved if I kill him before his attack does!



A cloud of dust fused with the air in an instant, covering the sky in its dark; so much so that even the blue colored sky wasnt visible anymore. The Solitary Falcons strikes had sent Hai Chen Feng flying out of this dust cloud like a kite without a thread

The dust settled down in a few moments, leaving a sad-faced Solitary Falcon staring at his hands with a gloomy emotion in his heart, and one could see that he could break into tears at any moment!

What is this ah!

Hai Chen Feng was lying flat on the ground a few feet away, his mouth was stained in his own blood, while his chest was only falling and rising very slightly. Anyone could tell that this person was breathing his last breaths, and almost nothing could bring him back to life at this point.

Hai Chen Fengs face was reveled in very strange expression, and it seemed as if he was crying, but was still laughing at the same time. This was a very strange expression for someone who was on the verge of his demise.

At this point, Hai Chen Feng had no more strength left in him, so much so that he couldnt even lift his fingers anymore. However, he was still trying to move his mouth a bit, but wasnt succeeding at it either. It could be estimated that he probably wanted to laugh at his own fate once, and wouldve then cursed out loudly.

Numerous Sky Xuan Experts have died since the inception of time, so whats the big deal with me? Why do I feel so wronged?!

Why? Why?


This is way of life! But I was born under some ill-fated star!

Given Hai Chen Fengs situation, the Solitary Falcon had intentionally suppressed his own strength while casting out this fatal attack since he wanted to preserve the mans body, else a man of the Solitary Falcon was more than capable of turning Hai Chen Fengs body to dust if he desired it.

The Solitary Falcon was covering his face with his hands since he didnt wish to see Hai Chen Fengs current situation. There is no hope for him now. Im really unlucky..why did this happen to me? I really dont know if this whole scenario was good or bad in the end and what on earth am I going to tell Meng Hong Chen when I meet him next time? Why did my life have to be so bitter ah?

The Solitary Falcon looked up once again with some hope in his eyes, but then suddenly looked down again, knowing that all was already lost. He turned around in a fit of rage and kicked a tree, and sent it flying away into the air.

Ha ha, you think that youve sent your Brother-disciple to his death in your training exercise? Nope, hes just playing dead, or perhaps hes just practicing to be dead suddenly a voice rang at a distant, but with a hint of mockery in it: Whichever it is, you are indeed worthy of being called a Great Master! I really admire you! Really, I do.

The Solitary Falcon was already depressed enough to lose his mind, and this sentence made him completely furious in an instant, and so he angrily cursed out: You son of a bitch! Get lost! I know its you Shi Chang Xiao, you old green turtle!

As far as the Solitary Falcon was concerned, there was only one man inside the Tian Xiang City who was capable of talking to him in this manner, and that man was obviously Shi Chang Xiao! But wait, hasnt he already left? Then who is this guy?

Is somebody playing a joke on me!

The atmosphere was completely silent, while the Solitary Falcon was completely enraged, and just when he was about to curse out again, he was suddenly shocked to see a black entity in front of him.

A black masked man, who he didnt seem to recognize was squatting right there in front of him with one hand holding Hai Chen Fengs wrist, seemingly counting his pulse rate, paying no attention to the Solitary Falcon; and the distance between this black masked man and the Solitary Falcon was less than three meters!

The Solitary Falcon was just about to hurl out a few more abuses, but abruptly held them back in his stomach.

The Solitary Falcon had always been considered the fastest and the most agile man in the entire world, and had always believed that no man would ever be able to match up to his expertise in this regard at least!

The Solitary Falcons speed and agility were second to none, and this fact was recognized by everyone in the world!

That being said, it could be estimated that even Yun Bei Chen wouldnt be capable of coming this close to him without him finding out about it!

Who is this black masked man?

The Solitary Falcon had goosebumps all over his body in an instant! He got within three meters of me without me noticing anything at all!

Is this person a monster or ghost of some sort?

Since this person was able to get this close to me so quietly, he obviously wouldnt be some road-side expert, right? Since when was such a powerful master born in this world?

This trick is too fierce; it actually required a man to shatter his own Dan Tian in order to simulate the full potential of ones life force. It is a really cruel technique! Unfortunately, the stone has been burnt, but the jade is still unharmed the black masked man continued: This boys resolve is very strong; I like it. If this Old man hadnt stepped forward, then you wouldve actually ended up killing your brother-disciple

This..Brother what do you mean he can still be saved? the remark had left the Solitary Falcon so overjoyed, that he was unable to speak up without stammering.

Dont say that, he hasnt died yet. This Old man is here now, and I could save him even if he was already bending over his death, okay? the black-masked man rolled his eyes: Now dont speak another word!

. A number of dense black lines creased on the Solitary Falcons forehead. There was no man in this entire world who could speak to him with such contempt in their tone, especially if the person already knew his real identity.

Well? What are you still standing there for? Its irritating me. The black masked man spoke up unceremoniously: Good, go ahead, disturb me, but then should I just let your disciple die? Quickly roll away from me! Else Ill walk away from this without caring about his life!

.. the Solitary Falcons face turned red, almost the same shade as a Falcons backside, and without saying another word, he heavily took a few steps back. Then he said: If you dont cure him, then Ill make you pay for it with your life!

Oh really? You dare to threaten this Old man? Looks like youve got a lot of courage, ah! the black masked man calmly stood up: Im not going to cure him now!

He just stood there with his arms folded, contemptuously looking at the Solitary Falcon: You will make me pay with my life? Come on! This old man wants to see what skill a Great Master like yourself possess that can make me pay for something with my life; you think youre invincible because youre one of the Eight Great Masters, ah? I spit on the likes of you!

The Solitary Falcon stared back at the man so ferociously that it seemed that his eyeballs would pop out of their sockets, while his chest was drumming heavily from anger, and it seemed as if hed start vomiting blood at any moment.

This was already beyond the limit of any insult hed ever suffered!

The Solitary Falcon almost wanted to roar out loudly: Im going to kill you!

However, after much deliberation, he decided that if Hai Chen Fengs life could be saved, then it was more important to get that done first, and then he could always sort out his personal differences later. Otherwise, once the death of a young generation expert was pinned to the name of a Great Master, then he would fall from his position and status in no time at all.

What do you want me to do? the Solitary Falcon forcibly suppressed his anger; Quickly start saving him! Im not going to bother you! Stop dilly-dallying around.. seeing that Hai Chen Fengs breathing was becoming more and more weak, the Solitary Falcon started glaring at the black masked man, but his tone seemed extremely urgent..

Request me! the black masked mans arms were still folded as he stated calmly: Request me to save him. I was only taking the pain of saving him because he seemed pleasing to my eyes, but now youve started talking, and I dont find you pleasing at all, so I wont save him unless you request me to.

I request?!! the Solitary Falcon whispered a few words, unable to come up with the strength to speak up any louder, nor able to believe that he was being asked to plead somebody, and it seemed rather obvious from his facial expression that he seemed trapped in a case where you give someone an inch and the person starts asking for a mile.

The black masked man snorted, and then turned around, and started walking away without showing any traces of reluctance.

Stop! the Solitary Falcon was covered in sweat from top to bottom, and was barely able to speak up this one word.

This situation surrounding Hai Chen Feng had already ashamed him to his core. Therefore, even if it wasnt for Meng Hong Chens sake, he still couldnt allow Hai Chen Feng to die!

Old man I request you Old man, please save him the Solitary Falcon was grinding his teeth so hard at this moment that his cheeks had gone red, and his eyes were staring at the man in front so sharply that it seemed as if hed eat that man alive.

Even the waters from five rivers would never be enough to wash away this shame Ive had to endure today!

I could live through my entire life, but Ill never be able to live wash away this shame, and Ill probably take this shame with me to the heavens above

The black masked man snorted, deviously looked at him once again, and then pointed a finger in his direction: You think your request means something to me simply because you have the title of the Eighth Great Master, ah? I was about to start working on saving his life, and then you threaten me with my life? What kind of rubbish is filled inside your head, ah? You need to flood your head with water someday!

The Solitary Falcon was breathing so heavily that the wind coming out his nostrils was forceful enough to swirl the leaves on the ground around in circles, while the manner in which he was gnashing his teeth clearly expressed his desire to chop this man into two! And then split his stomach open! Break every bone in his body; one by one! And then make him eat his shattered bones until his stomach was full! And then watch as his bones turn to feces inside his stomach..