Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 211

Chapter 210 dont call him your senior again
Chapter 210 Dont call him your senior again

Are you a ghost? Jun Mo Xie shouldered no signs of being protective towards the fairer gender, and stared viciously at her as he asked again: What is your name?

I..Imy name is Han Yan.Meng.. Im very powerful.. dont you dare attack me. The young maiden seemed awfully terrified which was rather evident since her jade-shade face had turned deadly pale.

Since birth, she had always been treated with respect wherever she had gone; she had never felt so bullied in her entire life. This man is a super-hybrid of a scoundrel and a bully!

Hence it was only natural that the young woman was awfully frightened at this time!

She had obviously never imagined that sneaking out from the Magnificent Jewel Hall for a little playtime would result in encountering such a fiend! The young maidens heart was constantly beating like a drum, and as the thoughts of those numerous dangerous possibilities crossed her mind, she started trembling more and more fearfully.

Han Yan Meng? Jun Mo Xie was dumbstruck: This guy is from the Silver Blizzard Citys Xiao Family? Yes? And Youre from Han Yan Yaos Family?

She.. She is my elder sister. dont you dare attack me, my sister loves me dearly, and shes terribly powerful Han Yan Meng threatened in a trembling voice, and it seemed rather obvious that she was just trying to prevent herself from being beaten up

Jun Mo Xie was left completely dumbstruck at this point.

So this is the girl Mu Xue Tong was ferrying around? Shes the one he was calling the little princess of the Silver Blizzard City? That would make her my Uncles sister-in-law to be!

That basically means that shell be my elder someday. Kill me now!

Is this your personal dog? Jun Mo Xie pointed at the miserable looking Xiao Feng Wu as he asked.

No, no, no. Han Yan Meng nervously waved her hand: No, he is not my personal dog..

Han Yan Meng hadnt yet finished her sentence when the young master Jun cut her off in between: You havent educated him one bit; hes not just a dog, but a wild dog!

The young maiden quickly waved her hand to differentiate, He is not a wild dog, he. He is a man; he is my senior, his surname is Xiao, and his

He is a man? I dont see so! He is dog! Jun Mo Xie once again interrupted the young maidens words as he wiped his hands and face off Xiao Feng Wus blood, I said hes a dog, that means he is a dog! An uneducated wild dog! Do you understand?

No, he he, he really isnt a dog, he the young maiden had always been pampered by her family, and had never met someone so tyrannical in her entire life, therefore she obviously didnt know how to deal with such a situation, and then suddenly an idea popped into her head: You you, see, he he, he has no tail. Dogs have a tail. So that means that he is actually a person

Jun Mo Xie was left stupefied once again, hesitated for a moment, and then broke into laughter, and then deliberately stated: You dont know this yet, but his tail was cut off; how else would they be able to make him look man-like instead of a dog! he wanted to say pleasing to the eye, but decided against it, and then suddenly discovered something strange about the man.

I beat him up so badly, but hes still breathing his chest is falling up and down rhythmically, and even his fingers are showing subconscious movements, and it almost seems that hed wake up any moment..

Jun Mo Xies mind burst into making some calculations again; his cultivation is very limited ah, so there should be no reason why he was able to withstand such a heavy beating, what is going on here? There must be something weird behind all this!

He tightened his waist cloth, and then strode forward and stationed himself in front of Xiao Feng Wus body, and started sizing up his body with frowning glances, and then suddenly bent down laughing loudly, and then tore open his chest-clothing to reveal a soft, shiny and silvery armor that Xiao Feng Wu was wearing on his chest. Jun Mo Xie grabbed the armor with his hands and exerted some force to tear it open, but the armor remained in its place!

What an amazing thing ah! The young master Jun unceremoniously stripped the man down, and then stripped down that soft armor off his body. He grabbed the sword which was lying on the ground, and then pricked that soft armor with the swords tip. Even though the armor was extremely soft in its make, it was still easily able to withstand the tip of the sword, and although there was no force behind the stab, the armor didnt even have the slightest of scratches on it.

It was rather obvious that the only reason Xiao Feng Wu had been able to survive this onslaught was because he was wearing this armor on his body. Xiao Feng Wu was lying unconscious on the ground, and had no idea that this was happening; however Jun Mo Xie had already understood that even though he had been able to beat this man unconscious, he still wouldnt have been able to kill him as long as he was wearing this armor!

Han Yan Meng wanted to come forward and rescue her companion, but was afraid of Jun Mo Xies strength, and feared that he might actually slap her in the face which might send her flying out as well, and hence had resigned herself to squatting on the floor, clutching her face, and crying silently.

What is this? Jun Mo Xie asked Han Yan Meng, what is this evil little thing, I really want to know.

Snow Silkworm Armor. Han Yan Meng opened her trembling eyelids and started staring at him again with a heart full of grievances: hes so shameless; his bodily skin is actually as delicate as mine, and hes quite good-looking too, but he still has no sense of shame or justice!

He is so disgraceful! How can someone treat a girl like this?

Snow Silkworm armor, this a good thing. Well, good, very good. Jun Mo Xie looked at the armor lovingly as he twisted it over and over, and then tossed it up and down.

Han Yan Meng secretly thought of something and tried to hide it from reflecting on her face, but couldnt prevent her tears from stopping.

Snow Silkworm armor was obviously a very rare treasure in the mainland, but wasnt very uncommon in the Silver Blizzard Citys high-class; in fact, most people had one such armor. This was one of Silver Blizzard Citys monopolized treasures. In fact, when it came to precious items, a Snow Silkworm armor was nothing special for them since they had several more advanced items in their arsenal. The young master Jun was able to analyze this very quickly, and estimated that this young man might be carrying some other very valuable treasures.

What other precious items is he carrying? Jun Mo Xie wasnt looking at her at this moment, but her facial expression had changed slightly by now. The young maiden was quite inexperienced in worldly affairs, and although she had only thought of something, but her subconscious actions attracted the young master Juns attention, and he could clearly sense that she was looking down upon him disdainfully at the moment.

The best is the Xuan Silkworm armor, and I have one. Im not wearing it.. Han Yan Meng was suddenly startled to see that the bloodied Jun Mo Xie was looking at her, and was so scared of his appearance that her nave heart almost stopped beating, and eventually decided to say that she wasnt wearing the armor, I reckon that this bully will actually try to grab my armor as well, and might actually beat me up and then strip me over a Xuan Silkworm armor

Xuan Silkworm? Well, he he he.. Jun Mo Xie looked at her maliciously, and a burst of horror gripped Han Yan Meng, who immediately raised her arms in the air.

Dont worry, I know youre wearing that Xuan Silkworm armor, but I will not rob a girl; Im very cultured that way. Jun Mo Xie glanced at her as burst of unhappiness seized his mind, If Im able to clean up the Xiao Family, and then somehow Uncle and Miss Han Yan Yaos love finds a way, and they end up getting married, then this little girl will become my Elder in name!

Would I call her Aunt? Or Sister-in-law?

Ah, this so is disturbing already! And then theres a Xuan Silkworm armor right there in front of me, and I simply cant grab it this isnt done!

Jun Mo Xie stretched out his hand, and pulled her cheeks, scaring Han Yan Meng in the process, and then he laughed evilly as he turned around and sped away, Miss Han, he he, I heard you call him your senior; dont call him your senior again, ha ha..

Han Yan Meng breathed a sigh of relief as she saw that overbearing monster leaving at last, and finally started calming down. She patted her tiny chest, and then sighed, but was soon left puckering her eyebrows because she suddenly remembered the last sentence that Monster had said before leaving.

Why? This is obvious, isnt it? Hes from the Xiao Family, so why shouldnt I call him as such? I really dont understand this! It seems from this mans words that hes some sort of a martial madman! Anyway, hes definitely not normal!

Han Yan Mengs eyes were open wide and round for a while as she continued to mutter to herself in confusion. Eventually, she came to the final conclusion: the crazy dont think in the same terms as normal people! Ive never seen such a madman before!

The autumn winds gradually started rising up again, and since Xiao Feng Wus injuries were quite serious, he showed no signs of waking up to his senses, leaving the unexperienced Han Yan Meng standing alone at a complete loss, and as she stood there all alone for an increasing period of time, the fear of heart also increased. However, a very strange phenomenon was taking place at this time: as the cold autumn winds were rising up, the maple forest was slowing fading out, and the trees were slowly turning to ash; the forest simply seemed unable to withstand the cold of the winds.