Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 212

Chapter 211 a great masters arrival
Chapter 211 A Great Masters arrival

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The young master Jun casted out the Yin and Yang Escape law and secretly entered into a clothing store, stole himself a robe, left his half-torn attire hanging on the hanger as a replacement, and then proceeded to finding his way back to the Jun Familys residence.

The young master Jun still wasnt skilled enough to be able to cast out the Yin and Yang Escape law and return to the Jun residence in one single go, which is why his journey back was bound to take some time!

The Jun residence was bustling with excitement at this time!

It was rather hard to describe the scene; not only was the house-staff running about excitedly, even the Familys elders were running about!

One of the Eight Great Masters, the Solitary Falcon had suddenly arrived at the Jun residence, which was nothing short of an honor for them!

This was rather uncommon; even for families of such influence!

Upon reaching the Jun residence, the Solitary Falcon had immediately reported his real name; he obviously didnt wish to disclose the real purpose of his visit, and cleverly chose to use Hai Chen Fengs treatment as the purpose of his visit.

Even though the Eighth Great Master wasnt ashamed of asking for advice, and was rather determined to seek help, but it wouldve been rather odd for him to state it publicly in front of so many people that he was here to seek advice from a child.

His arrival had completely shook the Jun residence, so much so that Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi had personally ran out to greet and welcome him and the half-dead Hai Chen Feng, leaving all their tasks unattended, and had cordially invited them into the dining hall.

After hearing that the Third Young Master of the Jun family hadnt yet returned from his outing, the Solitary Falcon generously stated that it was quite alright, and proceeded to tasting the Jun Familys homemade tea while warming up to Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yis chatter.

Jun Zhan Tian, being a highly experienced war veteran, lived up to his reputation of being one of the best military generals ever born, and was quick to pacify his shocked state of mind, and was able to greet the Solitary Falcon in a very calm and casual manner, making this unusual incident seem very normal.

Old man Jun deliberately established his Familys reliability in front of his guest quite early on: Wu Yi, you must go and see if Mo Xie has returned yet or not; once he returns, you must quickly bring him here. Saving lives is like fighting a fire; one simply cannot afford the slightest of delays.

Jun Zhan Tian obviously meant something entirely different: the Solitary Falcon has arrived to our residence in search of medical assistance, but is my grandson even capable of treating his companion? My beloved grandson might have indeed cured my Sons deep-seated ailment, but we havent really seen much of his medical expertise since then ah, and it will be very detrimental to our cause in case hes unable to live up to the Solitary Falcons requirements..

Having understood this, Jun Wu Yi naturally didnt mind waiting for his nephew at the door since he anyway wished to know the matter, and didnt wish to allow his nephew to hastily start the medical treatment in case he wasnt equipped to handle it all the way.

However, the real reason why the Solitary Falcon didnt mind these delays is because he needed to find more about Jun Mo Xie before meeting him in person since he had already been informed that the youngster was quite a handful, and was hoping that hed be able to get a better assessment about the young mans temperament from his family.

I was asked to come and seek out the young master Jun. the Solitary Falcons words were enough to make Jun Wu Yi and Jun Zhan Tian realize that this wasnt just an accident, and they were both left thinking, So thats whats going on!

They had long guessed that their heir mustve had some secret dealing since the youngster was already quite powerful, but had remained very tight-lipped about his whereabouts recently. This incident was enough for them to assess that their youngest-generation-heir was indeed a very influential character. No wonder that he wasnt afraid of facing off against the Xue Hun Manor. And this is the reason!

Old man Jun had actually gone one step further in his assessment and had estimated that his grandson was even more influential than their initial estimate since the Solitary Falcon had been Asked to come and seek out ..his grandson!

The Solitary Falcon is publicly recognized to as one the strongest men alive; so who could have the power to tell him to come and seek out my grandson? Whos the man pointing him in our direction?

And will this person also reveal himself in the future?

Moreover, the Solitary Falcons attitude at the time of addressing Jun Mo Xies name was extremely polite and respectful; this was naturally enough to tingle their imagination even further: the Solitary Falcon has always been known for his rebellious nature, and I believe that even Li Jue Tian wouldnt be able to gain so much respect from such a man!

Well, then whos more powerful than Li Jue Tian in this world? Someone so powerful that even this man admires and respects him?

What does this indicate? This must obviously be the doing of Yun Bei Chen ah!

No wonder ah, with Yun Bei Chens backing, its no wonder that Jun Mo Xie wasnt afraid of Li Jue Tian ah! Li Jue Tian is nothing compared to Yun Bei Chen

This kid has been keeping too many secrets, and has even managed to win over Yun Bei Chens admiration, but if Yun Bei Chen finds out that he was unable to heal this half-dead man, then things might go backwards for us..

Old man Jun and Jun Wu Yi were even more delighted to hear the Solitary Falcon admitting that he isnt as strong as Yun Bei Chen, but when it comes to respect, even the strongest man in the world doesnt deserve his. They simply attribute the second part of his statement to his arrogant and brassy nature rather than his ambition of challenging Yun Bei Chen when he was ready for the fight!

Therefore, the Solitary Falcon and Old man Jun continued to smile at each other in tactic understanding, completely unaware that they were thinking completely different things!

At this time, Guan Dong Liu also heard about this visit; upon knowing that the Solitary Falcon had personally come to visit the Jun Familys residence, Guan Dong Liu was left wiping the sweat off his forehead, the Jun Family has such a powerful backing, no wonder ah; the Xue Hun Manor is just an organization, and Li Jue Tian is never really there to help them.. they just use his name because hes associated with them; the Jun Family however, can summon the Solitary Falcon to their residence in person that shifts the balance, right?

Fortunately, I made the lesser choice at that time under the impulse of my emotions; else I wouldve rolled onto the wrong side by siding with the Xue Hun Manor, and wouldve ended up provoking the combined strength of the Jun Family and the Solitary Falcon ah!

It seems that the Jun Family is very wise, and their strength is still as unwavering as ever

He continued to sweat for a long time, and then joined the gathering

Each man was carrying a completely different idea in their head, but each man had already guessed that they were being shielded by some divine strategy and wonderful planning, and were reassured in the belief that they were being protected well.

Therefore, the host and the guest were both in a very joyous mood.

By the time Jun Mo Xie returned home, everyone was chit-chatting busily in the dining hall. Everyone, including the Solitary Falcon, seemed to be in high spirits.

Jun Wu Yi immediately caught hold of his nephew: What are you up to? Did you know that the Solitary Falcon has come here looking for you? Can you really heal his companion?

Jun Mo Xie was rather anxious to return to his room at this moment since he wanted to put on his underwear first he felt rather uncomfortable without one.

Never mind, let him wait. Ill go and change my clothes first, and then Ill go and see him. Jun Mo Xie hastily proceeded towards his room.

Jun Wu Yi caught ahold of him again: Whats wrong with these clothes? They look clean enough to me. Now come! He half-carried, half-pushed, half-hurried Jun Mo Xie rather barbarically into the dining hall in that state of private discomfort.

Its you! the Solitary Falcon looked up and immediately recognized the man whose wine he had enjoyed so much just a couple of days ago. This obviously came as a big surprise to him: the man he was seeking had turned out to be a friend, and was moreover someone he had found to be very respectful in the past; since this kid wasnt someone he had found to be rude during their past meeting, he immediately let go off his worries!

I loved your wine kid; I quickly finished those two jugs of wine, but Ive been very impatient since then because I cant think of a wine that can equal yours, and then I wasnt even able to track you down afterwards! the Solitary Falcons saliva almost flowed out of his mouth as the thought of that wine crossed his mind; in fact, he completely forgot about the true purpose of his visit.

You will have to pay me ten thousand taels of silver if you want to drink more of my wine. Jun Mo Xies reply left Jun Zhan Tian and Guan Dong Liu completely shocked, and their faces immediately turned red. They were rather amazed to know that the Solitary Falcon had an interest in their kids wine, but his bold reply left them puzzled and angry soon after.

The two men were left complaining in unanimity to themselves: Thats the Solitary Falcon, one of the Eight Great Masters, do you even understand the gravity of this situation kid? He said that he likes your wine, and instead giving him a bucket of it, and then using it to build a solid relationship with him, you actually opened your mouth to ask him such a big price?! What is wrong with you?!

Do you want to piss him off?

Completely contrary to the expectations of these two men, the Solitary Falcon not only didnt take this matter to his heart, but actually broke into laughter, almost as if it was a funny joke, Damn that, Ill pay you whatever you want, but first give me the wine!

Then he laughed some more: I have some money on me right now, but it certainly wont be enough, so let me owe you for one night, and then Ill go about robbing several wealthy families in the morning, and Ill get you a few hundred thousand taels instead; that amount should be enough to repay my debt with interest, right? Now let me have my drink!

Everyone was left sweating bullets! The Eighth Great Master is talking about robbing people for money like a common criminal?!

You probably didnt understand my words properly; I decline that bargain since I operate a small business, and small businesses operate on cash transaction, and hence I cant afford to give out debts; forgive me. Jun Mo Xies tone seemed devoid of any room for accommodation, and then it became even more straightforward: If you dont have any money, then I wont sell you anything!

The young master Jun was acting this bold since he knew he was holding all the cards in this game, youre here to learn from me, and then you also need me to help you with a medical treatment, and now you also want my wine for free?

Thats three things! If I dont ask you pay for some of it, then it would simply be defying the natural orders of things!

The Solitary Falcons face immediately turned bitter, almost as if hed started pleading at any moment, and then suddenly his eyebrows shot up as he angrily retorted: Youre extremely annoying, I, I, Ill go out and rob people right now; youll regret this later!

Please go ahead! Jun Mo Xie replied sloppily: Go left, and go about seven hundred meters straight, and then turn right; youll find the Empires most wealthy Familys gates there, the Mu Rong Family; although theres a lot of money there, but I believe that it will be a tough task, and if its too much to handle, then I suggest that you dont take the right, and keep walking straight until you see a tacky copper-colored gate. Go in there and you should find enough money; thats the Wealth Ministers house, and youll find the houses of several nobles around that vicinity as well; in fact if you search the area properly, youll find that several wealthy businessmen and officials live in that area, and you should be able to rob enough money there.

Ill be here to welcome you once youve robbed some. Jun Mo Xie smiled and said: Old Falcon, I wish you the best of luck; as long as you are able to rob that circle, Ill give you enough wine for the rest of your life; in fact if you wish it, I wont just give you enough wine to get drunk each day of your life, Ill give you enough to bathe in it!