Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 224

Chapter 223 do you agree
Chapter 223 Do you agree?

The Solitary Falcon had thrown the Sixth Elders words back at him, but with a very high degree of satire in them!

The words he had said earlier started to echo in the Sixth Elders ears, but still felt as they were a blessing compared to the humiliation he was faced with..

The Sixth Elders face turned red with humiliation and it seemed as if hed drop dead any moment!

How dare a little shrimp like you run amok in this Old Mans territory?! You dare to disrupt my practice, you unworthy little fry! And then you actually ask me why I attacked you? Didnt you just say that youd kill me? How couldve I missed out on giving you a chance to do just that?! This is such a big joke! Mr. Xiao, do you really think that you and your Silver Blizzard City are invincible? Well, in my opinion your Xiao Family and the entire Silver Blizzard City are a complete waste with Han Feng Xue being the only exception!

The Solitary Falcon took two steps forward as he folded both his arms behind his back. He looked at the grieving expression on the Sixth Elders face and asked: What? This is what I think; would you care to differ? Im asking you, and Ive already said what I wanted to; would you agree with me?

The Sixth Elder fiercely stared back at the Solitary Falcon, but his lips remained tightly-shut and he didnt say anything in return. His eyes however, clearly illustrated the desires of his heart.

Mr. Xiao, if your reply makes me unhappy, then I will immediately head off to the Magnificent Jewel Hall and behead all the Silver Blizzard City people who are inside the Tian Xiang City at this time! And that includes your two brothers, and your two Xiao Familys members, and even this little girl! Ha ha. Very good, very good, it really doesnt look like youve brought anything worthwhile to the Tian Xiang City, so it really shouldnt be much of a trouble for me! Hey Shrimp, you tell me, do you think I wouldnt dare to do something like this?

The Solitary Falcon laughed fiercely: Stop playing deaf and dumb, and quickly get up to your feet right now. This Old Man is going to ask you once again: do you agree with me?

The Solitary Falcons eyes were clearly expressing the cruelty of his intentions.

Master Falcon, lets not make too much of this matter. Our Citys master has always been honorable towards all, and we might have to work with each other in the future someday, so lets not spoil our relations over this! The Third Elder shouted out loudly.

Bah! You stay out of this! That Old Fengs honor is the only reason I havent killed this Shrimp already, but Im not letting him off this easy after he insults by saying things like even your body wont remain after Im done with you!

Old Han has honor, but this Shrimps mouth doesnt. If he hadnt seen me, then wouldnt he have done his will to the Juns? But since youre playing around in my territory, Ill naturally want to play along with you! How dare you have the courage to tell me otherwise? Im going to do what I want, got it! And Ill do as I want until Mr. Xiao answers me!

The Solitary Falcon waved his hand: So now even your life depends on his mouth!

This Old Man has asked you a question, and I will not be asking a third time! the Solitary Falcon asked sternly and slowly: Now answer me!

It looked as if the Sixth Elder would die of grief any moment! Such humiliation had already turned his entire body numb, in fact, his heart had already given up on life at this point but he was still being forced to endure more of it! The Solitary Falcon had made his intentions very clear; the life all the entire high-class of the Silver Blizzard City who were presently inside the Tian Xiang City depended on his reply now.

The Sixth Elder was convinced that a madman such as the Solitary Falcon could actually do something like this! In case my reply offends the Solitary Falcon, then he might actually bury everyones bones right here and right now!

And even if the Solitary Falcon actually kills us all, the Silver Blizzard City may still not be able to catch ahold of this monster!

This humiliation was already too much for him to bear! Although he still hadnt understood why the Solitary Falcon was so offended by him, but what did I do to make him so mad? However he obviously knew that this wasnt the time to think about it either!

II. The Sixth Elders lips moved a few times, and then he eventually closed his eyes shut and tear drops slowly squeezed out from the corner of his eyes: .agree! the Sixth Elders eyes rolled back under his closed eyelids as he said this last word.

Very good! Now that this Shrimp has understood this basic fact, I dont think Ill be interested in bothering with him much. The Solitary Falcon smiled in a brutal manner, and then slowly turned his eyes towards the Third Elder, Mu Xue Tong and the Little Princess: Who else doesnt accept this?!

Im not in agreement with this whole bully the weak attitude If you want to kill me for it, then Id be happy to have the Eighth Great Masters mastery as my last memory! Mu Xue Tong stepped forward, glaring at the Solitary Falcon with big and round eyes which seemed completely devoid of all fears.

I also refuse to accept this! the Little Princess, Han Yan Meng also stepped out boldly glaring at the Solitary Falcon with a look of extreme dissatisfaction in her eyes.

Ha ha, some of the Silver Blizzard Citys people really arent afraid of death! Thats very good! the Solitary Falcon smiled: Ive just opened his eyes today, but the two of you are too young to understand it, and instead feel aggrieved by my behavior do you really think that someone my age would take interest in bullying people from a younger generation? Im not like some others who like to bully those younger than themselves! Dont worry, I consider this Sky Xuan boy and this little girl to be under Han Feng Xues tutelage, but Ill tell you that you shouldnt dare to act so courageously in situations where youre too young to understand the reality!

The Solitary Falcon finished his sentence and then completely ignored the two of them altogether. Then, his eyes readjusted at the Sixth Elder once again and a cold smile enveloped his face.

The Sixth Elder almost fainted with anger upon hearing the Solitary Falcons words since they implied that he considered even a Spirit Xuan expert of the Sixth Elders caliber a mere amateur.

Owing to the fact that his words almost made a Spirit Xuan expert faint with anger, one could say that the Solitary Falcons ability to mock people, and enrage them as a result was only second to the young master Jun.

Master Falcon, youve attacked my brother for no reason today; there was no justice in your murderous actions! You will have to give the Silver Blizzard City an answer for this! The Third Elder spoke up angrily after finally having recovered from the shock.

The Solitary Falcon laughed mockingly: You say that I tried to murder your brother without any reason. So, if you are right, then hows he still alive? Are you saying that I dont have the skill to kill him?

The Third Elder couldnt help finding himself at a loss for words as he started realizing that the Solitary Falcons aggression might have been provoked by some words or actions of his younger brothers. He obviously knew that offending a man of the Solitary Falcons strength only had one end: death!

Seeing that the Third Elder had no words to reply with, the Solitary Falcon calmed himself down and then continued to elevate his position in this argument: And then theres that part about the Explanations! What did this Shrimp say when Jun Wu Yi asked him for an explanation? And then you actually want me to explain my actions to you? Why shall I explain anything to you? And how shall I explain myself to you?

Jun Mo Xie smiled from the sidelines: The so-called explanation the Sixth Elder gave us wasnt very clear, but was still quite thought provoking to my ears. I believe that I must ponder over his words for at least two-three days before Ill be able to understand their meaning..

However, it seemed to me that when someone is not as strong as you, you dont feel the need to give them any explanations, and therefore when someone is stronger than you, they must not be required to explain their actions to you either! Basically, strength is an all-purpose explanation for everything! It seems to me that this is the guiding principle of the Silver Blizzard City ah! So now our strength is higher than yours, but you still want us to explain things to you? What makes you think that the Silver Blizzard City should get all the advantages? He he this is strange..

The Little Princess, Han Yan Meng heard the loud and clear words Jun Mo Xie had just uttered, and couldnt help looking at him; her expression seemed to conveying that she found Jun Mo Xie to be familiar, and was carefully looking at his body from top to bottom with her eyes opened wide, Ive obviously never seen this person before, but then why does he seem familiar?

The Third Elder also suddenly turned around and looked at Jun Mo Xie, hummed twice, and then turned his face once again towards the Solitary Falcon: Master Falcon, please extinguish your thunderous rage.. and how about we step aside for a few words?

The Solitary Falcon snorted, but didnt answer. His feet didnt even move as he drifted afloat like a cloud and made his way to a corner. The Third Elder first asked Mu Xue Tong to look after the Sixth Elder, and then whispered something else in his ears as well as he passed him by. He whispered his words so softly that even if someone had gathered the courage to eavesdrop, the said-person still wouldnt have been able to hear anything at all.

Hey girl, what are you looking at? Have you never seen a handsome guy before? Have you started liking me? Jun Mo Xies heart skipped a beat as he realized that the young girl had been staring at him for sometime now, and quickly realized that he really couldnt afford allowing this girl to recognize him! If she recognizes me then the justice wont be on our side anymore!

Hum! Han Yan Mengs nose wrinkled as her face revealed a disdainful expression. She shifted her gaze away from him without giving him any answers. The last time she had seen Jun Mo Xie, the Hitmans body had just drilled out of the ground with dirt all across his face. Moreover, even if his face had been clean enough for her to recognize him now, she wouldnt have been able to since she had been too embarrassed to look at his body, or face because he was completely naked at that time. Then, by the time he had covered his body with a piece of cloth, his face had already been stained by so much blood that it was almost impossible to make out anything.

As a result, the Little Princess still hadnt been able to tell that the violent and naked man she had earlier ran into was the same youngster who was now standing in front of her.

Is she Yaos sister? Jun Wu Yi looked at Han Yan Meng as he asked Mu Xue Tong with a hint of excitement in his voice.

Yes, she is youngest Princess of our City; her name is Han Yan Meng. Mu Xue Ting smiled and then asked: Wu Yi, is your injury getting better just like the Sixth Elder said?

Yes, he was right! Jun Wu Yi looked at Han Yan Meng again, sighed lightly and then replied: Yes thats right brother Mu, but I think that my legs still wont be able to move about freely for quite some time.

Jun Wu Yi naturally understood that Mu Xue Tongs intentions were quite sincere, but still couldnt tell him the truth at this time. I can certainly trust you brother, but I cant say the truth out loud in front of so many outsiders!

However, I must try and find an opportunity to tell Brother Mu about this later on in-person; but not at this moment, else the biggest secret of the Jun Family will become public knowledge.

Han Yan Yaos heart would finally be able to find some comfort as long as Mu Xue Tong was able to deliver this news to her. However, this was still the exact opposite of what Jun Wu Yi had originally planned on!

Good! Very good! Mu Xue Tong excitedly patted Jun Wu Yis hand: I will immediately send a message to tell the Eldest Princess about this; I can imagine how much joy this news will bring her!