Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 225

Chapter 224 starting an enmity is met with the regrets of a vengeful compensation
Chapter 224 Starting an enmity is met with the regrets of a vengeful compensation

Thank you Brother Mu! Jun Wu Yi replied in a soft tone.

You are Jun Wu Yi, my Brother-in-law? You look very sensible and mature; Ive listened to my sister talk about you every day hee hee. Han Yan Meng titled her head as she tried to size up Jun Wu Yi, and then asked: My sister spends her entire day thinking about you, so how come you dont go there to see her? In case you dont have her address in the Silver Blizzard City, then I can just tell you right now.

Jun Wu Yis face twitched with pain as the memories of his past came rushing back to him: I want to go there! Over this past decade.. there hasnt been one day when I didnt wish to see her again..

Oh.. Han Yan Meng nodded as if she had understood his meaning, but hadnt in reality which is why she asked: You cant go there because of your legs? Theres a very good doctor in the Silver Blizzard City, and I can introduce you to him!

Little Princess, its not that Wu Yi doesnt wish to go there, its just that he cant go there unless he becomes tyrannically strong. Otherwise he wouldnt even be able to come anywhere near the Silver Blizzard City; let alone enter it! Mu Xue Tong sighed and then explained.

Why? the Little Princess asked with her big eyes opened wide: Even I can come and go whenever I want, and his skills are obviously much superior to mine.

Idiot! Jun Mo Xie grunted as he made no efforts to hide his opinion; this little girl is simply too much work, isnt she? She just called my uncle her Brother; thats just too cheap and disgusting!

Your nephew is so impolite! Shouldnt he be calling me Aunt? Han Yan Meng stuck out her tongue as she looked at Jun Mo Xie, and then turned towards Jun Wu Yi and complained: I will go back and tell my sister about this. She will teach him a lesson once she comes to the Jun Family! Someone really needs to teach him some manners!

Your sister.. is coming to the Jun Family? Jun Wu Yi was stunned for a moment after hearing this sentence, and suddenly found his heart brimming with joy. However, even though his heart was jolting excitement all of a sudden, the traces of its previously rancid flavor still refused to subside. It was almost as if someone has dipped a cherry in acid.

Ah, she would obviously like to marry you, and then she would naturally have to come to the Jun Family. The only reason my sister has been practicing so hard all this time is because she wants to marry you! Han Yan Meng spread out her hands as her face exposed an obviously expression.

Oh. Jun Wu Yis eyes numbed with moisture, while his excited heart left him unable to speak anything in return.

Ten years of separation, and he had finally found out her real thoughts, she still thinks about me, still misses me, but I .

Will you tell me everything about your sister? Little Sister Jun Wu Yis body leaned forward while he his eyes reveled in his eagerness and his tone clearly expressed the urgency of his heart.

Of course, thats not a problem, but.. Han Yan Meng proudly jumped up as her eyes and fingers pointed to towards Jun Mo Xie: But first you tell him to call me aunt. He is your nephew, and you are my future Brother-in-law, so that makes me his aunt. He should be calling me Aunt, right?

Like hell! Jun Wu Yi hadnt even had the time to respond when he heard this curse, and then turned around to find that Jun Mo Xie had already whooshed out of sight

Well, that little thing was burning my body; I had already suspected that she would be quite difficult to handle, but I never thought that shed burn me out so quickly..this girl is simply mind-boggling. I was old enough to be your father in my previous life, and you want me to call you aunt? Shes such an annoying girl; I really feel like teaching her a lesson!

Jun Mo Xie decided against returning to his courtyard after fleeing the scene in anger, and instead decided to leave the Jun Familys residence altogether.

The Solitary Falcon was residing at the Jun residence at the moment, which meant that his family would be safe.

Therefore, the Hitman had decided on doing something entirely different in order to change his currently gloomy mood.

Jun Mo Xie was a man of strong character, was quite hardworking and extremely stubborn, and always took things his way, but still kept his promises no matter what; these were some of his most remarkable features!

However, his personality was governed by another very major attribute; he simply couldnt hold back his grievances!

The Sixth Elders previously bullish nature had angered Jun Mo Xie, and hence he had decided to take it out on the Xiao Familys people! Overbearing people with tyrannical strength can often be bullish in nature, but you simply do not bully me!

And in case you do, I will get back at you for it; and a hundred times over at that!

Although the Solitary Falcon had already taught the Sixth Elder a big lesson, but Jun Mo Xie being an evil monarch in his previous life had always had differing opinions from others. Even though the punishment the Solitary Falcon had imparted was more than enough in the eyes of most people.. in Jun Mo Xies eyes, it still wasnt enough!

In fact, it was far from being enough.

Starting an enmity is met with the regrets of a vengeful compensation!

How could an evil monarch just sit back idly after being offended by someone? Although he was in a different world now and even though his strength was weaker in comparison.. and even if his culprit was one of the most powerful men in this world.. the evil monarch was still the evil monarch!

The Solitary Falcons actions arent the same as my own! You attacked me, and so I must personally pay you back for it! Having my anger find its outlet by the hands of another man isnt the Evil Monarchs style!

As a result, Jun Mo Xie had decided to take revenge! Moreover, he had made perfect use of this opportunity and had left the Jun Family since no one would suspect him to leave at this time!

The Third Elder and the Solitary Falcon had moved into one corner, and even though the two men seemed very calm and composed, but the bellies of both these men were filled with doubts.

The Solitary Falcons main confusion was: The Jun Family can be regarded as a very powerful and influential Family, but their might is limited to the Tian Xiang Empire. In terms of the entire continent, they would, at best, be regarded as a large Family, and obviously wouldnt be able to compare to such powerful super-organizations; But then why would such a Family deliberately try to provoke an organization as powerful as the Silver Blizzard City?

He obviously understood that the Sixth Elders words were natural for a man of his position, and could understand that by the virtue of being member of the Xiao Family, the man would obviously wish to impose himself in a higher position with respect to the Jun Family. However, he simply couldnt understand why the Jun Family would try to provoke a Spirit Xuan expert into doing such a thing. Especially when this particular Spirit Xuan expert had an organization as powerful as the Silver Blizzard City standing in his support!

These thoughts had left the Solitary Falcon completely puzzled!

The Third Elder also had a bellyful of doubts.

The Solitary Falcon is the Eighth Greatest Master, so why would he be sitting in the Jun Familys residence? Moreover, why would he try to protect the Jun Family even at the cost of offending the Silver Blizzard City? The Solitary Falcon isnt any easy character to win over ah!

The reason behind the Solitary Falcon and the Jun Familys association is simply too difficult to comprehend!

And then theres a lot more that I simply cant understand. If the Jun Family and the Solitary Falcon continue to work together, then the Jun Family will automatically be defended against all kinds of harm. In fact, Yan Han Yao and Jun Wu Yi would be able to forge their path to a happy married life from their current situation of fire and water; even if they have to cross an ocean of blood and corpses to get there.!

May I dare to ask why the Great Master is here? the Third Elders attitude was so respectful that one simply couldnt tell that he was talking to a man he now considered a personal enemy since this man had just insulted a high-class member of the Silver Blizzard City.

Have I even asked you anything yet? Why are you here? How are the Silver Blizzard City and the Jun Family related? Why would your Brother disregard his status and downgrade to seeking out a quarrel with such a young boy?! the Solitary Falcon snorted as he asked.

You dont know the cause-and-effect of this situation? The Third Elder suddenly stared back. He was left standing dumbstruck in his spot, he doesnt know why were here?!

Know what? Why else would I be asking you? the Solitary Falcon had already started feeling a bit hollowed inside, and could faintly sense that he had brazenly stuck out his foot and landed himself into some sort of trouble.

After recovering from the initial surprise, the Third Elder carefully recounted all the facts which had led to this grudge between the Jun Family and the Silver Blizzard City in detail. However, he obviously left out the internal conflicts of the Silver Blizzard City out of his story.

The Solitary Falcon listened to the story dumbfounded.

He stood dazed for a long time, and then angrily stomped about in circles a few times.

Damn it, no wonder that kid tried everything possible to get me to stay here with the Jun Family, and even wracked his brains to ensure that I promised to protect the Jun Family for a years time..

This Family looked so cultured at first, but it seems that they have ambushed me..

I can be regarded as a thief in this pirate ship!

That goddamned treacherous little devil!

He cleverly dragged me into the waters, and I .. now I dont have much of a choice!

After all said and done, the Solitary Falcon was still one of the Eight Great Masters, and even though ordinary people were afraid of the Silver Blizzard City because they were backed by Han Feng Xue, the Solitary Falcon wasnt one of such people. However, although the Solitary Falcons heart harbored no fear of them, but he was still quite angry with Jun Mo Xie, that little devil tricked me into doing his will!

But then if I think about it. had I been in knowledge of this situation, then even I dont know how I wouldve reacted to his offer even though Im not afraid of the Silver Blizzard or Han Feng Xue, but I probably still wouldnt have wanted to provoke such troubles..

As it stood, in case the Solitary Falcon was to go back on his word, then the world would assume that he was afraid of Han Feng Xue. Finding himself riding a tiger he simply couldnt get off of now, he was left with no other option but to comfort himself: Ive never found Han Feng Xue and his Silver Blizzard City very pleasing, and this is happening just when I needed opponents to practice against the Silver Blizzard City has plenty of them Ill have to give that little devil this much credit. Moreover, he didnt just idly sit back and watch this happening to his Family and this situation will also help me to greater achievements in the future.

However, when you think about it, the Silver Blizzard City has a myriad of powerful experts, and must easily have at least a dozen Spirit Xuan experts in addition to the continents third most powerful individual in their ranks. Even the Solitary Falcon couldnt help finding himself lacking in confidence when faced with such a powerful force.

If the Silver Blizzard City wasnt involved in this, and this was only about the Xue Hun Manor, then I couldve easily dealt with it because the strength of the Jun Familys enemies wouldve been very limited..

He looked down upon himself as this thought crossed his mind: Bah, the Silver Blizzard City and the Xue Hun Manor have never gotten along well, so why would they combine their strengths in order to deal with just the Jun Family? Is there anyone worthy enough of making these two hostile forces combine their strengths? They would never join their forces, and if you take things step by step, then that Little Devils mysterious master could easily deal with any trouble Han Feng Xue or Li Jue Tian can cause these guys just dont know about that right now. but what if I had such strength?

Dont say anymore on this subject. The Solitary Falcon thought about the strength and knowledge of the young master Juns master, and then flapped his eyelids with excitement as he angrily stated in an authentic tone: Im here with the Jun Family, so youll have to deal with me in case you wish to come back looking for more trouble!

Even though the Third Elder was a bit doubtful of it, he still couldnt help pondering over this threat. Quickly changing the subject, he carefully asked: Master Falcon, are you aware that a peerless master resides in secrecy inside the Tian Xiang City?