Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 237

Chapter 236 fattys blind date
Chapter 236: Fattys Blind Date

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Jun Mo Xie couldnt bear to witness the spectacle and groaned. However, he was quite curious and wondered, [what kind of woman would bear with this nearly two-fifty Kg of fat? ]

They ate breakfast with their eyes narrowed. Then they opened them big and wide as they stared in wait for the appointed time to arrive. They called out a big bodyguard when it was almost time and left to meet the beautiful woman.

Third Young Master, what if your words comes true, and the Sun Familys granddaughter doesnt like me because I am fat and heavy? I Tang Yuans mind was full of worries. He passed gas onto the horse he was riding as a result of the mental pressure. The horse flared his nostrils up in complain; the foam forming at the corners of its mouth was proof of its distress.

Jun Mo Xie hummed in response, while his eyes were patrolling the street; he had an absent-minded look on his face.

Fatty Tang, on the other hand, had completely failed to notice the distracted look on the Young Master Juns face. He anxiously looked down at his own fat, and let out a sigh as a thought suddenly crossed his mind. He violently turned his body, faced his friend, and asked in excitement, Third Young Master, you said that if I lost weight will it work if you supervise me?

Just as he wiggled the horse under his butt neighed in pain, while the four of its hooves were left trembling. The laboriously panting horse angrily turned its head and gave a mortified look to show its resentment; then it reduced its speed further. It seemed that Fatty Tang had twisted the horses lower back in the process of turning his waist.

Erm, I will start assisting you in losing weight as soon as your injury is fully healed, Jun Mo Xie replied with a smile on his face; then touching his chin, he continued, we can make you as thin as bean sprouts.

Well. Then it will certainly please you to know that I would look very handsome if I werent so fat. Tang Yuan pinched his fingers as he made a gesture towards Jun Mo Xie while looking at him in a flirtatious manner.

Hiya! Jun Mo Xie suddenly cracked a whip at his horses back, and dashed ahead. He then turned his head and spat in disgust.

Fatty Tangs coquettish expression was like a murderous weapon it was just too much

She is meeting you here? Now isnt that surprising! Jun Mo Xie opened his eyes wide as he looked at the restaurant ahead. Your fiance has decided to meet you in this restaurant? I am really surprised; or was it you who proposed to meet here?

It wasnt me; I didnt think of meeting her in a restaurant though I believe its a very good idea! Tang Yuan looked at Jun Mo Xie in a bewildered manner, and then asked, What do you find so strange about it?

Whats strange? A man meeting another in a restaurant can be considered quite natural. But a woman meeting her fiance its quite out of the ordinary! Jun Mo Xie clicked his tongue twice as he said, Fatty, it seems that your future wife is very different from the women of this era.

Oh? I guess she shouldve picked a brothel instead? Tang Yuan flipped his eyelids as his nostrils flared, clearly showing that he scoffed at his companions opinion.

Jun Mo Xie wasnt even able to find the time to reply suddenly, from the restaurant, a white shadow quickly flew towards him and in a moment was standing on his shoulder; the speed of this white shadow was no less than a high ranking experts.

He didnt get any time to react in the face of such a sudden attack, and was forced to allow the white creature to settle onto his shoulder. The tiny animal made a whining noise before sliding to the pit of the Jun Mo Xies stomach. Then, with a grunt it embraced Jun Mo Xies chest, floundered a bit, and attached itself to his clothes. It then extended its tiny head to Jun Mo Xies now exposed collarbone and nestled against it, remaining motionless thereafter; just like placing oneself in the most intimate and secure embrace

Jun Mo Xie had sensed this white creature long ago owing to his keen sensing abilities. Woah! What are you doing here, you tiny thing? he asked softly as he clutched the creatures ear that was clinging to his chest.

Naturally this tiny animal was none other than Dugu Xiao Yis iron winged panther! It seemed quite obvious that the creature had gained a lot of weight over the very short period Jun Mo Xie hadnt seen him in

Moreover, there was a small protrusion around a couple of its ribs; iron winged panthers were only capable of growing wings when their strength reached close to adulthood. Even then, they could only grow wings made of flesh. This young cub however, had already begun to grow vestigial wings even though it was barely a month old its potential was truly limitless!

The little creature looked up with its watery eyes on hearing his dear young master. Then whining twice, it stuck out its small-pink tongue, and started licking his dear young masters chest and neck. It then turned once, and again started to search for Jun Mo Xies neck with its tiny claws. The little cubs face lit up with happiness upon finding its desired target; looking at it, one would think that it would cling to Jun Mo Xie for the next 500 years

However, that little thing could also somehow comprehend that Jun Mo Xie was on guard, and might throw it away.

[This little thing is very dear to that girl; if its here that means ]

Jun Mo Xie shook his head, for he didnt need to ponder any further. If this little thing was here, then it meant that Dugu Xiao Yi was most likely to be around as well! Thinking about that unruly little girl gave Jun Mo Xie a headache.

The Young Master Jun hadnt yet gotten the opportunity to meet several of the Tian Xiang Citys residents; such as Tian Xiang Empires Emperor. However, the Emperor was someone he may not necessarily like to meet. On the other hand, there was another list, comprising of people the Young Master Jun simply didnt wish to meet; Dugu Xiao Yi was one of the names on this particular list.

However, he had already arrived at the door and couldnt retreat at this point. Therefore, lacking a better option, the Young Master Jun called Fatty Tang over, and braced himself as both men dismounted from their horses and walked inside.

They were completely unaware that the mountain-path they were about to take would turn out to be a tiger-trail.

Apparently, the other party had taken great pains in reserving the entire hall for this meeting between their Familys granddaughter, and the Young Master Tang. Moreover, there was only one table for the guests, and it was placed right in the center.

Two guests were already seated around it at the moment!

One of the two the petite figure wearing a light-green vest, was obviously Dugu Xiao Yi. This was apparent from the way her braided hair waved to-and-fro as she spoke. However, who was that man sitting with her

The person sitting beside Dugu Xiao Yi had a stocky build, wide shoulders, thick arms and slightly thinning hair; just looking at him, one could tell that he was a formidable personage. Apparently, the Dugu Family was still uneasy about this meeting, and had sent one of Dugu Xiao Yis elder brothers to act as a bodyguard; just to be on the safer side. But which out of the heroes and legends bravely rushing forward was this one?

His mannerism was much better than the other Dugu brothers Jun Mo Xies sharp eyes were unable to determine which one of the seven heroes and legends bravely rushing forward this man was, [could it be that the Dugu Family has an eighth son?]

Tang Yuan and the Young Master Jun had just entered through the door. However, on seeing those two, felt that there was something fishy going on as they walked towards them.

Jun Mo Xie patted his forehead. He was here for Tang Yuans blind date; not his own. But where was the Sun Familys granddaughter? No other woman was present there besides Dugu Xiao Yi! He couldnt tell why, but suddenly, an inexplicable feeling of dread arose within his heart.

With his mind abuzz, the Young Master Jun thought of something improbable, but dismissed it immediately. He then suddenly pulled Fatty by his sleeves and asked in a subdued tone, Fatty, your fiance the Young Miss from the Sun Family youve never seen her before, right?

Tang Yuans palms were sweating with nervousness since he had been planning to leave a good impression on his fiance. Feeling weak upon getting pulled like this, he replied to Jun Mo Xie in a soft voice once he had turned his fat head, and had sized himself up again, No, but my fiance is graceful and ladylike. We have just entered this place how can we be sure if no one else is here, right?

Tang Yuan finished explaining, and moved closer to Jun Mo Xies ear as he continued, However, I guess what Ive heard from people is correct because I once overheard my grandfather talking about the Sun Familys granddaughter as well. He wouldve definitely made a good judgment with his strong foresight

What did your grandfather say? Jun Mo Xie was awfully curious.

My grandfather said the Sun Familys granddaughter has a very fat ass, and I will be sure of having a son. The two of you can be considered a perfect match! saying this, Tang Yuan laughed in an obscene manner, while his two eyebrows pulsated repeatedly in excitement. Third Young Master, you may not know this, but I am very fond of women with big butts like my fiances! However, my dream woman, he he he he

Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes and turned to walk inside; he had already had enough of that obscene fatty. The Fattys fiance however, had his sympathy [still, what sort of a girl would make a perfect match for this Fatty?] The Sun Family hadnt cancelled the engagement despite Fattys disgusting behavior over the years all this seemed very unusual to him

The Young Master Jun was pondering over this strange matter, when a sudden and loud voice left him shocked!

Jun Brother Mo Xie! You actually came! Dugu Xiao Yi took the initiative, and welcomed him with excitement. I had figured that you will accompany Fatty here. So I also came along with my elder sister Sun. Hee hee... my guess was right! You really came!

Jun Mo Xie shivered from head to toe; Dugu Xiao Yi had just called him Brother Mo Xie for the first time. A chill went through his body as he thought about it, [why is this little girl being so polite?]

Young Miss Dugu! It was fated that I have the pleasure of meeting you here. But our real purpose in coming here is to meet your sister, the Sun Familys granddaughter. So where is she? Jun Mo Xie replied quickly; aiming to find more about her plans in order to be certain.

Youre still calling me Young Miss Dugu?! Dugu Xiao Yi looked at him bitterly, and pouted. Meanwhile, Jun Mo Xies hand went up to his chest, and he pulled out Little White from underneath his clothes; the cub was still clutching him tightly, refusing to leave him. Dugu Xiao Yi, on the other hand, continued to purse her lips, Did you not?

Tang Yuan had been drooling over his fiance ever after hearing about her. He stretched his neck to look for the beautiful woman, but couldnt spot any females apart from Dugu Xiao Yi. Meanwhile, that stocky looking person was now pouring himself a drink.

Just then, a thought hit Jun Mo Xie, [is that the Sun Familys granddaughter?!]

The Young Master Jun thought to himself: [Grandpa Tang was right! These two would make a perfect pair; they are truly a match made in heaven!]