Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 256

Chapter 255 jun mo xies prepares for the troubles ahead tang yuans lofty ideals.
Chapter 255: Jun Mo Xies prepares for the troubles ahead; Tang Yuans lofty Ideals.

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Its not a problem, His Majestys eyes were deep in contemplation. He smiled and said, Little Ling is my daughter. I would destroy the entire Family of anyone who tries to harm her. Anyone who has the guts can try!

Mr. Wen sighed with gloom. [Some people have already shown that they arent afraid. And you were incapable of destroying their families. Would it save your daughter if you exterminated the culprits entire family after they kill the Princess?]

[It seems that His Majesty is determined to walk this path.]

The auction had come to an end. The Princes had already done their best to ruin it. A few people werent happy because of it; Yang Mo was one of them. However, most people were happy and satisfied, and had started to leave.

The Young Master Jun almost laughed as he watched General Dugu flee from the scene with ghostly agility; his son followed after him like a wisp of smoke. Dugu Xiao Yi had stayed behind, and was making her way upstairs.

Tang Yuan and Song Shang are to come here once things are done. Ive something that needs to be arranged. Jun Mo Xie seemed very serious. This was only an auction. However, Jun Mo Xie was secretly thinking, [Whats wrong? This cant be a trivial matter?]

One tiny butterfly is capable of causing a ripple. So what if something was to go wrong with the Aristocratic Halls arrangements at such a crucial time? It could easily turn the entire world upside down.

Third Uncle, you must go outside in order to make some arrangements. We need our staff to pay attention to every family departing from here. They must take special note of who these families come in contact with. Then, our staff must retreat. They mustnt leave any clues behind. Everyone should quickly gather all the information they can. I believe that every powerful family in the Tian Xiang City is here. And this is a great chance to determine their real strength and connections. This will make their influence very clear. You will need to make the arrangements properly Uncle. There can be no mistake.

I understand. I will act very carefully. Jun Wu Yis face was somewhat serious as he nodded.

At present only four people know that Im behind all this Tang Yuan, Third Uncle, Song Shang and the Prince Equivalent. Uncle is not a problem. Tang Yuan and Song Shang will be fine once I give them their instructions. Solitary Falcon may have a rough idea, but he wont be an issue Jun Mo Xies mind was busy making his calculations, but he wasnt exactly speaking his thoughts out loud. He looked around and his eyes finally settled on Yang Mo. An idea came to him. Yang Mo, Im going to write something down. I want you to give this to your father once you return home. You cannot let anyone else see it.

Yang Mo dejectedly promised in response.

Oh, and theres Hai Chen Feng. But then hes a Sky Xuan expert Jun Mo Xie didnt have the time to pay attention to Yang Mos saddened state since he was busy contemplating the loop holes in his plan.

One needs to prepare for the troubles ahead if one wishes to maintain a position of invincibility.

There were many people at the scene. And Jun Mo Xie could constant feel as if someone was looking at him. Suddenly, his eyes fell on the two black robed men standing behind Princess Ling Meng, and a sense of great crisis arose in his heart.

The auction had already come to an end, and the guests were beginning to leave. The Three Princes had already left. In fact, the Third Prince was the first to leave since he was impatient to show his father what a dutiful son he was. However, the Princess was still quietly sitting her chair. The Princess had never liked the way in which her three elder brothers were fighting for the title of the Emperor. In fact, she wouldve never come to witness this event if it hadnt been for her fathers idea.

[These men are my Elder Brother, and he is my Father. Why arent they close to each other? Why why]

Princess Ling Meng suddenly felt that she was very lonely and helpless. She would usually look to Dugu Xiao Yi or her other friends for support. However, she really needed a strong and unyielding shoulder to rely on [When will I find such a person?]

Princess Ling Meng had always been a cheerful beauty. However, she couldnt help but feel miserable at this moment. She couldnt help but reach out to those four throwing knives. It seemed as if the knifes belonging to that mysterious man were the only things that could console her. She felt as if these cold blades harbored the warmth of that mans body

The two black-robed men had left a while ago. In fact, Mr. Wen and the Emperor had left long before the rest of the crowd. Naturally, the Princess had no right to intervene in their whereabouts.

The Princesss maid knew that she hadnt left the palace in a very long time. However, the Princess had finally gotten a chance to step outside the palace. Hence, the maid stood beside her and patiently watched the crowd disperse. The hall started to empty gradually; in fact, it became unusually empty. Soon, the mesmerizing fragrance of the flowers started to replace the intoxicating smell of the wine. The hall started to seem elegant once again as the scent of the other people also started to whiff away from it.

The Illumination of the hall seemed to be unlocking ones secrets.

Music was still playing. Its suave tune seemed to be recounting the sorrows of the previous generations; millenniums of desolation

Princess Ling Meng sat quietly as she calmly listened to it. The music seemed to have made her figure even more fragile and desolate

The Young Master Jun had already arranged for some people to escort Yang Mo back to his mansion. The young boy had gone through a lot today, and had suffered some very heavy blows. He had come here in high spirits in the hope of enjoying himself. However, he had returned with a plethora of mental scars. For a boy of ten this was undoubtedly a very cruel thing.

However, the Young Master Jun hadnt tried to coax him; let along figure out ways to make him happy again.

A sword needs to be sharpened. Plum blossoms need the winter to flourish. No one can reach the top unless they steel themselves.

A childs growth is always relied on his own effort. This humiliation had sown a seed in his nave and delicate mind. He had obviously suffered a great deal today. However, this humiliation would inevitably lead to his real growth. Enduring this matter would be his greatest wealth in the time to come no matter what the future held for him.

It would take many such experiences before the boy would turn into a real man.

Its only a thought the world hasnt fallen from the grace of feelings. However, only those who dont willfully abandon are worthy of playing the game of life. People are never really ambitious. One rises above the others when he is unable to bear the suppression. A person only tries to climb when he feels a sense of loss upon being trampled.

Everything has a reason; and every reason can produce its own fruit.

One cant always rely on others for support in order to bear their pains.

Moreover, the hitman Jun was unlikely to intervene in the ways of the Gods.

[Admiration is one thing; assistance is another. I wont help you if you cannot endure your own pains. If you die, then you die. I wont pity you on your death if you cant stand up on our own. Even a good man is no exception!]

[After all, many good men die around the world every day.]

The Young Master Jun thought to himself, [I wont help him; Im not a savior. Even if could save him he will find no help from me.]

Tang Yuan was in high spirits as he came upstairs. His fat face reddened with excitement. He shouted, Huge profits. Insanely huge profits wow haha I expected to make some money. But I never expected to make so much! Im so happy! Tang Yuan suddenly jumped up as he roared at Jun Mo Xie, Ninety million; a full ninety million! Ha ha ha

It looked as if Fatty was in a state of hysteria. The Young Master Jun had always considered this trait of Fattys to be immoral.

[Money is the original sin!]

Song Shangs face was somewhat gloomy; in fact, there was no trace of happiness on it. Song Shangs thoughts were poles apart from Fattys; [Its near impossible to find such divine wine! Selling it off to these so-called Aristocrats is a complete waste. How can one measure the value of such heavenly wine with mere money? Quantifying its value with money is nothing short of blasphemy!]

However, he wouldnt disobey since the Young Master had ordered this.

Dugu Xiao Yi was practically jumping with joy. It seemed as if the success of the auction organized by Jun Mo Xie was bringing her more joy than any success she couldve achieved on her own.

What? Jun Mo Xie smiled at the Fatty, Your share in the profits is in tens of millions. So what do you wish to do with it?

What will I do with it? Tang Yuans eyes narrowed in contemplation. Then he magnanimously said, Yes, ah. Why not that! Ive always had one dream growing up. But I never had enough to money to realize it. My Family would never give me so much money, and so I wasnt able to live this dream until now.

Fatty sighed as a look of fascination flashed in his eyes. However, it was accompanied by a look resentment as well. Perhaps there as a look of relief as well, along with the joy of reaching closer to his long-cherish dream and some nervousness as well

Whats this grand idea? Tell me, Jun Mo Xie couldnt help but show interest. Even though he asked casually, he really wanted to know what Fattys dream was. Fatty Tang was as well-known as Jun Mo Xie when it came to certain socially-unacceptable activities. Though Jun Mo Xie wasnt particular interested in knowing the Fattys long-cherished dream, he still couldnt prevent himself from getting intrigued by the dirty dream this Fatty had kept buried in his heart for so long.

These conflicting thoughts were indeed very strange.

Ive been thinking that now that I have some money and that money really belongs to me lots of it actually enough for me to Tang Yuan suddenly looked a bit sad. It seemed as if he was finding the rooms atmosphere a bit oppressive. Dugu Xiao Yi was awfully fond of teasing Fatty. However, even she kept her mouth shut in anticipation while waiting for Fatty to get a bit more comfortable.

...I visit the Spirit Fog Lake often, and each establishment has women who sell their bodies. However, the ones who sell their bodies are never concentrated at one place. Most women just sing and dance. They will keep throwing flirtatious glances towards me, and would indicate that they would be interested in doing the deed. However, they often decline even when Im offering lots of money in return. Tang Yuan smacked his lips. It seemed as if his mind was reveling in the aftertaste of a magnificent scene.

Everyone remained silent. Their faces were strangely contorted.

He was really worthy of being called a great debauchee. What else could expect of this Fattys most cherished desire

I cannot bear the women who act in this manner and incite every man. Tang Yuan seemed angry, They are prostitutes, and shall be ready to sell their body. However, some of them just hang a signboard and say that they are entertainers and not prostitutes. I wouldnt have to hop form one establishment to the other if money isnt an issue, right? Do these women really think of themselves as saints?

Everyone still remained silent, but the Fattys words still seemed somewhat reasonable.

If its not about the money, and they care so much about looking bad in front of the public then they should just find a man and get married. Wouldnt that make their life more comfortable and secure? It absolutely would! These entertainers are prostitutes as well. I will bury them in silver, and see if they are willing to sell their bodies or not! Tang Yuans voice seemed to brimming with grief and indignation.