Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 263

Chapter 262 to save or not to save
Chapter 262: To Save or Not to Save?!

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You do not need to know our identities. And you certainly dont need to know the reason behind our actions. You anyway have no chance of living! Lei Jian Hong had no idea why he had divulged their intention to this woman.

I wont let you off for this! I will kill you and your family! I will kill you! Tears suddenly filled Princess Ling Mengs eyes. However, she forcefully opened them and stared without blinking, I wont even spare your ghosts!

It seemed that her shrill and mournful scream had split-open the blue dome of heaven. The autumn wind rustled. Her hair started to drift about like dead leaves as the whistling sound of the blowing wind got louder and louder. Even then, she somehow exuded a sense of beauty.

The pupils of Lei Jian Hongs eyes suddenly shrank behind his mask. He felt a chill run through him. He trembled a little as his intuition warned him about her. He felt somewhat ashamed at getting frightened. [I am a great Sky Xuan expert. Yet, just a few words from this young woman made me nervous? Thats unreasonable!]

Bang! Lei Jian Hong flew into a rage because of his shame, and gave a tight slap to Princess Ming Leng. He then rebuked, Smelly whore! Your death is at hand, and yet you talk like this?! Dont trust too much in your confidence; else Ill kill you right now!

Princess Ling Mengs face swell with the mans palm-print and her hair scattered down from the wind. However, she stubbornly kept-on staring him. And her gaze was full of bitter hatred.

Lei Jian Hong looked at the venomous expression on Princess Ling Mengs face again. An obscure anger rose inside of him when he realized that the Princess still hadnt given-up. Moreover, this Princess had an important connection with those throwing knives which had killed four of his fellow disciples. And tonight, this womans bodyguard had seriously injured two more of his brother-disciples. Anger rose unabated in his heat for a moment, and extreme hatred was soon stemmed from his guts as he thought of killing her there and then.

The Third female disciple saw her brother-disciple filling with the desire to kill. She hurriedly advised, Senior brother, this woman is related to that person. So it would be better if we dont kill her till that man arrives to save her.

Lei Jian Hong clenched his teeth. He then suddenly chopped down on the nap of the princess neck; she fainted. He then picked her up and tossed her to the Third Disciple. Then, he ordered everyone to move out.

Put the Princess down! Dugu Xiao Yi and Sun Xiao Mei rushed to stop the opposite party. They were aware that they would be no match for them. However, they just couldnt allow the enemy to capture Princess Ling Meng and get away.

Lei Jian Hong snorted coldly. The female disciple rose to meet them, and then, Bang! Bang! the two young women were struck by a palm each. They flew backwards with wisps of blood flowing from the corners of their mouths. The three black-clothed individuals then flew up and disappeared.

Its not that Lei Jian Hong didnt wish to kill the two women he just couldnt.

His hatred dictated no other option in the Princesss matter. However, in the case of the other two women one had the support of the Sun and the Tang Family, while the other had the backing of the Dugus. The three great families would come together if something were to happen to those two. They would become a problem-big-enough to put his younger brother Lis family in a disadvantageous position.

A little while later

A little white shadow flashed past. It was followed by hoof beats; their sound resembled that of a rain-shower. The hoof beats had sounded only a moment ago, and a strong horse was already turning the street to arrive at the scene of the battle. Silhouettes flashed as two men descended from the horseback.

There was a pool of blood on the ground. Ye Gu Hans lone body lay in the midst of it.

Little Ye! Ye Gu Han! Jun Wu Yi exclaimed in alarm. He dropped down besides Ye Gu Hans body. He was supposed to hide the truth about his healed legs, but he had abandoned that appearance now. He kneeled beside Ye Gu Han, and took his left wrist in his hand. Then, pure Xuan Qi started to flow from Jun Wu Yi, and into the seriously injured man. Ye Gu Han didnt have much life-force left in him.

Ye Gu Han had suffered major blood loss. His body had also been inflicted with serious injuries. His energy reserves had all but dried up. His chances of survival looked very slim. Had it not been for the concerns and anxiety of his heart perhaps he wouldnt have survived till now. However, his expression had already started to slacken. It seemed as if his spirit had started to leave his body. He had incomparable willpower, but its hard to resist elapse of life-force when the angel of death descends.

Then, Ye Gu Hans consciousness cleared because of the pure Xuan Qi that flowed into his body from Jun Wu Yis. He forced his eyes open, and saw Jun Wu Yis thin face. His eyes lit-up as an expression of urgency overtook his face.

Anxious plea Ye Gu Han was full of such emotions.

What happened here? Jun Wu Yi asked with a sense of urgency, but Ye Gu Han was unable to speak. Jun Wu Yi then looked around. [This street is supposed to be bustling with people. But there is no one else here; its so quite!]

[Isnt this very strange? Where has everyone gone off to?]

Does anybody know what happened here?! Jun Wu Yi roared in anger. The entire street reverberated with his shout.

Still no one replied.

Ye Gu Han and Jun Wu Yi were contemporaries of their generation. In fact, the Third Master of the Jun Family was a little older than Ye Gu Han. The Ye and the Jun Family used to have a somewhat friendly relationship. Therefore, Jun Wu Yi and Ye Gu Han used to be friends. Then, the Ye Familys power declined. And so, Jun Wu Yi and Ye Gu Han hadnt seen each other since. That happened around ten years ago. Jun Wu Yi hadnt expected to see his dear friend after ten years and that too when the man was on the brink of death.

Ye Gu Han felt Jun Wu Yis pure Xuan Chi enter his system. He was surprised to realize that Jun Wu Yi had surpassed his cultivation. Jun Wu Yi had reached the upper reaches of the mid-Sky-Xuan level. It was very astonishing. However, Ye Gu Han also felt his chances at living fade away at the same time. Therefore, his eyes become more and more urgent as the pure Xuan Qi entered his body but it was soon replaced by a look of pure wrath.

Jun Wu Yi looked-on as Ye Gu Hans aura became weaker and weaker. He then looked up Mo Xie can you save him?

Jun Mo Xie sighed, [Third Uncle is asking me to do this even he cant do it himself.] Truth to be told, the Young Master Jun had full faith in the Hongjun Pagodas abilities. He was sure that he could revive a person regardless of the extent of their injuries. He had been able to eliminate the poison that had plagued his Uncles body for a decade. In fact, it had even worked when Hai Chen Feng had smashed his own Dantian and Xuan Qi circulation to pieces.

Ye Gu Hans condition was very precarious; in fact, he was almost done for. However, Jun Mo Xie never considered himself a savior. Moreover, he didnt have any favorable opinions of Ye Gu Han and Princess Ling Meng. In fact, assisting them was likely to result in more trouble for him. Hence, there wouldnt be the slightest advantage in helping him this transaction would result only in a loss.

However, it was his Third Uncle who was asking for help; it was difficult for him to refuse his uncle in such a situation. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie unhurriedly and unwillingly crouched alongside his uncle. He reached with his arm and took Ye Gu Hans hand from Jun Wu Yi. He then slowly closed his own eyes. Next, he initiated the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune. The pure Xuan Qi started to pour out steadily. However, his eyebrows couldnt help but twitch a little.

The Young Master Jun was startled by the extent of Ye Gu Hans injuries. [They cant be taken lightly. His injuries are similar to the ones Hai Chen Feng had suffered. Its almost certain that he will die from these injuries. In fact, its a miracle that he has held-on, and hasnt died from his wounds! It seems that he doesnt have even half-of-his-breath left. It seems that his conviction is the only thing that remains in his body!]

Jun Mo Xies aura covered the injured mans body. He had been injured in many places. There must be at least thirty places where he suffered injuries perhaps more. His lower abdomen was pierced, his shoulder was damaged seriously by sword energy; the sides of his body had been opened, the palm attacks on his chest had completely shattered his rib cage and his five vital points had been displaced. He was in a very bad state. [Damn!]

Jun Mo Xie had the utmost confidence in his Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune when confronted with such a condition. However, he didnt see the slightest of chance of curing Ye Gu Han Jun Mo Xie could only extend the mans life by preventing his injuries from getting worse by ensuring that he didnt die from them. However, he couldnt provide surety of healing the man

Dugu Xiao Yi and Sun Xiao Mei staggered towards them from the distance. They called-out in a loud voice, Brother Mo Xie, the Princess has been captured! We must quickly save her!

Jun Mo Xie could tell that the two women had been injured badly as well. He was about to welcome them. However, he remained seated after he heard their words. He thought, [how is the Princesss fate any of my business? Why on earth are you demanding me to do my utmost for her? Ive got nothing to do with her. And cant you see Ye Gu Hans condition? And now you want my Third Uncle to do his utmost? Why? And for what reason?]

However, Ye Gu Hans entire body started to tremble when he heard this. His face, which was deathly pale, suddenly flushed with a bit of color. His eyes became a little brighter and warm with hope. He looked at Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi entreating them to save the Princess.

Ye Gu Han was grasping at straws. He had noticed that Jun Wu Yis level had exceeded his own, and that he was at the border of the Sky Xuan realms mid-mark. Therefore, there would still be a chance of saving the Princess if were to undertake the task.

Jun Wu Yi thought for a moment and asked softly, You want us to save the Princess?

Ye Gu Hans eyes showed a shred of happiness in response.

Stop with the fuss. How do you think we will save her with our strengths? Just speak frankly; you want us to throw away our lives! Jun Mo Xie continued to use the Art of Unlocking Heavens Fortune. He didnt even raise his eyebrows, Third Uncles Xuan Qi has reached a high level. But his body is still weak. His health is infirm, and he is unable to walk. And they had the strength to leave you like this; not only are you asking my uncle but youre even asking someone as weak as me? Moreover, I dont have any intention of saving her; nor do I have the strength. There is an ancient saying Life and death, the fates are decided by the heavens. This must an act of fate.

[Do you think that Im foolish? Work hard to no avail What good would it bring us if save that stupid Princess? My third uncles recovery will be exposed along with his strength. Not only that, my strength will be exposed in that process too. Is it not enough that Ive stopped you from dying? Cant you be content with that? Even if there were others in my place even the Eight Great Masters wouldnt have been able to use this method; not even Yun Bei Chen!]

Ye Gu Hans breathing was already weak, but now it became urgent and frantic since he had started to pant heavily due to his anger. Jun Mo Xie could feel a rapid increase in his pulse. His chest shook as he gasped for air. And because of that a bone in that area got fractured; it made a distinct sound

Ye Gu Han stubbornly looked at Jun Mo Xie. His expression was one of inexhaustible anger at first then, one of sadness before it eventually turned into one of a pleading man. Jun Mo Xies heart shook as he witnessed such a mournful expression. He was sure that Ye Gu Han wouldve undoubtedly abandoned his self-respect and pride if he could speak, and wouldve then beseeched the Young Master Jun to save the Princess.

Suddenly, Ye Gu hans face flushed, and a gurgling noise emanated from his throat. It seemed that he was using the entirety of his remaining strength for one last effort. His mouth opened, but he was barely able to spit out two weak words, Request save

Then, his head crooked and he fainted without a whimper.

Ye Gu Han had chosen to burn the last of his life-force to say these words.

He hadnt been able to finish his sentence. However, Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi clearly understood what he meant to ask of them, I request you; save Ling Meng! He had spent the last moments of his life and his life-force to make this request

Is he dead? Jun Wu Yi seemed sad and anxious as he asked.

He hasnt died yet though hes nearly dead. He is in a somewhat suspended condition near death. Jun Mo Xies hand was still pouring pure aura into Ye Gu Han. However, things could take a turn for the worst if his condition remains the same.

To save people is like putting out a fire; you still havent saved everyone! Dugu Xiao Yi rushed over. She cried-out as she grabbed the front of Jun Mo Xies jacket. Hurry up and save Princess Ling Meng; what are you waiting for?!

How is this my concern? Jun Mo Xie looked at inexplicably, Why do you want me to save the Princess? A Prince or something should be dealing with this matter. You want me to go and throw away my life? Ye Gu Han is Sky Xuan expert. Cant you see how theyve turned him into a mere sack of blood? Ive no strength in comparison; yet you want me to go and save her? How can those words even come out from your mouth?

Jun Mo Xie rebuked in his heart, [Princess Ling Meng is not you; so why on earth should I exert myself for such a stupid matter? I had rushed over for your sake; who thought it would turn into such a big problem]

You uhh then what do we do? Dugu Xiao Yi recalled that Jun Mo Xie was that powerful. In fact, he couldnt even match her. So how would he deal with multiple Sky Xuan experts? What had she just said? She suddenly regretted her words, and was now at a loss, Why havent those guards from the Imperial Palace arrived yet?

Those words were of no interest to the listeners. Jun Wu Yi and Jun Mo Xie looked at each other in tacit understanding.

Mo Xie, as an act of kindness to Ye Gu Han we should help. And after all she is the Princess. Jun Wu Yi said in a tactful manner. He knew that his nephew wasnt interested in Princess Ling Meng. He was well aware that his nephew would actually sit and watch idly.

Hence, he decided to use Ye Gu Hans name instead of the Princess. He had said this since he had already figured that his nephew would make no attempts to rescue her otherwise.

He knew his nephew well. He knew his nephew was more than capable of doing just that. In fact, that would be the youngsters natural instinct and hed bear a clear conscious in the regard as well.

I wont do it! I have no interest! Jun Mo Xie refused his Third Uncle as well. He had a faint feeling that, [This doesnt seem like a minor matter the cost of my identitys exposure would be would be far from inconsequential]

[I wouldnt do anything since it has nothing to do with me even if she were the daughter of a deity; let alone shes a princess; I would rather use this free time to tease Little White]

[Then again the Great Assassin Jun wont work when I have no advantage from the transaction]

I will go; even if you dont! Jun Wu Yi angrily propped-up from the ground and jumped onto the horse. I do not go for the Princess; but I go for Ye Gu Han! Ye Gu Han would commit a bloody purge of the city for the Princess just as your grandfather did for you! How can we sit back and ignore such affections?!