Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 267

Chapter 266 jun familys ancestral teachings
Chapter 266: Jun Familys Ancestral Teachings

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Doctor Jun Mo Xie took Ye Gu Hans hand and quickly poured pure Xuan Qi into his body. Ye Gu Han coughed feebly. It seemed as if he was being chocked. Thins wisps of blood started to drip from the corners of his mouth.

Not good! Jun Mo Xie shook his head and frowned. He raised his head to look at Jun Wu Yi, This is a big problem. And the expenses incurred in saving him would be a lot! Im afraid the expenses will be very huge extremely huge! He then looked at Dugu Xiao Yi and Sun Xiao Mei, You two, havent you been through a lot already? Hurry up and go over there; rest for a while!

When he mentioned over there he obviously meant Guan Qing Hans court yard.

Jun Wu Yi heard this and realized that hed need to lend a hand in mediating the situation, Niece Xiao Yi, Niece Xiao Mei, try and find Sister Qing Han. Take some rest, ok? We both are here. So you neednt worry. This is not that serious. I have informed your families, and someone will soon come to take you home. Little Ye is from your older generation but he is a man. Your presence will pose a problem for Mo Xies effort in healing him.

Dugu Xiao Yi pouted since she didnt feel very pleased with this. She agreed that Third Uncle Jun was being very reasonable, but this made her feel like an outsider. The little girl then turned her waist. She snorted to show her dissatisfaction and refused to leave. However, she was pulled away by Sun Xiao Mei. The Sun Familys eldest daughter was quite perceptive. She had long-realized that the uncle-nephew-duo had a secret language for communication when there was an inconvenient entity present in their midst.

You really couldnt find the Princess? Jun Wu Yi snorted and smiled, Would you have returned if you hadnt found her, young fellow? You think I dont know you boy? You either dont make a promise, or you complete the task if you make one!

Why do you ask when you know? Jun Mo Xie continued to pour Aura into Ye Gu Hans body, and started to rectify the placement of his bones. He then let out a helpless sigh, Third Uncle, the Princess hates me. But I cant blame her since I act like a degenerate. Ye Gu Han may be cold, proud and aloof, but hes a good man.

Jun Mo Xies voice became serious as he continued, Be that as it may our decision to help them may not necessarily have been the correct one. In fact, we shouldnt have saved them! Third Uncle, you must be aware that our Jun Family is not very stable at the moment yet, we have brought another layer of crisis upon ourselves! Ive already made arrangements for this matter, and Im convinced that no one will doubt my involvement. But I may have left a few tiny clues. Dugu Xiao Yi and Sun Xiao Meis presence can prove to be a huge risk as well; in fact, it can be a big giveaway! Secondly, you and I know that this mans position is quite sensitive! That could cause a rebellion again us later that could lead to more problems.

Jun Mo Xie looked at Jun Wu Yi sternly, Third uncle, you didnt think this matter through. This matter could associate the Jun Family with this man; that may not be a good thing!

Ive already thought over the things you speak of! Jun Wu Yi returned Jun Mo Xies gaze in a profound manner and spoke in a dignified voice, You must be aware that your dad, your second uncle and I had grown-up and trained with several people. There used to be nineteen of us. However, theres just Ye Gu Han, the three brothers of the Dugu Family, Murong Familys Murong Cheng Long and me; just the six of us remain!

Jun Wu Yi sighed, Now in regards to todays matter I know that saving Ye Gu Han will make His Majesty uncomfortable. However, he will only feel uncomfortable and nothing more! He has been uncomfortable with Ye Gu Han for the past ten years. So its not like this is the first time but how will I face my thirteen brothers in the otherworld if I change my decision now? Even your great-grandfather wouldnt forgive me! And even if the unlikely happens and your great-grandfather forgives me I wont be able to live with myself after self-introspection! Therefore, I will continue with my efforts to save him!

Etch this into your heart, Mo Xie a Jun never describes himself as a man with a noble character! Were forever in gratitude! Men are born to act when something is not right; men set such matters straight! Our Jun Familys descendants have persevered for a long time with this pride! And this has always been the case. Your great-great grandfather, that is, your grandfathers grandfather was just a common blacksmith. However, he imparted a very important lesson to my grandfather when he was about to die

Jun Wu Yis voice became solemn.

What did my great-great grandfather teach? Jun Mo Xie was somewhat inquisitive.

Having balls does not make you a man! It is the incomparably indomitable spirit which does! Jun Wu Yi slowly declared these fifteen words.

He had no choice but to relay these teachings even though the wording was quite vulgar and didnt embellish the teachings in any way.

Having balls does not make you a man! It is the incomparably indomitable spirit which does Jun Mo Xie muttered these lines for a while. Initially, he wanted to laugh. But then he realized that these words were turning more and more to his liking.

The great-great grandfather taught well! Jun Mo Xie cheered loudly and became somewhat excited. He then said, It seems that this ancestor wasnt even lacking at the deaths door! He was still a real man!

Correct! Innumerable people have p*nises under their crot*hes on this earth, but real men are very few! Man? What is a man? Jun Wu Yi looked at his nephew with a hawk like expression.

A man is someone who stands tall! He has a will of iron and a loyal heart! He is a man of character with an incomparably indomitable spirit! Jun Mo Xie laughed loud as he spoke this in a carefree manner. The sentence he had spoken had actually broadened his mind. It relieved him of any worry.

Correct! If a man is a coward, is overcautious and is too fond of life and if he fears death he cannot be considered a real man not even if he takes a hundred wives and fathers eight hundred children! Jun Wu Yi laughed heartily, A will of iron, and a loyal heart; a man of character with an incomparably indomitable spirit! Well-said!

I merely admire the last eight words of this ancestors teachings! Jun Mo Xie laughed in a carefree manner, This line is very much to my liking. It feels like a God has penned it to my liking! I can use these eight words in my conduct, and be worthy of my ancestors name!

Jun Wu Yi smiled, Correct! His words may seem vulgar and uncultured, but they have a magnanimous and open-minded message inside. His words are truly great!

To continue in ones own way and do what the heart desires it is truly a great way to live! Jun Mo Xie felt very happy inside. [These teachings seem like they were custom made for me!]

You prefer to interpret those words in that manner, but I do it differently. Perhaps this is the major difference between our natures. And that is probably why we conduct ourselves very differently in public!

Jun Wu Yi smiled slowly, An incomparably indomitable spirit! I comprehend those four words thus it is important to live in an upright manner; regardless of the anything. We first need to harbor a clear conscience, and only then can we have an indomitable spirit!

Death isnt worth fearing; simply wishing for wealth and prosperity isnt enough! Wealth must be attained in a wise and just manner while maintaining a clear conscience! Jun Wu Yi declared in a decisive and resolute manner. Your great-great grandfathers wishes were in this order: first do good and become a good man; then have a clear conscience. These two pre-requisites must be adhered to. Only then will a man be able to speak in a bold manner with justice on his side in every situation!

Jun Wu Yi smiled in a profound manner after he finished describing the teachings, Did you understand our ancestors teachings clearly, Mo Xie? Do you understand the reason behind my decision to help them?

Yes Third Uncle, I understand. Jun Mo Xie replied respectfully, First, you choose the correct path. Then you utilized your capabilities to do what your heart desires!

Good! Jun Wu Yi felt very pleased. However, he hadnt listened properly. His understanding and Jun Mo Xies understanding werent the same; in fact, they were completely different.

Jun Mo Xie had said Find a correct path, and then live according to ones own wishes. Whereas, Jun Wu Yi had referred to the correct way of living, and having a clear conscience These two things were entirely different. In fact, these two ideologies clashed with each other, and werent alluding to the same meaning in any way.

Jun Mo Xie hadnt ceased pouring pure Aura into Ye Gu Han, and was still operating the Art of Unlocking Heavens fortune. However, there wasnt enough Aura in the mortal world to imbue Ye Gu Han with. He was still unconscious even though his breathing had become somewhat stable. But this was the most Jun Mo Xie could do for now. He could at most make Ye Gu Han persist in the world of the living. However, Jun Mo Xie was powerless when it came to reviving Ye Gu Han completely or even making the situation better than it was

Then, someone informed that General Dugu had arrived with his bodyguard; Minister Sun had also accompanied them. Jun Wu Yi hastily left to make the preparations to welcome his visitors. Dugu Wudi and Minister Sun were about to enter the Jun residence when they heard the announcement that declared Princess Ling Mengs arrival

Mr. Wen had taken Princess Ling Meng back to the Imperial Palace. However, she had then created a ruckus, and had demanded that she gets to see Ye Gu Han. Her demands to see her Uncle Ye were so fierce that the Emperor himself had to go and console her. But she became even more defiant when the Emperor tried to calm her down. Moreover, her attitude turned cold and distant towards him

This continued for a while, but then the Emperor was forced to meet her demands.

The Princess made several inquiries regarding Ye Gu Hans whereabouts after she left the Imperial Palace. She was eventually informed that the Third Master of the Jun Family, Jun Wu Yi, had rescued Ye Gu Han. Princess Ling Meng was overjoyed to hear this news, and immediately made way for the Jun Residence

Behind Princess Ling Meng were three panting old men. Their chief was recognized as the foremost medical expert in the city Fang Hui Sheng! They were followed by the Imperial Bodyguards who were energetically carrying the three experts medical equipment.

Uncle Ye Princess Ling Meng charged into the Jun Familys residence. In fact, she ran inside as if no one else existed in her eyes. She made her way to Jun Wu Yi and asked, Third Uncle Jun, what about my Uncle Ye? Where is he?

She was unaware that she was practically shouting, and her mannerism would be considered as unreasonable by most people.

Jun Wu Yi forced a smile and shook his head. The Princess nearly fell down. It seemed as if she had stumbled upon a hole in the ground. Then, she asked in a trembling voice, Is he already

The Princess shouldnt make such guesses. His condition isnt good, but Ye Gu Han is still somehow alive. You neednt worry. Ive found him a place in Mo Xies courtyard. Uh I dont intend to conceal Ye Gu Hans health from the Princess. He is stable for now, but his condition is not good, Jun Wu Yi told her this in advance since he believed that she would need to be mentally prepared when she saw him.

The Third Master Jun only acted in this manner since she was the Emperors daughter, and it was necessary for her to act gracefully since she was the Princess of an Empire. It wouldnt suit her to reveal her true emotions of care and nervousness towards Ye Gu Han; and certainly not in such a desperate manner.

[This fiery little girl is very emotional and righteous.] He had seen the manner in which the three Princes had fought amongst themselves. However, he now saw the contrasting manner in which this Princess treated Ye Gu Han. Jun Wu Yi couldnt help but think of her to be a good person.

They reached Ye Gu Hans bed.

The three old men carefully examined the injured man. Then, Fang Hui Sheng stood up and helplessly shook his head as he stammered, Princess, Mr. Ye has received serious injuries on his body in this battle. He has also suffered many internal injuries. And these injuries are in his fatal regions. We couldve dealt this with some difficulty, but his circumstances have been made worse due to extreme blood loss. The human body can recuperate if half of its blood has been lost. However, it is extremely difficult to heal someone who has lost over one-third of their blood. No medicinal Dan can save him. In fact, he shouldve been dead by now. Mr. Ye Gu Han has only survived this long because his body was imbued with pure Xuan Qi by two very powerful people. But this extremely pure Xuan Qi wont be able to sustain his body for very long. Things will start to get worse after some time passes. We advise the Princess to make preparations for the funeral ceremony in advance.

It turned out that their formidable reputation as doctors hadnt been without reason. They had already deduced Ye Gu Hans present situation, and the inevitability of his fate. In fact, they had even figured that his body was being supported by Xuan Qi from two very powerful experts. It was a pity that these three distinguished individuals werent capable of saving his life.