Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 269

Chapter 268 blood oath
Chapter 268: Blood Oath

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Forget about other matters she hadnt even taken Jun Mo Xies temperament into consideration. [He is very different from other people. This man never brings himself out in the open for anyone. No is an exception to that rule!]

[He always does things his own way!] She had only intended to help Princess Ling Meng and give her hope. However, that had angered Jun Mo Xie. This had shattered any hope of saving Ye Gu Hans life.

The Princess and Ye Gu Hans political position was very sensitive. Moreover, the Jun Family circumstances werent very good either. This was driving Jun Mo Xie to forego the task of saving the mans life.

Why? What else do you want me to do? What in the world do you want from me? You just say it! I give you my word; Ill give you anything you ask! Princess Ling Meng was still kneeling on the ground in despair. She had a vacant expression on her face. However, she still clung to her last hope as she asked Jun Mo Xie.

Nothing you offer will make any difference; I dont trust you, Jun Mo Xie raised his head and looked up at the sky. He let out a deep sigh. He then spoke in a resolute manner, Princess, I really wish to save him but you must be aware of our Jun Familys situation. to say that it is precarious would be an understatement. And if I could cure conditions that even the three foremost doctors of the city werent able to. What would it mean

Jun Mo Xie took a deep breath, Right now people can only suspect and be suspicious of me. However, it will become a reality if I manage to save Ye Gu Hans life! Princess, Ye Gu Han is one of the most Taboo Names to his Majesty the Emperor. Reviving him would tantamount to offending the Emperor! This single matter concerns the lives of thousands of Jun Family members and tens-of-thousands of our Factions followers. In such circumstances ah Princess dont you think that sacrificing Ye Gu Hans life is a good idea? Would the Princess do it differently if she were in my place?

How can you expect me to trust you?! The Tian Family has never been loyal to anyone. Doesnt the Princess know that? Jun Mo Xie said heavily.

I can pledge to guard your secret you you just asked how you can believe me how can I? ... Princess Ling Meng hung her head dispiritedly. She knew that no pledge she would make would be binding-enough. She didnt know how to explain that her promises would be different from her Familys. So, she kept quiet for a while.

Dugu Xiao Yi bit her lip. It seemed that she wanted to say something. However, she eventually decided to remain silent.

Sun Xiao Mei sighed inside her heart. The Young Master Juns words were reasonable. She knew that she wouldve ignored any pleas for assistance in this situation as well. She had realized just how childish and unwise her actions had been.

[The current Emperor is very wise. But one his few undeniable faults is that hes too suspicious]

Sun Xiao Mei was lost in her thoughts. Then, she saw the princess suddenly rise to her feet. Her delicate body changed directions, and then she knelt down again. Princess Ling Meng then bit her lips very hard, and a wisp of blood started to flow down from the corner of her mouth. The blood streamed down her face and started to drip on the ground.

She hesitated for a moment. Then, she eventually placed her left hand upon her chest. She then spoke in a soft yet resolute tone, The heavens above and the earth below the Gods of this world and the successive generations of my ancestors listen to my oath! I, Ling Meng, hear-by swear

She paused for a moment, and her face suddenly twisted. She then continued, If Jun Mo Xie is able to save my Uncle Yes life then I Ling Meng vow that Ill return to the Palace and spare no efforts to demand from my father that I be married to Jun Mo Xie. Weather a wife or a concubine Ill comply to his wishes; Ill never complain. Ill spend this life being the most loyal woman to Jun Mo Xie. I will keep my mouth sealed regarding all his secrets, and I will not divulge a single thing to anyone else. If it seems that I have reneged on this oath may my whole family die! And may my ancestors never find any peace! Ling Meng herself shall be punished by being hacked into pieces. Then being thunderstruck five times none of my descendants shall be allowed to continue in this world! I take this blood oath before the heaven and earth and the Gods of this world!

The Princess turned her hand after she finished speaking. She held a delicate throwing knife in it. The knife flashed like lightning as she moved it towards her arm, and slashed it. She didnt even flinch as she did this The blood gushed out like a fountain. The Princess then drew a circle in front of her with her own blood. Then, she knelt and tapped her head right at the center of that bloody circle. Her luxuriant and water-like hair scattered onto the ground. She didnt raise her head for a long time

With heaven and earth as witness, and in the name of the Gods and ancestors her soul, and her blood, had gone into this oath!

This was the most sacred and also the most malicious oath in the Xuan Xuan Continent. No one would ever dare to abandon this oath. And, Princess Ling Meng had already knocked her head in the very center of the bloody circle.

The oath had been sealed.

It was in-commutable in that life.

Dugu Xiao Yi cried out in alarm. She glared as her small hand covered her mouth, while her eyes quickly filled with tears.

Princess Ling Meng got up. Her face was covered with tears but she didnt weep. She then faced Jun Mo Xie and then spoke, Maybe Ive convinced you now Jun Mo Xie?

Jun Mo Xie was stunned-speechless.

The Young Master Jun had never thought that the Princess would take such an oath not even in his dreams.

[What are you saying?]

Jun Mo Xie had previously decided to save Ye Gu Han. However, he wasnt able to start the procedure due to some difficult problems. Then, the sudden arrival of Princess Ling Meng coupled with her special identity had escalated the situation further.

Otherwise, he wouldve saved Ye Gu Han in secret, and fronted the non-existent mysterious expert. A few people may have doubted it, but it wouldnt have been a huge hindrance. However, he had never taken into account that the Princess would immediately make her way to his residence after being returned to the Imperial Palace by that man. Moreover, she had brought three Imperial Physicians with her. And those three were the top medical experts in Tian Xiang City.

This mix of so many people had killed Jun Mo Xies plan. He wouldnt be able to save the man even if he capable of doing it since the Emperor may find out about his talents if the Princess were to leak any of his secrets to His Majestys ears. The Young Master Juns skills couldve easily brought upon his doom

First his Grandfather had taken undue advantage of the Jun Familys influence to commit a purge. Then, his Uncles injuries had mysteriously healed. This was then followed the mysterious emergence of the Aristocratic Hall. Any logical interpretation of these facts would point in the Jun Familys direction, and heads would start to roll

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had resolutely refused to treat Ye Gu Han.

However, Princess Ling Meng had made that Blood Oath to gain Jun Mo Xies trust

She had made this Oath to mediate the circumstances between herself and Jun Mo Xie

The Princesss body trembled. There was a fierce expression on her face as she looked at Jun Mo Xie.

She was aware that Jun Mo Xie had endlessly nagged his grandfather to take an offer for his marriage to the Imperial Princess a few years ago. However, she had then rejected him and her father had also lost interest in the Jun Family. The whole matter had fizzled out sometime later.

Princess Ling Mengs judgement had been clouded by the present circumstances. She hadnt paid careful attention to Jun Mo Xies words. She had heard him speak I dont trust you, and had interpreted it to be a demand for her loyalty by marriage. [This has obscurely revealed this debauchees real aim! However, I fear that he wont save my Uncle Yes life if I dont agree to his condition]

[Am I only to look on helplessly as Uncle Ye leaves the mortal realm?]

Princess Ling Meng had reached an impossible conclusion after she had searched her soul.

Therefore, she had decided to make this Blood Oath after some hesitation.

[I will sacrifice the rest of my life as long as Uncle Ye survives. Its not much of a sacrifice; is it? Anyway, who is to say that my father wont just use my marriage as a means to rope-in a minister in the future? Theres no guarantee that Ill ever be allowed to marry by my own choice. In fact, he may just send me to Jun Mo Xie since hes quite influential]

[Uncle Ye could do that much to save my life. Cant I even do this much for him?]

Therefore, Princess Ling Meng had eventually made this resolute decision.

The throwing knife covered with her own blood was still in her hand.

However, the Princesss mind was ice-cold.

[What else do you want now? Tell me what you want]

However, she was merely in a trance

Princess Ling Meng looked at Jun Mo Xie. And Jun Mo Xie looked at the Princess. Their thoughts were a mess. Sun Xiao Mei could understand their thoughts. And her eyes were wide-open in shock

Suddenly, Dugu Xiao Yi let-out a loud sob in the midst of this silence Then, she started to weep She was completely heartbroken.

[Boo hoo brother Mo Xie I liked him first and yet you suddenly took that oath without speaking to me first! You stole him! No Way! Sister didnt even discuss this with me! Youre a cheat!]

Dugu Xiao Yi felt wronged; she felt very sad. And when she looked at those two silently starting at each other she thought they were looking at each other lovingly. Hence, she couldnt help but cry.

Dugu Xiao Yi was dazzled in reality. She was just imagining things like Princess Ling Meng. There was nothing more to it. What she felt as loving gaze between two people was actually Jun Mo Xie feeling stunned and panicky. There was a hint of embarrassment in his body language, and he was having a tough time in restraining his anger. And the Princess was tragic over the Sacrifice she had just made.

This gaze they shared, and that of two lovers, are two completely different things.

Fine! I promise you! I will save him! Jun Mo Xie took a deep breath, However, I dont accept your oath! You and I arent a fit match! Therefore, even speaking of marriage between us is absurd!

Ye Gu Han will have to stay here for a long time. I can only restore his health very slowly. And I cant guarantee the extent of his recovery. You understand what I mean?

[I can save him or I can kill him.]

[You took that lousy oath. Even if you had to take an oath it shouldve been about not opening your mouth. I couldve stuck to my original idea by fronting the story about the mysterious master saving Ye Gu Hans life, and you wouldve been the perfect tool to make the world believe it. Just that much wouldve been enough! But you had to go and add that part about marrying me or become my concubine, and then abiding by my desires! What a shitty oath!]

[Bah! Even if you wish to marry me I dont wish to marry you! I have no intention to do so! You arent that beautiful. Can you even compare to that little girl?! And can you even compare to that little girl from the Silver Blizzard City? No matter what sort of a woman she is she has the upper hand in this regard. Your beauty is worth a fart to me!]

However, Jun Mo Xie had been stunned by the severity of the Oath the Princess had taken. He was shocked by the sacrifice she was willing to make for Ye Gu Han. In fact, he was certain that he wouldve never taken such a tough decision if he were to be in her shoes!

Once a blood oath is taken it cannot be changed even if you dont accept it! This is a well-known fact! Princess Ling Mengs heart was filled with joy when she heard that he had agreed to save Ye Gu Han. But she continued calmly, I just hope that the truth of this matter is never known to my Uncle Ye.

I can only guarantee my utmost effort in this matter. Jun Mo Xie sighed with numbness. [What is this? Why does it feel like Ive forced an honest girl into selling her body?]