Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 273

Chapter 272 the cold blooded master
Chapter 272: The Cold-Blooded Master

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The three women agreed to catch Fatty Tang and then nimbly pounced at him. Tang Yuans speed was no match for the three women. Sun Xiao Mei grabbed him by his ear and dragged him back. Fatty Tang continuously begged for mercy as he endured the maltreatment.

Alright Fatty Tang. Youre trying to entice the Young Master Jun into going to that forsaken place with you! Ill whip that fat grease off your body today. How dare you even mention those girls

Sun Xiao Mei took the lead as the three women started raining curses at Fatty Tang. They even stomped on him; right in front of Jun Mo Xie. Each of them had accumulated a bellyful of anger. The Fatty had then arrived at the crucial moment. He was practically a ready-made punching bag for them to vent-out their rage on. It wouldve been a waste if they didnt use him for his designated purpose. Especially when they even had a just-and-reasonable cause to exploit

Tears and snot ran down his fat face, his fat body, his chubby face and his plump hands; he lost count of how many times he was punched. And his face had turned from white to green, to purple and then black in an instant. He let out an earth-shattering scream. Fatty unceasingly requested Jun Mo Xie to have pity on him and save his little brother from that fiery cauldron. However, he received no reply.

Putting Fatty Tang right apparently required a lot of effort. The three women were left panting. They stopped when they recalled that the main culprit was sitting at the side. They realized that they had merely grasped the opportunity to let-out all their pent-up angst. Tang Yuan also got up. He then continued to complain for a while.

Jun Mo Xie, I didnt expect you The three women suddenly shut-up. This resulted in a complete silence throughout the room.

The place where the Young Master Jun had been sitting was empty. The four people foolishly looked for Jun Mo Xie in the room. They hadnt realized when the Young Master Jun had disappeared.

Even the herbal medicines which had fallen down were gone

His actions had been lightning fast.

Grandpa Tang received news from the palace his eldest grandson, Tang Yuan was to go there the next morning and have an audience with the Emperor. Tang Wan Li was unaware why his grandson had been called, but it was extremely difficult to reject the Emperors command. Therefore, he sent someone to the Jun Residence to bring the once-expelled-grandson home.

The Young Master Tang was covered in dirt by then. However, he thanked the Gods in heaven for breaking-him-away from the sea of misery he was in. He quickly escaped that place in disarray; in fact, he didnt even change his clothes. He had never felt so much affection for his grandfather. His grandfather had rescued him from such hardships. His grandpa had become a god in his eyes.

The sky slowly grew dark as time progressed. Lights had started to flicker in the Jun Familys courtyard. A banquet had been arranged in the ante-room in honor of the noble guests Dugu Wudi and Minister Sun.

This banquet was of a very high standard. Grandpa Jun and Jun Wu Yi were personally accompanying the guests. However, Jun Mo Xie had vanished like the smoke. The three women had been gnashing their teeth. Their bellies were burning with their anger, and they desperately wanted to settle the scores.

Jun Mo Xie sneakily emerged from the Hong Jun Pagoda late at night. Everyone had gone off to sleep by then. He glanced left and right, and then proceeded towards his bedroom.

[This is a joke. I wasnt hiding from those three silly girls. Why should I be afraid of them? I hid only to prepare a prescription for ye Gu Han; thats all.]

[Saving people is like putting out a fire. How could Ive delayed it? And this medicine took a bit of time these people surely mustve needed to rest by now? Its nothing to make a fuss about!]

Jun Mo Xie comforted himself with the anesthetics he had prepared in the past half-a-day. One medicine was to be taken orally, and another was to be applied externally. Jun Mo Xie proceeded into his bedroom, and began treating Ye Gu Hans injured bones.

It took a lot of effort but the broken rib bones in Ye Gu Hans chest cavity were brought together like embroidery. They had been completely brought under control by the time he was finished. Young Master Juns clothes had been drenched in sweat. He was very tired, and couldnt bear to sit on his backside anymore. He shook his head and muttered, My own mother didnt work so hard for me the next time I have to work like this Ill die before I do it. This effort has half killed me!

Suddenly, Jun Mo Xie felt a very mysterious aura gushing around him. He felt the hair on his body stand-up. The air itself had become scant, and had started to fill with a vicious and murderous aura. The atmosphere felt extremely cold.

Jun Mo Xie quickly looked-up. He shivered when he saw an astonishing spiritual aura scattering around the air

The earth-shattering and frantic aura quickly rose over the Tian Xiang City. It then erupted. It had soon covered about of five kilometers

This aura was filled with endless fury and pain

Yes, pain! It was faintly discernable. But anyone who felt it could sense that the person disseminating this aura was extremely sad. This was a very genuine feeling.

Jun Mo Xie could confirm that the person dispensing that aura was a top level expert, and had surpassed all competition. However, Hit-man Jun considered this man to be second to himself. However, this man seemed even stronger than the Solitary Falcon and Shi Chang Xiao.

A very powerful person had fallen into extreme rage and sadness

Jun Mo Xie nervously started to ponder. He couldnt tell what was happening. Suddenly, a thunderous and cold voice echoed in the sky, and broke the silence of the night. It then rolled across the city like a tsunami, Solitary Falcon! Wen Cang Yu! Come and face me you two bastards!

Suddenly, a long, desolate and indignant cry rang-out from the sky. And it startled everyone.

Many commoners lived in the capital below. However, the voice that had echoed didnt seem to have any apprehensions. Moreover, there was no need to have any misgivings this late at night. Therefore, the person had shouted-out loudly by putting his entire bodys mysterious aura into circulation. The imposing manner of the call was sufficient-enough to shock all creatures on this land under the heavens.

The long howl continued to echo; it seemed like the roar of a dragon. It shook the surrounding land as Tian Xiang City reverberated with it. It continued to linger though not for much longer. The sound seemed unhurried yet earth shattering. It seemed like the rivers had lowed backwards, and the countless people sailing it had roared in unison.

Everyone was woken from their sleep. Even those sleeping-deeply werent an exception. No one was able to hear anything else since their ears were full of that reverberating voice.

A thin, black clad, man stood on the roof of the Magnificent Jewel Hall. His roaring voice was full of grief and anger.

and a strong, destructive, and tyrannical murderous aura

You have the guts to kill my disciples; do you not have the guts to face me? Solitary Falcon, Wen Cang Yu; are you dead yet? Dont you dare act like cowards! the black-clothed man let-out a more powerful cry this time.

Many people who were nearby were left hearing-impaired after they heard this roar. Their ears were covered with blood in an instant. It seemed as if their ears had ruptured because of this loud sound.

The two distinctive roars were heard; one from the Imperial Palace, and the other from the Jun residence. These three roars reverberated through the sky, and collided against each other. Suddenly, the pressure of the previous roars started to pacify.


A huge bird like figure appeared over Jun Wu Yis small courtyard and suddenly took flight. It let out a loud and unending roar as it soared upwards. He rose over thirty meters in the sky, and then spiraled in the sky like an eagle that was rising to the ninth level of the heaven. Then, he turned in the direction of the Magnificent Jewel Hall and flew towards it.

Cold blooded Master Lei Wu Bei! You have finally arrived, you brat! Ive been waiting for you a while! Solitary Falcon laughed loudly as he flew like a meteor. I see that this cold blooded beast has arrived. But why has the Fifth Ranked Master of the Eight Supreme Masters come here?

Another uninterrupted roar could be heard as well. It was resonating from the Imperial Palace, Senior Lei and Senior Falcon; you have arrived! Your little brother Wen Cang Yu welcomes you both!

Wen Cang Yu was Mr. Wen from the Imperial Palace. His voice was exceptionally abnormal. It was very gentle and didnt seem hurried. It was apparently emitted without any effort. However, his gentle voice somehow was able to compete with the fierce voices of his two seniors. It was clearly audible and didnt seem subdued by theirs.

It was evident that Mr. Wen wasnt as strong as the two Masters, but he was definitely close to them in terms of his Xuan level.

The three men stood on the roof of the Magnificent Jewel Hall. The innumerable stars glittered in the heavens above them. The wind screamed through the crisscrossing streets between the houses. The robes of all the three men fluttered violently in the wind. It seemed like a deity from the ninth level of heaven had descended upon the mortal world.

Surprisingly, the cold blooded master Lei Wu Bei had personally arrived. It was a sight to see.

This old man had ten disciples in total. Four of them were dead; three of them were disabled beyond healing and the remaining had been injured, and hadnt yet recovered. The old man had gone mad with rage after he had seen this. It wouldve been a good bargain if they had killed their Imperial target. But they hadnt. Hence, he had rushed over to see things through.

Hit-man Jun knew that Lei Wu Bei was a peerless cold-blooded master. However, Jun Mo Xie didnt feel any fear in his heart when he heard his voice. Instead, he quickly activated the Yin Yang escape and tailed behind Solitary Falcon. In fact, he followed him rather closely; he didnt pull-back a single step. Jun Wu Yi walked to Jun Mo Xies room with difficulty. His blue robes were fluttering in the wind. However, he only found Ye Gu Han there. There was no one else in that room. Jun Wu Yi couldnt help but smile. His nephews methods surely surpassed the heavens. However, his courage was as impressive.

Lei Wu Beis stature was tall. The sky hadnt lit-up yet, and the starts still glittered. The earth was completely dark in contrast. However, Lei Wu Beis eyes shone through that darkness with a cold, merciless light. But if one would examine him carefully they would see that his eyes were brimming with an incompressible sorrow.

He had the reputation of being the most cold-blooded master. However, three of his ten disciples had been permanently disabled, while four had been killed. This was a huge blow to the powerful cold-blooded expert. And it was something he could not excuse!

Perhaps no one could ever excuse this

Lei Wu Bei had trained ten Sky Xuan experts simultaneously. It was considered an enormous achievement. Moreover, it was something that none of the other Great Masters could boast of.

However, he had lost two-thirds of his original ten disciples within a month. Even if their cultivation wasnt at the Sky Xuan level... he wouldnt have been able to make peace with it

The Young Master Jun had closely followed behind Solitary Falcon. However, he was in no mood to understand Lei Wu Beis grief and anger. But, he found himself witnessing a very fascinating phenomenon. Or maybe it could be called a wonderful feeling.

Moreover, this was something he had noticed whenever he had run into the top experts of this world Shi Chang Xiao, the Solitary Falcon, Lei Wu Bei, Yu Tang Empires Imperial Teacher Fei Meng Chen, the three Spirit Xuan Elders of the Silver Blizzard City, Mr Wen, and the even the two King Beasts of the Tian Fa forest

Though it wasnt very obvious for Mr. Wen but looking at the people from the Solitary Falcons strength and onwards it could be noticed that these supreme experts had one characteristic that was common between them.

They were all lonely!