Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 283

Chapter 282 you dont have the money use your granddaughter to repay the debt
Chapter 282: You dont have the Money? Use your Granddaughter to Repay the Debt!

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A chubby eunuch carrying a horsetail whisk arrived at the top of the stairs at the gate of the main hall. His cheeks drooped like that of a depressed transvestite as his strange, and undulating voice rang out, It is time I request the respected seniors, the scholars and the numerous Young Masters to please enter the main hall for an audience with the Emperor!

Bergh! Jun Mo Xie retched. [This voice is just too much!]

[This is even more unpleasant to hear than those which come on the TV]

It seemed like this eunuch was imitating a TV soap opera. [How many times has this eunuch given this performance?] But he wasnt imitating in reality The thing below this persons crotch was genuinely missing

The veteran individuals looked at each other with a tacit understanding. The capacity of the main hall the Tian Hall was the greatest in the entire palace. It could house a thousand people for dinner and then some. It was apparent that the preparation for the feast had reached a great scale. [So why did they not notify several days earlier? Several Young Masters couldnt be informed in-time to return to the city.]

The Young Master Jun and the others were about to leave when they heard the sharp voice of the court eunuch, His Majesty wishes the brave and loyal Tang Wan Li to bring his grandson along so that the Emperor may have an audience with him.

Tang Yuan was scared. He jumped startled as he bitterly looked at Jun Mo Xie, Damn! Whats this about?

The Young Master Jun rolled his eyes and faced the other way in refusal to acknowledge Tang Yuan. [You think Im a divine entity or what? Why would you ask me such questions?!] Debauchee Jun tilted his head and shrugged his shoulders. He turned his buttocks and started to walk towards the hall; as nimbly as a cat everyone couldnt help but cast sidelong glances to each other

Jun Zhan Tian looked at his grandsons flashy and coquettish behavior amidst the large crowd and felt his head ache. [Didnt this old man tell you to avoid doing something like that so you dont stand out in such a manner? This surpasses the saying the crane among a flock of roosters. No, it should be called a rooster among a flock of cranes! My lifetimes worth of reputation is finished. You brat! Youve destroyed it by twisting your butt like that]

Dugu Zhong Heng turned his head and his eyes fell on Jun Mo Xie by-chance. He watched as the young man twisted his butt and swayed it as he walked away. The General clicked his tongue and said, Elder Jun, this is the first time this Old Man has seen your grandkid after he has grown-up right? Indeed, knowing a person by their reputation cannot compare to seeing them in person. And after seeing him today I know he surpasses his renown! Absolutely amazing! He is indeed very unique and outstanding. He He he was smiling slightly, but his tone was quite queer.

Jun Zhan Tian snorted, wore a deep frown and stopped in his footsteps, Elder Dugu, I seem to recall that your Dugu Family owes my Jun Family around ninety million silver taels. You seem to act like someone who doesnt give it much importance when will it be returned? I just wish to enquire for the benefit of my heart!

Grandpa Jun was usually quite resolute. However, Grandpa Dugu was being too unreasonable. He had taunted Jun Zhan Tian merely for fun. [How could that ignorant man come and tease the patriarch of the Jun Family like this?] Therefore, the moment he opened his mouth he was pressed for repayment.

Dugu Zhong Heng was taken aback. His eyes opened wide into a circle and he remained speechless for a while. Then he ferociously spat and spoke, Bullshit! Youre killing me here! Ninety million in silver? Do you think of my Dugu Family as the National Treasury? Even the National Treasury wont be able to cope with such an amount!

You brat, are you planning to renege on the debt? Grandpa Jun glared, In the words of your own family you had acknowledged to compensate in accordance with the price of the auction. So whyre you thinking of reneging on your debt now? Even adding a small amount into this into this sum unfairly is against the Jun Familys honor. I doubt that your Dugu Family will be lacking the funds if we take this dispute in front of the Emperor! Justice may only be a seven letter word in this world of mortals! But it must be kept in mind, Dugu Zhong Heng that the heavens are looking at this matter today!

Dugu Zhong Heng was angered by this remark. He felt as if he had been sandwiched between honor and anger.

He was rude and unreasonable, but he wasnt the master of repudiating a debt. And to make matter worse the entire Tian Xiang Empire knew about this matter. Therefore, he couldnt even think about go back on this debt.

[But what do I say now? How does this trivial Jun Family find the courage to say something this bold?] His breath was clearly panting, and it was obvious that he had cursed the Jun Family a hundred times in his heart. [Take a good look; you shameless spendthrifts are provoking this Old Man now!]

He was straining his mind hard when a strategy suddenly changed direction of his eyes; a carefully crafted plan came to his mind, Correct, my Dugu Family does owe your Jun Family a lot in silver. Old Man, your grievances are reasonable! The murderer shall pay with his life and a debtor must return the money; that is fair! Dont tell me, has the Old Man made-up his mind? Will this trivial ninety million silver be enough? Thats so miserly! If everyone were like you theyd take whatever little money they had very seriously! Jun Zhan Tian, how much money could you take to your coffin? I genuinely despise this miserly behavior of your Jun Family!

Jun Zhan Tian was nearly infuriated; this individual was taking things too lightly. [Ninety million in silver is trivial? This can finance three years of military expenditure for the entire Tian Xiang Empire! Stop it dam*it], Since you dont care about it much hurry up and return me my trivial amount of money. Why are you dragging this matter? Let me tell you my Jun Family has been waiting for this small amount of money. Oh, and youre calling us misers? Its certainly better to be a miser than someone who reneges on their debts!

When did I say that I wont pay it back? Dugu Zhong Heng turned his face and rolled his eyes, We acknowledge our debt. Its just that this Old Man doesnt have enough money with him at the moment. Still you neednt worry. Anyway, it wasnt settled when to pay the debt off you tell me, was this not the basis? If not this year then the next one or the one after that? And if not in this life time maybe in the next one? Remember, a certain public-figure once said; Any debt can be repaid if one has an endless posterity?

Ha ha ha the people beside him broke into a frantic bout of laughter.

Some people had taken notice when the two old men had come together and had started muttering to each other. And every white-haired head had gathered around when the two men had started to talk about that huge debt. The mouths of the various families leaders were gossipy when they heard Dugu Zhong Hengs joke.

And they heard Dugu Zhong Heng come-up with such a shameless classic line; the whole room burst into laughter in his support. This person was exceptionally talented. It was just a debt and nothing more. He had merely pushed it onto the next generation and the one after that; and unto his entire posterity. He was extremely shameless. In fact, he had attained the peak of shamelessness

[The tree mustve cultivated a leather bark; this person is the most shameless in all the lands under heaven! Today Ive learned at last]

Fart! Grandpa Jun retorted impatiently, Who knows how shameless your next generation will turn out? Then he turned his gaze and said, Elder Dugu, if youre unable to repay the debt with money then your granddaughter can help you repay it. Well become relatives by marriage if you marry your granddaughter to my grandson

Do you expect that this Old Man will haggle about the ninety million with his relatives? Your familys debt will obviously be exempted; how about it? Ill let your debt off in such prime time. Then you can use that money to carve out figurines of your own. How about it?

Nonsense! You damned devil Jun! Dugu Zhong Heng got angry and started to rain curses in an unrestrained manner. My granddaughter is like a fairy! And just take a look at your grandson, just take a look

He pointed an accusatory finger at the back of the debauchee Jun as he said this. He was filled with anger as he continued, Can that brat ever be joined to my granddaughter? You find me one person in this world who says that he is a good match for my granddaughter!

Your words are reasonable. Your granddaughter isnt a worthy match for my grandson. But it seems that my grandson cares for your granddaughter. So, youre in luck.

Grandpa Jun then narrowed his eyes and said, Elder Dugu, you will regret it if you dont agree to this. There will come a day when youll have nothing more than rice for dinner. You will have lost everything by the time that day comes. Then dont wonder why this Old Man did not warn you!

You dare! This Old Man will castrate you!

Dugu Zhong Heng panted with anger and took a step forward. Would Grandpa Jun back off? His posture was sharp and his arrogance rose. The other old men realized that the situation had become dire since those two individuals were about to have at each other. Three groups of five people each promptly started to calm the two individuals down. This was to avoid a frightening farce incident inside the palace.

The result would be a bit too lively to see if these two old and powerful patriarchs of military families decided to clash inside the Imperial Palace

The two old men desperately tried to free themselves. It seemed as if they wanted to maul each other. In fact, they were kicking and punching anyone in the vicinity

Jun Zhan Tian, if that precious grandson of yours dares to provoke and annoy me this old man will spank his ass and feed his junk to the birds! Your family will disappear, and youll spend your last days being a subordinate to bandits! Dugu Zhong Heng spat everywhere as he roared.

Bah! You think that you have that capability?! You think Ive never thrown a punch in these past years of cultivation? You think Im scared of you?! I forgot that I hadnt taught you a lesson in all these years! And now this old bastard has grown wings and wishes to ascend to the heavens! But this Old Man will make an exception and straighten-you-up today! You ignorant fool! You refuse to accept the kindness thats being shown to you!

Grandpa Jun was quite furious. [I took pity on your granddaughters infatuation. Otherwise, on the basis of my grandsons real situation even the Emperors daughter is not fit enough to be joined to him! Let alone your granddaughter! Youre despicable to defame such an amazing young boy. Youre the most shameless person under the heavens!]

Several officials were hastily passing by this commotion as a few people tried to hold the doom at bay

[Whod have the courage to provoke these two old bastards?]

[Dugu Zhong Heng is better. He is very unreasonable, but your life wont be in danger with him. That Jun Familys old bastard is another case altogether; he usually stays calm and appears to be harmless. In fact, he even flaunts his moral cultivation but last time someone provoked him he killed nearly one-third of the Imperial Council without batting an eye. This guy is very cold-blooded. He wont even frown when doing the deed. He is a silent executioner!]

[Theres bound to trouble now that those two are arguing here. One shouldnt stay here for long]

Tang Yuan? the Emperor stared at the fat man in front of him inside the Imperial Hall. His temperament was extremely calm, but his brows shot-up at the sight of him.

The Emperor was shocked to see Tang Wan Lis grandson to stressed-out. [His personality is very different from that day at the Aristocratic Hall.] However, the Emperor somewhat derived a sense of security from the Fattys flesh since Tang Yuans body amply reflected the Empires economical superiority.

It was obvious from one look at his body that the common people didnt have a dearth of food or clothing, and lived lives of plenty

Yes! I Tang Yuan pay my respects to Your Majesty! He found it difficult to kneel. His belly brushed against the floor and his body spread-out like a carpet. He had attempted to touch his head on the ground, but his belly settled on it first.