Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 296

Chapter 295 xiao familys plans and arrangements
Chapter 295: Xiao Familys Plans and Arrangements

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Six Spirit Xuan experts, seven Sky Xuan peak experts, and two Sky Xuan mid-level experts! This was a very frightful force from the Tian Xiang Citys standards!

Why did the Silver Blizzard City send so many experts? Jun Mo Xies butt could think of an answer to this question This force had been assembled to deal with the Jun Family; who else could it be for? They had mobilized this force since one of the Eight Great Masters The Solitary Falcon had taken residence with the Jun Family.

If such power was coordinated properly it could be used to defeat the Solitary Falcon!

Jun Mo Xie carefully controlled his Yin Yang Escape and entered the building. Then, he silently hid himself in the ground.

He couldnt focus on his main target at this time since it was of paramount importance to understand the true objectives of those experts from the Silver Blizzard City. He would learn their true objectives, and then quickly devise some countermeasures to neutralize the enemys strength.

Otherwise, the consequences of this situation would be very troublesome

He hadnt expected that his moment of greed would reward him with such important information. Jun Mo Xie sighed from his underground location, [man, my greed is very rewarding. Would I have stumbled upon this information if I hadnt followed after my greed? Didnt I just stumble upon the proverbial Pie in the Sky?]

[The heavens favor the good. This Young Masters good actions substitute the heavens justice. I punish the wicked, and so my good deeds pave a bridge to my success Would the heavens strongly favor this Young Master if I hadnt done noble deeds? Humph? Humph]

What for? Dont tell me that wretched cripple is acting up again? I think its best to take this opportunity and destroy the very roots of this disease! Otherwise well have to deal with a prolonged problem! Not much could be determined from the voice. However, it seemed to be full of resentment and defiance. Therefore, the speaker mustve been Xiao Han.

Such impudence! Were from the upper echelons of the Silver Blizzard City. Yet, you dare to question our word? It seems that you cant distinguish between our ranks!

A somewhat gentle voice scolded, Would we be in such a mess if it werent for a devil like who willfully started a fire and fanned the flames? The Silver Blizzard Citys situation had been tumbled by your actions. If the Dong Fang Family hadnt acted-out, killed our members, and diverted the public anger Im afraid that the Supreme Alliance itself wouldve tried to meddle in that affair! And your willful actions wouldve been the root cause of that chaos! And, youre still resigned to the destruction of the Silver Blizzard City?

Can the insignificant Jun Family ever destroy the Silver Blizzard City? Why are you blaming me for this, Grandfather? How did start any trouble? He tried to steal my wife! He started this animosity between us! Please tell me, which man on earth could ever stand this insult? Xiao Han asked somewhat emotionally.

[Grandfather? Xiao Hans grandfather? Isnt he the top-most individual in the Silver Blizzard Citys Xiao Family?] However, he didnt know whether that person was Xiao Xing Yun or Xiao Bu Yu. The Young Master Jun held his breath and stayed calm. He remained motionless as he continued to eavesdrop. Hit-man Jun carefully listened to all sorts of voices whether loud or faint without any exception or negligence.

But youve already destroyed the four important members of the Jun Family, and the backbone of their power! And Jun Wu Yi was crippled because of a devil like you! What more do you want? Do you intend to show no kindness to the dogs and the chicken in their family? The gentle voice scolded with some resentment and disappointment, And what of the present circumstances? The Xue Hun Manner and Shi Chang Xiao have issued a joint summon; is that trivial to you? We should be hurrying towards the south. And, now you little devil are delaying us with your quarrel over a nonsensical grudge?

[I have to admit this persons way of dealing with matters is impressive. At least Xiao Han cant stand up to it.]

Now that you mentioned that matter Ive remembered another one. These two matters are somewhat related. I request Grandfather to pay heed. Xiao Hans spirits seemed to rise, We received a small scroll when we were at the Imperial Palace today. There was very little content on it. It said that Jun Wu Yi would lead the army which would go south to confront the Xuan Beast uprising. Grandfather, it would be better if we

Employing common soldiers to deal with the Xuan Beast uprising? The gentle voice suddenly paused as if in contemplation. Then it spoke again, Ah! Good if this is the case then this is truly an opportunityperhaps

Second Brother that scroll does present us with an opportunity, but we must remember the summon! Theyve called all the Great Masters to arms! This means that the Solitary Falcon may go south! And in all probability he would be accompanying Jun Wu Yi throughout the journey. The Solitary Falcon wont be easy to deal with even if we can handle Jun Wu Yi with ease. Then, the problem will continue to go around in circles. Therefore, I beseech the Second Brother to focus only on Solitary Falcon. Hes the core of our problems!

[Second Brother? It seems like its the Xiao Familys second in hierarchy Xiao Bu Yu!]

Youre right! That old Solitary Falcon deserves a corresponding reply since he has decided to stick his head out! How could we back away from avenging the Sixth Brother?!

Xiao Bu Yus gentle voice was brimming with killing intent, Well wait for an ideal opportunity when we get to the south. First the six of us and the Seven Swords we thirteen will coordinate and kill the Solitary Falcon. Then, we can decide whether wed need to tidy-up Jun Wu Yi or not. In any case, everything will become clear to us once we get rid of the Solitary Falcon. In fact, we can easily finish this matter given that areas natural threat once weve suppressed the Xuan Beasts uprising.

So, the Second Brother is suggesting that we wait and deal with this matter after the Xuan Beasts uprising is handled? It was an old and familiar sound. Jun Mo Xie listened to it, and determined that it belonged to the Third Elder.

Thats right! Every Great Master has been summoned this time. So, if we make a move and attack a Great Master before the matter in the south is taken care of I fear the rest of the Great Masters would attack the Silver Blizzard City in return. Therefore, well handle him after this situation is taken care of. Xiao Bu Yu spoke with a dark mental-frame.

Besides, theres that matter of the origins and abilities of that black clothed masked man. Xiao Bu Yu spoke in an even gentler manner, He snatched our Xiao Familys Soul Replenishing Jade despite our status. Hell understand its importance soon. Then, hell become aware of the jade being worn by Feng Wu. So, hell come to snatch it as well. This will happen because Feng Wu will be alone. Well make it as convenient for him as possible.

He smiled darkly again, There may be a chance of casualties if the Jade is in possession of an Elder. So, we cant risk it. However, Feng Wu will be an easy target, and hes unlikely to feel threatened. Therefore, he wont harm the boy. This Old Man has already mastered the Divine Inhibition. I can lock onto his souls scent for 500kms. Xiang Sun will remain on stand-by at all times. Therefore, he wont be able to escape us once he has stolen the Jade. Well find him even if he escapes to the ends of the earth! Then, we can concentrate our strength, catch-up with him, and resolve the matter in one fell swoop. Well be able to retrieve both the Soul Replenishing Jades this manner!

Good idea, Second Brother! Everyones spirit rose when they heard the plan. However, Jun Mo Xie was stunned. [Thats their plan? Theyve conceded so easily?]

It had to be said that this plan of Xiao Bu Yus wouldve been very effective in dealing with anyone. Even Yun Bie Chen wouldnt be able to see through it. However, it was worthless in Jun Mo Xies eyes

This plan seemed like a honey-trap, but it was being used on a castrated man. This analogy sounds vulgar but the result of the matter would justify it.

Suddenly, many elders cried in alarm, Second Brother, you can use the Devine Inhibition?! Have you stepped into the fourth level of the Spirit Xuan realm!

He he Xiao Bu Yus voice clearly revealed his complacence. Im ashamed that it took nearly ten years to make this breakthrough. However, this is the reason why Im confident that Ill be able to capture that mysterious masked man.

Congratulations on the remarkable feat, Second Brother! Everyone spoke in unison. However, Jun Mo Xie laughed in his heart. [Confidence? You speak of confidence in front of this Young Master? How can you behave like that? Your Devine Inhibition is limited to five hundred kilometers. Thats worth a fart to this Young Master.]

Ahem no one is to allow any information out if were able to deal with the Jun Family successfully understood? Power radiated from Xiao Bu Yus eyes as he looked around.

Thats obvious! Otherwise, the Lord of the City will blame everyone, and the consequences will be very unpleasant. Besides, the Jun Family has the Dong Fang Family behind them. So, everyone will carry out their tasks stealthily. Everybody chuckled as they discussed this.

This made Jun Mo Xie very angry. [This Xiao Family is very malevolent! This Young Master will see who exterminates whose roots when were all in the south.]

Second Brother, about this matter with the Xuan Beasts Its apparently a very unusual occurrence. Is it possible that the Kings of the Tian Fa forest have decided to meddle in this matter?[1] How can there be such a huge commotion otherwise? Every Great Masters has been summoned. Second Brother, which Eight Great Masters do you reckon will answer to this summon? This was the voice of the Ninth Elder.

That isnt very difficult to judge. No one has seen tracks of Yun Bie Chen for many years. Im afraid itll be the same this time around. And then, the Great Blue Master Meng Hong Chen lives too far from the Tian Fa forest. He most probably wont be able to go even if he receives the news on time. However, the Cold Blooded Master Lei Wu Bei and the Solitary Falcon will go for sure. After all, theyre right here in Tian Xiang City. They wont be able to turn their backs even if they wanted to. Also, the one who gave these supreme summonses Shi Chang Xiao is already at the Xue Hun Manner. Li Jue Tian will probably return to his Manor since this threatens his family the most. I roughly estimate that four out of the Eight Great Masters will go. As for the Silver Blizzard City we will go and represent our lord. And perhaps, well be the most powerful in the terms of comprehensive strength. And as for Great Master Wen Tian I cannot say. He may go, or he may not go. But I think the strength of this tyrannical gathering will be enough to deal with the Xuan Beast uprising even without Master Wen Tians addition, Xiao Bu Yus smile exhibited great confidence.

Its just that this Xuan Beast uprising is very strange. Some say that they are directly attacking the Xue Hun Manner. Second Brother, I dont recall the Tian Fa Forest and the Xue Hun Manner having any cause for quarrel. The Third Elder frowned.

There must be a reason behind the Xuan Beasts decision to leave Tian Fa and attack the Xue Hun Manner. Well get to know this after weve arrive there, Xiao Bu Yu spoke faintly. The look in his eyes showed that he didnt desire to discuss it further.

Everyone was silent.

Everyone was confused about the reason behind the Xuan Beasts uprising. However, stationed underground, Jun Mo Xie had a rough idea as to why

The Young master Jun smiled bitterly.

[If Ive guess it right I may have a lot to do with this Xuan Beasts uprising.]


King of the Tian Fa Forest. This term refers to the King Xuan Beasts. Big Bear and Long Crane are King Xuan Beasts.