Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 307

Chapter 306 i wish to go too
Chapter 306: I Wish To Go Too

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Naturally, if the Second Prince or Jun Mo Xie or other people came to know about these words they would immediately understand why the Second Prince had asked the Blood Sword Halls assassins to execute this mission. This factions men were bound to fail one step before they reached the finish line!

The Blood Sword Hall was the most famous house of assassins in the Tian Xiang Empire; perhaps the entire Xuan Xuan continent. But, the identity of the mastermind behind them was extremely shocking!

However, if one mulled it over it would seem normal. In fact, it would make a lot of sense.

Wouldnt it?

How could the entire upper echelon of the Tian Xiang Empire know this organization of assassins? And, how could this organization act so openly without any scruples? So much so, that they had connections with the Families in the Imperial Court and even the later generations of the Imperial Family?

The existence of such a group wouldve been fairly normal in a small country since smaller empires usually have a very weak military force. But, the Tian Xiang Empires military-strength was tyrannical, and highly centralized. The Empires Emperor was one of the most talented individuals of the generation. So, how could he allow such an organization of assassins to act in such an unrestrained manner inside his nation? So much so, that they would even have the courage to attempt the assassination of the Royal Princess as if it was childs play?

There was a lot more to this matter. Take the example of Princess Ling Mengs assassination for example the continent's most well-known organization of assassin would likely possess an intelligence network of equal merit. And, though Ye Gu Hans existence was admittedly a secret but, how could an organization like the Blood Sword Hall fail to find out about Ye Gu Hans presence on her guard? However, they had only sent two Gold Xuan experts to assassinate Princess Ling Meng

Would facing a Sky Xuan bodyguard of the target with two Gold Xuan experts be of any use? Did it make any sense?!

It was a pity that the Second Prince had been involved in all this. Especially that bullsh*t line, "Your intelligence is erroneous," had already been dispatched to him. The Second Prince probably wouldnt understand the reality of this till the end of his days that his own father had used him to cleanse and rectify the bureaucratic structure of the Empire. In fact, he would even use this event to purge his harem.

If this was ever to come to light the Hitman Jun would accept that he wasnt the worlds most formidable player by any means. That title was undoubtedly reserved for the Tian Xiang Empires Emperor.

~ The chambers of the Imperial concubines ~

"Little Meng, truthfully tell your mother whats the problem? Are you ill?" a graceful and gorgeous lady asked in a courteous manner. She wore a yellow gown of her body, and a traditional crown on her head. She was the current Empress, and Princess Ling Mengs mother Murong Xiu Xiu.

"I... its nothing. Your daughter's health is fine. Everything is normal. I don't know why Queen-Mother would ask this," Ling Meng didnt admit anything. Ling Meng didnt know what would happen if she told her mother about the misery of Ye Gu Han's condition. So, she invariably lied.

"Normal? Child, youve never been good at lying. You always stutter when you lie." The Empress smiled gently as she looked at her daughter with affection, "Sometimes, you seem very worried these days. And sometimes, you giggle. On top of that, you usually weep at night. Your tears have moistened your pillows. This would you call this normal?"

"Mother..." Princess Ling Meng let-loose her lovable self, "Could your daughter ever lie to you? Theres nothing different with me."

"Could it be..." The Empress smiled. She lovingly poked her daughter's tiny nose, "Perhaps, youve taken a fancy to a Family's young man?"

"Mother what are you saying?" Princess Ling Meng blurted out aloud. She became bashful, and her face reddened. But, she still hesitated inside. [Can I use this chance to tell my mother about Jun Mo Xie?] Princess Ling Meng couldnt help but blush as her beloveds thought crossed her mind.

The Empress looked at her daughter's expression. How could she not know? [My daughters body isnt that of a small girl anymore. She had reached that age. My daughter has grown up!]

"You little girl but I cant tell which familys young man has garnered the affections of my treasured daughter?" The Empress looked at her daughter teasingly.

"Queen Mother..." Princess Ling Meng turned and twisted her waist. She hesitated for a moment, but eventually decided to keep her feeling to herself for the time being. The Princess was no fool. How could she not know that Jun Mo Xies feelings may not be in compliance? She feared that he might not harbor a favorable impression about her. Therefore, she might court a rebuff if she were to declare her feelings in a rash manner.

However, the Princess's heart was in denial. [You tried to woo me for so many years, but I wasnt impressed. I didnt care no matter how much attention you gave me! And, now that this Princess has no objections this lecherous guy is giving me attitude... humph!]

"My little girl seems shy. Don't tell if you don't want to. Your mother won't compel you. He he Little Meng, tell your mother about your beloved as soon as possible. You're not that young anymore. It would become a very troublesome matter if your father the Emperor impulsively decided to bestow you in marriage someday..." the Empress spoke as she dotingly played with her daughter's hair.

"Your daughter understands." The Princess cuddled into her mother's embrace. She suddenly recalled her Uncle Ye's years of service and the misery of his current condition. She felt sick at heart, and wanted to cry.

"I dont know why but, my heart seems to sense something oddly fearful for the past few days As if something very bad has happened" a light smile graced the Empress's face. A pensive expression covered her face as she muttered to herself, "What could it be? What could have happened? Ive been feeling a strange ache in my heart"

Princess Ling Meng's heart tensed, but she didnt dare to speak. [I dont know Uncle Yes situation. And, I dont know how many damned enemies he has in this Palace]

~ Jun Family ~

Jun Mo Xie's forehead was sweaty. He had kept quite in the face of this little girls bared fangs.

He had remained silent because...

"I wish to go too!" Dugu Xiao Yi arrogantly declared as she held Little White in her arms.

"What are you saying, sister? Do you intend to fill the bellies of the Xuan Beasts? Do you intend to help me or the Xuan Beasts?" Jun Mo Xie flippantly rolled his eyes. [God ah! Spare me, please? This little girl has been annoying me the entire morning]

"Humph! You might end up in the belly of those Xuan Beasts, but Im very fierce and powerful! Even my seven brothers cant match me if I use my Knife technique properly. No one in the Gold Xuan realm can match me! Besides, what could a couple of Xuan Beasts do to this little girl?" Dugu Xiao Yi continued in a lofty manner. "Just look at how Little White behaves doesnt he act like a little puppy even though hes a level eight Xuan Beast? So, what do I have to fear if they are all like this? I can kill thousands of them! And hey, I can find a play-mate for Little White too!"

Little White let-out a discontent whine. [You think its easy to find such a high-level and top-notch beast?] He raised his eyeballs to look at her. However, he was also aware of the reason behind his mistresss words. He knew that it would be unwise to make a move. So, he ignored her, and went back to sleep.

Jun Mo Xie felt helpless, "How can you make this comparison? Little White is a high-level Xuan Beast. But, hes not a grown-up, is he? No, we shouldnt even say that we ought to say that hes an infant! So, how can you associate him with them? Have you never seen another Xuan Beast? Dont you know anything?"[1]

"What nonsense are you talking? You think I dont know stuff? And, the other Xuan Beasts? What about them? Other Xuan Beasts get dispirited the moment they see this Young Lady. They dont even dare to raise their heads!" the little girl proudly declared.

Tears streamed down Jun Mo Xie's cheeks. [Really? How could a pampered girl from a powerful family know about these dangers? Youve only seen low-level Xuan Beasts who have been domesticated by others!]

"You must be joking! You always carry Little White with you. And, the Capital only has standard level Xuan Beasts. So, they get dispirited when they see Little White. Does that reasoning make any sense to you? Little White is indeed very formidable here but he isn't worth anything in Tian Fa!" Jun Mo Xie explained earnestly.

"You think you can fool me as if I were a kid?! Little White is so ferocious! And, you still say that its nothing? Im going anyway! And, when I want to go I will get to go!" Dugu Xiao Yi spoke in an unreasonable manner, "It will be my grandfather's seventieth birthday in two months. He had received an injury to his waist on the battlefield long ago. He cant stay in the wind for long he catches a cold because of that injury. Ive heard that a Snow-Ferret Xuan Beasts fur can prevent a person from catching a cold. So, I plan to hunt down a Snow-Ferret on this trip. I wish to give it to my grandfather on his birthday in order to show my love."

[This little girl thinks that a snow-ferret is just waiting there for her to come for it. She thinks she can just go and grab it]

Jun Mo Xie nearly fainted. "Sister, good lady do you think that a Snow-Ferret Xuan Beast is a domestic kitten? That you can just grab it? That thing is much higher in level than your iron winged panther. They are at least level eight Xuan Beasts. And not just in name only. In fact, level eight is also a conservative estimate In other words, it can evolve. Do you understand?"

She had been gentler these days. So, Jun Mo Xie had forgotten about her domineering nature. But, it seemed that she had reverted back to her old ways. Someone had rightly said its easy to change a country, but its hard to change ones essential nature!

"Whats so difficult about it? Isnt it just a little snow-ferret? Whats the big deal?" the little girl waved her hand and cried out. She didnt take Jun Mo Xie seriously. Then, her eyes changed directions as she lowered her head and implored, "Brother Mo Xie, you can spare one horse for me? Right?"

"I cant! I won't even discuss this!" Jun Mo Xie was surprisingly resolute as he denied her. [You think I dont have spare horses? Wont your annoying Dugu Family skin me if something were to happen to you? Im no gentleman. It will be very troublesome if something happens along the journey ah.]

"Brother Mo Xie, I beseech you!" Dugu Xiao Yi caught his arm, and looked at him in a frail and lovable manner.

"Out of the question! Its no use to tempt me!" Jun Mo Xie snorted. Then, he thought of something and added, "Tempting a Jun Man has never been of any use."

"You think you can be pleased with yourself?" Dugu Xiao Yi snorted, spat and stuck her tongue out. "Humph! I'll just go with my elder brothers if you won't take me! You think I need your charity? You think I cant go to Tian Fa if you refuse to take me along?"

"Do as you wish!" Jun Mo Xie spread his arms, "Im fine with everything as long as I don't have to take you! If your three elder brothers are willing to take you theyve saved me! Theyll have my thanks for sharing the burden!"


1)The original text had an old Chinese proverb. "Even if youve never eaten pork, surely, youve seen a pig run?" This proverb means that "Dont you know anything?" Weve gone with the literal meaning of the proverb since it was repeatedly used in the text, and wouldve been very difficult to interpret unless youre aware of its true meaning and variants.