Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 310

Chapter 309 i will only observe i wont even speak
Chapter 309: I Will Only Observe; I Wont Even Speak

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Someone shouted from midair, "Great Senior, we might as well kill everyone and then look for those crossbows. These people were escorting those crossbows. So, the crossbows couldnt have flown to the sky, isnt it?"

A figure covered in blue light shot out. The glittering blue light of his sword illuminated the surrounding radius of three meters. That persons appearance gave rise to wretched howls. This individual slashed at the crowd and opened a bloody path for himself at the cost an individual who was sent spinning. He then killed his way into the middle of the battlefield.

Zhang Cun Xiao shouted loudly, "Everyone, encircle them! Cooperate and form an iron barrel to kill them! Resist the enemy!" Everyone responded and rushed forward. The roar to kill emanated from all directions as the Imperial Guard drew close to the center. They werent a match for these three Sky Xuan experts, but they gradually managed to stabilize their position and disposition.

A faint sigh emanated from the top of a tall tree. However, no one could be seen on it.

The Young Master Jun had been hiding on that tree.

Jun Mo Xie was endlessly shaking his head as he watched at the battle. Those three individuals had been killing everyone without any reason. This had left him speechless. [They are such unprofessional robbers! I dont know what nonsense that Great Master Lei Wu Bei has taught these guys!]

Jun Mo Xie had obviously realized that those three black-clad individuals were the three remaining disciples of Lei Wu Beis.

After all, he was all too familiar with them.

[These three have a higher chance of messing-up than succeeding! What a waste, ah!]

[A robber has to arrive in silence and attack at once. But, you guys unexpectedly found it important to say a few words before you attacked!]

This had left Jun Mo Xie speechless.

[This is all nonsense!]

[There was no hope for your robbery plans, ah. But, youve disturbed this Young Masters perfectly crafted plan as well! So much money spent! So much physical effort expended!] Luckily, Lei Jian Hong didnt say, "This Mountain is mine, and I have planted this tree. So, youll have to pay a toll-price if you want to cross," Or something similar. Otherwise, that wouldve annoyed Hit-man Jun beyond reasonable limits, and he wouldve fallen head first down the tree.

Jun Mo Xie had started ahead of time, and had led his personal guard to that place a day-before. They had dug-up the pit falls, and had concealed their presence. In fact, Jun Mo Xie had even distributed a pill to each one of his men; this pill would assist to suppress their aura. Over two hundred men had systematically arranged themselves in hiding in the woods nearby. Naturally, they had already dug underground caverns, and were now hiding inside them. They would start like thunder the moment that caravan would enter their encirclement. They wouldve seized the items, and quickly fled.

[These three people attacked the caravan before it fell into my encirclement!]

[These fuc*ers have left me speechless!]

Jun Mo Xie quickly spread the news amongst his men. He told them to be calm and motionless. They would first see the result of that battle. He analyzed the situation [Those three are obviously quite powerful. It wont be easy to succeed against them, ah. Moreover, this has turned into a dog-eat-dog type of battle. Ill have to come up with a new plan.]

Just when Jun Mo Xie was thinking this Lei Jian Hong rushed forward and issued a low whistle. Suddenly, the loud rumbling sound of orderly footsteps echoed. A huge group of black-clothed and masked men rushed over and joined the battle at once. The deadlock between the two sides was broken in an instant.

The Devine Storm Guards leader Zhang Cun Xiao was hit on the chest by a palm. He sprouted blood from his mouth as he was thrown back. However, he extended one hand behind his back, and pulled out a fire rocket from the back of his belt. Then, he shot it skywards. Suddenly, a bang sound was heard. The night-sky was lit up by the firework; a vivid image of a pair of blood-red swords had taken shape above.

"It seems that the Blood Sword Hall had also hidden themselves in this area. Now, lets wait and see which side is stronger, and which is weak... in any case, Ill just sit here and watch the two tigers fight. Ill let them fight till they are spent, and then Ill reap the benefits." Jun Mo Xie was crouched atop a tree-branch like he was seated on a horse. The branch moved up and down because of the wind and the movements rhythm was extremely weird. If he was to show himself, and someone was to see him theyd believe that he was doing something secret and private with the tree

The Young Master Jun supported his chin in his hand. He calmly waited engrossed. [This is so lively! Blood Sword Hall, Lei Wu Bei's disciples and Li You Ran's secret experts Its better if they all suffer serious losses in this battle. In fact, it would be best if they all die!] He wanted this to happen, but he didnt have very high hopes for the same.

[Anyway Ill just observe; I wont even speak]

It was such a pity that the resulting outcome had been contrary to everyones expectations. The signal for the Blood Sword Hall had been issued a while back. But, the experts of the Blood Sword Hall hadnt come to their aid; not even a single shadow had arrived.

The lonely mountain was mostly quite; only the murderous yells could be heard. The residual light from the bonfires was lighting-up the deathly pale complexion on the faces of Zhao Wu Ji's men.

"I genuinely had more support, but you were only bluffing!" Lei Jian Hong sneered as he taunted. "This is awfully amusing! This bluff trick may work on others, but it wont work on me. You couldnt play me but, you managed to play with your own chances! It looks like youre impatient to leave this life. I shall certainly fulfill your wishes!"

Zhao Wu Ji was rolling around like a lazy donkey. He cut a sorry figure as he narrowly avoided a blade that had slashed-down on him. His loud weeping voice rang out, "Commander! This... this our reinforcements didnt you say that our reinforcements would be following after us? Why? ...Why? ...Why? "

He had wanted to say, "Why hasn't there been any activity from them?" However, three blades came whistling down to chop him while as he was speaking. That interrupted his speech three times. And, it ended-up sounding like he was stuttering.

"How would I now? You think I'm not worried?" Zhang Cun Xiao cursed in rage. "Worry about your little life first!"

The Li Familys elite warriors led by the three Sky Xuan experts had gained an overwhelming advantage by now. They had pressed their enemies hard; step by step. And, Zhao Wu Jis men had been compressed into an extremely small and circular formation. A little over a hundred men had survived on Zhao Wu Jis side. They were holding a defensive line with great difficulty. They were doing their utmost to resist their enemys dangerous attacks as they crowded into that circle. Not a single man from their side was left alive outside their circle!

Meng Xiao Song, Xiao Wu Ji and Zhang Cun Xiao the three of these leaders were at the center of the defensive circle. Their faces were deathly pale.

The time-elapsed since the signal had been dispatched had passed the time it takes for an incense stick to burn down. Yet, there was no trace of the reinforcements from the Blood Sword Hall.

Meng Xiao Song couldnt help but curse. His voice had already started to resemble weeping, "Whats this? How can someone attack the Imperial Guards so brazenly this close to the Capital? I tell this senior I have a family to take care of. Ive followed you this time, but it hasnt been easy at all. Now, why dont you hurry up and think of a way out? Youre the boss in the Capitals region so, why dont you take note and apprehend these people later?"

Meng Xiao Songs cultivation was quite high. He was at the middle level of the Earth Xuan realm. He was the strongest expert in Zhao Wu Jis party. However, he had been living like a prince for many years. He had lost the fierce determination for victory and the unshakable murderous aura he had once possessed a long time ago. He had also come to treasure his familys life more than ever before. So much so, that he would measure the safety of his life above an opportunity to make money. He couldnt help whining about it since their situation had gotten desperate. But, it was too late for regrets.

[I couldve been drinking tea in a safe environment at home? Perhaps I would be walking a dog, or bullying the common folk, or seizing a girl wouldnt that have been fun? Instead, Ive been cheated in the name of those fifty-thousand silver taels. I havent even taken possession of the money! And yet, my life is coming to an abrupt end here]

Zhang Cun Xiao couldnt help but become enraged, "Youre shouting trivial stuff in this chaos? The hearts of my men are already in confusion. And yet, you yell your nonsense? Youre making them more confused, and youre scattering our fighting spirit! Im telling you shut up! If you make any more noise I promise Ill cut you down with my own blade!"

Meng Xiao Song couldnt help but get angry. He used his blade to protect his body as he shouted in indignation, "What nonsensical argument is that? Youre a noble Imperial Guard who serves the Emperor! Youre intermediary officials! Were just common folk with little power. We were merely assisting you in delivering these things. Youve put our lives in danger, and youre still giving me this much attitude!? And now, we cant even utter a word?"

Meng Xiao Song stopped speaking. Then, he shouted even before Zhang Cun Xiao had an opportunity to reply, "Help! Save us!" His Xuan Qi cultivation was only second to the three Sky Xuan experts in this setting. Yet, he had been retreating since the start of the battle. He hadnt received even a single injury, but his loud voice travelled in all directions and spread far.

Jun Mo Xie nearly tumbled down the branch he was sitting on. [Uncle, no matter what you say youre still an Earth Xuan expert. You cant be considered as one of the top people in this world, but youre accorded the prestige of a high-level individual! So, how can you have such greed for life?]

The masked and black-clothed Lei Jian Hong couldnt help but stagger at this either. He then laughed and called-out in a sinister manner, "Shout! Shout! Shout as loudly as you can! Its no use even if you damage your throat shouting! No one will come to save you!"

Jun Mo Xie trembled all over. He remained silent and inquired of the heavens he had a strong urge to faint; [heavens let me die! How could you allow me to hear these classic words at such a crucial moment?!]

Meng Xiao Song had by-and-large shouted to save his life since he was very greedy for it. However, Lei Jian Hongs words had been quite famous in his previous world.

Jun Mo Xie was in a state of trance. He could almost visualize a sinister man with a vulgar expression facing a young girl in an empty alley. The man appeared quite pleased with himself as he shouted, "Its no use even if you damage you throat shouting"

He absentmindedly thought that the scene was contrived a bit melodramatically. But, it still couldnt compare to the scene before his eyes. Moreover, there was a man in this world who had spoken those very words!

A strange sound came from Jun Mo Xies throat. It was the sound of him choking on his saliva; as if he was on the verge of death. [I have to vomit. This is too disgusting!]

The situation was still as one-sided as before.

Zhao Wu Jis men were mostly dead. Most of the men Meng Xiao Song had brought from the Southern Trade Union had turned to corpses. Their blood had proverbially splashed across the horizon. He had no choice but to admit that the two hundred members of the Devine Storm Guard sent by the Second Prince were the strongest. Nearly hundred-and-fifty men of the Devine Storm Guard were still alive.

The strength of the men from the Devine Storm Guard couldnt be considered to be very high in their own individual merit. In fact, they were probably slightly weaker than the members of the trade union and the Zhao Family. However, they had a huge advantage in terms of battle experience. And, they were accustomed to fighting in formations. Therefore, their disposition was stable even though they had fallen into a disadvantageous position. Moreover, they were especially good at fighting in close encirclements. Their team-strength was so powerful that they held a considerable advantage even in such a pitch black night where these two forces were facing off.

As for the Zhao men, and those from the trade union their individual fighting strength was stronger than the men of the Devine Storm Guard. However, they were accustomed to fighting alone, and had no experience when it came to cooperating with others. So, they had relied on their own strength, and had proceeded to kill even though they were faced with such a large-scale and chaotic warfare. As a result of that they were the first ones to die. They were stronger in comparison when it came to individualistic strength, but their team-spirit was lacking in front of the experts.

Lei Jian Hong and his fellow disciples attacked from three sides. It was clear that they were getting impatient. After all, this location was very close to the capital. The consequences could be huge if the news of this event were to spread.