Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 314

Chapter 313 the sullen sky xuan assassins
Chapter 313: The Sullen Sky Xuan Assassins

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The Young Master Juns current firepower was nothing compared to the one he possessed in his previous life. He had managed to take his opponent by surprise, and the man had fallen into a state of naked disadvantage. But, the Young Master Jun still hadnt been able to break past his defenses. In fact, his overkill style offense hadnt proved to be of much significance.

In fact, this man hadnt even been able to raise and amass his Xuan Qi. Therefore, the Young Master Jun was at a total loss for words with regard to this matter; this was very disgraceful.

Therefore, the Young Master Jun didnt dare to relax one bit. His attacks were intensive, but he was very clear about one thing he himself would suffer losses if he wasnt able to kill the man quickly in fact, the tables might even turn against him if he gave the other man any room to respond or take advantage. After all, he was merely a Jade Xuan expert when all was said and done; nothing more. And on the other hand, his opponent was at the Sky Xuan realm. In fact, he was a Peak Sky Xuan expert.

[My opponent can make me suffer even if his strength has been reduced to one-tenth of its actual power.]

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie continuously attacked with Bang! Bang! sounds. His fists, knees, elbows, the side of his heels had been thoroughly jolted by the impacts of his own attacks. In fact, they had started to ache. But, he still wasnt prepared to relax; he couldnt dare to relax. So, it wouldve seemed that his attacks had gotten increasingly intense.

This one-sided battle would seem different from an outsiders perspective. An outsider would reckon that Jun Mo Xie couldve killed his opponent with one strike alone. They would think that he had intentionally used such a cruel method in order to torture his enemy that he was reprehensible for torturing people in such a manner for his enjoyment.

This level of maltreatment was the talk of legends!

Moreover, Jun Mo Xie had displayed his Xuan Qi in order to dispel the opposite sides imposing mannerism. However, he had displayed the dark blue color of a Sky Xuan Peak expert!

[That Sky Xuan Peak expert is wildly beating-up the other man that too a man who is at a grade that is lower than his own within the Sky Xuan realm! Not only that his opponent isnt even retaliating! Could it be that his barbaric attacks are an indication of his nature? He couldve settled this in one strike, ah]

Tears streamed down Jun Mo Xies cheeks. [Even these sinister attacks arent going very smoothly. What am I supposed to think ah? Is my strength that incompetent?]

Fortunately, this wasnt a game-world where everything operates on pure data. Even the strength of a Sky Xuan had its limits. Young Master Jun had continuously struck his victim over three hundred times in the same place by the end of it on the pit of his stomach. And, he had then worn-out the Xuan Qi that protected his opponents body finally. He had finally beaten his enemys strong-built body a body the victim had been very proud of to a pulp. Then, Jun Mo Xie had severed any scope of the other mans survival by striking his heart.

However, he was unaware that his image had appeared stationary after he had thrown his last punch. This had happened because he was very tired. So, he had taken a moments rest. But, the onlookers had interpreted this sight in an entirely different light. That image was an extreme to their eyes; it was too cruel, and too abnormal.

[Youve already killed him so, why are you doing this to his dead body? He looks like salted fish do you wish to scare the dead, boss? This has been an exceptional night]

The two hundred men looked Hit-man Jun with extreme reverence. There was complete silence for a moment.

They were too shocked!

They were extremely shocked!

It was a while before everyone came back to themselves. Then, the other two Sky Xuan experts looked at Jun Mo Xie with grief and indignation. They gnashed their teeth and asked, "Who are you? Have the guts to tell us your name! Youre such a noble and far-reaching person! Your distinguished-self has been conferred my Blood Sword Halls undying gratitude! We will work from dusk to dawn to pay you back!"

"Huh? Pay back? Shouldnt you think of running away?" Jun Mo Xie spoke in a flabbergasted manner. There was a twinkle in his eye. He then suddenly said, "Bullsh*t! Isnt your imagination too enriched? When did I ever say that Ill allow you to leave? Are you sure you arent day-dreaming? Or, are you talking in your sleep?"

"Ha ha ha! Weve lost more-than-half of our strength after being affected by your poison; this fact is undisputed. And, weve suffered a resounding defeat today! However, do you believe that you and your accompanying group of trashy and repulsive hatchlings can capture us? Right! Your distinguished-self is at the Sky Xuan Peak, and your strength outstrips ours by a margin. But, even your distinguished-self can stop only one amongst us if we truly intend to escape. You must the one day-dreaming if you believe that you can constrain the both of us! So, the person whos day-dreaming and talking in their sleep is none other than your distinguished-self!"

The two red-clothed Sky Xuan experts laughed in a shrill manner. Their cold words echoed as they spoke, "We arent afraid to tell you this in all honesty no matter who you are or whether or not you have some backing you and your backers are toast! Therell be no beautiful dream for you only a nightmare; an unending nightmare!"

"Capture only one of you? What shameful words are you speaking?! I wouldnt have come here if planned to allow even one of you leave! And, dreaming? Well see who is dreaming!" Jun Mo Xie sneered and waved his hand, "Kill them!"

The 200 men roared loudly. Their injuries werent light. Yet, they raised their swords, and threw themselves at the enemy like a tide in spite of their injuries.

"Ha ha" the two Sky Xuan experts laughed heartily. Then, they suddenly leapt-up and rose in the air. One of them went towards the north, and the other one moved towards the south.

They moved extremely fast.

[Even this extremely tyrannical Peak Sky Xuan expert in front of us will have no choice but to chase only one of us. How can he capture the both of us since were both at the same Xuan level as him?]

Jun Mo Xie snorted and laughed. He didnt move an inch. In fact, the Young Master Jun didnt even have the desire to move. He merely yelled in a cold voice, "Get down!" The sky was resounded with his loud and snapping yell as it came down to the dark and gloomy earth. His men on the ground were in order. They were well-trained. And so, they immediately scattered; they quickly ducked, and went outside the circle.

The two red-clothed assassins couldnt help their bladders crack when they raised their heads to look.

Dozens of nets appeared in midair from all directions. These nets were studded with shining barbs, and they covered over thirty meters in radius. These nets were dense, and had no gaps that one could escape from. The two red-clothed men looked everywhere only to find that there were no openings in the nets. Moreover, the nets overlapped each other as they came down; each net had another one above it. If one could cross one net with difficulty he would then have to face a second one and after that even a third one

The two red-clothed men mournfully cried in despair as forty-to-fifty nets opened-up, loudly fell on them with a "Bang!", and trapped them inside.

The two assassins couldve worn the nets out if they wouldve been able to circulate their Xuan Qi perhaps they couldve even broken them if their Xuan Qi hadnt been lost. In fact, it wouldve merely been a matter of seconds. However, their Xuan Qi had reduced drastically. So, they wouldnt have had enough time to circulate and amass their Xuan Qi even if they had strived to escape.

Indeed, what they lacked the most at this juncture was time.

How could Jun Mo Xie have allowed them enough time to counter-attack?

The 200 men had dropped their swords in unison once the command was given. Then, they conveniently took-out the already-prepared thick wooden clubs. After that, they without any rhyme or reason proceeded to ruthlessly beat-down upon the two poor devils who were stuck under the many nets.

This was a huge opportunity for those Gold Xuan experts to trample upon Sky Xuan experts. It could be a once in a lifetime opportunity so, how could they let it pass? Moreover, they had all seen the strength and vigor with which their Young Master had trampled upon his enemy. And so, they werent prepared to let their Young Master attain all the glory

[What happened to your Sky Xuan Strength? You still think you can trample and kill? No thats your fate.]

Dark Blue lights could be vaguely seen shining-through that heavy layer of nets. It was evident that the two Sky Xuan experts were still struggling with everything they had. They were desperately trying to save themselves from this dire situation. However, the cruel fact was that their efforts would be in vain. Wooden clubs as thick as thighs powerfully fell on the flesh of those two in the midst of jeers and "Puff" sounds...

Their nightmare had truly arrived!

The blood-curdling screams echoed. The two Sky Xuan experts had refused to scream their pain in order to save face at first. Then, they had started to shout as if there was nothing more joyous than that moment in-itself. Their screams had pierced the night sky; their screams had soon started to sound like the screech of numerous owls.

Their Sky Xuan leader had died and that was extremely sad. However, he had been killed by the "high-level Sky Xuan expert" Jun Mo Xies sneak attack. So, it could be said that he had died with honor. However, what about those two? They were being trampled by a group of ant-like Gold Xuan experts. How tragic had life been to them in the end?

Come to speak of it these two people had been pressing their luck for a tragedy. Every man goes to seek-out his tragedies on his own. These two men werent any different.

Jun Mo Xie originally had many misgivings about these two red-clad men. They had been affected by the Ecstasy Fragrance, but they were still genuine Sky Xuan experts. So, even their minimal strength would be at par with the Earth Xuan realm perhaps even higher no matter how much it had been reduced. There was no way to drastically reduce the Xuan Qi level beyond that. Therefore, they wouldve likely caused severe causalities to Jun Mo Xies men if they had been allowed to go all out and fight with their remaining might.

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had covered himself with the distinct dark-blue-color of the Sky Xuan Peak level in order to deter those two.

The two red-clad men had obviously thought that the only option left for them was to escape and that too separately. And, it wasnt very surprising either. After all, their strength was merely at the initial stage of the Sky Xuan realm. So, they wouldve run away when faced a Peak Sky Xuan expert even if they had been in their peak condition. What could one possible say for a situation when their strength had been reduced

However, their attempt to flee had fallen within the bounds of Jun Mo Xies strategy.

Jun Mo Xie had previously arranged for fifty-four of his men to hide in the trees. Each one of these men carried two nets with them. And, they were simply waiting for that moment. One could see only 200 people before? However, it was important to note that these men actually totaled to 254!

They acted like 54 skilled fishermen when they threw those dense nets. Moreover, their two victims had been in a state of confusion and panic when these nets had appeared in midair from nowhere at that critical juncture. So, how could they not have fallen into that trap?

The two red-clad men had shouldve caused huge casualties to Jun Mo Xies party by all rights. And even then they might not have been captured. However, they were now as sullen as a fish that had been caught in a net. Moreover, they hadnt merely been reduced to the fishes in a net at this moment they more closely resembled the meat on a chopping-block as their butcher pondered over how to chop them up

Those two hundred men werent frightened. They seem to brandish their wooden clubs as if the autumn season had arrived it seemed as if the season for crop harvest had finished, and they needed to thresh the soya beans from the harvest. They shouted with joy as they hammered their victims. Jun Mo Xie ordered his men to continue that beat-down for a time period that lasted the duration it takes for half-an-incense-stick to burn for the fear of a "playing possum" trick. There was no other reason for him to do so; it was just an assassins caution.

Thereafter, when Jun Mo Xie went forward to look at the result what he found could only be described as very good. The big nets had been thoroughly tattered. However, inside what was inside could in no way be considered as men. In fact, they couldnt even be considered as meat. What was left inside was minced meat hundred percent minced meat!

Even if one slowly stews meat in a pressure cooker for a days time it still wouldnt become that decomposed!

Jun Mo Xies eyes took a quick glance around. Then, he waved his hand and commanded, "Quickly sweep the battlefield! If an enemy still breaths quickly remedy it with a knife. Take care of our injured. Retrieve the crossbows carefully! Ensure you leave no traces. Start at once!"

Everyone responded boisterously.

Jun Mo Xie raised his head, and looked in the wooded mountains direction. There was an expression of profound happiness in his eyes.

The battlefield was quickly tidied-up-clean. Jun Mo Xie calmly gave the order. The men screamed in unison, and turned to mount their horses. Then, the men disappeared as the sounds of rapid hoof-beats echoed. They disappeared without a single trace.

All they left behind were the pieces of scattered flesh as evidence of this unusually bloody battle.