Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 319

Chapter 318 turtledove takes over the magpies nest
Chapter 318: Turtledove Takes-over the Magpies Nest

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[This little girls acting is excellent. But, how can this Young Master be convinced by it? Shell undergo a complete transformation the very next moment, and then shell become extremely bossy and domineering.]

[How could someone see a demon and still not fear of anything sinister?] Jun Mo Xie was obliged to ask this of himself since he had experienced her transformations before. [It would be very unreasonable if I were to get fooled again!]

"Tell me, do you still wish to send Elder Sister and me back to the Capital?" Dugu Xiao Yi opened her round eyes wide. They were pretty and big. Those round eyes were quite moving as well. However, they had begun to threaten, and their speed of change towards hostility had started to increase.

"My two sisters your presence will only cause more problems. Tell me, what can you to do here? What are you capable of doing here? Would the two of you dare if its required that you kill someone?"

Then, Jun Mo Xie sneered in disdain, "Im telling you obediently return. Were done with this topic. Otherwise, dont blame me if I pack-you-up like rice balls and send you back! And, dont ever think that I cant do it! However, you two will lose face if that were to happen!"

"How dare you?!" the little girl rebuked and bared her white teeth. They were very prominent.

"Let it be Xiao Yi; theres no need to request him. This man doesnt have any sympathy in his heart," Guan Qing Han spoke unenthusiastically as she remained standing on her spot. She expressionlessly looked at Jun Mo Xie even though she was addressing Dugu Xiao Yi, "Well go without him. Havent we already travelled hundreds-of-kilometers till here by ourselves? Do we not have legs of our own? Cant we make it to Tian Fa forest on our own?"

"Exactly! What are you acting so pretentious for? Well go on our own!" Dugu Xiao Yi raised her small chin, "Arent you just a deputy general? My family has better! Humph! Ive come across many great generals. But, even they arent as arrogant as you!"

The two women turned and started to leave after they had ridiculed him. Jun Mo Xie was genuinely a bit anxious to see this happen. [I wont be able to avoid the tongue lashing if I let these two go to Tian Fa alone even if they reach there safely. My grandpa, Third Uncle, Grandpa Dugu and Dugu Wu Di its unlikely that any one of them will let me off.] Jun Mo Xie could even guess their words, "You let these delicate women leave? You were at ease with the thought of these delicate girls travelling to the remote Tian Fa alone? What would you have done if something bad had happened? Nothing happened, but that isnt the point!"

"Stop! Get them for me!" Jun Mo Xie gnashed his teeth and gave the command. Seven-to-eight Spirit Devourer Teams members quickly set into action. They ruthlessly rushed forward, and blocked the two womens path like iron towers. Then, Jun Mo Xie groaned and spoke, "You two better be obedient towards my commands! Things will go good for you only as long as youre obedient! Humph! Otherwise"

Jun Mo Xie stopped after he had spoken that. [Isnt this akin to a strong and evil robber threatening a common woman?]

"Jun Mo Xie, I insist on going to Tian Fa. But, if you use force to compel me to stay behind I promise that I will kill myself right here! I Guan Qing Han will kill myself in front of you! Do you think that I wont dare to do it?" Guan Qing Hans expression was complex. But, she quickly drew a glittering dagger, and brought it to her throat.

[Jun Mo Xie, the only reason I insist on going to Tian Fa is for yours and Third Uncles sake. I dont worry about you two that much. But, I worry that the Xue Hun Manor will make things difficult for you because of me. Why else would I travel so far to that remote Tian Fa Forest with you? Do you think that Im the type of girl who doesnt understand the severity of this matter?]

[You will disregard life and death for my sake. And, you wish to protect my innocence in spite of everything. Do you believe that I, Guan Qing Han, am a woman who forgets favors and does nothing while she sees you walk into the tigers den?]

[Do you think that only men can commit suicide in righteousness and we women can only drift along and live without purpose? Its alright if things go smoothly in Tian Fa. But, if then what will this Guan Qing Han do with her miserly life?]

Dugu Xiao Yi hadnt turned to take a look at her companion. However, she figured that Guan Qing Hans maneuver was seemingly useful. So, she became arrogant, and spoke with an air of complacency, "Right! Well commit suicide if you dont let us go to Tian Fa! Do you think that we dont do it? Humph he he"

She had never seen anyone who was about to kill themselves behave with such pride. Guan Qing Hans words were very impassioned. However, the little girl had only laughed out since she hadnt understood this at first. She then turned around to look at her companion, and was left speechless upon realizing her resolve

Jun Mo Xie felt a severe headache. It seemed as if there was a conflict inside his head.

Perhaps Dugu Xiao Yi wished to watch the world burn in chaos. However, Guan Qing Hans expression was very tranquil and calm. He could tell that she would actually proceed with her threat! He realized that hed have to deal with her corpse if he didnt allow her to leave for Tian Fa.

[I cant gamble on this. I cant even dare to gamble on this!]

"You win!" Jun Mo Xie fixed an unwavering gaze at Young Lady Guan. Then, he sighed with regret. The Young Master Jun was confident that he couldve done something to salvage that situation if it were only the little girl. [However, my Elder Sister-in-law has too much of an individuality. I cant afford to provoke her!] Young Master Jun felt sullen in his heart. He had seemingly never felt this sullen in either of his lives. He then spoke with regret and hate, "Give them two horses. They will travel on horses!"

"Thats all the same to me" Guan Qing Han narrowed her wonderful eyes and looked down. Then, she finally smiled. She had only asked to travel to Tian Fa. She was indifferent to the treatment shed receive. Moreover, it was quite clear that Jun Mo Xie had taken a great risk by allowing them to accompany him. The military doctrines forbid the soldiers to travel along with a female to battle. It was a taboo in the military since there would be threats to their life at every turn.

"We must travel by carriage!" The little girl was young and inexperienced. So, she didnt realize any of this. She was happy to hear that the Young Master Jun had finally relented, and had allowed them to travel with him. However, she looked at him pouting-and-panting with rage when she heard the Young Master hadnt invited them to get inside his carriage, and had instead proposed to arrange two horses for them. Then, she looked at his beautiful carriage again, and started to feel tired. Her spine, her hip there wasnt a single part of her body which didnt ache at the sight of the luxurious carriage.

"Impossible! I'm allowing you to come with us, and that should be good enough for the two of you. Yet, you unexpectedly wish to travel inside the carriage?" Jun Mo Xie snorted disdainfully. "I would love it if you dont like to travel like this... I can arrange for my men to drop you back if you don't wish to travel like this. C'mon men! Get the horses!"

"You, you alright!" Dugu Xiao Yi was flustered as she pointed at him. Her eyes turned, and she quickly took out her dagger. She placed it across her neck. "You, you I will kill myself in front of you if you dont let me travel inside the carriage! Do you think that I wont dare to?!"

The little girl had seen Guan Qing Han extort the other party with a death threat. So, she had acted decisively and imitated the same. And, the little girl had added to the momentum of that act in order to make the result more effective. This was an extremely effective trick. So, how could she not use it?

[I wont fear using a good and useful trick again. Its very useful!]

Who wouldve thought that this little girl would say, "Do you think that I wont dare?" So, there was a burst of chuckles as soon as those words left her mouth since the surrounding soldiers were trying hard to restrain their urge to laugh. The shoulders of those grim and unfeeling warriors shook vigorously. It was clear indication that they were genuinely having a tough time in restraining their laughter.

One really could not blame them. That little girls qualities were too lacking for something like this. In fact, even an individual playing clown wasnt as amusing. Guan Qing Han had also threatened to kill herself. But, her threat was very believable. Then, Dugu Xiao Yi had imitated her. Moreover, she had done so right after. But, it was nothing like what the former had spoken. Moreover, her excuse to commit suicide was a bit too excessive. She would kill herself if she wasnt allowed to ride in the carriage?

Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes, "Do as you please. But, I sincerely request you to go a bit far and die. Kindly dont disturb our eyes and hearts. I genuinely request you. This request isnt excessive, right?"

Sister, if you feel like threatening people with killing yourself at least pick a proper reason to die for Otherwise, wont it become too unfavorable if we all started to threaten each other for useless reasons? Ill die if you dont let me in. Ill die if you dont let me eat. Ill die if you dont let me hit you what is all this?

"You youre just too hateful!" Dugu Xiao Yi stamped her feet. Then, she steamed towards the carriage without saying a word, lifted the curtains, and entered it. And, she didnt come out. Then, she shouted from inside the carriage, "Elder Sister Qing Han, hurry up and come here! Its quite spacious inside! And, theres a comfortable bed too he he"

This move had been the most practical one

The Young Master Jun became furious.

[This is intolerable! Where will I go if youre in there? This Young Master had captured that corrupt official with such difficulty only then was I able to extort a carriage from him! So much of thought had gone into it! Does it look that easy to you? Are you genuinely going to plunder the results of my efforts? Humph!]

Jun Mo Xie took a huge step forward and grabbed Dugu Xiao Yis arm, "You, come down!"

"Wont get down! I wont get down! I will travel in this carriage!" Dugu Xiao Yi used her other hand to get a hold on the inner walls of the carriage. She had decided to struggle furiously. Her face had become red. However, she had decided that she wouldnt let go for the life of her.

A white shadow flashed. Then, an elegant fragrance floated past. Guan Qing Hand had also managed to get inside the carriage. She then swatted at Jun Mo Xies hand and retorted, "Fighting with a woman over a carriage! Is this what a Young Master from a good family does?"

Jun Mo Xie angrily said, "What? Im fighting over a carriage? What are you saying? Its evident that you women are fighting over my carriage! Do you think that this Young Master will suffer in silence? You both are merely twisting words to force logic! Isnt this extremely unreasonable?"

Guan Qing Han no longer humored Jun Mo Xie. She reached for the carriages curtains, and pulled them down. Then, there was a rustling sound. It seemed that the two women had lain down on the bed. It seemed that they had even changed their clothes, and were about to go off to sleep. One could even hear Dugu Xiao Yis satisfied voice, "This is very comfortable! We can finally go to bed in comfort"

Jun Mo Xie puffed his chest, and bawled at himself for his stupidity. [I was trying to put facts in front of women I was trying to preach logic to women wasnt that utterly idiotic? But, I cant get them out since my Sister-in-law had also stepped into the carriage no matter how unruly I get. Ill have to stay out here no matter how reluctant I am to this idea]

The troops continued to move forward. They had been moving for half-a-day when Jun Mo Xie suddenly started to tremble. His horse was extremely big and powerful, but it wasnt as comfortable as the carriage. He then hatefully turned his head to look at it. Then, he frowned and started to plan something mischievous.

Jun Mo Xie let out a blood-curdling screech the next moment. He tilted on his horse, and went down. He fell onto the ground with a squishy sound. His eyes were closed, and he had seemingly become unconscious.

The soldiers were alarmed at first. However, they were no fools; they clearly understood what was happening. So, they played along, "Not good! The Young Master has fainted! His injury isnt in a good condition that sounds!" they called out in a tragic voice.

[The injury isnt in good condition?]

The fainted Jun Mo Xie was astonished. [When did I get injured? Ahem but this is reasonable I must praise and reward these guys the first opportunity I get] Then, he winked at them.

"Whats the matter?" Dugu Xiao Yi lifted the carriages curtains and asked. She seemed deeply concerned, while Guan Qing Han only looked at the fainted Jun Mo Xie in a pensive manner.