Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 32

Chapter 31 accumulative layers of pressure
Chapter 031 Accumulative Layers of Pressure

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Jun Xie remained silent. If he had not transmigrated over, Jun Moxie would certainly have continued being a debauchee. Jun Moxie possessed a profound level of insight? Obviously not! However, should the day of Jun Familys revival arrive; Jun Xie would still remain faithful to his role as a debauchee. In addition, if his hands ever felt itchy, then all he needed to do was go assassinate some of those men who deserved to die.

Even if you say that, I would still choose to continue messing around as a debauchee in the future, Jun Xie looked at Jun Wuyi with a smile. As long as Third Uncle is cured, you will become a great tree that can shelter me! When that happens, I will still be the Jun Moxie of old, who dares to move against me?

Jun Wuyi laughed. Do whatever you want! Besides, from what I can see there is no way anyone can get the better out of you, you brat!

As of now, the two companies had finished the task set by Jun Xie for them. Each company leader, platoon leader and squad leader stood before their own men.

Jun Xie turned and walked over to them. From this moment onwards, your two companies will treat one another as your ultimate rival! For now, I do not know the details regarding you people. That is why I will temporarily not be giving any new training instructions. For the next ten days, all your training program will follow the original one, however! Jun Xie added emphasis to his tone. Every set of training will be increased by three times that of the original! Did I make myself clear?

Every one of them gasped in shock.

Three days later, there will be a contest between squads. Each platoon is to select a squad to enter the contest! Five days from now, each platoon select your best men; they will then enter the contest! Seven days from now, both companies will have a showdown!

In the contest between the two companies, the Company Leader of the losing company will go up the stage, face all three hundred men and slap yourself in the face! Understood?


I will repeat my question, understood? Jun Xie asked in an imposing manner.

Understood! Every one roared.

The two Company Leaders will preside over the training programs. I do not care what type of training program you implement; I am only interested in watching the results of the contest! I would like to see which one of you will go up the stage and slap yourself in front of three hundred men after losing the contest!

This contest will be held once a month. The Company Leader who suffered three losses in a row will go up the stage naked and bark like a dog! When the time comes, I will gather everyone in the residence to let them enjoy this spectacle!

As of now, I have no interest in knowing any of your names. That will have to wait until half a year later! I have already prepared the names for both companies. First companys name would be Sky Raiders! Second companys name would be Soul Eaters! However, only the strong would have the qualifications to join these two companies! As of this moment, none of you are qualified! Everything will depend on whether you can meet my requirements. If you can, then I will memorize all your names! But if you cannot then you will be nothing more than a pile of bones by then!

After you return, you must set a time limit for things like eating meals or going to the toilet. Those who end up breaking the allocated time will be punished heavily without question! No matter what the activity may be, a timetable must be established. Each company is to come up with its own punishment! Once that is done, hand over the details to me! Now, go follow my commands! Dismiss!

The two newly appointed Company Leaders had yet to experience the joy of being promoted, but were instead slapped with a burden resembling a trip to hell! Wearing a bitter face akin to eating bitter gourd, they ruthlessly led their respective company away.

Everyone had the same line of thought; not only were they exempt from going up the stage to slap themselves, they have the opportunity to witness the losing side slap themselves in the face. Then, there was the even more interesting show where they have to strip naked and bark like a dog Hmm, this will be interesting

As for the contest, what was there to fear? They will just have to increase their training intensity. If three times was not enough, then five times. If five times was not enough, then ten times. A training where they place their own lives on the line

From this moment onwards, the three hundred house guards of the Jun Family had officially stepped into a life of living hell

Far away from the training grounds, Grandpa Jun exhaled a long breath and gently waved his hands, indicating for Old Pang to leave together with him.

House Master, do I still need to get the Young Master to come over for questioning?

Is there any need to question him anymore? Just let him do as he please, Grandpa Jun replied in a relaxed tone of voice, his heart feeling very refreshed.

House Master, why did the Young Master only single out the Company Leader for punishment? Shouldnt the rest of the losing soldiers be punished as well?

Hey hey, Old Pang! If you were placed in the Company Leaders shoes and your company of soldiers lost, resulting in you having to openly slap yourself in the face, and even possibly being forced to strip naked before barking like a dog, how would you feel inside? Would you spare those Platoon Leaders under you? In similar fashion, after the Platoon Leader had his fill of the Company Leaders wrath, how well would he treat the Squad Leaders under him? Each level carries its own degree of pressure and responsibility, each layer brings an even greater amount of pressure! By the time it reached the ordinary soldiers level, that thunderous pressure would accumulate to the point of being unprecedented! This is a form of peer pressure that was never heard of before; however, it is an excellent method to train soldiers! For Moxie to come up with this type of plan; if the army were to have him as a general, he would certainly shine as a great talent! Grandpa Jun felt very pleased.

Oh So that was why! Old Pang thought to himself. This move from the Young Master is quite malicious.

Malicious? No, it is not, Grandpa Jun looked as though he was considering something as he organized his thoughts and state of mind. This is the only way to make full use of their abilities while allowing the one who holds absolute power to focus on other matters. This is also the most cost-effective method of employing men. From a business perspective, this is the best method of management, be it the management of the military or the management of the state! At least, I have yet to find a better way of doing so! This brat is something else!

Moxie Hehehe he Jun Zhan Tians eyes squinted as his old face smiled without restraint. Fortunately, His Majesty, the Emperor did not agree to the marriage. Otherwise, this old man would have ended up committing an error!

Jun Wuyi immediately went to arrange for some men, placing a responsibility on each of them to go out seeking the herbs. The Jun Familys medical warehouse had no small amount of goods stocked within, but the herbs listed by Jun Xie are quite rare. Those herbs had to bought from the outside pharmacies!

Jun Xie urgently hurried back to his own room. He did not even have any time to check his trophies as he closed both the door and windows before sitting down cross-legged.

Today, Jun Xie spent a considerable amount of time walking through the streets. During these period of time, he felt the existence of an abnormal reaction coming from the undulating white mist within his sea of consciousness. However, what surprised Jun Xie was that this feeling disappeared after he reached home. This had caused Jun Xie no small amount of surprise.

After calming himself down, he carefully exercised his Arts again, but was unable to detect the presence of any abnormality. This caused him to become puzzled Could it be that there were external factors in play here?

There was something else that caused Jun Xie to become greatly puzzled. While he was not practicing his Arts, the white mist would gush out from his sea of consciousness without his realization. The mist would then flow along Jun Xies meridians for one cycle before returning. It was during such an occurrence that the white mist would appear the longest, bringing with it a great deal of benefits for Jun Xies body.

However, whenever Jun Xie tried wholeheartedly to exercise the Arts, only a slight trace of white mist would appear. However, after being directed to flow through Jun Xies meridians, the results were inferior to that when it had appeared on its own.

The third thing, which Jun Xie could not wrap his head around, was the Art of Unlocking Heavens Fortune. Judging by its name and the bizarre circumstances of its existence, this skill must naturally be amazing! However, ever since he practiced to the point of being able to sense it, the energy flow within his meridians had remained the size of a hair. No matter how much effort Jun Xie put in, he was unable to increase its size! Even though this small amount was extremely solid, it was convenient to use and was of superior quality, its quantity on the other hand, left much to be desired.

In comparison, the internal forces he had in his past life was as thick as a finger, flowing through the meridians. But, the current energy flow within his meridians was only as thick as a silky hair. There was a great deal of difference, almost incomparable! However, if one were to compare the quality between both, the internal energy of his past life was akin to a hemp rope while his current energy flow was akin to the legendary divine silk, which cannot be harmed by even precious swords. It must be noted that this was only an estimate as these two were simply incomparable!