Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 320

Chapter 319 the yin yang harmony drug
Chapter 319: The Yin-Yang Harmony Drug?

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"Young Master Young Master had received an injury he cant ride a horse now thats why he got this carriage!" The leader of the Spirit Devourer Team Wang Dongs forehead was beading with sweat. It wasnt that he was scared. He was merely choking himself to bring out this effect. This guy had come up with a lie. But, wasnt it a reasonable one? He was a quick witted man. He was aware that the Young Masters buttocks had been punished when he had broken the militarys laws. So, he quickly used that fact to conjure a justifiable lie.

"Hurry and pick up the Young Master. Quickly take him to the carriage and examine him!" Several members of the Spirit Devourer Team suggested anxiously. They appeared like a group of killers, but their acting skills were quite good too.

Dugu Xiao Yi hastily got down, "Let me see! Quickly, let me see! Ah! Hurry up and take him to the carriage! This man is genuinely injured why didnt he say anything about it?!"

Everyone was perspiring profusely. Seven pairs of hands picked up the unconscious Jun Mo Xies body, and carried it to the carriage.

Guan Qing Han was still in the carriage. She wanted to say something, but eventually decided to remain silent. She couldnt help but smile bitterly as she looked at the unconscious Jun Mo Xie. [I clearly understand my little brother-in-laws behavior.]

Dugu Xiao Yi stretched her neck and asked with urgency, "How did he receive that injury? When did he get hurt? What kind of injury is it? Is it serious or not? Do you have any medicines? What medicines should be used? Who injured him?"

This rapid series of questions stupefied the cold-blooded warriors. They had come up with this tactful lie with much difficulty. However, they had no proper answer to those invasive questions. [The fact that the Young Master had violated the military discipline and was punished by lashings from a cudgel isnt a glorious matter. Moreover, the injuries the Young Master had received from the cudgel have already been healed. He had healed a long time ago]

"Xiao Yi! First come in! Dont interrogate them!" Guan Qing Hans voice resounded from inside. Dugu Xiao Yi withdrew on hearing that, and went inside. She was worried, and her voice could be heard asking, "Elder Sister Qing Han, this whats to be done? What should we do? Ah! How did he get injured? Im very worried"

The members of the Spirit Devourer Team wiped their cold sweat.

"He he" Guan Qing Han couldnt help but laugh. Jun Mo Xie slowly woke up at that moment. He looked in poor health as he asked, "Where am I?"

Guan Qing Han hadnt yet spoken when Dugu Xiao Yi interrupted in excitement, "In the carriage! Youre in the carriage! You Youve woken up! Ah! What injury did you get? Hurry up and tell me how to deal with it? Ill help you deal with it!"

The Young Lady Guan rolled her eyes; [this little girl is too innocent.]

"Me, injured? I had been injured, but thats healed. Im in such poor condition because Ive been poisoned," Jun Mo Xie mumbled. The slyly shrugged his nose, and inhaled a couple of breaths. [Men and women are very different. I was in this carriage for several days, but it still hadnt come to smell like this. However, these two travel-weary beauties have barely been in the carriage, and it has already started to smell so amazing]

"Ah! So it was poison?!" Dugu Xiao Yi was terrified. She opened her round eyes wide, "What poison is it? Is it very dangerous? Do you know what poison it is? Is it difficult to cure?"

"Oh I was careless a while back. So I got poisoned," Jun Mo Xie felt unbounded regret. "To tell, cough cough, its difficult to explain. I will be fine after I rest for two days. It will be embarrassing to tell you two You wont wish to deal with my poison"

"Who said that? Why wont we be willing to? Tell us quickly! How can we help you?" Dugu Xiao Yi inquired urgently. [Why is this guy so upset? He has poison within him and he still continues to dilly-dally! Dont you know that others are concerned about you?]

"Cough Cough the poison thats affecting me is called the Yin-Yang Harmony Drug." Jun Mo Xie slyly raised his head. He wanted to weigh his words carefully. So, he looked straight at Guan Qing Hans expression. He couldnt help but trembled inside after he had glanced at her ice-cold expression. Therefore, he didnt continue.

"The Yin-Yang Harmony Drug? That name is so scary! But, you said that you had a cure for it, right?" Dugu Xiao Yi anxiously asked. She was like a cat on a hot tin roof. Her small and delicate nose was sweating profusely.

"This Yin-Yang Harmony Drug; It is true to say that its difficult to cure this poison. But, it has a good cure. He he cough cough" Jun Mo Xie nearly flashed a sinister smile. So, he hastily coughed to cover it up, "No medicine can cure this poison, but its cure is quite simple. But, its quite embarrassing to speak of its cure. Moreover, you would have to make a great sacrifice if you wish to cure this poison."

"That doesnt matter! Im willing to make any kind of a sacrifice for you," the little girl vouched. Guan Qing Han was siting besides them. The more she heard of this the more she felt that something was fishy.

[This little brats fainting was an act. Xiao Yi is foolishly for being concerned for him. She doesnt see the truth in this confusion. But, what evil scheme is he planning?]

"Actually, it requires cough cough se*ual intercourse between a man and a woman. Then, the poison will instantly be removed," Jun Mo Xie seemed embarrassed. He even covered his mouth to cough, "Cough cough otherwise, I will die burning with passion after three days. I understand that you must be very embarrassed by this as well. Therefore, forget about it such is my fate."

The Young Master Jun spoke this last part in a droopy voice.

"Huh?! What?! To detoxify you I must with you you" Dugu Xiao Yi suddenly opened her eyes wide. Her face turned red as she started to blush. She was young and innocent. But, she knew what "se*ual intercourse" meant.

Guan Qing Han had expected her younger Brother-in-law to do something tricky. However, she had never expected that mischievous guy to pull something this shameless! She obviously hadnt expected him to mess with them to that extent. She had thought that something was odd when she had heard him mention the Yin-Yang Harmony drug. She felt that something was fishy. However, Guan Qing Han was still inexperienced. So, she still didnt know of the relationship between men and women properly. Moreover, she had underestimated Jun Mo Xies shamelessness. The Young Lady had never expected him to pull-off something like that.

[I was very tolerant in allowing him inside the carriage. But, now he wants]

"Jun Mo Xie!" Guan Qing Hans shapely eyebrows shot up and her eyes filled with fire. "Havent you joked enough?! Do you want me to kick you out again? You should be happy that Ive let you inside the carriage! Dont be discontent with what you have now!"

"Elder Sister Qing Han, please dont get angry. Hes poisoned. Thats quite a frightening thing!" Dugu Xiao Yi anxiously looked at Guan Qing Han as she tried to mediate.

"He isnt injured; nor is he poisoned! Theres no such thing as a Yin-Yang Harmony Drug!" Guan Qing Han spoke coldly, "He was fine when he was inside the carriage. But, he fainted when we sent him outside to ride on a horse. His men outside said that he has been injured. However, he says that hes been poisoned. Little Sister Xiao Yi, how long do you plan to continue being deceived by him? Cant you think clearly? Cant you use your little head?"

"Huh? Elder Sister Qing Han dont get mad youre saying that hes acting and hasnt been poisoned?" Dugu Xiao Yis face became red. She then made threatening gestures since she was extremely mad.

[To think that I was genuinely convinced by him I wouldve even tried to cure him if he had managed to deceive Elder Sister Qing Han as well] Dugu Xiao Yi couldnt help but feel ashamed. Even her neck had reddened in a split second. She then looked at Guan Qing Han in an embarrassed manner, and nestled her head in her bosom. She had been hoodwinked and had lost face. She then said, "Elder Sister! I cant live anymore!" She repeatedly stamped her foot as she spoke this.

"Ah, you werent actually thinking of detoxifying him, were you?" Guan Qing Han asked coldly. [This little girl is too foolish!]

"Ah, it seems that I have remembered wrongly. I havent been poisoned," Jun Mo Xie coughed awkwardly and softly.

The two women rolled their eyes. [You managed to remember this wrongly?]

Jun Mo Xie then sat up. He was all-smiles as he spoke, "This road is long and endless. It will take a lot of time to reach our destination. Itll be very boring like this. So, how did you like the story I just told?"

The two women were astonished. Their eyes were wide open as they glared at the Young Master Jun. [It is difficult to believe that theres someone in this world whose skin is so thick! His lie has been caught his evil scheme has been exposed and his filthy intentions have been laid bare! Yet, he does not blush. In fact, he doesnt even feel any shame! And then, he shamelessly states that he has told a story so he can ease the awkward environment?!]

[Isn't this man over-the-top? Isn't his skin just too thick?]

The lovable Dugu Xiao Yi cursed as her clothes flung around, "I let you deceive me... you bastard... bastard!"

The Young Master Jun's Vanguard became increasingly comfortable as the days progressed. Moreover, they raked-in huge amounts of money by extorting corrupt officials along the journey. And, the two beautiful women accompanied him the entire time. Their strong and warm fragrance allowed Jun Mo Xie to indulge in pleasure, and he forgot about his worries.

In fact, even the thought of his own practice wouldve abandoned his mind if the Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune hadnt been continuously running inside him on its own.

The Young Master Jun had been very happy throughout that journey. The bottle-neck of his Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune had also cleared somewhat. This meant that he would break through from the Jade Xuan Middle Level to the Jade Xuan Peak Level in terms of Xuan Qi cultivation.

Every day had been very bloody for the Heaven Destroyer Team and Spirit Devourer Team. They had fought vigorously every day, and were becoming increasingly tempered every day. Around two hundred men had already started to show faint signs of a breakthrough. The cruel and sharp aura of these two teams was enough to shock anyone.

The Young Master Jun had wished for this beautiful journey to continue for several more days. However, Heaven Destroyer Team and Spirit Devourer Team were being dispatched fewer number of times with every passing day. So, the Young Master determined that...

[The topography of this mountainous region is becoming increasingly steeper. The road is also becoming tougher, while the forests have become denser. More bandits and robbers shouldve descended from heaven under these circumstances. However, theyve become fewer in number as the journey has progressed. This is probably because we are getting closer to the Xue Hun Manor. Therefore, these little thieving elements have started to reduce]

"Young Master, we are about three-hundred kilometers from our destination the Tian Fa forest. The Xue Hun Manor is a little to the left at the edge of Tian Fa. We are now in front of the two base mountains of the forest," the captain of the Spirit Devourer Team Wang Dong pointed as he reported to Jun Mo Xie.

"Why are we going so slow? Weve been journeying for so many days..." Jun Mo Xie asked. He felt annoyed, "Weve travelled for a month now. Were you not faster the last time?"

"Young Master we can travel fast since we dont have much weight on us. But, there are many other issues. We shouldnt make speed the most important factor here. We certainly travelled much faster the last time we were here. In fact, we were probably going at 650kms a day; probably even faster than that. However, we had taken a different route to Tian Fa. Theres much less high-level Xuan Beasts on that route. So, we mainly had to deal with low-level Xuan Beasts. Im afraid that none of us wouldve made it through if had picked this route. However, we have a large army behind us now. We are the vanguard unit, but we mustnt leave the main army far behind and, well have to send out our teams more often from now on since there will be many dangers. Therefore, this speed can be considered a very fast one," Wang Dong explained.

"Oh..." Jun Mo Xie stepped down from the carriage. He could sense that there were many Xuan Beasts in these mountainous forests. Moreover, most of those beasts were very fast. In fact, they were unusually fast. They were much faster than ordinary beasts. "It seems that a lot of Xuan Beasts roam-about this area. This Tian Fa is a very nice place"