Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 324

Chapter 323 jun mo xie you had the impertinence to stab your uncle
Chapter 323: Jun Mo Xie! You Had the Impertinence to Stab Your Uncle?!

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His attitude was "Its only a loss, and its ok" this point made a good impression on Jun Mo Xie. Therefore, he smiled despite himself, "What competition were the senior and I having? Where has the matter of victory and defeat come from? After all, the cause for all of this was this juniors extreme arrogance. I hadnt answered the seniors question. I had even spoken rudely. This junior shouldnt have spoken that way."

"Humph! You won, brat! Theres no need to go out of your way to protect my pride. A win is a win, and a loss is a loss. What good will attempting to cover-it-up do?" Dongfang Wend Dao spoke angrily, "You were qualified to speak to me like that since you could beat me! I had been too carefree while questioning you. It was indeed this old mans fault. Therefore, I apologize."

He then snorted and said, "However, this old man will come and find you in the future. And, our skills will be better matched when that time comes!"

"Ha ha this junior will always be looking forward to it. However, the difference in the seniors and my strength is more than twenty or thirty times. Im afraid that the senior wouldve blown me into bits if we were to face-off using our true strengths!" Jun Mo Xie wished to make friends with them. So, he spoke modestly.

"Your words are true!" Dongfang Wen Dao snorted and spoke in an arrogant manner, "Brat, you are tactful. If I were to seriously fight you in a battle of life or death the consequences Ah I cant say for sure what theyd be Your movements are very agile. Theyre even faster than mine! In fact, you cant even compare them! Dammit!"

Dongfang Wen Dao couldnt help but feel dismayed as he finished his sentence. He had analyzed the other partys speed. He knew that he could only kill that Jade Xuan brat if he were to shamelessly mount a sneak attack using his Spirit Xuan cultivation.

He was a top-notch assassin. Therefore, he was good at mounting sneak attacks. However, it didnt sound right to use his Spirit Xuan strength to deal with a Jade Xuan youngster. He would only take this step if he didnt have any other choice. But, he was aware that he may still fail in killing his boy if the boy got a chance to prepare himself against the sneak attack

[I may not be able to kill this brat even if I give it everything Ive got ah!]

The loop hole would always exist no matter how much efforts he put into covering up the massive disparity in their skillsets. Dongfang Wen Dao had previously believed that no man could avoid his attacks. However, he didnt have any self-confidence left after he had seen that brats frightening speed. Well, he at least didnt have much of it left

[Others cant avoid my attacks but this brat its difficult to say.]

Jun Mo Xie smiled mischievously. This unfathomable man had an honest, straightforward and admirable temperament. He hadnt expected this.

Dongfang Wen Qing stepped forward. He cupped his hands and spoke in a very amiable manner, "Whats your name young brother? Who is your master? That martial art was exquisite. It was absolutely astonishing!"

Dongfang Wen Jian and Dongfang Wen Dao looked at him as he asked this question. It was very clear that they were also quite interested to know.

The two men figured that their suspicions and doubts would be cleared once they got to know that youngsters name and background. The three men had been disconnected from the general society for a while, but they still knew many of the worlds secret powers. It couldnt be said that they were familiar with these powerhouses, but they knew enough.

The three men had rummaged through their memories and were about to have a headache. However, they still werent able to figure out an entity that could train such a devilish disciple.

[How can an ordinary person cultivate such strength at such a young age?]

The three mens faces were full of expectation. They prepared themselves for the possibility that the youngster wouldnt answer. However, the answer if they got one would point to an earth-shaking man with world-threatening power. That individual simply couldnt be ordinary by any measure!

"He he the seniors flatter me! The seniors are very open-minded. Your Xuan cultivation is also excellent. This little one truly admires the seniors! Moreover, the seniors have a noble character, and unquestionable integrity! I genuinely respect you." Jun Mo Xie spoke these polite words and thought. Then, he decided that there was no need to keep such secrets on that path and spoke, "Im from the Jun Family; Im Jun Mo Xie!"

"Huh?! ...hic hic hic"

"Im Jun Mo Xie." These four words had a very unusual affect.

Dongfang Wen Qing and Dongfang Wen Jian cried in surprise. They even staggered two large steps back. Their eyes had a look of utter amazement in them. They were so shocked that it seemed as if they had seen a ghost in the bright sunlight.

As for the third brother Dongfang Wen Dao his eyes were opened even wider. His entire body had turned red. In fact, his body had started to sway as if he was drunk on some ale. A continual "huh?!" sound escaped from his mouth as he hiccupped. It seemed that his saliva had gotten stuck in his throat, and that he would choke on it at any moment.

Jun Mo Xie couldnt help but feel proud after he looked at this scene. [This Young Master has become quite famous! My reputation has spread far and wide to this extent! Even three Spirit Xuan experts are so shocked to hear my name! This is what they call a well-known reputation! It seems that my reputation has reached the bright and shinning moon This genuinely feels like an accomplishment]

Jun Mo Xie couldnt help but feel a bit giddy.

"You you who did you say you are? Jun Mo Xie? Tian, Tian Tian Xiangs Jun Familys Mo Xie? Jun Familys Third Young Master?" Dongfang Wen Jians mouth was crooked and eyes were narrow as he asked this question. His tone was that of disbelief. The powerful Spirit Xuan expert had been reduced to stutters. It was evident that this name had thoroughly shaken him.

"Yes?" I am the Jun Familys Third Young Master. What happened?" Jun Mo Xie felt even more proud now. He assumed that those men must be kicking themselves. So, he assumed a very confident posture.

"Are you really a third generation member of the Jun Family? And, that Jun Zhan Tian is your grandfather and Jun Wu Yi is your uncle, right?" Dongfang Wen Dao asked as his mouth gasped for air; his breath wheezed, and his eyes rolled in confusion. It looked like he would faint.

Jun Mo Xie felt even prouder. He held his head high, and replied in a modest manner, "Precisely!"

[It seems that our Jun Familys name has spread far and wide! Even these Spirit Xuan experts are shocked by it! This feels like a great achievement... Act subdued, reserved and modest dont act flamboyantly!] Jun Mo Xie reminded himself unceasingly.

"Haah. haaah haah" the three Spirit Xuan experts panted and opened their eyes wide. Their bodies trembled somewhat. They shot Jun Mo Xie a meaningful glance. It seemed as if they were cherishing the tripe their mouths had swallowed. They felt like embracing Jun Mo Xie to show him their affection.

"You, you what do you want?" Jun Mo Xie finally realized that something was off. [Do these three have an unusual hobby or something? How can I not be terrified after looking at this?!] The more he thought about it the more his blood ran cold. The hair all over his body had risen, and his shoulders had started to tremble. So, he forced himself to ask that question; as calmly as he could.

"I what do we want?" Dongfang Wen Daos cheeks swelled. His eyes bulged like a goldfishs. And then, he laid it all out as he gnashed his teeth and said, "You asked us what we want? I want to kick the ass of that crippled uncle of yours; thirty-six-hundred times at that! I Im your Third Maternal Uncle! You little brat, you actually had the impertinence to stab your Third Maternal Uncle!"

"Bullsh*t! I am your progenitor! What is this? You dare to take advantage of me! And, you want to beat-up my Third Uncle? Believe it or not Im going to do the same to you!" Jun Mo Xie suddenly replied in a fiery manner. He swore and cursed. [You guys are brazenly trying to take advantage of me! Do you three Spirit Xuan experts are really believe that youre that extraordinary?]

"I did your mothers mother, you little brat! How dare you abuse me?!" Dongfang Wen Dao shouted angrily. However, he hadnt even finished talking when two palms suddenly hit him on the sides of his head with a loud "smack!" He then fell flat onto the ground. Both the sides of his head hurt badly. It seemed that his ears had been hit by thunderclaps. Then, someone roared, "What crap did you just speak you shameless thing?!"

Dongfang Wen Dao suddenly recalled the words he had just spoken, and realized that he shouldnt have said those filthy words. Jun Mo Xies mothers mother was his own mother. He bitterly covered his head with his hands. He didnt dare to make another sound.

Dongfang Wen Qing then emotionally turned to Jun Mo Xie, and spoke, "Mo Xie the thing is actually Im your eldest maternal uncle!"

Jun Mo Xie felt very gloomy

[First, your younger brother said that hes my third maternal uncle. And, now youre telling me that youre my eldest maternal uncle. You guys are taking turns to dupe me]

[Are these three Spirit Xuan experts frauds?]

"You may have a thousand doubts, and thats alright. But, you would always know your mothers family name, right?" Dongfang Wen Qing trembled a bit. His eyes welled up, and he spoke in an emotional tone, "Your mother was named Dongfang Wen Xin. Shes our little sister Im your mothers eldest brother Dongfang Wen Qing!

"These two are your other maternal uncles. This is Dongfang Wen Jian. And, the one you had just competed with is your third maternal uncle Dongfang Wen Dao."

Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt dizzy.

[What the hell! Isnt this too big a coincidence]

[These three Spirit Xuan experts are my blood-related maternal uncles?!]

[I have three Spirit Xuan uncles?!]

Jun Mo Xie had known all the relations which the earlier Jun Mo Xie had ever since he had received that body. He had understood them in an incisive manner. The fact that his Jun family had no contact with other related families was quite puzzling to him. Yet, he vaguely knew that it was due to that matter in the past. His father and Second Uncle had been killed in battle. His mother had fallen gravely ill due to it; in fact, she was never to recover from her condition. She had been taken back by her parents. The Jun Family had soon received the news of her death.

Jun Mo Xie had thoroughly investigated that matter in the past. But, he still hadnt come to know much. However, he still hadnt given up. He had continued to search for details in secret. He had inherited that body and adopted that family wholeheartedly. Therefore, he had always felt that it was his duty towards this family to apply the entirety of his efforts.

However, this matter of the past was like a dense fog. One could faintly discern what was there on the other side. But, no one had clearly seen the other side. What horrible schemes were hidden? But, if there was a murderer behind the scenes was it only the Silver Blizzard City? Jun Mo Xie wasnt so sure about it

Therefore, he had been collecting information in secret; one little clue at a time. He would even go to the Silver Blizzard City if he had to. And, maybe even the Shen Ci Empire and the Yu Tang Empire if need be. However, Jun Mo Xie doubted the Tian Xiang Empire more than anyone else.

This was one of the many reasons why Jun Mo Xie had decided to help little Yang Mo. This was the reason why he hadnt hesitated in getting involved in the Imperial Familys internal struggle for power.

[The Emperors sons may be striving hard. But, hows it any of my business whether they fail their family or not? I am Jun Mo Xie. So, how can I allow you to my Jun Family? Humph! You wont even begin to set about the task, and I will cut your head in the middle of the night. My strength may temporarily not be as strong as a Spirit Xuan experts, but you are only an Emperor. Perhaps you have Spirit Xuan experts to protect you. But, I can kill you as long as youre not a Spirit Xuan expert yourself!]