Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 325

Chapter 324 dont let your fertile water onto others farms
Chapter 324: Dont Let Your Fertile Water onto Others' Farms?

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How wouldnt Jun Mo Xie know his mothers name and family name after he had gathered so much information? Moreover, those three men seemed emotionally moved. Their expressions were amiable; as if they were trying to express their feeling upon meeting their next of kin. How could Jun Mo Xie not see that?

However, Jun Mo Xie thought, [isnt this too much of a coincidence?]

[I had just spoken my name and then I got three Uncles at once?]

Jun Mo Xie forced a smile. He felt at a loss for the first time in his life. He gave a hollow laugh and spoke, "I, that he he my Third Uncle is behind us Ahem he will be catching-up soon therefore he he this also are you awaiting his arrival?"

"Why is he behind you?" Dongfang Wen Jian raised his eyebrows and asked resentfully, "Why isnt he in front?"

"Third Uncle is the commander of the main force. So, hell naturally be moving with them. Im the leader of the vanguard." The Vanguard Leader Jun continued, "Im to move ahead to clear mountain roads and bridge streams for the main forces."

Jun Mo Xie burst into sweat the moment he stopped speaking. Even Dugu Xiao Yi and Guan Qing Han couldnt help but burst into giggles. [When has this brat adhered to his duty as a Vanguard Leader? When exactly has he cleared mountain paths and bridged streams?]

[He has opened mountain passes but only wide-enough for his carriage to pass through. As for bridging streams what nonsense are you talking about?]

"What? Jun Wu Yi, that bastard! He sent my sisters son to lead the vanguard? What would he do if something happened to you? Has he no memory at all? Or has he forgotten what happened in the past?" Dongfang Wen Qing spoke angrily, "My sister has such a great son! Doesnt he have the skills to be made a General? This is absolutely shameful! This is extremely reckless!"

Dongfang Wen Jian and Dongfang Wen Dao also looked very enraged. They seemed to be gearing-up to humiliate Jun Wu Yi.

Everyone was stupefied. [Where was this even coming from? These three havent even been confirmed to be his Maternal Uncles, but they have already started to shield him?]

"Mo Xie there are rumors that the Jun Fmilys Third Master has become a debauchee that he acts tyrannically, and bullies people. They say he acts immorally and and is a hoodlum that man it isnt you, right? Is there someone in your relation with the same name as yours?" Dongfang Wen Qing asked with difficulty. It was evident that he was having a hard time in forming the appropriate questions. Moreover, he was finding it hard to believe them even if they were conjectures

Jun Mo Xie, Guan Qing Han and Dugu Xiao Yi and even the four men guarding them were dumbstruck. A dark line appeared on their foreheads.

"Ah Eldest Brother, what are you saying? These questions are of no concern!" Dongfang Wen Jian addressed his elder brother in a dissatisfied manner, "Take a look at our nephew. He is elegant, lofty and noble. He has become so capable at such a young age that his skills can shock the entire world. In fact, he even routed our third brother in close combat. Does he look like a low-life debauchee to you?"

"Who was routed by him?" Dongfang Wen Dao spoke in resentment as he refuted him, "I saw that he was young Moreover, hes our nephew I was only trifling with him. Do you think that I would ever lose to him with the skills I possess? Do you believe that I would lose to an infant?"

"Bah! Say that without blushing! Were you aware that he was our nephew at that time? Youre just trying to boast in this chaotic atmosphere!" Dongfang Wen Jian snorted with disdain and said, "Your skills arent perfect. And, youre only looking to justify yourself. Anyway, you only lost to our nephew; theres no shame in it. So, what are you chirping about? Honestly, you dont have the demeanor of an elder!"

Then, he paused for a moment, and said, "The same goes for Eldest Brother. Hes such a great youngster to have as a Nephew. What kind of Uncles are you to talk such nonsense about your own nephew"

"Im only asking!" Dongfang Wen Qing spoke in a dignified manner, "You two need to shut up!"

Jun Mo Xies expression became one of embarrassment.

He had rarely ever felt so embarrassed in either of his lives. First he had made a mistake in realizing his relation with his uncles. Then, he had stabbed his own maternal uncle. After that, he had also flaunted his family name. He had thought that his name had gathered a world-shaking reputation in a positive sense, but had then come to realize that it was the exact opposite. He had realized that his name hadnt come to shine like the moon, and had instead become known for its infamy.

A "pfft" escaped Dugu Xiao Yis mouth. Then, she burst into laughter. She held her stomach as she started to tremble. She would give Jun Mo Xie a mischievous look from time to time. She would then wink at him, and would start to laugh even harder.

The four guards turned away. They didnt wish for Jun Mo Xie to see their faces contort as they tried to stifle their laughter. Chocked "pfft" sounds of sniggering continued to escape from their suppressed throats

Guan Qing Han was able to suppress her smile the most successfully. Though, there were some signs of thawing on her cold face. She was somewhat aware of her mother-in-laws maiden family since she was the Jun Familys daughter-in-law. Guan Qing Han knew that her mother-in-laws family didnt have a widespread reputation. But, she vaguely knew that they possessed great power. However, she was still astonished since the three men who were calling themselves her Uncles were all Spirit Xuan experts.

Guan Qing Han exclaimed. The concerns hidden deep in her heart had been laid to rest. They would surely have to face the Xue Hun Manor in this expedition to Tian Fa. And, she was certain that they would have some conflicts with them since Jun Wu Yi and Jun Mo Xie were present here. However, she felt at ease since such strong Xuan experts were now on their side.

Jun Mo Xie glared, and then scratched his head. He then brought his hands down, and spread them. Then, he shrugged his shoulders and spoke with an innocent look on his face, "Tian Xiang City doesnt have any other Jun Mo Xie and, there isnt any other male in the Jun Familys third generation. But are you sure that these rumors are about me?"

"Could that person really be you?" Dongfang Wen Qing asked. The three men stared in astonishment. "Are you really what the rumors claim to be a heinous and heartless debauchee?"

"Bullsh*t!" Jun Mo Xies face became dark with anger, "Who has ruined this elder brothers reputation? Am I that kind of a person?! This is a cunning ruse! This is extremely absurd! This elder brother is young and promising, kind and charitable, handsome and confident, and epitomes an immortals bearing! He is known as a person of virtue in Tian Xiang City! A heroic, yet understanding person! He has the bearing of a warrior, and the heart of an artist! It could be said that Im a well-known name, and everyone praises me! The people who dont know this, dont know"

Dugu Xiao Yi uttered another "pfft" sound, and held her stomach.

The faces of Dongfang Wen Qing and the other two were full of shock. They started to twitch. Dongfang Wen Jian glared, "You brat! Who is the elder brother?! We are your uncles! Dont you have any sense of respect?!"

Jun Mo Xie clutched his hair. He was extremely depressed, "Your identity hasnt been confirmed yet! We will have to wait till Third Uncle arrives and confirms it!"

The three Spirit Xuan experts became furious at first then gloomy. [What is he saying? Will our status as his maternal uncles become invalid if his third uncle refuses to recognize us?]

The tents had been raised by nightfall. And, the three Dongfang brothers occupied one each in an entitled manner.

Guan Qing Han and Dugu Xiao Yi snuck out to take a bath at night. The Young Master Jun couldnt help but sigh on missing out on the opportunity to take a look because of this sudden development. Moreover, he couldnt help but feel depressed since his three uncles had caused him a lot of embarrassment. In fact, he was hoping their identities would remain unconfirmed so that he could throw them out of his camp.

Jun Mo Xie had become very fiery in the secrecy of his heart; [I dont see you as my maternal uncles! Why should I? Humph! I would toss you out in the morning if could beat you]

[My plan cant keep up with these changes!]

[I cant fail to put my plan into action! My plan will be nothing more than a pretty image if I cant put it into play!]

[Moreover, I now have to waste my energy by talking to these guys instead of putting my plan into action!]

[Even talking to these guys is physically taxing]

"So, youre saying that this expedition to Tian Fa is a trap? And, many people will die an untimely death by falling into this trap?" Donfang Wen Qings expression was dignified.

"It doesnt matter if its a trap or not. Tian Fa is where all my enemies are gathering." Jun Mo Xie smiled, "Moreover, some of my enemies cant be considered as ordinary. The Silver Blizzard City is one for example and the Xue Hun Manor is another. As for the others humph! There are kids in the camp who will try to stir trouble for me, but they arent worth mentioning."

The three men drew long breaths, "We understand about the Silver Blizzard City. But, whats the problem with Xue Hun Manor?"

Jun Mo Xie smiled bitterly. He then narrated the entire background story to them, and said in a helpless manner, "Elder Sister-in-law only insisted on coming along because shes worried about Third Uncle and me. How could I not know her true motive? She has always remained aloof from the affairs of the world. So, how could someone so aloof and peaceful suddenly quarrel like this and threaten their death just to go to Tian Fa? Ive known this for a long time, but Im trying to think of a solution."

"Li Jue Tians filthy son wants to snatch away our nephews wife?! Bah! He has some balls! And, some beastly guts!" Jun Mo Xie had barely finished speaking when Dongfang Wen Qing and the other two jumped up. Their faces were filled with righteous hatred, and they seemed unable to restrain their anger.

"This old man will go to the Xue Hun Manor and castrate that brat! Hes fu*king delusional! That toad wants to eat the swans meat! Damn it! I wont even leave him capable of taking a piss!" Dongfang Wen Dao angrily waved his hand.

Jun Mo Xie hiccupped; he hadnt expected such a huge reaction from these three men.

"Mo Xie, you said that your sister-in-law isnt that cold towards you anymore?" Dongfang Wen Qing asked cautiously in contrast.

"Uh, yes," Jun Mo Xie replied without thinking. He felt that the three men were asking boring things. He had also started to feel drowsy by that time.

"Oh what an unfortunate child! The husband she had seen only a few times has died! She then chose to stay as a widow with your Jun Family and now this! Shes like that tragic princes from the legends. Her youth has frittered away, and now she can only keep watch on her empty chambers. What kind of suffering is this?!"

Dongfang Wen Jians thin and grim face was plastered with a smile, "Mo Xie, this little girl is quite pretty. She has an elegant figure. Shed make good for any man. Moreover, shes fresh and full of life; isnt it?"

Jun Mo Xie supported his cheeks on his hand and said, "Thats exactly it; she is full of life and slip" he then swallowed his saliva.

"Yes, ah. What can I say in that case?" Dongfang Wen Dao clapped his hands. He then spoke merrily, "The family name will still remain Jun in any case would you run away from this? The Young Brother will have to step up since the Elder One is dead. As that proverb says, dont let your fertile water onto others farms."

"Shut up Third. And, dont talk rubbish!" Dongfang Wen Qings face was stern as he scolded. "What dont let your fertile water onto others farms? Are these the things an Uncle should say to his nephew? Its very impudent of you to speak such things so casually! This is a very shameful way of thinking!"

Dongfang Wen Dao was quite afraid of his eldest brother. He immediately shrunk on seeing him getting mad. He lowered his head, and didnt dare utter another word.

Jun Mo Xie was suddenly woken from his daze by that scary shout. He sobered up and asked in a dazed manner, "Who what dont let your fertile water onto others farms?"