Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 329

Chapter 328 a grim situation
Chapter 328: A Grim Situation

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"What is this nonsense?! Mo Xie is our nephew! We obviously wont let him get hurt! And, youre also our younger brother! So, you cant get hurt either!" Dongfang Wen Jian opened his eyes wide and replied.

"Its not that I want this. However, I had received intelligence while I was on the road. We dont know the reason for the Xuan Beasts uprising yet. But, we know that the scale of their uprising is extremely huge. In fact, it has the potential to cause unimaginable damage! It is reported that Tian Fas kings are extremely enraged, and have ordered all the level-four-plus Xuan Beasts to participate in this war."

Jun Wu Yi smiled and looked up at Dongfang Wen Qing, "Your Dongfang Family had made a baffling vow. It seems that half of that oath has already been fulfilled!"

"The Tian Fa beasts have come out. But, couldnt people interpret our oath in a different manner, and say that it would only be fulfilled when the Tian Fa beasts are dead? So, why would you say that half of our oath is already fulfilled?" Dongfang Wen Qing was quite happy a moment ago, but he suddenly asked in a doubtful manner.

"Thats because it has been confirmed that this uprising has been instigated by the Third and the Fourth Xuan Beast Kings. The mysterious and strongest Xuan Beast King has yet to participate!" Jun Wu Yi took a deep breath before he continued, "This is the latest information Ive received. However, I believe that many strong Xuan experts will arrive at Tian Fa because of the war. And then, the strongest Xuan Beast King would have to arrive in order to support the other Xuan Beast Kings. Im convinced of this. Therefore, theres only one thing remaining as far as the Dongfang Familys oath is concerned. And, that is the collapse of that snow covered peak"

"So, thats how it is."

Jun Mo Xies mind was set into motion [I dont know how that mountain peak looks But, I will go and have a look when I have free time]

"Moreover, the Shen Ci Empire and the Yu Tang Empire have also sent armies to assist after they looked at the increase in the scale of the conflict. In fact, even the King of the Prairie has sent ten thousand elite cavalry from his side. This is the reliable intelligence that Ive gathered so far. I also infer that the Three Empires will be a hindrance to each other during the course of this war since they harbor mutual sentiments of deep-seeded hatred. Ive also come to know that the Xiao Familys second elder Xiao Bu Yu will be leading the Silver Blizzard Citys troops. Moreover, these troops will mostly consist of Xiao Familys members. Our Jun Family has a deep and long-standing feud with the Xiao Family. Also, Xiao Han is my arch enemy, and we have irreconcilable hatred between us. Hence, Im sure that something or the other will happen!

"In addition, our Jun Family and the Xue Hun Manor also have ill feelings towards each other. So, we must guard against that as well!" Jun Wu Yi spoke everything in one breath. Then, he spat and spoke, "The situation is grim. Its very grim. Its bad enough to make me dispirited."

"And, then theres the Eight Great Masters the greatest Master Yun Bie Chen hasnt arrived. However, the third Great Master, Han Feng Xue the Heavenly Great master Mo Wen Tian The Great Blue Master, Meng Hong Chen have already arrived," Jun Wu Yi spoke in a heavy tone. But, his eyes were burning with an incomparably intense flame.

Jun Wu Yi was looking forward to witnessing the elegant bearings of those Great Masters from a close range.

"Perhaps theres one person you may not be aware of" Dongfang Wen Qing spoke up, "The one who was robbed of his place by the Eighth Great Master Solitary Falcon Feng Juan Yun. Hes also on the road. And, perhaps may have already arrived there."

"Feng Juan Yun" Jun Mo Xie was silently siting on the side and slightly raised his eyebrows at that name. [This shouldnt have made a breakthrough and become powerful enough to defeat the Solitary Falcon, right?]

"Many other powerful families aside from the Silver Blizzard City and the Xue Hun Manor have also sent their people. The most famous amongst them are the Baili Family, Duanmu Family, Beigong Family, the Wenren Family, Sikong Family, and Zuoqiu Family, the Diwu Family, the Ouyang Family and also the Dongfang Family; basically, the nine great families are getting together at Tian Fa! These families havent sent out many people, but the men they have sent are powerful. Especially the Duanmu family; even their chief Duanmu Chao Fan will participate in this war!"

"Duanmu Chao Fan? Like Chao Fan for fried rice?" Jun Mo Xie suddenly spoke up, "This name is quite memorable and profound!"

Dongfang Wen Qing laughed and explained, "The Duanmu Familys head is name Duanmu Chao Fan; Chao Fan for extraordinary. However, he stutters a bit. So, whenever he pronounces his name he elongates it since he thinks very greatly of himself. However, the more he elongated the name the more others hear it resemble Chao Fan words fried rice variant. Therefore, people have been calling him Chao Fan words fried rice version since the first meeting of the Nine Great Families. In fact, his true name has been almost been forgotten"

"Oh okay!" Jun Mo Xie said solemnly, "So, this guy is basically slow-witted. He should be called Slow-witted Chao Fan. It would sound far more appropriate!"

"Ha ha" everyone burst out laughing. Then, Dongfang Wen Qing continued to speak.

"In addition, the Golden Flood Castle, the Seven Dragons Mountain, the Soul Severing Palace and Clear Sky City have also sent a few of their people. Moreover, there are countless powerful nomadic experts who will add to the numbers." Dongfang Wen Qing gave strenuous smile and continued, "This secret information was divulged to us by Li Jue Tian before we left. However, I dont know of any newer events that may have occurred since then."

Jun Wu Yis frown became increasingly deeper as he heard those illustrious names. The presence of such strong reinforcements only meant that the Xuan Beasts uprising was becoming more and more intense.

"Damn! There are so many!" Jun Mo Xie couldnt help but whistle. Then, he continued to speak, "They can easily trample all over Tian Fa if such strength is being assembled. Then, each person can grab a Xuan Beast, and take it home as a pet. Whats the point of going to such a war? These people will just have their fill and stay idle!"

"Do you even know what youre saying?!" four mouths roared these words in unison as the eight eyeballs glared at that rude brat.

"You brat! Your experience is too shallow to know of the dangers! The Tian Fa forest spreads over tens of thousands of kilometers. And, there are multitudes of Xuan Beasts living in it! There are at least ten million of them living there by a conservative count! And that too, these are only the level four or higher Xuan beasts were talking about! The gathered experts wont be able to compete with the full strength of Tian Fas beasts. This truth isnt pleasant to hear, but the mere saliva of all those Xuan Beasts is enough to drown these so-called experts!"

Dongfang Wen Qing was very angry at his nephews ignorance. So, he went ahead and dealt with that illiterate.

"You must also realize that you would require an extremely huge space to encounter all of them at once. Ten million Xuan Beasts wouldnt they be squeezed to death even in the prairie? Let alone inside these mountains!"

The Young Master Jun gave a disdainful look and shook his head, "There are many strong people here and there are many strong people there. A small battle starts when these people start to fight. A military campaign is constituted of several such battles. And, many campaigns constitute what we call a war. And after many wars eventually comes peace. Wow"

Dongfang Wen Qing became enraged after he heard this. So, Jun Wu Yi had no choice but to hurry up and assuage the situation. However, he had deep creases on his forehead, "Theres so much trouble because there are so many people. It wouldnt have been very difficult if it were only the three Great Empires, the Xue Hun Manor, the Silver Blizzard City and the troops from the Prairies King. After all, these entities are aware of the general situation. They understand the military restrictions. So, there will be space for mediation if conflict arises. But, so many other forces are also coming together. So, theres bound to be deep-rooted enmities and long-standing gratitude and grudges in all this entanglement. And, it would be hard to say how many people would be there and how many of them are wise Who can say that a few recklessly spoken words wont give rise to a large scale conflict between two families? And, who doesnt have three or six friends behind them? Moreover, the Xuan experts who hail from the general society dont maintain order like a disciplined army."

"This problem is a genuine headache," Dongfang Wen Qing and the other two nodded in unison.

"We must have a unified command since so many people are participating. There must be a single commander-in-chief in such a situation. Otherwise, wont we just be providing rations to the Xuan Beasts if everyone decides to fight as they please and charge like a swarm of bees?" Jun Mo Xie added. The four elders were quite appreciative of the first part of Jun Mo Xies words. However, they rolled their eyes when the second part about providing rations to Xuan beasts was spoken.

"This is an evident admission. However, the commander-in-chief must be one who isnt occupying that post in name alone. Moreover, he will have to do a very thankless job. Some conflicts may even get triggered between officers who occupy insignificant posts. After all, there are forces from three Empires, and there will be generals from the Prairie as well. Several of them wont bow down because they will be there representing their respective countries!

"However, this problem is a comparatively easier to resolve. The soldiers will obey the commander-in-chief because they are accustomed and in-understanding of military duties. That isnt a big problem. The real problem is the huge number of powerful experts from around the world. Theyre all undisciplined. Moreover, they arent accustomed to military restrictions. Not only will they not accept each other but also any large-scale military command. Each powerful expert will have their own prestige. So, they wont bow down to an ordinary general. This is the allied forces greatest problem!"

Jun Wu Yi frowned deeply, "Ive commanded battles for half of my life. And, Ive never seen such an amazing assembly of warriors in the past. In fact, even the combined strength of my previous commands wouldnt come close to this. Yet, Ive never seen so less hope of victory in the past. In fact, this is the first time that I dont even see an opportunity for victory.

"And, our opponents are the Xuan beasts! They have an unimaginably strict hierarchy of ranks. Moreover, the Xuan Beast Kings are personally controlling them in this war. So, the Xuan Beasts would do exactly as they bid. They will attack at one whistle, and retreat at the next.

"Everything points to disaster." Jun Wu Yi and Dongfang Wen Qing looked at each others expressions. They looked at each others eyes, and read these words there as well.

"Weve come this far. Dont tell me that you wish to back away now? Well see how things progress at every step. Its good to save people. But, whats the point of saving someone if you end-up taking their place? Im fine because I believe that we have enough people to safeguard our own security. As for the fate of others are we going to get any money out of saving them?" Jun Mo Xie smiled heartlessly.

Jun Mo Xie was the most confident amongst everyone when it came to this Xuan Beast uprising expedition. Jun Mo Xie could easily ensure that his army wouldnt suffer any harm if the armies were divided into different groups. Moreover, he could ensure the defeats of the others

[This really wont do! Lets just go and pretend that this matter is already over]

[Why are these guys making such miserable faces?]