Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 331

Chapter 330 the unreasonable lord of the tian fa forest
Chapter 330: The Unreasonable Lord of the Tian Fa Forest

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Three unforgettable hisses resounded in the wake of that hair-raising noise. Two of these voices managed to stand out from the rest, and everyone inside the Southern Heaven City had been able to discern them.

The two sounds one like the cry of a crane, and the other like that of a bear had been emitted by the two Xuan Beast Kings Long Crane and Big Bear.

Only a small number of experts were aware that those two were the instigators of the Xuan Beast Uprising.

There was a "whoosh" sound, and a giant crane suddenly flew-by from above. It passed over like lightening. Its opened-wings spanned at least fifteen-to-twenty meters in length. The cranes crown was bright red, and it glittered resplendent in the bright sunlight. Its shiny beak appeared like a sharp sword that was seemingly cutting through the sky.

Everyone could see that the crane was looking down at the residence of the citys lord with great disdain. Its wing covered the sky, and the entire world became dark in an instant. It seemed a giant cloud had suddenly appeared out of thin air, and had then disappeared in the next instant.

Then, a giant silhouette suddenly appeared from the mountains, and started to rush at lightning speed. It didnt matter whether it was going down a road or through trees; nothing could stop it. It crashed into the giant trees, and severed them from their middle. However, it had disappeared by the time the trees fell down.

Li Jue Tian suddenly flew onto the roof. No part of his body including even his bodys hair moved an inch. He flew-up until he had station himself on the roof-top. However, his bearing had made it seem as if he had remained standing on the ground instead of flying up in the air. His movements had been very leisurely.

The lightness of his skills was closer to magic than anything else.

"Has the venerable Lord Mei arrived? Kindly excuse Li Jue Tian for not welcoming you!" Li Jue Tian had amassed the entirety of his Xuan Qi, and had used it to transmit his dignified voice loud and far. He had climbed on top of the roof, and had emitted a roar worth-witnessing. He was afraid of losing his face in front of this Devine Dragon of a Tian Fa Lord. Moreover, he wasnt willing to resign himself to start with a disadvantage.

That voice rose up to the sky, and slowly and gravely started to transmit towards the south. It seemed quite gentle to those who heard it on the ground. But, it seemed like a resounding thunder amongst the innumerable mountains and streams after it reached there. It flowed with great momentum and exceptional prestige.

It echoed amongst the mountains and the woods for a long time before its effect finally came to halt.

"excuse for not welcoming you

"not welcoming




That earth-shaking shout by Li Jue Tian left the low-level Xuan Beasts tremble with fear in the mountains and the woods. So much so, that it even induced a few panic stricken riots.

It had to be admitted that Li Jue Tians shout was on the same level as the earlier screech of those Xuan beast Kings. Its effect was quite different, but it certainly didnt fall short in terms of its level.

A long while passed

Then, they heard a clear and long-drawn-out voice. Everyone could tell that this person had spoken from a distance of at least five kilometers. However, that individuals voice made it seem as if he was standing right in front of them.

This persons voice was quite strange. It was fair, honest and mild. None could discern whether it was a male or a female from the voice itself.

"Li Jue Tian its really you? Youve reached a profound cultivation level! Ha ha! No wonder my younger brothers were so angry! How could an ordinary man cause them to have such a look in their eyes? And, to have even defeated them? Good! Good! You have progressed Li Jue Tian! You have really progressed!"

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. They felt like their heads would explode. Li Jue Tian was a top expert. He was the Second Great Master amongst all the Great Masters. He was no ordinary man!

However, this person wasnt even talking to him at a level of equality. He had even complemented that the Great Master had "progressed"

Those words of praise were like those spoken by a teacher to their very young and obedient pupil "Child, you have progressed so much! Youre such a good child!"

Li Jue Tians voice was unrivalled; the might of its prestige had been unbounded. But, the opposite partys voice was dull and effortless. However, who amongst the listeners wasnt an expert? How could they not tell that this individuals cultivation was higher than Li Jue Tians after they had listened to that exchange? Maybe even higher by an entire realm? Or perhaps they were at the same realm However, the difference between them must be at least as much as the one that separated the Solitary Falcon and Li Jue Tian.

They were separated by a long distance. Li Jue Tians voice had managed to stir bursts of echoes. But, this other entitys voice had made it seem as if he had been standing right next to them. In fact, it hadnt even echoed. This area was surrounded by mountains. So, even the loud cough of an ordinary person would tend to resound in this vicinity. However, his individuals voice hadnt even though he had spoken from a distance of over 5kms

[What kind of control is this? This control can easily be said to have reached perfection. It has genuinely reached the greatest of heights!]

Then, Li Jue Tian raised his voice, "This matter has arisen because your two younger brothers have provoked my Xue Hun Manor without any reason. I Li Jue Tian merely struck back in the given situation. Tell me was that really wrong of me? And, as for suffering a loss could it be that the venerable Mei cant see who has suffered the genuine loss here? Its no other than my Xue Hun Manor my lifes work has been reduced to ashes! Id like to ask what the venerable Mei has to say on this matter?"

Li Jue Tians tone was full of condemnation. He was aware of the difference in strength between him and the opposite party. However, he couldnt be outdone or be seen to shy away in the capacity of the Second Great Master.

The distant voice then became sharp, "Li Jue Tian! Are you telling me that you fought my brothers and were unsuccessful? So, why are you painting me as a bully? Li Jue Tian! Are you sure that youre not dreaming?"

Everyones hearts shook. [This man had just covered-up his sons extreme wrong doing, and had acted without any reason. And now, his eyes have been opened. He had shielded his son, and had avoided an uncomfortable topic. But now, hes arguing with someone whos even more unreasonable. I dont know if its karma or divine retribution]

Jun Mo Xie lifted his chin as he felt inwardly appreciative. [Very good! This persons temperament is quite similar to mine! I can certainly take advantage of this guys power later!]

"How could you dare?!" Li Jue Tian snorted, "As the saying goes Justice is the free will of the people everything must have a reason behind it. You cant act brashly even if youre the greatest under heaven!"

The other person then laughed, "What are you saying? This joke of yours isnt pleasant to hear, Li Jue Tian. Have you really adhered to this saying throughout your life? How come youre the one to preach now that the matter has gone above you, and your opponent is stronger than you? Justice is the free will of the people youve have just spoken these words, Great Master Li Jue Tian but, does your distinguished self actually believe in them?!"

Those were very pinching words. The law of the world was only binding to ordinary people; it had no effect on the strongest in the world.

The talk of justice and free will of the people were mere empty words for the powerful.

Only those whose fists were strong could decide "justice" in that world.

Those words by the opposite party were an unreasonable rhetoric, but they were also a fact. That pinching mockery of Li Jue Tian made Jun Mo Xie feel very satisfied in his heart. He almost felt like pointing his finger at the Great Master and saying, "Scoundrel! You keep preaching about justice and free will. But, is that reasonable? Is it reasonable that your son wants to forcibly snatch away a familys daughter-in-law? How can you call that just?"

[The evil indeed fall into their own traps!]

Li Jue Tian snorted and replied sharply, "Venerable Mei, shall I assume by these words that you wont distinguish between right and wrong, and will continue to shield the miscreants?"

Li Jue Tian was the second of the Eight Great Masters. And, his conscious wouldnt allow him to discuss such matter. So, he avoided this uncomfortable topic once again. Moreover, he had more-than-half of the worlds experts gathered beside him. So, even the venerable Mei would find it difficult to face-off against such a force even if his strength transcended the heavens.

The other persons voice became sharper and colder, "Li Jue Tian, you Eight Great Masters are renowned for your strength. But, you still arent much in my eyes. Kindly think over what youve just said, and remember who youre talking to!"

The opposite party had stopped. It seemed as if something had come up. Then, he burst out again in severe rage, "Li Jue Tian, when did you decide to go to the Elusive World of Immortals? You have caused a huge injury to my fourth younger brother with your sword! You certainly do have guts!"

This roars power was world-shaking. It had nearly stirred a storm in the sky above. It was evident that the Lord of Tian Fa was very enraged. It appeared that Big Bear had made it to him, and had shown him the injuries on his body.

Jun Mo Xie thought; [The Elusive World of Immortals ? Why havent I ever heard of it?] He looked at the faces of others around him. They too had a perplexed expression on their faces. Those people obviously didnt know about this place either.

Everyone else doubted what they heard, but Jun Mo Xie pondered deeply. He may certainly not know anything about the Elusive World of Immortals However, the fact that Li Jue Tian had seriously injured a Xuan Beast Kings body was quite shocking. It was important to know that Big Bears physique was amazing, and had transcended any human abilities. Big Bear was a formidable Xuan Beast. Moreover, he had once laughingly faced-off against the Solitary Falcon and Shi Chang Xiao. Yet, he hadnt suffered from the slightest of injuries at that time. And, he had retreated with his body completely unharmed. So, one could imagine his bodys defensive capabilities.

However, Li Jue Tian had used his "Elusive Heart and Vein Splitting Sword Attack" to inflict such injuries to him. Therefore, one could easily imagine the might of his strength

"There are some things one mustnt discuss. Venerable Mei mustnt try to attract the heavenly calamity upon himself in a fit of rage." Li Jue Tians tone of speech has a flavor of caution to it, "You may attract the dissatisfaction of the Holy Land if you create too much noise. I presume the all-knowing venerable Mei will consider this?"

He had unexpectedly suggested the other party to avoid discussing this topic of entering the "The Elusive World of Immortals".

"Ha ha ha" The bone chilling laughter rose up to the sky, and continued to resound for some time. Then, the opposite party replied, "Are you trying to threaten me with the Holy Land, Li Jue Tian?"