Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 333

Chapter 332 baili luo yun
Chapter 332: Baili Luo Yun

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"Exactly! Any youngster with such cultivation who comes here to fight the Xuan Beasts is basically throwing away their life. Insignificant jade Xuan experts dont have any chance at survival when faced with so many high-level Xuan Beasts. What else could it be if it isnt throwing away ones life? However, to say that they are meat for slaughter isnt exactly very pleasant to hear," Dongfang Wen Jian gave a ruthless smile.

"Mo Xie, dont start to believe that your agility skill set is too exquisite. You will find it difficult to escape if youre thrown to the enemy. Even your marvelous skill set wont help if youre surrounded by them. Therefore, you mustnt act recklessly. And, you must never leave our sight!"

"But, that youngster is only twenty-five or twenty-six years old. And, its quite clear that hes already at the peak of the Jade Xuan realm. I believe hes just a step away from reaching the Earth Xuan. So, hes a very rare talent if he has reached such a level at this age. Why wouldnt his family keep such a talent close to them? Why would the Baili Family allow this youngster to throw away his life? Isnt this pitiful?" Jun Mo Xie asked in a confused manner.

"The reason for that isnt very difficult to understand. In fact, its rather simple. This youngster wasnt born from a legitimate wife of the family! His mother was a concubine!" Dongfang Wen Qing seemed sorry as he smiled.

"That youngster is named Baili Luo Yun. Hes one of the rarest talents to be ever born into the Baili Family. Families that practice Xuan Qi usually have a member with a high cultivation comb-out the meridians of a new born baby. This is done in order to reduce the chances of illness in the infant. Moreover, this helps to lay down the foundation for the infants future cultivation.

"However, no one combed Baili Luo Yuns meridians when he was born. But, it didnt matter since he had already started to cultivate at the age of three. And, he had broken through to the Ninth Xuan Level when he was ten. In fact, he had already reached the peak of Silver Xuan realm by the time he turned fifteen, and then broke through to the Gold Xuan soon-after. Thereafter, he broke through from the Gold Xuan Realm to Jade Xuan realm by the time he turned twenty. And, he has now reached the peak of the Jade Xuan realm. He can easily be called the foremost in the younger generation after one looks at his cultivation. Not many people can compare with this man. However, its true that you cant be considered in the same category since you can fight a Spirit Xuan with your moves even though you are only a Jade Xuan expert. In fact, you may even win with those moves of yours. You truly are a devilish talent!"

"But, this guy is a rare and exceptional talent. He may not be a legitimate son, but he still shouldnt have been treated in such a way, right? Hes still of their blood even if hes illegitimate. So, what difference does it make if he isnt the heir to the family? Hes still a rare and talented expert of their younger generation! In fact, its easy to imagine that he may reach the Sky Xuan level in ten years given the speed of his current advancement, and the achievements he had already made at such a young age. Moreover, he may even reach the Spirit Xuan in thirty! Are you telling me that theyre abandoning such a talent because he isnt a legitimate son? Isnt the Baili Family being very unwise? "Jun Mo Xie was shocked at what he had heard. He found it very difficult to understand such a matter.

It was important to know that such a talented youngster was extremely uncommon. And, this fact didnt hold for the powerful families of the world alone Even the Silver Blizzard City and the Xue Hun Manor witnessed such a talent once in a lifetime. In fact, one would be hard-pressed to find many of them even if they searched the entire Xuan Xuan continent. Any other family wouldve treated such a talented person as its gem, and wouldve guarded them very closely. In fact, such a person would receive the same care that the three Dongfang brothers divulged towards Jun Mo Xies safety. So, one could only image the importance of such youngsters.

"Thats not all; theres more to it. His father is the main reason behind all this. His grandfather is his real father. He had gotten drunk, and had raped a maid; he had thereafter formed a relationship with her. And, Luo Yan was born as a result of that relationship; and, that too as the eldest son of the family. However, the Baili Family has never acknowledged his status. Moreover, they went ahead and mistreated the youngster. His innate talent obviously alienated him even further. And, the treatment became worse as his Xuan cultivation bettered due to his outstanding talent. Therefore, his dishonored identity inside the family meant that he was treated like a servant. In fact, even servants received better treatment at times. This obviously led to several resentments in his heart, and he naturally wanted to take revenge. This sense of revenge became even more prominent once he broke into the Jade Xuan realm. And then, an unfortunate incident happened"

Dongfang Wen Qings face was full of pity as he continued, "But, the thing is he didnt even initiate that incident. In fact, this matter is quite straightforward. He had just gone to his home, and the legitimate Young Masters tried to stir trouble with him. The started to taunt him, and received a very severe retaliation from him. The reasons behind his anger are easy to understand. He didnt have any status in the family even though his cultivation was far ahead of the others who took help from outside and had received the cleansing meridians treatment at a young age."

"However, he still belongs to their familys bloodline. And, bloodline matters a lot. That was one of the main reasons he wasnt killed on the scene. But, some people in the Baili Family werent willing to let him off the hook. And, this journey to Tian Fa provided them with a golden opportunity to get rid of him."

"So thats what it is!" Jun Mo Xie let out a long sigh. He then murmured, "Baili Luo Yun" a cold light flashed in his eyes. No one could guess his thoughts.

"However, we also feel that the Baili Family has caused a great harm to themselves with these actions. Its like what you had just spoken this youngster has outstanding innate talent! Hes only marginally behind you in that respect. We believe that he could become a new Great Master in thirty-to-fifty years!"

"Its important to know that a familys strength and prestige increases if they have someone as strong as a Great Master. This is especially true for powerful families. In fact, they leave behind their former peers in one giant leap!

"The Silver Blizzard City and the Xue Hun Manor are no different. The chance for such a man to be born in any family comes in hundreds of years once in several generations. So, I dont understand why the Baili Family would let go of such an opportunity This makes me regret their decision somewhat. I mean how could the Baili Family be so short-sighted? Perhaps they fear that hell take revenge upon them once hes strong enough? Maybe theres another reason?"

Dongfang Wen Qing shook his head, and chuckled gently, "But, we arent related to them in anyway. In fact, its better for us that a potential Great Master will be done away so soon. Moreover, it gives us a reason to celebrate. After all, a rising hero tramples on others bones. And, every strong person who ascends to the top has blood in his hands. We nine families certainly arent enemies. But, we are potential competitors."

The leaders of every powerful faction had remained standing at a high altitude this entire time. But, they finally started to come down. They then decided to proceed to the hall in order to discuss the prevalent matters. Dongfang Wen Qing stole a glance into the distance, and said, "I will accompany your Third Uncle to the meeting since those dregs from the Silver Blizzard City wont abstain from mockery. But, they wont be too reckless if Im around." Then, he chuckled softly and left. He was gently pushing Jun Wu Yis wheelchair towards the hall a moment later.

Jun Mo Xie looked at his Third Uncle sitting in the wheelchair, and thought [Third Uncles legs are fine now. But, I dont know when he can stand up properly When will the Blood General truly stand tall-and-proud, and show the majesty of his defiance to the entire world?]

[However, everything depends on strength. Incomparable strength!]

[And, strength is equal to... talent]

Then, Jun Mo Xie suddenly took long strides after he had pondered a bit. And, he started to walk towards Baili Luo Yun.

The others from the Baili Family had started to head back at this time. Three men laughed and chatted freely as they entered their tent. They didnt even spare a glance at Baili Luo Yun who stood at the entrance. In fact, Baili Xiong Feng the leader of the Familys contingent gazed straight ahead as he calmly entered the hall to discuss the crisis.

Baili Luo Yun lifelessly gazed at the smoky sky. He was bitter inside, but he managed to force a smile. [How many days will I last in such a chaotic situation? Will these thousands of Xuan Beasts make a corpse out of me? Will this be my end?]

Baili Luo Yun clearly knew what his family had done to his fate.

"The Baili family wont rest until Luo Yun dies," this was the comment the Baili Familys Young Master had made to Baili Lou Yuns father when he had broken through to the ninth Xuan layer at the age of ten. And, Baili Luo Yun had been living in the shadow of these words ever since.

[I wonder at the irony sometimes. A child with any potential gets full support from their family. And, any man can see my talent. So, why does the Baili Family treat me in this way?]

[This matter has gone too far In fact, that man is afraid that I might run away. And so, he threatened me with my fathers life if I didnt come south to this place. What did he do that for? And, father also dodges this topic whenever I try to talk about it. The only valuable words he has ever spoken to me were "Alas, Luo Yun, your wish for revenge is too strong! Its better if you dont meddle in this matter too much"]

["Desire for revenge?" When did I ever wish to stir-up trouble? Would I have taken any action for the fear of the consequences if those people hadnt crossed their limits? How could a man not resist the intolerable behavior I suffered that day in front of everyone? Or could it be? Is there another reason that I dont know of?]

[Ill return and solve all the mysteries if Im lucky enough to survive this place]

Baili Luo Yun had an indifferent expression of his face as he turned around to enter the tent.

[Theyve never attached any importance to me. But then again when did they ever consider me as family? The sooner I die the better it is for them But, why isnt it the same for me?!]

It was right then that he saw a youngster approach him.

He wasnt familiar with this youngster, but he knew that this youth was called Jun Mo Xie. He had heard a lot about this youngster. Therefore, he was aware that this youth was a bigger debauchee than his second grandfather and some of the other people in his family.

He didnt need to look twice to be sure that Jun Mo Xie was in fact approaching him. The youngsters path was clear-cut, and there was no variation in it. Moreover, he had a very unusual expression on his face as he looked at Baili Luo Yun.

"Baili Luo Yun?" Jun Mo Xie tilted his head, and sized him up.

"Jun Mo Xie? The Third Young Master of the Jun Family?" Baili Luo Yuns face was indifferent. He felt neither alarm, nor happiness upon the realization that this youth had come to look for him. In fact, he didnt even try to guess the reason he was being sought for

"Do you wish to find a place to chit-chat? Follow me," Jun Mo Xie invited. It was technically a request. But, the tone of Jun Mo Xies voice made it seem like an order of sorts.

He had been an aloof assassin in his previous life. So, he knew the methods one must use to deal with such a socially reclusive personality even though his own nature had changed rather considerably in his present life.

One must never hope for such people to take the initiative. Such would keep their mouth shut even if they really wanted to say something. Jun Mo Xie was well aware of it because he used to be like this once

The only method to deal with such people was to take control the situation by taking the absolute initiative. The counterpart would then unconsciously move according to ones plan. In fact, they would try to match the rhythm of your movement even if they didnt wish to even if they were unconvinced or even if they were unwilling to accept it This was because they wouldnt wish to seem inferior, and would try to talk to you on equal footing; or they would at least look for an opportunity for equal footing

"I dont talk to strangers," Baili Luo Yun indifferently turned his head, and started to enter the tent.

That very same tent which he loathed from the bottom of his heart

"Ive heard that youre one of the rarest Xuan Qi talents of the present age. So, you wouldnt be afraid of me, right?" Jun Mo Xie stepped forward.

Baili Luo Yuns straight and towering figure suddenly came to a stop.

"The rumors state that youre twenty-six years old. They also state that you have already reached the peak of the Jade Xuan realm. But, you wont dare to talk to me? Are you afraid that Im plotting something against you?" Jun Mo Xie smiled mischievously.

Baili Luo Yun suddenly turned around. His face was still expressionless. And, his eyes were still tranquil as he looked at the Young Master Jun.

"It seems that the rumors were mistaken. And, its not surprising since nine out of ten rumors cant be trusted." Jun Mo Xie turned around to leave. But, not before leaving a few words, "And, I was too bold. I really shouldnt have come here," he started to walk away after he had said that. However, he didnt walk towards his tent. Instead, he walked towards the periphery.

The sound of another persons footsteps trailed him. Baili Luo Yun was calmly following after him. He stayed neither too close nor too far.

A proud expression flashed in Jun Mo Xies eyes.

[Talk to me, will you? Why arent you saying anything?] Baili Luo Yun wouldve returned to his tent for a nap if these doubts wouldnt have arisen in his mind. And, he certainly wouldnt have followed after Jun Mo Xie like this

Jun Mo Xie didnt even turn around the entire time. In fact, his body started to move more rapidly, and the speed of his walk increased to a shocking level. Baili Luo Yun didnt utter a word either. However, he continued to follow Jun Mo Xie. He didnt come too close, but he didnt lag far behind either. The two outstanding Jade Xuan peak youngsters moved one after the other as if they were in a chase. However, no one noticed these talented young men since everyones attention was fixed at the discussions that were taking place in the hall.

The Young Master Jun gradually began to speed up. His movements became increasingly faster. It soon started to seem that he would leave the ground and soar into the sky. And, the distance between the two youths began to increase

Baili Luo Yun had always maintained his indifference towards the world. However, his eyes had started to belie his astonishment. [This ill-reputed Young Master is faster than me?] But, he didnt concede, and started to exerted himself. Yet, he still couldnt catch up with the other party. In fact, he couldnt even reduce the distance between them by an inch. And, the distance that separated them continued to increase gradually

[I have failed in this contest of speed.] Baili Luo Yun wouldnt have admitted it openly. But, he had clearly understood that the other person had managed to outstrip him even though he was younger in age.

At least in speed

Jun Mo Xie led the way to a small hidden slope about five kilometers away. He quickly climbed it, and sat down in a flash. Then, he took the initiative as he patted to the grassy spot besides him and said, "Come sit."

There was no answer. Baili Luo Yun stood as straight as a javelin; just like before. He was used to staying alert for long durations of time without giving himself a single moment to relax. This was because everyone in his family was quite eager to kill him whenever they got the chance

Therefore, he had become accustomed to remaining on perpetual guard long ago

However, a trace of admiration had already started to take birth in the depths of his eyes.

"What do you want?" Baili Luo Yun finally asked. He was miserly with his words. He seemed to cherish them like they were made of gold. This young man wasnt accustomed to long conversations. He had always held his thoughts close to his heart. Baili Luo Yun had only asked this question because he was led to do so by Jun Mo Xies skillful manipulation. [Hes much younger than me. But, his cultivation still doesnt seem to fall short in any way]

"Youve come here to throw your life away, right?" Jun Mo Xie still hadnt turned around. In fact, he hadnt done it even once during their entire journey from the field to this place. The Young Master Jun had been very confident that Baili Luo Yun would follow him. And, not only would he follow him he would even try to catch up.

This had obviously hit the most uncomfortable spot in Baili Luo Yuns heart.

"Whats that got to do with you?" Baili Luo Yun asked in an apathetic manner.

"This truly has nothing to do with me. In fact, you wont be a threat to my family if you were to die." Jun Mo Xie smiled and continued, "But, theres something that I find very strange. Why have you come here if you know youll die?"

"Thats none of your business!" Baili Luo Yun said somewhat angrily. [This brat is spewing nonsense in front of me! What does he know of the words he speaks?]

"I guess someone threatened you to come here, right?" Jun Mo Xie muttered. "Moreover, they threatened the life of someone you care for the most? Otherwise, why would you come here if you already knew that you will die? You dont seem like a fool from whatever Ive seen so far"

Baili Luo Yun fell silent.

The other person had guessed correctly. Moreover, they had also grasped his nature rather accurately. He hadnt spoken a word, but the opposite party had seen right through him.

This was quite surprising for someone as young as his counterpart.

"You want to be the head of the Baili Family. Is that it?" Jun Mo Xie had stuck a half-dried grass stem between his teeth. It seemed like he was speaking to the white clouds above, "You are very calm, callous, cruel and daring; and, you wont stop at anything. Moreover, your desire for revenge is very strong. And, your lust for power is substantially massive as well. You wish to take revenge, but you dont have enough strength for it. You dont have a future at the Baili Family. So, you yearn for the greatest power in the family since you cant take your revenge without it. Am I right?"

"Again, what do these things have to do with you? I cant understand what youre trying to say!"

Baili Luo Yuns voice was impolite, sickened and full of loathing. However, Jun Mo Xie knew that his words had struck this youngsters heart. Otherwise, such a recluse wouldnt have spoken so many words.

"Indeed, this has nothing to do with me. But, your desires will remain unfulfilled if you remain in the Baili Family," Jun Mo Xie suddenly stood up and turned around. He looked directly into Baili Luo Yuns eyes and stated, "However, I will ensure that they become a reality if you join me!"

"You?" Baili Luo Yun coldly sized-up the opposite party. "Why would I do that? The Jun Familys situation isnt that great either. And, the Baili Family is one of the great nine families. So, I too know whats going on with the Jun Family. Your Family simply cant compare to the Baili Family at present!"

"Youre mistaken. And, my Jun Family has nothing to do with you. So, all you need to answer is whether youll join me or not?" Jun Mo Xie smiled, "Lets talk about your situation. You must know that you dont have the slightest bit of hope in the Baili Family. You could die ten times on this expedition for a million different reasons. So, Im convinced that this is your last chance to avoid death. And, perhaps I may be deceiving you But, you have to admit that youll probably die in the upcoming battle at the Tian Fa forest if you dont grasp this final straw of a chance. In fact, I presume that even your bones will become a sumptuous cuisine for the Xuan Beasts!"

Baili Luo Yun silently gazed at Jun Mo Xie. And, Jun Mo Xie returned that gaze with a smile. It remained like this for some time. Then, the former tilted his head before he finally broke the silence, "How does it matter if I live or die? Life and death dont mean much to me. My life in this world hasnt been a happy one. And, death would certainly mean freedom. In fact, it would actually mean a much needed freedom for someone like me."

"Freedom? But, Im different. If I were to die I would choose to die after I had taken my revenge," Jun Mo Xie calmly replied.

"Revenge" it seemed like there had been a sudden explosion within Baili Luo Yuns eyes. This word had spoken to his heart. So, he turned to look directly at Jun Mo Xie and said, "I have two conditions. I promise to join you after the conclusion of this matter with Tian Fa if you agree to them.

"First you must defeat me. You must defeat me with your own strength! I know youre quite strong, but I still need to confirm. After all, I will only join the top talent of this generation.

"And second a total of five people from the Baili Family have come here to the Southern Heaven City; four Sky Xuan experts and me. I want the four of them to die.

"I will follow you for ten years if you fulfill these two conditions. And, I will leave if you cant ensure the fulfillment of my true desire by the end of those ten years. However, you wont just have my life at your service if you manage to fulfill them but, also that of the entire Baili Family!"

Jun Mo Xie heard those two conditions. Then, he straightened up and looked at Baili Luo Yun with a faint smile as he backed-up a step in order to leave. He didnt even turn his head until he had disappeared out of sight.

[These conditions are not a problem for me! I can easily deal with you right now. And, I can take care of those small fries from the Baili Family in a cinch! Couldnt you have come up with more challenging conditions?]

[Boy, wait till I gain control over you!]

Jun Mo Xie used his exquisite martial arts, and returned to the campsite in secret. However, he was surprised to see that the twenty-thousand forces had already pitched their tents. They had also started to secure their camp by the time he got there. These camps were inside the city. But, they were still set-up against the walls. And, they had barriers on both their sides. Ditches and traps had been dug, and the archers had been placed in wait for an ambush. Moreover, the guards at the entrances were alert. Each man was doing his duty diligently. The boundary of the camp was regularly being patrolled by crisscrossing platoons.

The shifts were divided between four teams. Two teams would simultaneously remain on one duty. One team would take charge, while the other would remain on standby. This ensured a perpetual state of preparedness.

This tight command of the forces ensured that no troops would ever have to worry about a sneak attack. And, the regular change in shifts ensured that the soldiers got ample rest.

It was a pity that they were sent to face the Xuan Beast uprising. Therefore, these ordinary soldiers had no chance of survival. Jun Mo Xie had realized this after he had seen the organization of the Xuan Beasts. [These twenty-thousand people with their soldiers, high ranking officers, the experts and Young Masters from various families were merely like flies. Theyve all been sent here to die.]

[These guys are a hundred-percent cannon fodder!]

Jun Mo Xie sighed softly before he made his way towards his own encampment.

He had barely entered when he felt something unusual in the atmosphere.

Guan Qing Han was consoling Dugu Xiao Yi for some reason. The Young Lady Dugus beautiful face was tear-stained. It appeared that she had suffered some grievous wrong.

"Whats going on?"

"Boo hoo brother Mo Xie Little White has disappeared" Dugu Xiao Yi looked up at him. Then, she rushed towards him, and burst into tears.

"Oh, so he disappeared when I wasnt here?" Jun Mo Xie smiled bitterly inside. [You brought that nuisance here. And, now its gone. The Xuan Beast King had issued an order for all Xuan Beasts to assemble. So, Little White obviously couldnt be an exception to his command, could he? Little White is still here and, thats a real problem!]

"Boo hoo no I must find him... he still hasnt had lunch" Dugu Xiao Yi was distressed and desperate. Little White was the apple of her eye.

"We will properly look for him maybe he has gone out to play for a while and will return soon" Jun Mo Xie consoled her weakly.

In the depths of the Tian Fa forest

Long Crane and Big Bear were standing straight in deference. They had two others standing behind them. The level-nine Beast Kings from every race were present as well. Then, they all squatted down on the ground in a well-behaved manner. The beasts would sweep the floor with their tails from time to time. And, they didnt allow a single speck of dust to settle in that small area.

The person in front of them was mysteriously shrouded in a black cloak. His hairs, face, body and legs all were shrouded beneath it. Even his eyes couldnt be seen.

Even the make of this persons figure wasnt clear. So, one could forget about his facial features

"Tell me, whats all this about? I go off to seclusion for only two years, and you create such a big mess? You have such courage now that all the great experts have assembled? Huh?" the mysterious person spoke-up. He was actually the Lord of the Tian Fa forest; the same person who had earlier spoken to Li Jue Tian.

"Eldest brother this this" Big Bear and Long Crane gave a cry, and then looked at each other. They then became speechless.

"Over three million of our people had rushed out of Tian Fa, and these people were all level six or above the full strength of our Tian Fa has been laid bare." The shrouded person sneered, "Does that mere Li Jue Tian really require such a large assembly of force to be dealt with?"

"Eldest brother, things arent that straight with this matter" Long Crane spoke Then, he smacked his lips and swallowed the words he was about to say.

"Whats going on?!" the person shrouded in black suddenly released his Qi in an unrestrained manner, "I want to know the full story! Tell me, Fourth Brother Bear!"

"M me me me" Big Bear trembled as he replied in a stutter.

The silhouette of a person flashed, and Big Bear howled in pain. Then, his body was sent rolling like a ball. A burst of noise was produced as he rolled for a distance. His arms tried to hug three different trees to stop his momentum, and all three of those threes snapped before he finally came to a stop.

"Come back!" Big Bear supported his lower back with one hand when he heard those words. He then grimaced, ran back, and stationed himself in an obedient stance.


Then, Big Bear pulled a pained face as he recalled how they had stolen the Level Nine Xuan Beast Core in the Tian Xiang City. He told everything in detail about what came to happen after he and Long Crane had stolen that core.

"Youre telling me that this person can make it easier for us to advance? Are you sure about this?" The Xuan Beast King also started to tremble; his shroud rippled with him.