Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 334

Chapter 333 tian fas fury
Chapter 333: Tian Fas Fury

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"Yes!" Long Crane answered confidently. Then, he continued, "Im absolutely convinced of this. He used his Qi technique on the fourth brother and me. His special method resulted in the strength in our bodies to increase by ten times! And, even the bottleneck that had been constraining us started to loosen. Therefore, we acted like this since he would help in our advancement. I can assure you that all this is true. So, you neednt have any doubts," Long Crane answered solemnly.

"So thats how it is" The shrouded person mumbled in a faint voice, "Its understandable if thats the case. But, why didnt you and Fourth try to capture him? You couldve been done with everything if you were to control him. It may be assumed that this persons strength is high. But, he wont be able to contend with Li Jue Tian! How many experts of such strength do you think exist in this society? You and Fourth wouldnt be considered weaker than Li Jue Tian if you were to combine your attacks! Therefore, the two of you shouldve at least attempted to capture the man in question!"

Long Crane smiled bitterly, "You think we didnt wish to, Elder Brother? We had proposed a competition with this very thought in our mind!

"However, you dont know how much he pressurized us! The pressure of his aura was even greater than yours, Elder Brother. Moreover, we will have the means to promote our strengths if things go well. In fact, we will have never-ending advancements after this matter ends. And, we can bid goodbye to the word bottleneck

"Fourth and I were forced to step-down with grace after the third match ended since we were no match for the opposite party

"You dont understand the temptation this matter posed for us. Fourth and I have been stuck at our levels for forty years! We havent seen second brother for many years, but we cant be sure if he has made advancement either. He mustve remained stuck as well! Plus, that mans conditions didnt seem very difficult. We only had to stop the Xue Hun Manor from going north, and we had to beat-up Li Jue Tians son to a state where hed have to remain bed-ridden for a couple of months. How difficult could it really be? Therefore, Fourth and I decided to act without consulting you."

"Indeed, this is reasonable and not very difficult. We can take advantage of this. But, why has everything turned out like this? Weve got over half of the worlds Xuan experts assembled at our gates!" The shrouded person tilted his body slightly sideways.

"I had originally planned to light a fire at the Xue Hun Manor in the cover of darkness. I had planned to use that chaos as a cover to attack Li Teng Yun in order to break his legs. But then Big Bearhe suddenly burst into the Xue Hun Manor in bright daylight, and created a clamor. Then, he began to howl about breaking Li Teng Yuns legs, and arrogantly declared to the opposite party that they must take the initiative and break Li Teng Yuns legs on their own. Even I wouldnt have been to do so, forget about Li Jue Tian doing such a thing"

"Third Brother Crane why did you sell me out?! Did I not intend to finish the matter quickly? And, how much delay would we have seen if we followed your plan? Moreover, such a sneaky method isnt gratifying. Does it matter how we complete the task as long as we do it?" Big Bears face reddened as he shouted. He hadnt finished speaking yet, but he had started to tremble all over; he didnt dare to utter a single word thereafter.

"Its needless to say that the Xue Hun Manor didnt comply with Big Bears threat. So, we attacked them very resolutely on the same day. We had a significant advantage. So, we managed to injure several people. But, Li Teng Yun remained hidden. So, we returned the next day to do the same. But, we then found out that the Great Master Shi Chang Xiao had suddenly appeared at the Xue Hun Manor. And, it was naturally a bit difficult to maintain our advantage once he was there. So, this continued for a few days. However, it still wasnt a problem because the Xue Hun Manor was more or less destroyed even if Li Teng Yun hadnt yet showed his face. But then, we found out that Li Jue Tian that dog had also returned to the Xue Hun Manor out of the blue" Long Crane squirmed and pursed his lips.

"You go someones doorstep and cause trouble. And then, you ask them to hand-over their Young Master so you can break his legs? And then youre surprised that they didnt cooperate? Then, you use your logic and you get angry So, you go on a rampage! Then, Li Jue Tian comes and gets infuriated when he looks at his big Xue Hun Manor the work of his lifetimes blood and sweat has almost ceased to exist. Which family would endure to be ashamed by this?"

The man shrouded in black sneered, "Do you two really think nothing of the people in this world? This is hilarious! First you didnt complete this task in secrecy. Then, you actually went about it so boldly in broad daylight And, Big Bear, you really have some big guts. I genuinely wish to tear up open so I can see just how big your guts are"

Big Bear stared gaping. Then, he hiccupped and shut his mouth.

"What happened after that?" the black cloaked man asked.

"After that... we attacked again. Then, I found out that Li Jue Tians body had an extremely fluctuating Xuan Beast Core inside it. It seemed that he had taken a core which was at least at the ninth level. In fact, the Qi was similar to that of the Panther King's. But, it didn't seem like it was moving to separate away from is body. So, I immediately started to feel suspicious

Long Crane's face flared up with anger. "The Panther King had disappeared two years ago. Big Bear and I had searched for him for a long time, but we couldnt find a single clue. Then, there was the case of the level nine Xuan Core in the Tian Xiang City. So, we didn't think much on our search for a little time. But then, we came here to stir trouble on orders from that mysterious person only to find that Li Jue Tians body possessed the fluctuating energy of the Xuan Panther Kings core!"

"The Panther King!" he shrouded man's voice tensed up. "Was it genuinely the Panther King? What the hell is going on? Are you sure about what you said?"

Then, his voice became very cold, "I was just thinking that I havent even seen the shadow of the Panther King. So, it seems that someone has killed and consumed him even his core has become a part of someones energy huh third brother, fourth brother the two of you have managed Tian Fa very well in my absence Panther King is dead talk about mysterious disappearances huh good good!"

The complexion on Long Crane and Big Bears faces suddenly changed. They immediately knelt with a "Bang!" and, their foreheads were sweaty enough to resemble a broth. Their elder brothers intermitted words and manner of speech was enough to express his rage. It seemed that these two brothers were in for a tragedy

"There used to be ten Beast Kings at the time of our King. They could overlook the entire world with arrogance. Even the three Holy Lands didnt have the courage to look them in the eye! The Tian Fa was the fiercest force in the entire universe! It was a scene to remember! However, the King then ascended to the heavens. And, the nine elder brothers became disheartened and went away to live in seclusion. This allowed us to rise and advance and new Beast Kings were born in less than a centurys time and a total of twelve at that So, I thought that this would at least be enough for us to retain our position even if we werent able to build on it!"

"But, so much has happened in this brief period The Second Brother Eagle King had been cheated by Yun Bie Chen in a gamble. He was then forced to become that old mans mount. This has become a cause of great shame for our Tian Fa. The youngest brother hasnt appeared for a long time. The Sixth Brother Lion King and the Seventh Brother Monkey King had fought with the Great Eight Masters sixty years ago. They lost that battle, the nothing has ever been the same in these past sixty years"

His voice was desolate. The two Xuan Beast Kings the white Lion King, and the golden-haired Monkey King were standing behind Big Bear. They hung their heads sadly. These were the two Xuan Beast Kings he had spoken about.

"The fifth used to manage Tian Fa until thirty years ago but then nine unknown and powerful Spirit Xuan experts besieged and killed our brother King Beast. Even the location of his core is unknown. That entire matter is still shrouded in endless mystery. Then, the eleventh Panther King died, and his core is inside Li Jue Tians belly? Now only a few of us are left out of the original twelve kings crane, bear, snake, tiger and eagle."

The shrouded man tried hard to restrain his voice as he got angrier, "This is Tian Fa, right? Tian Fa is fierce, right? Couldnt you seven Beast Kings have gone together as brothers to wreak havoc on that insignificant Xue Hun Manor? Huh?"

He dispersed Qi around. And, his Qi went away from his body like a bomb that has just exploded. But, the surrounding Beast Kings didnt resist one bit. They didnt dare to resist, and were sent flying out by the explosion. In fact, the center of the forest was blown clear for around ninety kilometers with that blast. The trees were snapped clean from the ground. And, the air was full of wood-shavings.

That huge area on the ground was completely barren now; not a blade of grass could be seen growing on it.

The power of the angered Lord of Tian Fa had unexpectedly reached such heights.

"Eldest Brother, you cant be so angry at such a critical time," the seven Xuan beast Kings knelt and implored their Lord.

One couldve caught a glimpse of the black-cloaked person from underneath his shroud as he raised his head to the moon and sighed.

"Snake King, Tiger King, Eagle King you three are at peak level?" the shrouded person asked. He had apparently calmed down.

A golden-clothed man, a black-clothed man, and a green-garbed young lady bowed in unison, "Yes!" These three were also in attendance beside Long Crane and Big Bear. However, these three were in their human forms.

The White Lion King and the Golden Monkey King were also present there. However, they had a mixture of admiration and indignation in their eyes.

These two had reached that level and form sixty years ago. But, they had been reduced to their original forms due to the fight that had happened sixty years ago. And, no amount of bitter cultivation had helped them regain their peak form

"Its finally time for the breakthrough. But, where on earth will we find so many of the Tian Fas Sacred Fruits?" the person shrouded in black sighed. Everyone around him became silent, and the forest became still.

"Theres no going back now that the war has started! Now, the direr the situation the better it is for us! I wish to reinstate Tian Fas place to the foremost in the universe. The three Hold Lands may not acknowledge that, but I at least wish to ensure that Li Jue Tian and Yun Bie Chen dont just dare to stroll into Tian Fa whenever they please!"

"Tian Fas prestige will be re-established in this war!" the black-cloaked person stated in a grave manner, "But, you all must know the consequences if we were to lose this war!"