Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 336

Chapter 335 tian fa is shocked
Chapter 335: Tian Fa is Shocked

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"That is only natural!" The black clad person said, "Since this man can help you advance, I also how can I act rashly when this man is so important to us? Do you need to remind me of something so trivial?"

"You have spoken very wisely, Eldest Brother," Long Crane and Big Bear nodded. They were quite embarrassed. They had previously boasted a lot, but the deadline of one month to complete their task had already passed. And, this fact had left them to feel very ashamed of themselves.

[What should I say in case I end-up facing him again?]

The task of preventing the Xue Hun Manor from going north had been completed very effectively. Moreover, even the Silver Blizzard City had been forced to come south to deal with this matter

However, there was the other task to break Li Teng Yuns legs. And, this task hadnt been completed yet. In fact, even Li Teng Yuns face hadnt appeared in the midst of this chaos. This had confused everyone, and had lit a fire inside Long Crane and Big Bear. However, they most probably wouldnt stop at breaking his legs if they came face to face with him. In fact, they might even finish him.

Li Teng Yun wouldnt only die if this were to happen he would die a miserable death after suffering unspeakable pain.

They had previously been wary of Li Jue Tian. Therefore, they hadnt dared to consider the thought of killing the boy since that would create a mess which could never be cleaned up. But then, Li Jue Tian had deliberated to kill their Fourth Brother. And, this had removed any space for the two sides to mediate. Therefore, these two Xuan Beast Kings were now ferociously stirred. So, how could they let Li Teng Yun off so easily?

In fact, they were eager waiting to confront Li Jue Tian again. And, they were looking forward to using this opportunity to crack-down that old bastard

The three individuals glanced at each other, and inferred that no other matter was left to debate upon. Therefore, they figured that it was time to go their separate ways, and start their respective preparations.

Then, a clamor suddenly rose in the distance. Big Bear frowned and spoke-up, "Thats the panther group over there! They seem to have some trouble again these folks will never leave me in peace!"

"The panther group?" The other two individuals also frowned and looked into the distance.

Two vigorous figures were quickly making their way towards them. These two figures were snow-white in color. But, their eyes flashed with a golden light; they both were Eighth Level Peak Golden-Eyed Xuan Snow Panthers. They were extremely fast, and managed to arrive at the spot in an instant.

"Whats the matter?" Big Bear felt humiliated. He had been responsible for the panthers ever since the death of their King. And, he had just witnessed two of them rush-in without any semblance of discipline. So, he couldnt help but feel angry.

The two Golden-Eyed Xuan Snow Panthers whined a bit. They then prostrated themselves on the ground, and remained motionless for a bit. Then, one turned his head, and retrieved a small white creature holding the scruff of its neck in his mouth from his back. He put the creature on the ground. However, it seemed as if the panther still couldnt control the trembles that had overtaken its body.

The two panthers prostrated even lower, and their heads dropped further as they "whined" a bit more. Then, they quickly withdrew, and vanished into the forest.

"This is just a small Iron Winged Panther cub It looks like its barely over a month old. Its such an adorable little thing" the man shrouded in black had barely spoken these words when his entire body started to shiver in shock. Then, his body suddenly became extremely stiff.

Long Crane and Big Bear also became still at the same time. In fact, their eyes almost popped-out as they stared unwaveringly at the thing that was huddled on the ground. It seemed as if they were looking at a rare treasure of their era

That little creature was Little White

Little White had heard the summons of the Lord of Tian Fa, and had recklessly rushed towards the forest. This was his hidden and innate nature. So, he couldve never gone against it.

He had only wished to pay his obeisance to the Lord of Tian Fa, and then return. But, he had barely gotten to the panther group, and they noticed that something was wrong. So, they delivered him here. Then, he came to see the three Xuan Beast Kings so close to himself, and his natural instinct as a lower leveled Xuan Beast kicked-in. Therefore, the adorable little thing huddled and started to tremble

"Eldest Brother! Eldest Brother! This one is just a child! Yet, hes an un-weaned Level Eight Iron-Winged Panther! Level eight! Level eight, f*ck me! Hows this possible?! I must be dreaming dammit! Third Brother, quickly slap me! I must be dreaming! This is unbelievable! My holy uncle! This is really ah!" Big Bear was shouting and making a commotion. In fact, he had completely neglected how hed appear while doing so

Long Cranes face had a hint of darkness on it.

Everyone else was completely silent.

In fact, it was almost a deathly silence.

The six pairs of eyes of the three Xuan Beast Kings were opened round. Long Cranes lamp-like eyes were flickering like a light-bulb. Big Bears eyes were still full of disbelief; in fact, it seemed that they were just about to pop-out from their sockets. The shrouded persons eyes were covered by the black cloth. But, his sharp eyes had started to shine through it, and had begun to glisten. Moreover, Big Bears words were quite deplorable, and the Lord of Tian Fa wouldve gotten angry a long time ago under any other circumstances. But, even he didnt utter a single word at this moment

[This is very shocking! Its unbelievably shocking!]

The Lord of the Xuan Beasts bent down. Then, he nimbly and cautiously grabbed the little creature, and held him to his bosom like a cherished treasure that was rather brittle in make

Little White was terrified. So, he rolled his eyes as he whimpered in fear. He could sense the opposite partys kindness, but still couldnt dare to move.

The Lord of Tian Fa held Little Whites soft body in his palm. Then, he exhaled after a long time and said, "This little thing is genuinely at the eighth level! Hes unexpectedly at level eight! Genuinely at level eight! This is a miracle! A genuine miracle!"

These three Xuan Beast Kings could easily determine the level, rank, and strength of a newly met Xuan Beast as long as they concentrated. This was a benefit of the highest of their level. However, the lord of Tian Fa had personally and closely inspected this unprecedented little Xuan Beast with his own hands

Perhaps it was the shock that had caused the Lord of Tian Fas speech to be slightly odd at first. However, his speech had turned a shade of surety once that initial sense of astonishment came to pass. But, his speech had become slightly incoherent soon-after.

However, the other two Xuan Beast Kings Long Crane and Big Bear didnt think that his words were strange. They became quite dignified on the contrary, and surveyed the little creature properly. Then, their mouths fell wide open, and they became speechless

They could still feel that sense of shock in their hearts. They shouldnt have been this shocked under normal circumstances since their perception abilities had assessed the level of this little creature a long time ago. Moreover, this sense of shock shouldve been removed from their psyche once they had verified this fact. However, they had remained stunned to their very core even now

And, the cause for their astonishment wasnt baseless either. This fact was too unfathomable and extremely shocking

"The Iron-Winged Panthers usually live for around two hundred years. They start their advance in ten years, and start their progress to the seventh layers basic level. And, it takes about seventy years for them to reach the seventh Xuan levels peak. And, the promising ones break through the seventh Xuan level if they reach its peak within those seventy years. Then, they reach the eighth level. But, thats the limit of the levels they can achieve. They have no choice but to stop there!" the black shrouded person spoke these strange words with a sense of urgency in his tone. However, his voice was somewhat sharp and somewhat intermittently gloomy as well

This information wasnt very valuable under the usual pretext. Forget these three Xuan Beast Kings even regular Xuan Beasts would find it common knowledge. However, this longstanding common knowledge had been completely and thoroughly toppled

"However, we have a level eight Iron-Winged Panther cub in front of us! A mere cub!" the black shrouded man spoke with a sense of urgency, and then panted a little. His robe fluttered and swept about. He had seemingly let go of the entirety of his repressed emotions in that moment. "Third, Fourth, is it possible that we are dreaming?"

"Hows this thing even possible?" The black-cloaked man trembled, "From what we can infer this is an Iron-Winged Panthers cub. It is barely a few months old, and it hasnt even been weaned yet. But, he has still advanced under these conditions And not only that he has advanced to such a high level! This is unbelievable! Unfathomable! I wouldve killed anyone who had told me that such a thing had happened, but I wouldnt have believed a word of it. But now I see this thing right in front of us! Can anyone tell me how such a thing is possible?"

The Lord of the Xuan Beasts shook his head again. In fact, he had exerted the entirety of his strength to shake his head. Then, he rashly spun around twice, and looked at the little white creature again. Then, his gaze didnt move away again

This fact was genuinely incomprehensible. It was extremely strange; so strange that the cloaked man couldnt understand it...

Long Crane and Big Bear stood astonished besides the Lord of the Xuan Beasts. Their minds had become numb, and saliva had started to drip from their gaping mouths without them even being aware of it. Then, Big Bears majestic body suddenly started to sway after a long time, and he tumbled onto the ground. He then started to howl. He clutched the hair on his head, and pounded the ground before mournfully shouted, "Good gods! This world is genuinely crazy!"

"Could it be?" Long Crane thought of a possibility, and smacked his lips, "Elder Brother, is it possible that the Panther King had raped a level seven Iron-Winged Panther?" he spoke those words... but then, he abruptly came to a stop, and slapped himself

The other two including Big Bear looked at him as if he was an idiot

"Idiot! Hows that possible? You two act like you have garbage inside your head! Do you think Im amazed at its level alone? The astonishing facts about this little thing arent limited his strength alone!"

The Lord of the Xuan Beasts then paused a moment and said, "Ive inspected it very carefully. This little things genes are purely those of an Iron-Winged Panther and no other high-level Xuan Beasts! Therefore, I can confirm that this little things advancement is entirely acquired in its nature. In other words someone has used a strong and miraculous method to promote its advancement!"

"And, this is still not as surprising! What is really surprising is that this little things innate characteristics have been completely transformed as well! So, it will surely advance to the ninth level within thirty years and even the ninth level wont be the limit of its potential achievements"

The man shrouded in black finished speaking in a solemn manner. Then, he recalled what Long Crane had spoken a moment ago. And, he let his leg fly. He kicked Long Crane before he started to scold him, "Would you a majestic Xuan Crane Beast King be ready to rape a level seven Xuan Crane Beast? What does that pointy head of yours think the entire day? Cant you think of something decent and useful for once?"

His voice contained a destitute trace of embarrassment in it