Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 337

Chapter 336 tian fas decision
Chapter 336: Tian Fas Decision

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Big Bear was on the ground because of the shock. Then, he looked up and started to laugh since he couldnt help but take pleasure in Long Cranes misery. This was right before he suddenly shouted, "Eldest Brother look! This little thing has a jade tied to his neck this means its someones pet and doesnt it mean ughhh" it was obvious from his cold hiss that he had been shaken.

[A pet?]

The black-clad man didnt ignore that comment. He turned the little creature around, and noticed that white piece of jade. It was a translucent-white in color; much like the little ones fur. So, one wouldnt have noticed it if they werent looking carefully. In fact, Big Bear wouldnt have been able to notice it if he werent lying on the ground and hadnt noticed the reflection of light that had denoted the difference between the fur and the jade

"Tian Xiang City Dugu" the shrouded man read these words softly. Then, he suddenly looked up and started to ponder. It was a while before he finally spoke-up, "Again, that Tian Xiang City! It seems that we must head over to this Tian Xiang City. This little one managed to advance there in a miraculous manner. And, this matter addresses our issue as well. This little thing was able to advance despite its frail body. Moreover, theres still a lot of room for its growth. Plus, it doesnt seem that it has suffered from any side-affects. This miraculous technique is genuinely world-shaking!"

Big Bear suddenly recalled something. Then, he started to crawl towards Little White, and stopped right in front of him. He then opened his big mouth, made a whining noise, and bared his white teeth.

Little Whites eyes shone. It raised its tiny claws, and made a gesture. Then, it opened its mouth, and whined feebly.

The black-cloaked man kicked Big Bears posterior, "I forgot that you could talk to it! Why didnt you do it earlier, you fool?"

Big Bear rubbed his buttocks as he inwardly cursed; [you had forgotten about it too. Then, why did you do this to me?] But, he didnt dare to open his mouth. He whined for a bit, and then he started to make strange monosyllabic sounds, "O! O! O! ..." repeatedly.

Little Whites big eyes blinked in excitement. His two paws moved up and down. He made a chirping "O! O! O! ..." sound as well. [The opposite party is a bear, and Im a panther but we can still speak to each other! Isnt this great?!]

Big Bear inquired more urgently thereafter. Little White tilted his head, and looked at the opposite party innocently. Then, he whined a bit. He wanted to give an explanation, but he wasnt able to come up with one and, his eyes were clearly relaying the confusion of his mind. So, he eventually gave up, and hung his head in a dispirited manner. The little creature stared blankly as his ears also drooped down, and he made no further noises

Big Bear spread his hands to indicate that he was finished with asking his questions.

The man shrouded in black and Long Crane asked in one voice, "What?"

"O! O! Awwooo" Big Bear had forgotten to switch back to the proper disposition, and had continued to speak in that monosyllabic language. It was then that he experienced a punch to his chest and a kick to his posterior. So, he shouted, and started to rub the parts where he had been hit

"Hurry up and speak, you idiot!" The faces of the other two individuals had transformed to devilish masks. And, Little White had been frightened. So, he withdrew his head, turned, and moved towards the black-cloaked persons bosom. This little creature was quite young. But, he looked up meaningfully, and realized that the black-shrouded person was the leader amongst the three. Therefore, he knew that hed be the safest person to be with. So, Little White suddenly whined in doubt, opened his huge wet eyes, spun around twice, cupped his paws in respect, and then stretched his tiny soft tongue to lick the black-shrouded person.

The black-shrouded man flicked his hand like he had just received an electric shock. And, Little White cut a sorry figure as he dropped down to the ground.

"This little thing!" the black-shrouded person uttered with regret and anger. Then, he rolled-up his long sleeves and picked Little White, and held him to his bosom again. After that, he started to pat his head, "Is too nave!" he spoke in a strict manner.

Little White was terrified to look at him. So, he just lay prone; without making any movements.

"It said that a powerful very powerful and nice very nice man helped him." Big Bear panted angrily as he replied in his coarse voice. His eyes were opened round, and his expression was quite gloomy.

"I asked him how this man looks, and this thing replied good, very good. I asked him about that mans age, and he said good! Very good! Everything was good! Very good!" Big Bear continued gloomily. In fact, his voice was almost a hiss

"There isnt a single detail in that. How exactly did you communicate, you idiot?!" The individual in black had gotten a little anxious by now.

"There was only one other answer outside very good! It said that the mans smell was also very good. In fact, he said that it was better than that of its master." Big bear continued. He was feeling very gloomy since everything had turned into a mess for him

"Be content. This little one is merely a couple of months old. So, its a great feat that he was able to communicate this much. What did you expect from such a young one? But, we have at least confirmed that this person who can advance Xuan Beasts cultivation exists!"

Long Crane had a disdainful look on his face. He turned to the black-clad person, "Eldest Brother, I think that this thing is related to that mysterious black-clothed masked man. In fact, Im certain that its related to him. Theres no one else in the outside world excluding that man who couldve done this. Moreover, this little one has a master. So, its master and the person who promoted his cultivation must be very close. He wouldnt use this unnatural method if not for a close friend. How could that man use such a method lightly?"

"Yes, Brother Cranes assessment seems reasonable. Why dont you learn something from him, Brother Bear? So, speaking of the mysterious and skillful mans current location its quite possible that hes here as well. Anyway, we know that this little ones master is here to say the least"

The black-cloaked mans eyes had started to shine brightly. He took two steps, and gave a resolute order, "Execute the plan that was decided earlier! But, dont rush at the Jun and the Dugu Familys men. If"

He then sighed.

"Eldest brother, if we reach the climax of the decisive battle wont it?" Long Crane and Big bear looked at him anxiously, "Youre at the fringes of the Earth Level If it had an effect wouldnt it be?"

"It doesnt matter!" The black-shrouded person waved his sleeves and said, "This is a battle for prestige! And, we will have at least ten years of stability if we win this war! But, the real disaster would be upon us if we timidly decide to abstain from a fight. I will return to seclusion and assail the twelfth gate once this matter ends. Then, you two can govern Tian Fa at that time."

"Yes!" the other two acknowledged in unison.

The Southern Heaven City seemed to be riddled with confusion at that point of time. And, everyone seemed to be anxious.

That assembly of half of the worlds experts was no longer confident of their victory after they had witnessed the terrifyingly formidable line-up of the Xuan Beasts.

The great families and powerful factions had sent their men. Moreover, hundreds of Sky Xuan experts were present. And, there were at least forty to fifty Spirit Xuan experts present here as well. They had been brimming with confidence and had been rearing to go to battle but that was before the Xuan Beasts had demonstrated their strength. In fact, some of them had even looked forward to exploit this battle since they had hoped to harvest several Xuan cores from Xuan Beasts by the end of the battle.

[This is going to get us a lot of wealth!]

However, those wonderful thoughts had vanished once they had come to witness the Xuan Beasts show of strength. A level eight Xuan Beasts equals a Sky Xuan expert, and level nine Xuan Beasts equals a Spirit Xuan expert. With that algorithm in place Tian Fas strength far exceeded their own. They had forgotten about the others, and had only seen the level nine Xuan Beasts. And, they alone numbered no less than a hundred! And the level eight Xuan Beasts must be tens of thousands in number. [How can we possibly fight this battle? How can we do it?!]

[Still thinking about collecting Xuan beast cores? You must be dreaming!]

Moreover, there was the myth that a Xuan Beast King could equal the Great Masters. However, there were only five of them present at this battle front that is if Feng Juan Yun was included in that count! And, what was even more unreasonable was the fact that the strength of Tian Fas Lord was unrivalled! Therefore, the Great Master Li Jue Tian was at a grave disadvantage on the present day at least

The leaders of every powerful faction had been immersed in discussions the entire day, but they hadnt taken a single countermeasure until now. If one came up with a plan someone else refuted it. If one proposed a tactic another overruled it. However, it was surprising that there wasnt any internal strife due to this behavior. Moreover, there were many who inwardly desired to retreat after having seen the Xuan Beasts strength and line-ups.

Young Master Jun wasnt at peace either. It could be said that the day been a very tiring one for him. First, he had expended a lot of energy in the matter relating to persuading Baili Luo Yun. He had been mentally and physically tired by that encounter, but he had thought that he would rest once hed return to his tent. However, he arrived in his tent, and found out that Little White had gone missing. So, he had no choice but to try and cajole Dugu Xiao Yi. And, that too to no avail...

The Young Master Jun had started to feel very tired and stuck since he hadnt been able to make headway. And, the little girl had continued to cry that she had to go and look for Little White. This made the Young Master Jun very restless. So, he eventually roared that he would tie her up like rice dumplings, and would send her back to Tian Xiang City.

This immediately quieted the Young Lady Dugu down. But, she was left to fume with anger. It was almost as if she would look for a day and opportunity to get back at him

Guan Qing Han started to console her as she shot a quick and cold glance at the debauchee at her side. [This brat was quite amused with this little girl before he started to get annoyed. So, why not now? His behavior has suddenly turned so vile. Its such a shame!]

The hostile gaze of the two beautiful women were like pins and needles for Jun Mo Xie. So, he gloomily left their company, and started to whine mournfully; [my life is full of hardships! Anyone who has a problem looks to me What am I a fireman?]

Then, he ran into Doingfang Wen Jian and Dongfang Wen Dao the moment he got out of the tent. And, the two Dongfang Uncles werent willing to let Jun Mo Xie off either. They interrogated him about what had passed in all those years; that too in in detail. In fact, they interrogated him so carefully that the Young Master Jun became extremely tired and mustve added a few hundred kilos of weariness onto his already tired mind

[Good God! Cant you let me rest for a bit?]

Then, Jun Wu Yi and Dongfang Wen Qing returned in the evening with serious expressions on their faces. And, Jun Wu Yi returned to Jun Mo Xies tent immediately-after he had put the military-affairs in order.

"Is it bad?" Jun Mo Xie asked. Guan Qing Han was seated on his side. She quietly opened her eyes, and pricked her ears to listen.

"Its not just bad; its horrible!" Jun Wu Yi frowned and sighed, "There will be no battle. Theres no military strength here. No one is willing to agree to anything. Moreover, many families wish to retreat. Im convinced that well most-likely face a rout at the beginning of the battle due to the lack of fighting spirit thats prevalent in the camp at the moment."

"What? So, nothing came out of this discussion that spanned an entire day? The situation cant be that pessimistic, right?" Jun Mo Xie was shocked. [How can people be this inefficient?!]

"Pessimistic? Thats a very optimistic argument to make in this situation! Do you think that such a gathering would ever come to a consensus?!" Dongfang Wen Qing overflowed with anger as he snorted, "We mightve agreed upon a decision to end humanity if it were for those Great Masters proposals. Every man present here lacks fighting spirit and preparedness. We will collapse in a moment if those Xuan Beasts attack tonight!"

"It appears that Li Jue Tian is a very incapable leader," Jun Mo Xie sighed as he spoke.

"Oh really?! The stature of these Great Masters is truly majestic, but theyre still humans. They can gather so many troops for a war, but which one of them has the ability to lead them, ah? Each one of these men has only ever concentrated on their own training. How else could they have achieved so much? But, speaking of leadership abilities the Greatest Master Yun Bie Chen and Master Shi Chang Xiao could be considered a little better than the rest of them. However, the rest of them are dumb in this regard. Especially that Solitary Falcon hes a barbarian!"

Dongfang Wen Qing continued angrily, "His words have completely infuriated me! He suggested that we must focus only on the Spirit Xuan experts from now on. He said that we should secretly infiltrate Tian Fa, and kill many Xuan Beast Kings before making a quick retreat. I wish to wipe his arrogance away. Hes genuinely a pig-headed individual!"