Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 340

Chapter 339 the thousand evils and ten thousand poisons fruit
Chapter 339: The Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit

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[Good God! That fruit has absorbed a lot of poison! Im sure that even a Spirit Xuan expert would die after he eats this fruit!]

The color of the fruit became richer with the absorption of the poisons. It had become white pure white. However, it continued to absorb the poisons in a frantic manner.

[Could this be the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit?]

Jun Mo Xie was shocked. His mind was in a bind, and his eyes had nearly popped-out. [I didnt expect such a fortuitous encounter inside this Tian Fa forest! Ive actually stumbled upon this nefarious fruit! Moreover, this fruit is nearing its final form!]

As its name suggested the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit was a fruit with an unimaginable level of toxicity. Jun Mo Xie was convinced that no living being would be immune to its toxicity. [I reckon that even the legendary and respected immortals wouldnt be immune to such a miraculous and fiercely poisonous fruit.]

This plant needed an area with extremely concentrated levels of poison to grow. In fact, it needed highly venomous liquids to irrigate it at its birth; let alone grow. Even the air itself required to have a dense presence of poison in it for the plant to have a chance at growth. The most extreme prerequisite was that it required an increasing amount of poison as it grew. Otherwise it could wilt at any time.

Moreover, the growth cycle of the plant was relatively short. And, it could mature in time as short as one year. However, it needed to absorb vast quantities of poison during this time. Even the ten-thousand kinds of poisons accumulated in this area would be absorbed in a period shorter than one year. In fact, a thing that was extremely poisonous before its poison was absorbed by this plant would become a pile of trash afterwards.

Additionally, this fruit couldnt stop the process of ripening once it had started to mature. In fact, it would wilt or wither if it were forced to do so

The fruit would usually turn white at first, then pink, blue, green, yellow, cyan, purple, silver, and finally purple-gold during the process of its maturation.

However, the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons fruit would no longer be poisonous in nature once it had achieved the final color of its transformation. In fact, it would then be capable of curing any poison in the world. Moreover, it could increase ones cultivation to a legendary degree

This miraculous change was quite reasonable. Nothing in this world can be considered as absolute. And, anything which has reached a negative-extreme would turn into something positive since things can only move in the opposite direction once theyve reached one extreme. Therefore, there could only be joy after extreme sadness. Consequently, this Thousand Evils and Ten Poisons Fruit would turn into a great cure for poison

However, the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit couldnt be ingested directly once it had attained the purple-gold color. And, even a powerful Xuan expert would explode if they did so since the power in that now-medicinal plant would be greater than that of countless nuclear bomb explosions.

The Hong Jun Pagodas information on medicines stated that the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit was the sixth amongst the extremely efficacious medicines. Moreover, it was an important ingredient for the Ninth Firmament dan. As the name suggested Jun Mo Xie could refine this efficacious dan once he reached the ninth level of the Hong Jun Pagoda.

The sixth, seventh and eighth layer of the Hong Jun Pagoda could also use the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit to refine the efficacious dan if needed. However, some portion of this fruit would be wasted in these levels after the refinement had been completed. And, that would tantamount to wastage of a very precious raw material.

This plant wouldve been called the most efficacious plant if it werent for its overbearing reactive nature. Therefore, it needed to be preserved in a Xuan Containment box once it has matured in case it wasnt being used immediately-after. In fact, even the wonderful White Jade Containment box would corrode if the plant were to be stored inside it.

The Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit would wilt after merely one days time if it wasnt stored in a proper manner. Its branches would then go underground. And, the area spanning hundreds of kilometers around this wilted plant would become a barren wasteland. Moreover, the vitality of that region wouldnt revive even after a hundred years had come to pass

As for the method of intake that was simple. One only had to consume in accordance with ones cultivation. For example, a Spirit Xuan expert could take only a drop of its juice; and, that would be it. Just one drop of that juice could advance ones cultivation considerably.

However, one would die if they got greedy and ingested more than the prescribed amount since they wouldnt be able to handle the immense power of this fruits efficacy. And, there was no room for error in this regard

Therefore, this fruit was desired by every expert. They hated it, and they loved it. But, it was a headache since they would have to resist the temptation of taking an extra drop; their bodies would explode, and they would die if they succumbed to this temptation

In fact, death wouldnt be the end of their misery. Even the skeleton of the deseeded would burn to ashes and disappear without a trace. And, they would genuinely cease to exist.

However, would anyone who had the opportunity to obtain this fruit be considered a peerless expert? Most of people werent strong enough to handle the fruits overbearing power, and would explode to their deaths

Therefore, one could well-imagine the fruits violent characteristics.

Moreover, the abilities of this fruit as an antidote were far from just a narrowly saving ones life situation.

Jun Mo Xie wouldve never imagined that hed enter the Tian Fa forest, and stumble onto such a legendary spiritual existence soon after. However, this was like a case of dark providence. And, Jun Mo Xie felt endless regret at this point of time because the fruit had already turned white

In other words the fruit had reached the stage where it had started to mature.

Several poisons mustve given sustenance to the fruit in order for it to reach this stage. Therefore, the toxicity in the air was nearing the state of getting fully diminished. However, it still needed to change eight colors before it became ripe.

This final conversion would require a huge amount of poisonous substances for sustenance.

However, it was clear that the available poisons didnt amount to much. In other words this event with the once-in-a-thousand-years-appearing Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit stood to end in tragedy.

It would become a Spiritual Fruit after it had ripened. But, it was the most nefarious poison in all the three realms before it reached maturity.

[What use will this be now?]

Jun Mo Xie stamped his feet, and beat his chest in regret. [I wouldve become obsessed with this if I had known of this earlier. And, I wouldve plundered all the money required to buy poisons to help this mature. The greatest divine dan in the whole world is in front of my eyes!]

However, Jun Mo Xie was unaware that this fruit had another resounding name in the tongue of the Xuan Beast Kings of Tian Fa.

Tian Fas Sacred Fruit!

It was unknown how many fierce and toxic Xuan Beast inside Tian Fa had been aiding the growth Tian Fas Sacred Fruit.

The fruit had turned pure white and florescent. In fact, its outer layer had started to become light pink in many place. The process of the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruits maturity was like the rolling of the wheel of history it wouldnt stop once it had started.

Jun Mo Xie nearly spat blood.

His life had become very depressing all of a sudden. Nothing could surpass the sorrow of seeing the greatest treasure in the world at an arms reach only to be constricted to just looking at it! And, his misery didnt end at that. He was constricted to looking-on helplessly as it turned to waste

[I would use-up all my wealth sacrifice everything I have even sell my blood to get enough money to buy poisons to sustain this fruit if the heavens let me re-live this life!]

[Oh heavens! Oh mother earth! Why did you let me see this ruined fruit?! It wouldve been better if I had never seen it!]

[Let me die!]

Jun Mo Xie had been extremely depressed for a long while by the time the green-clad girl with the indescribable appearance suddenly issued a hiss. This was followed by a wave of hisses which echoed from the surrounding bushes. Then, a strange stench and aura suddenly surged up. Jun Mo Xies blood ran cold. And, he couldnt help his hair standing up.

One could look around, and tell that the entire area had become an ocean of poison.

All kinds of vipers, small centipedes, scorpions, three-foot striped toads, four-stinger snakes every creature which Jun Mo Xie knew to be poisonous had arrived in densely packed groups. However, they then stationed themselves in proper and neat formations, and arranged themselves in an ordered manner.

This wasnt over yet

The sky then shook with loud voices

Poison Cranes, bat falcons, seven-colored eagles every kind of poisonous flying Xuan Beast arrived in huge numbers.

Jun Mo Xie was shaken [so this Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit was actually being cultivated by Tian Fa! I must pay my obeisance to them! Theyve actually saved several hundred years worth of poison for this fruit?!]

[How much physical and mental strength have they meticulously spent on this?!]

[This is really daring!]

Jun Mo Xies heart calmed down at this realization. He then began to cheer; [it seems that the ripening of this Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisonous Fruit wont be a problem! So, Ill just sit back and wait.]

As for Long Crane and Big Bear

Ill wait till this matter is over. The decisive battle is still three days away. So, theres still a lot of time. But, who is this green-clothed girl? Could she be a Xuan Beast King? Possibly the one whos in-charge of the poisonous Xuan Beasts? But, this is outrageous! Long Crane and Big Bear have repulsive appearances! So, how can she look so good? This is shocking!]

The toxicity level in the area had become increasingly low, and the air was about to clear up soon. However, the green-clad girl whistled, and suddenly flew thirty meters into the sky. Then, the Xuan Beasts in the sky swooped down in orderly formations, and opened their mouths to let-out poisonous emissions. This poison dropped to the ground surrounding the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit. Their poison then gave rise to a thick mist that had a very pungent smell.

The Xuan Beasts seemed dispirited after they had spat-out the entirety of their poison. In fact, it even seemed as if their constitution had been ruined. They wouldnt be able to recover even after many years. After all, this was the very essence of their lives which they had saved up.

The Xuan Beasts which had spat the venom came to a stop. They then flapped their wings, and flew away into the boundless horizon of the opposite direction. They made crackling noises as they left, and it seemed as if they were bidding farewell. And then, they disappeared

Then, another squadron of flying Xuan Beasts swooped down, and spat venom before they flew away. And, these actions were carried-out in proper order. In fact, there wasnt even the slightest bit of chaos. However, it happened very quickly; it took only a moment of effort. Thousands of Xuan Beasts had spat their venom, and had flown away. However, numerous beasts were still left in the air. And, their numbers werent decreasing with the passage of time either