Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 341

Chapter 340 im stealing this sacred fruit for the sake of doing a good deed
Chapter 340: Im Stealing this Sacred Fruit for the Sake of Doing a Good Deed

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The figure of the green-clad girl suddenly flashed. And, two long chains shot out of her sleeves. They went in the midst of a group of Seven-Colored Eagles, and wrapped around one of them that had dived down in front of her. She then used the chains to snap its skull off. The eagle twisted for a bit, and then died a violent death.

Jun Mo Xie had clearly seen that the eagle had dived down. It had opened its mouth, but it hadnt spat any venom. It had acted with narrow-minded intentions, and hadnt expected the green-clad girl would notice its slyness. In fact, it hadnt even started the rise of it flight when it was pulled down by the chain.

[So, humans arent the only ones who act mischievously. The Xuan Beasts do it too] Jun Mo Xie sighed as he thought this.

Then, the green-clad girl spoke a few sharp words to the other beasts. Her beautiful face was brimming with anger. So, it was clear to Jun Mo Xie that she had given a warning to everyone else. And, it didnt matter whether if it were the beasts in the sky or the ones on the ground they all trembled with fear.

[Shes genuinely a Xuan Beast King!]

[Who except for a Xuan Beast King could have such an effect?]

Countless Xuan Beasts spat their venom around the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit. A puddle of poison had appeared because of it, while the concentration of toxicity in the air had become increasingly denser. Moreover, the puddle of poison was multicolored in its make.

The fruit was in the process of turning pink. However, the ground which was filled with multi-colored poisons began to lose its toxicity, and started to become grey. Then, it slowly resumed its original shade. All the colorful poison had been absorbed in such a short period of time!

[This fruit has clearly reached the second stage of its transformation the sparkling pink!]

The extreme topmost tip of the fruit was so small that it couldnt be seen with the naked eye. And, it had already turned blue.

[The third stage will start so soon?!] Jun Mo Xie was startled.

The green-clad maiden pursed her lips, and whistled. And, the scared Xuan Beasts started to dive down from the sky again.

The plant changed its color three more times, and became yellow. However, no Xuan Beasts were left in the sky by now.

Then, the Xuan Beasts on the ground started to spit their venom under the girls command.

The green-garbed maidens face became increasingly nervous yet increasingly happy each time the fruit changed color. However, it had soon reached the final phase of its transformation, and had started to turn a light purple-gold in color.

The Xuan Beasts on the ground had finished spitting the entirety of their venom by this point. But, the task of spitting the required amount of venom had also been completed.

"That was close!" The green-clad girl patted the pit of her stomach, and stuck her tongue out in an adorable manner.

[That was close! It wasnt nearly enough!] The same thought came into Jun Mo Xies mind as well. The two people stationed in the area one in the open, and the other hidden felt pangs of relief, and sighed in unison.

Jun Mo Xie was in hiding. But, the look of desire and longing on his face for that fruit was the same as the one on the green-clad girls.

The Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit began to transform again

And, it started to turn Purple-Gold this time!

The Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit had finally started to turn purple-gold in color!

This meant that it had nearly ripened!

Then, the fruit blossomed, and shone as brilliantly as the countless stars. And, it seemed as if the shining stars in the night-sky had suddenly descended to the forest.

The beauty of that moment was incomparable, and cant be described in written words.

It resembled a proud and generous King who was overlooking all living things!

The event had been a brief one. However, Jun Mo Xie was certain that hed never forget the sight of it

[This spiritual ripening of the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit is the most majestic and beautiful sight in the entire world.]

The green-clothed maiden seemed to be bewitched as well. In fact, she couldnt even suppress the fanatical expression that flashed in her eyes. [I should put this into the Xuan Jade Case. Then, we can all advance and break through the shackles of the peak of level-nine, and officially enter the tenth level! We only need to wait for Eldest Brothers arrival to start!]

This process carried a lot of risk since it was a very treacherous procedure. However, she would still go ahead with it. And, she wouldnt regret attempting it even if her body were to explode in the end.

The Young Master Jun had adjudged correctly. The green-clothed girl was genuinely a Xuan Beast King. She was a level-nine Xuan Beast King of Tian Fa. And, she had been in pursuit of this fruit for the past year.

In fact, the Lord of Tian Fa had made several preparations for this Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit. He had planted multitudes of toxic plants to create this poison valley. And then, he had purposely cultivated a myriad of poisonous Xuan Beasts. Moreover, he had been doing this for the past three-hundred-and-fifty years.

Three-hundred-and-fifty years!

The Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit needed only one year to mature. However, the preparations needed no less than three-hundred-and-fifty years. Moreover, the conditions in Tian Fa were exceptional, and quite convenient for its growth.

Speaking of Xuan Beasts the poisonous ones werent in majority. In fact, there would only be one or two poisonous beasts in every ten. However, the Xuan Beasts of Tian Fa had prepared for something as important and big as the Sacred Fruit for three-hundred-and-fifty years.

And, millions of Xuan Beasts had labored in those three-hundred-and-fifty years. Some of them hadnt even lived long-enough to witness this magnificent event. But, they had regularly poured their venom into that area until they had died of old age. In fact, even their corpses had been buried in this area.

And this had all been done for that fruit!

The Xuan Snake King Green Hunter was greatly moved. The labors of the past three-hundred-and-fifty years for Tian Fas Sacred Fruit had come to fruition! She couldnt help but be shaken inside.

[Its ready at last!]

Then, the young maiden slowly took out a fist-sized Xuan Jade box from her bosom. She then opened its lid, and calmly stayed till. The entirety of her actions were clearly indicative of her the caution she was treading with. It seemed as if she didnt wish to disturb the seemingly inanimate Sacred Fruit of Tian Fa.

[One must wait for Tian Fas Sacred Fruit to fully ripen and fall. Plucking it even a moment ahead of time will cause problems.] This thought came over and over into Green Hunters mind.

[Dont be impatient dont be impatient careful be very careful]

The extremely bright glow from the fruit eventually started to subside. However, its rich smell didnt vanish. In fact, it became even more delightful and elegant. And, it lasted for ages as it transmitted outwards

[King of fragrance! No doubt its the King of all fragrances!]

Then, the branches above the Sacred Fruit trembled in a graceful manner. And, it seemed as if it was unwilling to fall. However, the stem beneath the purple-gold fruit suddenly withered, and turned to ashes. This left the Sacred Fruit to hang in empty air for a moment before it gracefully fell down

Green Hunter excitedly opened the lid of the Xuan Jade Box to catch it. And, the fruit was about fall into that box

When suddenly

The Xuan Beast King Green Hunter opened her beautiful eyes wide at the unbelievable sight that had just occurred in front of her eyes

There was nothing in the empty air!

Not a single thing!

Those untold hardships, the hundreds of years of labor and preparation for Tian Fas Sacred Fruit and then, that miraculous thing had suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Counting the ascended and the buried she was one of the most powerful Xuan Beast Kings in existence in her generation. And yet, that fruit had disappeared from her sight without so much as a sign!

[What is going on?]

She was extremely shocked, angry and annoyed. Then, she quickly turned the Xuan Jade box to look inside it, and confirmed that the fruit had disappeared. Then, the Beast King soared into the air, and stationed herself on top of a tall tree. Her voice was stern as she shouted, "Where has this uncouth scoundrel come from? Be smart, and show yourself! Let this Xuan Beast King see who has the cheek to steal the meticulously nurtured treasure of Tian Fa!"

The entire forest echoed with these words as they surged-on like waves

Jun Mo Xie became speechless in his hiding place. [This Xuan Beast King is very ferocious!]

[But, I wont come out and show myself; I dont know how badly Ill provoke this crazy woman if I do. So, why would I appear in the open and get into trouble?]

[Im not a fool!]

This coldly executed plan had left the Xuan Beast King fuming. The very abled and skilled Young Master Jun had secretly arrived, and taken away the fruit right from under her nose. He had been drooling over that Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit. So, he took it and placed it into the Hong Jun Pagoda.

It couldnt be kept outside. Even the Xuan Jade Box might not have been able to hold it for a long period of time. But, it would never rot inside the Pagoda.

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had a huge advantage when it came to the matter of exploiting the fruit.

[Im very sorry little girl, but I had no choice but to borrow this thing. Its a very useful thing, but its a pity that its usefulness wouldnt be exploited in your hands. This thing is truly a divine object and, not only in name at that!]

[Its a pity that I was left without a choice when it came to taking this away from you. But, I did it to avoid a huge calamity. And, it could also be said that Im helping you. Thats right! This fruit is amazing, but the wrong dosage will make your body explode! I have put it away from your reach, and Ive saved several of your peoples lives as a result! This elder brother is a great person! So, you neednt thank me! I only did this good deed for the sake of it!]

Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt himself to be a righteous philanthropist at heart. He didnt feel that he had stolen a treasure. In fact, the Young Master Jun felt that he was actually saving countless lives as if he was as benevolent as Buddha. He even wondered how a person as fine as him could be born into this world

However, this obviously wasnt the right time for the living embodiment of Buddha to appear in the open since he wasnt sure how she would feel about him taking the Tian Fas Sacred Fruit. In fact, he was worried that she might shred him to pieces in this precarious situation

"Come out!"

She could neither see nor hear anyone as she looked around. It was obvious that whoever had stolen Tian Fas treasure from her would have some tricks up their sleeves. Moreover, he had to be courageous to make such a bold move.

The Snake Xuan King looked around in a flustered and angry manner. She then suddenly let out a severe roar. And, it was as frightening as a thunderclap! She had shouted from the big tree she had stood on. But, her shout was so powerful that trees for miles around in all directions toppled over.

The shocking effect of the courage, ability, and skill of the Young Master Juns actions on the Snake Kings psyche couldnt be described in mere words. In fact, it was so lifelike that even the usage of movie-like special-effects wouldnt be enough to portray it properly. But, that woman genuinely deserved to be called a Xuan Beast King! No one elses shout couldve had such an effect. In fact, one wouldnt be able to find someone like her even if they chose one horsemen for each of the four directions, and sent them off in search of another individual like her. No other individual could shout like this even if they screamed to the extent of damaging their vocal chords!