Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 342

Chapter 341 tian fas millions depend on the success or failure of one person
Chapter 341: Tian Fas Millions Depend on the Success or Failure of One Person!

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"You dare to come here and steal our treasures? Youve courted your death! Ill chase you to the ends of Tian Fa, and kill you!" There was still no reply. And, this had made the Xuan Beast King who was chief of all the poisonous beasts extremely mad.

[Two generations of Lords had wished for it for hundreds of years. Millions of Xuan Beasts had labored for three-hundred-and-fifty years to grow this. Many of my brothers and sisters had been anxiously waiting for hundreds of years for this fruit. Could it be that Ive lost it?]

[This isnt good! Id rather die than allow this to happen!]

The Xuan Snake King Green Hunter was losing it due to the anger. Her beautiful eyes had turned a miserable shade of green. And, her green clothes had started to flutter even though there was no wind. She then looked up, and let out a world-shaking hiss. The Xuan Beast King had brandished her jade-like arms, and had released the entirety of her strength; she hadnt held back even a bit.

This was the full strength of that generations Xuan Snake King.

The target of that unleashed strength was a circumference of over three-hundred meters with her at the center. And, no living creature could avoid it if they were within those limits.


This attack was no different than an atom bombs explosion in magnitude. And, the dark night was suddenly covered with a slowly rising mushroom-like cloud.

It seemed as if this explosion had shaken the entire night-scene. In fact, it seemed as if a slumbering demon had just opened his eyes! It seemed like a huge black whole had appeared to engulf everything in this space.

Meanwhile, the Xuan Beasts near and far trembled and hissed as her furious roar travelled into the distance.

The entire Tian Fa forest was suddenly set into movement. The flying beasts quickly rushed over. And, the Tian Fa forest started to resemble a giant creature that had just woken up from its slumber.

An incomparable burst of vitality and tremendous strength had burst out in a short moment!

Then, two other roars emanated in unison. And, they seemed to be in-support of the Xuan Snake King. The roars hadnt yet died-down when Long Crane and Big Bear arrived besides the Xuan Beast King, Green Hunter. The three stood together in a tripod formation. Each of their faces appeared dignified.

A rare beasts footprints could be seen in a secluded nook of the Tian Fa forest. A thick white substance floated in the air like a dense mist wouldve. And, that white fog had enshrouded a humanoid entity in its midst. The mist was so thick that it almost seemed solid. Any knowledgeable individual wouldve been gob-smacked to witness this sight.

It was unexpectedly...

The heavens spirit was being used to move the earth!

The level of this individuals Xuan cultivation was very deep. In fact, this level of cultivation had already reached the peak as per the common beliefs in the Xuan Xuan continent. In fact, no more than ten individuals would possess such power even if the secretive families and the three Holy Lands were taken into account

The white mist had started to revolve with increasing urgency. And, it had soon taken the shape of a whirlwind. A "xiu" "xiu" sound was being emitted from time to time from this whirlwind. This individual had obviously reached a critical juncture in his practice.

The wild hiss of the Snake King Green Hunter was full of terror, anger and worry. And, her wrathful scream had travelled a long distance to reach this place. Therefore, it had sounded very faintly in this area. However, the sound had still managed to retain its meaning.

And, the message in this sound hit this individual shrouded in the white mist like thunder from the clear sky to speak the least of it

The mist was somewhat shaken by this. Moreover, the mists speed of rotation was also affected by this, and gradually became slower. In fact, it was somewhat scattered. This Snake King had unleashed this hiss with the entirety of her strength. Moreover, her voice was mournful and full of hate. So, anyone could understand that this lengthy roar was full of inexhaustible sorrow and despair.

"Aaah!" scarlet blood sprayed out from inside the white mist. And, the area that was shrouded in white mist was suddenly dyed red by the blood. The white mist that had nearly reached a state of congealment had suddenly been ruined in its entirety

Sharp breathing sounds were heard from the dense white fog as it started to dilute. A long time passed before the exhausted voice of an individual was heard. And, this infinitely dismal voice said, "This is the will of the heaven the will of the heavens has played with us thats all"

Then, the voice made a few coughing sounds. And, it seemed as if its owner had become weaker in health as he murmured, "The old Lord of Tian Fa had left a few lines behind at that time Tian Fa wont find what it seeks. The Beast Kings will die. The Tian Fas million will depend of the success of failure of one person! Ive been thinking over the meaning of these sentences for hundreds of years, but I still hadnt been able to solve them. However, I understand their true meaning today. These words had predicted the fate of the Tian Fa forest! Ha ha that was completely unexpected"

"The first part said Tian Fa wont get what it seeks. Green Hunter was guarding the Sacred Fruit. So, I presume that something bad has happened. Why else would she lose her mind like this? The second part said the Beast Kings will die. I presume that this line foretells our deaths. The final part said Tian Fas millions will depend on the success or failure of one person. I presume that this part speaks of the man who stole Tian Fas Sacred Fruit!"

"This person has stolen the Sacred Fruit at a time when the world's Xuan experts are amassing outside Tian Fa to attack us! Moreover, I was on the verge of making a breakthrough, and had wished to suppress the surge of strength in order for the breakthrough at such a critical junction. Therefore, I wasnt to be disturbed even a bit at this moment. I wouldve then met that Li Jue Tian head-on. But, I wasnt to be alarmed in any manner at this critical moment. But, that scream of Green Hunter had publicly declared the theft of our Sacred Treasure. Our precious treasure had been lost so, how could I have felt at ease? This alarm boiled my blood. And so, I was unable to continue with the final step I had so meticulously prepared for. Perhaps I will never have a breakthrough now! Ah! So, thats what the dying old Lord of Tian Fa had forecasted okay okay However, I wont allow that Li Jue Tian to have an easy time either!"

The voice of that individual became softer, and reached such a low that it was nothing more than a mere whisper. But, the flavor of resentment in his voice was extremely intense, and had even become stronger with the passage of his speech

[Li Jue Tian! This your fault! I will kill you for sure!]

"What happened, ninth younger sister?" Long Crane asked with a sense of urgency, "What has made you this mad?"

The Snake Xuan Kings face was pale; her lips trembled as she turned around. She was shook all over, and two tear drops left her eyes. Then, she spoke-up, and it seemed that she was choking with emotion, "Third Elder Brother, Fourth Elder Brother the Sacred Fruit... it had matured... but just when it did... it was stolen..."

Even the Snake Xuan King couldnt endue such a heavy blow. She felt infinite despair. So, she started crying bitterly after she saw that Long Crane and Big Bear had rushed forth to assist her

Tian Fas Sacred Fruit had been related to the forest for hundreds of years, and wouldve had positive effect upon it for many more in the future. So, it was obviously an object of great importance. And, this obviously meant that they couldnt mess up in the regard. Therefore, the Snake Xuan King had been assigned to take care of it. But, the powerful enemy had waited till that critical juncture, and had stolen the fruit from her hands

Long Crane and Big Bear were dumbstruck. They looked to the heavens for a good while. Then, they turned their gaze to the Snake King, "What? The Sacred Fruit was stolen? Hows this possible? How did it even happen...?"

"Its true" Green Hunter hadnt acted with the elegance of a Xuan Beast King this entire time. She couldnt help but reveal her feelings, and how depressed she felt with this matter on her mind. In fact, she spoke of the entire sequence of incidents in breaks

"Did you set up a proper perimeter? Has there been any news of the thief?" Long Crane asked in a sinking voice.

"I did set the perimeter it is intact every place without exception everythings normal but Third Brother the Sacred Fruit it disappeared without a trace" Green Hunter started to weep again.

"Dont worry! Its true that the Sacred Fruit has been stolen post its maturity. But, our hundreds of years of work hasnt been wasted yet. We still have a chance to get it back! The fact that this person was able to come here, and steal the Sacred Fruit without setting-off any alarms at the perimeter explains two things. The first is that this individual is far stronger than us. We wouldve been able to spot that person if it werent so. Therefore, there are no doubts about their capability. We have to accept this as a fact. The stronger are always likely to prevail. So, would it have been easy for you to handle him on your own? And the second point is that that person hasnt escaped after stealing the Sacred Fruit. So, they mustnt be very far from here. And, searching carefully will help us. But, this incident has already taken place. So, theres no use worrying about. We just need to focus on solving this problem!"

No one wouldve thought that it would be the Bear King whod manage to calm in such a situation. In fact, he was even focused and tactful with his approach. This was completely unexpected!

[A wise man can make mistakes when he makes a thousand decisions. And, even a fool can counsel the wise at times! Those were very wise words.] Jun Mo Xie couldnt help but praise. [That stupid bear has a streak of intelligence. This is a rare sight!]

The Bear Kings words were genuinely reasonable. The Snake King and the Crane King looked on with shining eyes. They felt that those words were very rational.

Long Crane nodded, and silently looked up. Then, he let out a loud screech. And, his screech pierced through the air as he uttered a few strange syllables. Then, the scout aerial beasts in Tian Fa flapped their wings in unison. And, they moved towards the three Beast Kings in orderly formations. It seemed that all of them were crowding around the area.

Then, Big Bear also roared, and the terrestrial Xuan Beasts including those on the trees started to arrive in a dignified manner.

The Snake King also issued an order, and the poisonous Xuan Beasts come over

Soon, the aerial, the terrestrial and the poisonous Xuan Beasts the three types of them had come over to that place. A million of them would crowd around the thief, and would prevent his escape if he was present in that area. In fact, this crowd would squeeze him to death even if he tried to cram in.

The land and the sky in that area was so densely packed by now that it had become similar to an iron bucket. Even water would need the Xuan Beasts permission to flow out of it it would otherwise remain stuck there

Every nook and cranny on the ground, the sky, and even the area underground had been densely packed with the three types of Xuan Beasts due to this move. In fact, the underground terrain was so densely packed with poisonous snakes and insects that even the rainwater would have a hard time in seeping down to the earth

[How many Xuan Beasts mustve gathered here to create this effect? Jun Mo Xie felt his head go numb. He gazed into the distance, and felt that he was stuck in an endless ocean of Xuan Beasts.

The Beasts wouldnt even need to attack if they were to find the thief. Their saliva alone would be enough to drown him

This kind of manpower in a search-mission could even find a needle in this vast forest let alone a living individual.

The Tiger King, the Lion King, the Monkey king, the Eagle King, and the youngest the Wolf King; all came rushing over at this moment. Each one of them had a dignified expression since they knew what had happened. Their arrival resulted in more Xuan Beasts being added to this perimeter.

And, many more Xuan Beasts were charging-in from the distance!