Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 346

Chapter 345 extremely vile
Chapter 345: Extremely Vile!

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Jun Mo Xie clicked his tongue, "I dont know how you got this injury, little thing. Tch, its very harsh. Your meridians are like a hundred-year-old bark; theyre brittle, and full of cracks. Theyll break the moment you make any movements but youre lucky that you met me Anyone elses hands wouldve been bound even if they had wished to help you. However, I seldom turn down the chance to do a good deed."

He slowly let out the dense and pure aura he had amassed in his palm while he talked.

The refreshing and innate pure aura flowed into the little creature like a bubbling stream. It then went into its meridians. That innate pure aura increased its spirits. And then, the unspeakable pain that it felt was reduced considerably as the aura continued to flow into the meridians. It instead felt incomparably comfortable; in fact, it even wanted to let out a groan

The aura slowly mended the nearly broken meridians. It was akin to a supreme healing medicine at the time. The injuries healed slowly, and got a little better. Soon, the meridians were fixed-enough to have no cracks left in them.

"So, how did you suffer such a Devils bite? Its a high-level devils bite. In fact, its devils bite only a person with a Qi Level of a Great Master can suffer. Only someone with a huge amount of Qi could make this happen. How could a little thing like you make such a big ruckus? Is my guess wrong? Are you the root of these problems? Wouldnt you be some big shot of Tian Fa if that were the case perhaps even the Lord?" Jun Mo Xie laughed. It seemed funny even as he spoke it. And so, he burst out laughing.

The little creature turned to look at him, and its eyes revealed an expression of disdain.

"Youre not convinced, little thing? Wouldnt I be the Ultra-Super Master if you were the Supreme Lord of Tian Fa? I can kill you as I speak since youre in my hand. But, I will obviously never harm such an adorable little thing like you." Jun Mo Xie looked at it, and his expression changed very drastically. He couldnt help but smile as he moved his hand, and lightly scratched the little things tender nose.

A light noise came from the creatures throat, and a look of embarrassment appeared in his eyes.

The Young Master continued to tease the little beast while he healed it. It was unknown how long it continued for. Maybe it was for a short period or perhaps it continued for a long time.

"Oh? Youre feeling embarrassed, little thing?" Jun Mo Xie used the pure aura from the Hong Jun Pagoda, and eventually mended the entirety of the little creatures damaged meridians. He let out a relaxed sigh as he spoke that ridiculous tease of a line. And then, he lightly patted the little things tender posterior.

The little thing shivered after getting spanked. It was like it had been struck by lightning. It tried to struggle, but Jun Mo Xie held it down rather vigorously.

"The Injury is fine now. But, itll be best if you dont tamper with it. It might go back to the original injured condition if you do." Jun Mo Xie spoke as he kneaded the little things posterior. He then slapped it lightly only to find that it was extremely soft and supple. It felt as if it had no bone in it. It felt very good to him, and he couldnt help but continue to knead it.

"Anyway, you cant understand a word Im saying" A rare and innocent smile surfaced on Jun Mo Xies face. He smiled, and his eyebrows shot up. He didnt notice that the eyes of the little creature were full of embarrassment until they had drooped down with shame.

"Oh?" Jun Mo Xie was too focused at rubbing the little thing since he was enjoying it a bit too much. Suddenly, a thought crossed his mind, "Ah, you seem so embarrassed. You're not a female, are you?"

The little creature started to tremble violently. Its eyes opened wide into a circle with disbelief. The little thing then turned as red as blood. Its short and white hair had turned red as well. Then, its body became very stiff; its didnt move at all

"A female... you are a female, and Im a big man. But, I wont rape you. So, what are you afraid of?" Jun Mo Xie was rather engrossed. So, he reached out and teased it further.

The little creature then let out a strange scream. It hadnt returned to its state of previous supremacy since itd need more time to heal completely. But, that vile and nasty human before its eyes was making it sick from head to toe. It twitched and shuddered almost as if it was suffering from malaria. Then, it stretched and opened its eyes wide to the greatest extent they couldve been stretched to. It then slanted its head at a crooked angle, and fainted

"Damn! You couldn't endure even that much? I had just touched you lightly, and yet there was such a strong reaction Was that your weak spot?" Jun Mo Xie spoke in a puzzled manner as he caught hold of the creature's head to inspect it with bewildered expression on his face.

And, at this time...

Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt like he was hit by something lofty, powerful and sharp. He was left to shudder due to the icy feeling, and the hair at the back of his neck stood up. He had reacted as such due to a murderous aura that had suddenly overtaken the vicinity. And, that murderous aura was extremely formidable. It was the strongest he had felt in both of his lives. He was called the "King of Evil" in his previous life, but his murderous aura was dwarfed by this cold and murderous one. He had been reduced to a mere nobody expert in front of this aura. In fact, he felt the same way a short grass would in front of a large tree. There was absolutely no comparison between the owners of these two auras.

This was a very destructive murderous aura.

He didn't even have enough time to pin-point where the cold murderous aura had come from in that split second. But, he felt that he had been enclosed inside it! As if he had fallen into a cold cave!

He felt that he couldnt escape it no matter what he did.

Jun Mo Xie was covered with cold sweat for a time. That aura was so sharp, huge, and frightening that it could penetrate into an individuals body, and could leave the said-individuals thoughts to become sluggish. So much so that even their very soul would become stiff and sluggish.

A persons eyes would see no hope to reprieve themselves from the clutches of death once this murderous aura had shrouded their body

Their eyes would reek of the anticipation of their end!

[Theres such a terrifying and formidable strength in the depths of this forest!] Jun Mo Xie instantly became regretful. [Ive been too careless this time.]

Jun Mo Xie had seen and faced many experts since the time he had come to this world. However, even a Spirit Xuan experts murderous aura would be considered nothing compared to what he was facing at this moment. Even the Great Master Li Jue Tian wouldnt be able to compare with this

That murderous aura was strong and terrifying enough to have surpassed the Young Masters imagination!

[Perhaps this makes sense. This place had so many heavenly herbs! So, it would be illogical to leave these heavenly herbs lying around without a powerful guardian to protect them]

Jun Mo Xies subconscious screamed for him to escape into the Hong Jun Pagoda, and take refuge against that frightful aura. He knew that he wouldnt be able to deal with something so frightening and powerful. He wouldnt have been able to escape this aura even if he was at the peak stage of his previous life. So, it was even more useless to talk about his present condition. Jun Mo Xie couldnt even think of a means to deal with this powerful aura if its owner were to unleash it upon him. [What kind of earth-shattering murderous aura is this person emanating? I can neither contend with it nor avoid it!]

However, the frightening aura disappeared just when Jun Mo Xie had started to think of making an escape. In fact, that aura had disappeared without a trace or any prior signs of doing so. Its disappearance was an unfathomable mystery

It had disappeared as suddenly as it had arrived. The heavens and earth had now reinstated to their original state.

"That was close!" Jun Mo Xie gasped for air. But, he still had some lingering fear. So, he linked his spiritual sense to the Hong Jun Pagoda in order to connect to everything. Then, a mixture of the aura from the Hong Jun Pagoda, and his own spirit sense, spread out far and wide. He looked everywhere, but didnt discover anything unusual.

"This is very strange!" Jun Mo Xie frowned as he held the little creature. It should be mentioned that Jun Mo Xies innate spiritual sense was quite formidable even if his strength wasnt. In fact, it was in no way weaker than that of a Spirit Xuan expert. Moreover, the aura from Hong Jun Pagoda and his innate spiritual sense had formed a formidable combination. And, this had increased the effective power by many times. But, the creature in his embrace was a supreme being. It was extremely strong. In fact, it was the strongest the Young Master Jun had faced since he had come to this world. And, it was the owner of that murderous aura. Jun Mo Xies spiritual sense was powerful, but it was incapable of detecting the opposite partys aura if they had chosen to hide it. Jun Mo Xie had risked a chance, and had started to search for the identity of that mysterious master. But, it was a pity that his spiritual sense had come up with nothing. His spiritual sense flowed out again. But, he found the area to be deserted once again; there was no one around.

He hadnt even noticed that the little thing in his arms had woken up. Its big and beautiful eyes were wide open. But, they had a complicated expression in them. The expression in its eyes looked unpredictable in make, but revealed a faint yet fiercely ominous glint.

The expressions in its eyes were a blurry mix. It was sometimes indignant, sometimes embarrassed. A murderous look would occasionally arise in them. And, it looked puzzled at times The little thing had revealed many complicated expressions in its eyes. Any man would find this strange. But, Jun Mo Xie hadnt paid any attention to this because of the appearance and disappearance of that unimaginable murderous aura.

The Young Master Jun had searched every place except for his own arms. That little creature looked like a harmless animal. However, the dark light that shone in its eyes was of a persona Jun Mo Xie shouldve feared the most

The undisputed and strongest master!

"Ha ha! You woke up, you little thing! You woke up, but you didnt even move to let me know about it! You should be spanked for that! Hey, are you hungry?" Jun Mo Xie figured that the master with the murderous aura had disappeared, and wasnt a threat to him for the time being. So, he relaxed. Then, he became lively, and lowered his head to look at the tiny thing. It was then that he noticed that the little creature had opened his eyes, and was looking at him. The Young Master Jun couldnt help but laugh and lightly rebuke as he saw this.

The little creature closed its eyes tightly once again.

"Youre still in a bad mood? Youre acting like this even though I havent touched your butt yet?"

Jun Mo Xie spoke that sentence with disdain, and then curled his lips. Then, "Pop! Pop!" he hit that little posterior with the palm of his hand. Then, he started to knead it, and a look of enjoyment came over his face. "This feeling I really cant get over it! Gee, you come with me alright little thing? I will give you tasty food every day. The others cant get the same treatment. I wont even ask for anything. Ill just rub your little buttocks every day."

The little creature looked at him with resentment and shame. This man had helped heal its meridians during its frailest of times. It wouldve swallowed this shameless guy whole if it werent for that.

[Whats so valuable about eating and playing with you? Whats so special about being with you? What good will you rubbing my butt everyday bring? Your words are pure and utter nonsense! Its not untrue that youve helped me today. But, you have hit my body and added to my shame as well, you brat! If I dont get back at you a hundred times over then, I wont be called]

[You just wait for it! Humph!]

"You still dont want to? How dare you! Humph! Ive been so kind to you, and you still dont want to come with me?" Jun Mo Xie continued to knead. Then, he suddenly thought of something and said, "Youre a female, right? That means that you will have to breastfeed when you have children, yes? But, I cant see the equipment. Is it because they are too small? You think my eyes arent sharp enough? Why havent I found anything?"

The little creature quickly understood what was being said. It quickly opened its eyes wide to look at the hateful brat as it turned its slender body around. Then, it re-positioned it body with its slender stomach facing upwards as if it was showing something

"Tch, what you have is so small. Its as big as a mung bean. Your children will have to endure terrible hunger." Jun Mo Xie smiled wickedly as he located his next target. He then extended his finger, and pinched it. He then rubbed, and pinched it again.

The tiny creatures legs suddenly paddled and kicked. Then, it went red all over, and started to glare. After that, it let out a weeping groan in a strange voice. Then, it tilted its head, and fainted once again

It had been made to faint out of anger and embarrassment twice by now. That other person was too big a bully

The tiny creature found itself being carried in the mans hand by the time it woke up; in fact, it was being swung rather awkwardly in midair

Jun Mo Xie was in a rush at the moment since he felt the onset of a urinary urgency. However, he didnt wish to put the little thing down since holding it felt extremely comfortable and wonderful. Moreover, that little things might slip away if he put in down. So, he carried the little thing, and went out to look for a corner to ease his bladder

The young man raised his gown, undid the trousers, and let them slip a bit. He lowered his underpants down to his feet, and revealed two somewhat hairy thighs. After that, the genitalia came out coincidentally in front of the little creatures eyes. He didnt have any scruples doing it in front of the little creature anyway. Dont people urinate in front of their pet dogs as well? Therefore, Jun Mo Xie didnt think much about it. Then, the bright and shiny line of water burst out with a crashing sound. It burst out joyously, and noisily. And, the young man felt extremely relaxed as a result of this

The little creature being carried in this youngsters hand could never have imagined that this man would shamelessly undo his trousers. The creature gave an embarrassed whimper, and covered its beautiful big eyes with its paws.

Jun Mo Xie saw that reaction, and laughed in a savage manner. He finished his business, and shook his thing. But, he didnt tighten his belt. He started acting in an even viler manner thereafter, and he pulled apart the little things paws with his hands. The little things eyes were forced open, and that huge thing appeared in front of it once again. In fact, that thing was so close to it that it nearly came close enough to touch it. The little creature screeched like a bird as its entire body turned red, and it shut its eyes close. Its two paws stretched forward despite everything. And, they moved forward with the intent to tear the Young Masters thing to shreds

Jun Mo Xie shouted, and quickly raised the little creature upwards with a whooshing sound. Then, he again brought his thing close to its head in mischief once it had opened its eyes, and spoke with a sense of disdain in his tone, "See this? Feeling inferior? He he he"

The tiny thing had grief and indignation written all over its face. It looked at Jun Mo Xie with shame in its eyes. And, tears had started to stream down from its eyes. It was in so much pain that it didnt wish to live anymore. It was felt horrible, and it felt like its mind had gone blank. [This is so shameful boo hoo please let me die... I dont want to live anymore]

The Young Master had acted in a very tyrannical manner. He hummed, and pulled-up his trousers. But, the little creature continued to struggle in his hands. So, he threatened, "Stop this, or Ill stuff you down my trousers!"

[Stuff me down the trousers?] The little thing instantaneously became rigid as it heard him. It didnt even dare to move. [I might commit suicide out of shame if he stuffs me down his trousers but I would still be regarded as a joke for ten thousand years to come!]

[Just look at this guy; he has acted so shamelessly! What else wont he do at this point?]

[This is the most humiliating day of my entire life! This little brat is vile to an unspeakable degree. Hes extremely evil and shameless]

Jun Mo Xie put the little creature on a rock in the stone chamber, and scolded the wide-eyed victim, "You stay here ok? Ill be going out to get some herbs, but I will be back to take you. Then, well leave." He turned around after he had said this, and walked towards the caves mouth. But then, he returned the next moment with a whooshing sound, and grabbed the little creature. He then rubbed and spanked its butts a few more times as he laughed, "This is really nice! Im addicted to it! Dont run, now!" Then, he turned and left.

[Dont run? Youll ravage me when you get back!] The little creature glared at Jun Mo Xies back with pure hatred as he walked out. [Shameless bastard! Im sure that youre the one who stole my Tian Fas Sacred Fruit. And, now youve come here to humiliate me! Humph! This bastards help was great for me. But, I I will never let you off in any way!]

[I will make you weep a tearless cry one day just like I did today! And then, you wont wish to live anymore! Youd want to die, but I wont let you! First, Ill fry your thing. And then, Im going to sever it for scaring me like that!]

The little thing cried many wronged tears. It then turned around, and returned to the stone room. Then, it activated some unknown mechanism that was concealed inside the room, and disappeared.

[It has been hundreds of years since Ive been born and I had forgotten what it felt like to cry. But, Ive cried so many tears of humiliation today I just cant bear this!]

[It wont take me more than a day to make a full recovery. This speed of recovery has been made possible because of this brats help but but I must take revenge!]

[I remember your smell! I remember your face! Dont worry, Ill find you! Ill rat you out no matter where you run to inside this continent! A person who can escape my wrath hasnt appeared in this continent in hundreds of years! Humph!]

[You repulsive brat! You shameless piece of sh*t! Remember me, bastard!]

Jun Mo Xie eventually finished collecting enough ingredients. In fact, he had nearly wiped the area clean. He was in a happy and satisfied mood like he was returning from a rewarding journey. He was extremely content with his achievements, and felt relaxed. But, he was then suddenly blindsided the moment he returned to the stone chamber.

The black gown was still there inside the stone chamber. But, the adorable little creature wasnt. It had disappeared without a trace.

"Crap! Where has that little thing run off to? How come it has run away when I told it not to?" Jun Mo Xie felt a rare sense of indignation, "I had cured your injuries, and had given you so much fun! Yet, you forgot what you owed me, and escaped! Youre a thankless thing!"

The Young Master Jun was unwilling to give up. He carefully searched inside a circumference to see where that ungrateful creature had run off to

"Ill see that I never knead your tiny ass again once I find you!" Jun Mo Xie took a hateful pledge. He was feeling very indignant. He wanted to take that little back with him so he could tease it regularly. Moreover, he wanted to take that incredibly tiny and adorable creature to his house so that it might also keep Guan Qing Han happy.

However, those back-and-forth thoughts were of a man who had counted his chickens before they had hatched. This had turned into a fruitless endeavor.

[Dont get too cocky! Just you wait! Youll be wiping my ass the next time we meet. Ill teach you a lesson! Humph!]

Jun Mo Xie cursed inside. But, he also thought of the Hong Jun Pagoda. He thought of an entire layer filled with the legendary treasures he had collected. This made him very happy. This trip to Tian Fa had been an enriching and profitable endeavor. In fact, the profits had far surpassed his imagination. It had been a bumper harvest!

Jun Mo Xie was satisfied. He sighed, and his body suddenly got up into the air before he vanished. He had already initiated the Yin Yang Escape, and was moving unseen through the forest towards his destination the Southern Heaven City.

[Only one important ingredient is left the Level Nine Xuan Root!]

Grandpa Juns cultivation would be advanced to Spirit Xuan realm once the Level Nine Xuan Root had been acquired. In fact, it would go beyond the mere Spirit Xuan realm! He would be at Spirit Xuans second levels peak in one enthralling step!

[Grandpas cultivation is lacking in relation to the world at large. But, its one of the top ones in Tian Xiang City perhaps even the whole of the Empire. Tian Xiangs Emperor could think of dealing with the Jun Family despite its military prowess, but he wouldnt think about messing with a Spirit Xuan expert without fearing of the consequences!]

[No one can bear such consequences with ease. Even the Emperor of a country is no exception! A Spirit Xuan expert as an enemy can tantamount an ocean of corpses and blood!]

Then, Jun Mo Xie settled his heart, and concentrated on dealing with his Third Uncles situation.

The Silver Blizzard City he couldnt take out the entire Xiao Family for the time being. But, he still had to make his uncle and Han Yan Yao meet. This was the greatest worry that had plagued his uncles heart. This was also Han Yan Yaos greatest hope. And, Jun Mo Xie had taken it upon himself to help the two.

Jun Mo Xie returned to the Southern Heaven City the next day. But, it was already night time. In other words, he had already spent a full day and night in the forest.

"Where had you gone to, you brat? What took you so long to return?" Jun Mo Xie ran into Jun Wu Yis question the moment he returned. His three Spirit Xuan maternal uncles were staring at him. And, one could tell from their eyes that were ready to give him a beating.

The three men had their hair turn white with worry for their precious nephew since the youngster had gone missing for a day and night. Moreover, this was the Xue Hun Manors territory. So, Jun Wu Yi and the three Dongfang brothers wouldve rushed to either Xue Hun Manor or the Silver Blizzard City to look for Jun Mo Xie if he hadnt returned in some time

"Well I had just gone for a casual stroll. And, I hadnt gone very far." Jun Mo Xie turned his gaze from his four uncles, slipped-away into the shadows, and disappeared without a trace.

[I can only tell you that I went for a stroll into the forest yesterday. What a joke! I had a very cheerful and friendly chat with seven Xuan Beast King. And, Ive come to a mutual agreement with them. We have unanimously reached a mutually beneficial agreement to cooperate]

The four men looked at each other. [You went for a stroll? You brat, this is your first time in this city! Youre a stranger here! So, where did you go for a stroll? And, can one go for a stroll that lasts for a day and a night?]

[You didnt go far? You couldve gone far enough to visit Tian Xiang City by now! You brat, dont you know that we four brothers were worried to death?] However, Jun Mo Xie had returned, and didnt wish to discuss his whereabouts. In any case, he had returned safe and sound. So, the four elder men were in no mood to inquire further. Moreover, Jun Wu Yi was aware that his nephew possessed special powers, and not only in name at that. They were presently in Southern Heaven City. But, he wouldnt have been too worried if his nephew had gone missing for two to three days in Tian Xiang City.