Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 354

Chapter 353 the two world shaking swordsmen rainstorm and hurricane both great masters
Chapter 353: The Two World-Shaking Swordsmen Rainstorm, and Hurricane; Both Great Masters!

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The seven experts had joined hands, and had attacked together. But, they were only able to square-off against Venerable Meis offensive. Venerable Mei may have used a cheap trick. However, it was important to know that four Great Masters and three Spirit Xuan experts had attacked together.

The Venerable Meis Xuan cultivation was at an extremely shocking level.

This type of terrible strength could be considered to have reached the greatest of heights in that world.

The dust scattered, and dispersed. Li Jue Tian, Shi Chang Xiao, Lei Wu Bei, and Solitary Falcon appeared on the remaining half of the hill. Xiao Bu Yu and the other two sat down cross-legged with ashen faces. They then slowly tried to move their Xuan Qi in order to stabilize their breathing, and recover.

Those three had more unfortunate. They were mere Spirit Xuan experts. So, their Xuan cultivation was comparatively weaker. They had already suffered internal injuries as a result. These internal injuries they werent very serious. The lack of strength had affected them negatively in the collision. They were comparatively slower to react during that huge explosion as a result of their weaker cultivation. And, this had taken away their edge, and they were left to face one calamity after another. Strength is important at a critical juncture, and lack of it can lead one into a worrisome situation in a life or death situation. So, they quickly snatched whatever time they had to stabilize their breathing, and recover themselves.

However, their luck wasnt the worst.

Jun Mo Xie had hid himself high in the sky to watch the unfolding drama after he had made the arrangements. He had been very excited as he had looked on particularly when the Lord of Tian Fa was deriding Li Jue Tian. The Young Master Jun had felt like breaking into a dance and loud applauds. Then, he had become very jubilant when the two apex experts had started to fight.

However, that moment of extreme happiness and excitement had quickly turned into one of sorrow. The immense Qi explosion had occurred beneath him. And, he wasn't a Spirit Xuan expert at the end of the day. He wasnt able to sense what was about to happen below, and was caught off-guard. Then, an intense wave rushed up along with a boulder that was at least three meters in diameter. This boulder suddenly struck his posterior, and took him to soar high in the sky almost upwards to the ninth heaven

His butt resembled a discus at the moment. In fact, it resembled a discus that had turned red with heat. The rock remained stuck to it as they went up. Jun Mo Xie had felt great pain, and had nearly screamed. He had looked up, and had felt as if he was about to die and reach the world of immortals.

[Ah the fu*k is happening! I was just watching when I met with this accident!]

[Im still using the Yin-Yang Escape.] Jun Mo Xie eventually thought of making an escape after he had reached a great altitude. However, he couldn't let-off that boulder since it had maltreated him. So, he resolutely and maliciously kicked it, and split it up. And then, Jun Mo Xie took that opportunity, and went inside the Hong Jun Pagoda.

This was genuinely breathtaking!

Everybody could only look-on as a huge boulder of three meters flew upwards, but didn't come down. This was because Jun Mo Xie had mercilessly made his reprisals, and had crushed it into pieces with his kick

Venerable Mei looked up from the tree top far of, and saw the scene with a sense of suspicion. He then directed his attention back to the four Great Masters. The Lord of Tian Fa then gnashed their teeth as their black robe rose in the sky. Venerable Mei had prepared to attack again!

"Wait, Venerable Mei!" a loud shout emanated from the distance. The Xuan cultivation required to produce that sound was very high. The sound exploded, and echoed loudly. It was earth-shattering. This voice came from near Li Jue Tian, and two black-robed men suddenly appeared in front of him. It was noticeable about them that they both wore a purple-gold belt on their waists. Moreover, both of them had swords hung from their waists. And, they swords had purple-gold scabbards, and hilts.

Those two men had a bright and handsome appearance. They were middle-aged men with elegant bearing. The black robes that stuck close to their bodies made them look even more heroic and sharp. The two men rose to the air from their positions, and turned towards Venerable Mei. They then cupped their hands, and said with a smile, "Weve been gone for many years. I trust that youve been well since we last met, Venerable Mei. Do you recognize this old deceased friend?"

Venerable Mei weightlessly rose into the sky for a while before he came to a stop. Their bright eyes then scanned the newcomers. And then, the Lord of Tian Fa spoke-up in a faint tone, "Its you! This is somewhat unexpected! How can I not be well if youre fine?"

Li Jue Tian now stood behind the two men. He became extremely gloomy and rolled his eyes. [These two have asked the question "I trust youve been well since we last met." The thing is Venerable Mei didnt get angry when they asked this. So, why did I nearly lose my life when I asked the exact same thing?]

One of the middle aged men smiled and spoke, "Venerable Mei could already roam free and unhindered throughout the wide world. And we see that your Xuan cultivation has further increased by leaps and bounds! Therefore, we must congratulate you!"

"Congratulate me? You two should be the ones to receive the praise! You two famed warriors had disappeared without giving any reason, and hadnt shown yourselves in the mortal world for decades. But, it turns out that youve become the top provosts under the Empress of the Elusive World of Immortals!"

Venerable Mei had spoken coldly, but their voice sunk as their eyes scanned the two again, "Lei Bao Yu, Bu Kuang Feng the two earth-shaking swordsmen of those days! Bao Yu, Kuang Feng two Great Masters have come to Tian Fa. To what does this Mei owe the honor?"

Most people couldnt understand such words. Those two names were too remote for most of them. But, Li Jue Tian along with the other Great Masters, the Silver Blizzard Citys elders, and a few chiefs of some powerful families had an expression of shock and awe on their faces.

Most people wouldnt remember their names anymore. However, their names wouldve frightened the guts out of people sixty years ago. In fact, their mere names wouldve been enough to make peoples souls leave their bodies like a rocket. Anyone who had reached the highest echelons of Xuan cultivation would know their names, and would tremble.

There two used to be two pairs of sworn brothers amongst the Eight Great Masters in the days of the past. And, they were inseparable as colleagues. However, the two pairs disliked each other, and there was a sense of mutual containment amongst them. They would fight every time theyd run into each other, and those fights would invariably be earth-shattering in their nature.

Moreover, the nature of those four men was quite evil. They had no scruples, and did as they pleased. Those four were responsible for much of the chaos around the continent. But then, the four reputed men disappeared at the same time one day. Everyone had figured that they had been killed. Countless people were relieved, and had clapped their hands in joy. And, the legends of those four had faded away with the passage of time. Sixty years had passed since then. Therefore, very few were left who knew of the affairs of those days.

However, one of those pairs of sworn brothers had suddenly appeared in front of them at this time.

The two world-shaking swordsmen Rainstorm, and Hurricane! And, both of them were Great Masters!

Their real names were Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng!

As for the other pair of sworn brothers they were real brothers. And, they were also very famous. In fact, they were famous for being utterly preposterous.

Zhanpo Feng Yun and Zhanpo Tian had acted crazy their entire lives!

They had been such their entire lives. And, they wouldve remained such if they were alive. They both were Great Master as well.

No one had ever expected to even hear the nightmarish names of the Great Master Rainstorm, and Great Master Hurricane before the battle here at Tian Fa much less see them in person!

However, there was something even more confusing than that. These two men werent young when they had disappeared. In fact, they mustve been at least eighty years old at that time. So, how could they still look middle-aged after sixty long years had passed? Could it be that they had practiced some youth replenishing techniques?

"You flatter us," the one to reply had a mole near one of his eyes. The elder generation had recognized this. It was a distinct facial feature of the Rainstorm Great Master Lei Bao Yu. Then, they heard him chuckle and continue, "My brother and I too insignificant for that. How can we dare to bestow honor upon Venerable Mei? Its just that weve been sent by the Elusive World of Immortals to be witnesses to the battle between Tian Fa and the rest of the continent."

"Oh? The mysterious Elusive World of Immortal was perturbed by such a trivial thing? Should this Mei feel honored by this?" Venerable Mei sneered, taunted, and laughed. It didnt matter if hed have to fight and kill these two Great Masters as well. It was evident that there was hidden card for that as well.

"Again, you flatter us. We two brothers have merely come to pass-on the message the Empress has given us for Venerable Mei," Bu Kuang Feng replied.

"Please speak I dont know what that hypocrite has to offer me. What did she say?" Venerable Mei asked with a sense of curiosity.

Lei Bao Yu twitched when he heard the word "hypocrite." However, he forcibly swallowed his anger and spoke, "The Empress has said thisIts fine that Tian Fa goes to war. We have faith in Venerable Meis conduct. This conflict between the Xuan experts is also fine. The three Holy Lands also vie for power. But, we request Venerable Mei to be lenient towards the common people."

"Ha ha! She has always bemoaned the state of the universe, and pitied the mankind in that disgusting tone of hers!" Venerable Mei laughed. "But, my Tian Fa has never allowed any influence from any foreign entity even if that entity is the Elusive World of Immortals. Dont tell me she thinks that she can order my Tian Fa around? What a big joke!"

"Venerable Mei can do what they like. We wont interfere. Were powerless to interfere. In fact, we wont do anything; no matter the outcome. We will only report what we see, and the Empress will decide." Lei Bao Yu smiled.

Venerable Mei snorted and spoke, "The two earth-shaking swordsmen of those days Rainstorm and Hurricane Great Masters used to move through the society in an elated, unfettered, free manner. They possessed the ease, natural confidence and cruelty. I never expected them to become the harbingers of moral integrity once they became the Provosts of the Elusive World of Immortals. I truly admire the training that the Empress imparts. In fact, I wouldnt find it strange if you two werent able to remain undefeated if you were to meet your two maddened rivals again."

These words were clearly meant to call the Rainstorm and Hurricane Great Masters slaves. The words werent spoken in a direct manner, but the meaning behind them was meant to make this an intolerable verse. Moreover, they had also been compared to their old selves. Then, it had been pointed out that their Xuan cultivation hadnt increased by much even though they appeared younger now. In fact, it had been implied that these two wouldnt be able to keep up with the greatest and maddest of their opponents.

The faces of Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng contorted. Their eyes filled with rage as they pressed their hands on their swords hilts, and stepped forward.

Li Jue Tians face was suddenly filled with joy. [Are these two going to pitch in? Our odds of success look much better if they do]

However, Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng withdrew after they had taken that step and this happened just when Li Jue Tian was thinking of their intervention. Lei Bao Yu then said in a calm manner, "Venerable Mei is a very capable person. Theres no need to provoke us today. Its inappropriate for us to fight today, but this doesnt mean that we wont get a chance in the future. In fact, we two brothers can find a way later if Venerable Mei feels that todays day is a missed opportunity!"

Venerable Meis gown issued a soughing sound in the wind. They seemingly smiled as they said, "Oh really?"