Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 355

Chapter 354 the battle commences
Chapter 354: The Battle Commences

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Bu Kuang Feng then spoke-up in a dark tone, "Venerable Mei seems to be interested in our training. Why dont they come and receive it as well? Im convinced that theyll change too. Theyll at least be different when compared to us two brothers," the words he had spoken seemed to have a very mysterious meaning to them. Even Li Jue Tian couldnt understand what they meant.

Venerable Mei was floating at a distance. However, they seemed very angry. Their robes started to float upwards in the wind, and it seemed as if they had prepared to strike. But then, they stopped and regained a tranquil temperament. They then replied in soft tone, "I will eventually go to the Elusive World of Immortals and show your Empress the kind of end thats reserved for a hypocrite!"

Lei Bao Yu was about to speak-up when he was cut-off by Venerable Mei, "Come up if the two of you intend to participate in the war today. But, withdraw to one side if you only wish to witness. I have no interest in bickering with the two of you. Retreat!"

"Very well, weve only come here to observe. So, Venerable Mei may enlighten us of the proceedings," Lei Bao Yu replied with a cold expression.

"Thats simple. Well have three battles to decide the winner. The legions arranged in the battle formations will fight the first battle. The second battle will take place between the leaders of the groups. And, the third and decisive battle will be between the apex experts!" Venerable Mei snorted. "Well go back to Tian Fa if you win. And, the Xuan Beasts will never emerge from there after that. But, we have three conditions if you lose. First, Li Jue Tian will return the Panther Kings Xuan Core. Second, no Xuan expert will be allowed to enter Tian Fa. Ill take ten-thousand lives from the mainland even if one of them enters. Ill take twenty-thousand lives if two of them enter, and Ill also annihilate their families to the ninth generations as compensation in that case! Third I will break both the legs of Li Jue Tians son. This war was started because of him. Let it end with him as well."

"Thats very unfair!" Bu Kuang Feng sneered, "You only need to retreat if you lose, but we have to adhere to three conditions? Dont you think its a bit too much, Venerable Mei?"

"How will any future disputes arise if you dont enter the forest? And, why is the Panther Kings Xuan Core in Li Jue Tians belly? Cant you tell the right from the wrong, Bu Kuang Feng?" Venerable Mei shouted back in anger.

Li Jue Tian stepped forward, and spoke in a stern voice, "This issue has been created by your Tian Fa! How are we father and son to blame for this? Youve been the one to confuse the right and wrong today. Arent you pushing the entire blame onto us? The person to have confused the right and the wrong is you, and you-alone. Moreover, what does this decisive battle have to do with my son? Why does the third condition have to be breaking my sons legs? What has my son done to cause this disturbance? Dont you think that youre being too harsh, Venerable Mei? Your statements are simply ridiculous!"

Great Master Li was extremely angry. However, he also felt like he had smashed his own foot with a stone he had picked up for another. He had forced Jun Wu Yi to the battlefield because his son had requested for it. He had sent only four-thousand men even though he shouldve demonstrated more strength. It could be said that those men had been sent away to die for no good use. In other words, this would be a complete and utter defeat; there was no chance of success. Anyone with eyes could see that very clearly.

However, Venerable Mei had now raised the condition regarding his sons legs, and the outcome of this would depend on victory or defeat. Therefore, he was now at a loss. Would Li Teng Yun have schemed again Jun Wu Yi if he had known that his legs would also end up depending on it?

What would be the significance of Jun Wu Yis death if such had been the case?

"Ive given a great option. Its fine if the Great Master Li doesnt agree. I will simply lead my forces to attack the rest of the continent. You cant blame me for every extreme distress of the mortal world. Anyway, I have proposed a very peaceful solution. So, I cant do anything if you dont agree."

Venerable Mei looked at Li Jue Tian. The expression in his eyes was enough to decipher that he didnt care whether the opposite party agreed to his proposal or not

These conditions had obviously been linked to Tian Fas prestige now; and, that was imperative.

"I wont change the three conditions; no matter what. Will you agree or not?"

He didnt believe that Li Jue Tian would leave the world to destruction even if he was the Second Great Master. And, they could always force him to agree even if he refused to.

"I wont agree!"

"I agree!"

Two different responses simultaneously came from Li Jue Tian and Lei Bao Yus mouths.

"Provost Lei... we must consider this matter properly." Li Jue Tian wanted to spit blood in anger. However, he knew that he couldn't provoke the Elusive World of Immortals. He had the distinction of being the Second Great Master, and held respect for this achievement in the mundane society. But, he knew that this status of his was nothing in the eyes of the Elusive World of Immortals. Moreover, he also knew that he may not even be able to match the two Great Masters Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng even if he were to fight them one at a time.

"Theres no need to consider this. It's equivalent to the Empress' orders," Lei Bao Yu cut him off. Then, he smiled and continued in a low voice, "Brother Li, keep calm. Do you think that someone of Venerable Meis status would have a tough time in dealing with your young son if we lose this battle? Take a step back, and think. Your son's life wont be in danger. He will get his legs broken at best. But, the Three Holy Lands will need to find a scapegoat to pin the responsibility for the destruction caused by the Xuan Beast uprising if we dont agree to Venerable Meis conditions. At that time, Li Jue Tian you... he he..."

"But..." Li Jue Tian was about to say, [Ive already taken the Panther Kings Xuan Core. How can I spit it out now?] He was about to say this, but he swallowed the words back. He did take the Xuan Core, but it was still inside his belly. Li Jue Tian was waiting to ingest the Bear King Xuan Core. But, the Panther Kings Xuan Core would remain intact until that happened. However, what would Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng think if they knew that the Xuan Core was still intact?

Li Jue Tian evaluated the situation. He then asked himself, [What would I do if I were in their shoes? I would certainly wish to take that treasure away by force But, can I hope to compete against these two Great Masters if they joined hands?]

Li Jue Tian remained silent. So, the other two assumed that he had given his approval. Then, they turned to Venerable Mei, "Venerable Mei, can we start the battle?"

Venerable Mei nodded slowly. They didn't waste their words, and extended their hand. And then, a small golden sword flew out. This was followed by a violent gale, and an air-rendering screech emanated from the swords handle.

It was expected that the sword would move extremely fast since it had emanated such a powerful sound; in fact, it wouldve been perfectly reasonable if had moved at the speed of sound. However, it was moving very slowly. In fact, it was even slower than an ordinary arrow.

However, the sword light behind it became increasingly thicker. It seemed like a young dragon from the ninth heaven was reaching-out across the basin between the mountains with stretched hands. It continued to issue that dragon-like shrieking sound until it had reached the other side of the mountains.

This was a battle command!

Li Jue Tian raised his hand. And then, a banner made of fireworks burst like blooming flowers. His expression was somewhat cruel.

Big Bear let out a violent roar. In fact, it nearly resembled a thunderclap as it shook the nine heavens. Then, the Bear King leapt forward. He was followed by three kinds of multicolored Xuan Beasts bears, tigers, and lions. The three Xuan Beast Kings lead their forces, and broke out of the forest like a storm.

They werent many just four-thousand in number.

Jun Wu Yi waved his hand for the quick waving of the signal flag from the opposite side. Then, four-thousand men quickly assembled into a cone formation. However, they remained motionless thereafter.

Jun Wu Yi didnt have the slightest idea about the inside story. But, he knew that the strength of his four-thousand men was far lesser than that of the four-thousand Xuan Beasts they were about to face. He knew that they were at a huge disadvantage. The difference in strength between the two sides was at least three-to-four times; maybe even higher. Therefore, they would have to use proper tactics at this juncture. Otherwise, this face-off wouldnt even be a struggle against the Xuan Beasts it would rather be a one-sided slaughter.

His plan started with laying a trap in front. Then, theyd wait for the attackers to come closer. The four-thousand of his men would then launch their secret weapons once the enemy was close enough. This would blunt the oppositions forces to some extent by getting rid of the weaker Xuan Beasts. He had stationed the strongest experts in the area where the stronger Xuan Beasts would try to break through from. He had arranged them in groups of seventy-eight, and these men would attack their opponents from all sides. The rest of his men would fill-up the gaps, and do their best to provide support as the battle progressed.

Some sacrifices would be inevitable in this battle plan. However, their chances of success would increase by a considerable margin if everything went according to plan. And, they could at least give a good battle to their enemies in this manner. However, Jun Wu Yi hadnt thought on the final outcome of the battle.

However, even if they died in this battle theyd at least die a valiant death!

It had to be said that Jun Wu Yis strategy was very efficient even in the face of such a formidable onslaught from the Xuan Beasts. They would all die if this strategy was adhered to. However, they would achieve a great result. In fact, they could deal a great damage to the Xuan Beasts. Optimistic estimates could place at least half of the Xuan Beasts to die alongside them!

They were merely four-thousand in number, and were about to face the same number of enemies. However, the Xuan Beasts strength was several times their own. So, this battle would be considered humanitys victory even if half of their enemies were to die by the end of it.

However, these plans would only work on paper if there were issues in implementation; no matter how excellent the plans were. Could one genuinely expect the many people assembled there to obey Jun Wu Yis orders? Many of them had been instructed to see to his death. And, these would-be backstabbing experts made for an overwhelming majority of the stronger experts in his ranks.

The carnage which couldve been avoided or at least delayed had arrived

"Isnt staying holed-up in this formation akin to courting our deaths? Brothers, dont listen to that big coward-of-a-bullshit Supreme Commander! Follow me to kill them! We can easily kill the level six or seven Xuan Beasts! Wont we be victorious if each man could kill one or two enemies on an average?"

A clamor arose from the back as the members of the Xue Hun Manor pushed their way forward. They were placed at the back, but were now brushing past to the front. And, they soon ended up at the front of Jun Wu Yis formation. The battle hadnt even started, but the formation had already been broken. And, the seven-hundred men of Xue Hun Manor continued to rush forward despite their perils under the leadership of their three Spirit Xuan experts.