Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 358

Chapter 357 great master li jue tians tragedy
Chapter 357: Great Master Li Jue Tians Tragedy

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"Good brat!" Solitary Falcon didnt know what was going on, but he had realized that Jun Mo Xie was somehow related to all this. Why else would Jun Mo Xie have asked him to refrain from getting involved in the battle? So, he couldnt help but hold the brats shoulders when he saw him. The Solitary Falcon then laughed as he shook Jun Mo Xie.

Jun Mo Xie laughed mischievously. He then struggled to get out of the tight grip. Then, he stood at the side of the mountain. His lips pursed, and the corners of his mouth rose to turn into an arch as he watched the decisive battle that was taking place at a distance.

"Solitary Falcon, did you beat Feng Juan Yun in a battle?" Jun Mo Xie asked. He hadnt seen it happen, but he could feel that these two men had already crossed paths again.

Feng Juan Yun had been challenging him for decades. So, how could he have allowed this opportunity to slip-by? Moreover, the Solitary Falcon had just learned a new move, and couldve had a chance of beating his old rival with its help. So, why would he not show it off?

"Ke ke I was lucky just lucky!" Solitary Falcons mouth split open. But, he tried to keep a solemn face. However, his face was full of pride even though he was doing his utmost to hide his expression. And, that made it seem as if someone had punched his face.

Jun Mo Xie laughed in a complacent manner. In fact, he was smiling from ear to ear. He then and asked, "Did you beat him convincingly?"

The corners of Solitary Falcons mouth rose into a wide smile as he replied, "I did; I did! But, were friends. So, we were just learning from each others development. We were just learning from each other; thats all! Ha ha" He couldnt contain his pride by the time he finished speaking. Then, he broke into laughter

It was no wonder that the Solitary Falcon was in such high spirits. He had finally beaten his rival of thirty-forty years. In fact, he had established absolute dominance. Such a feat would leave any man feeling pleased with themselves! In fact, one could say that the Solitary Falcon was acting rather indifferent to his personal achievement when one considers his overall restraint

"What are you laughing at? Solitary Falcon! The allied army is losing! Does that make you happy? Does it make you proud?" Li Jue Tian turned his head to look at the Solitary Falcon. His eyes were shooting sharp swords. It seemed that he was about to explode.

Li Jue Tian was extremely gloomy. And, he needed to vent it out on someone. But, he had never expected that someone from his own side would be laughing so happily at this time. [This is a slap to my face! And, youre jeering at my loss?]

"I fu*king am! Li Jue Tian, youre fu*ked. But Im not, got it?" Solitary Falcon was extremely happy at that moment. He was happy because he had notched a long-awaited personal success. Moreover, Li Jue Tian had rebuked him in front of Jun Mo Xie. Therefore, this had become a doubly-annoying situation for the Solitary Falcon. Hence, he immediately flew into a rage, "Others cant laugh because the people from your Manor are dying? What logic is that? This is the third time youve troubled me today! Fu*k! You think the Solitary Falcon is some moldable clay?"

It suddenly seemed as if the Solitary Falcon was about to set into action! Things had clearly gotten out of hand!

[I saved your sons life when that idiot offended Feng Juan Yun! Yet, youre still mad at me? And, now youve gone overboard! I cant even laugh when I want to? What am I a Xue Hun Manor lackey?]

Li Jue Tian snorted. He then lifted his leg to walk over to their side.

Jun Mo Xies expression evidently expressed his desire to watch some more action from the sidelines. He even pushed the Solitary Falcon. It was almost as if he was stating his desire Do it for me!

"Stop, I say!" a voice full of grief, indignation and rage rang out like a thunderclap.

Li Jue Tian and Solitary Falcon were about to start. But, they were left to jump with fright at this. They looked up, and saw that Venerable Mei had somehow managed to arrive near them; without being noticed. Her eyes were watching Jun Mo Xie very attentively. The Lord of Tian Fa then trembled, and a bright light shone in their eyes. Her cheeks had nearly turned red by now.

Jun Mo Xie had barely showed-up, and Venerable Mei had already realized that he was that dirty bastard. And, that sudden and shocking discovery had almost made her faint on the spot!

She saw that handsome and elegant face, but she could only remember the nightmares she had been having for the past day owing to the abuse she had suffered. Venerable Mei felt her heart beat in a frantic manner. Blood buzzed about her body, and rushed to her head. Her breathing became labored. In fact, she could see stars of confusion in front of her. She urgently gasped for breath, and eventually settled down a little.

This was neither a nice surprise for her nor had she been love struck. This reaction had been derived from excessive rage.

It was extreme grief, indignation, and shame. The kind that could easily overflow to the heavens!

In fact, even the heavens pitied her.

[Ive finally met this man again!]

[I will make mincemeat of him. I will give him a death by a thousand cuts! In fact, my anger wont abate even after Ive given ten-thousand cuts to that filthy and despicable brat!]

She tried to control her emotions, and forcefully suppressed her anger as she floated above. The Lord of Tian Fa had tried her best to control herself, but she still couldnt stop her body from trembling a little.

However, Li Jue Tian and Solitary Falcon had recovered from the shock by this time. Li Jue Tian gave a loud shout, and started to move again. He was the Second Great Master of the world. Would he stop if someone had told him to? Especially when that someone was his enemy?

Solitary Falcon also set into motion. He was about to face the Second Great Master. So, how could he take it easy? Therefore, he prepared himself to give everything he had in order to face this challenge

However, the Solitary Falcon hadnt even initiated his counter-attack when Li Jue Tian suddenly disappeared from his line of sight.

Venerable Mei was extremely enraged. She had told them to stop, but Li Jue Tian had dared to continue despite that. So, she wasnt able to prevent her accumulated anger from igniting at that moment. She had angrily rushed forward, and had grabbed Li Jue Tian by his neck. Then, she had heavily pinned him to the ground. Li Jue Tians head had smashed into a rock. He had previously been sitting on this rock. However, the rock that had previously seated his posterior had now been smashed by his head. Then, Venerable Mei smacked his face.

"Bang!" there was a loud sound.

The sound was extremely loud! And, the smack to his face had resonated throughout the vicinity.

"I told you to stop! Didnt you hear, you bastard?! You old bastard!" Venerable Mei continued to strike him in rage. She sent her hands and legs flying, and gave him a series of rapid and continuous punches and kicks. It was evident that she had become frantic, and had lost control. She roared as she continued to attack in rage, "Are you deaf? Couldnt you hear me? Am I not able to make you listen? How dare you not listen to me? Cant you hear me you shameless thing? You cuckolded-old-filthy-shameless-lowly bastard dared to pretend that he couldnt hear me?"

The Second Great Master Li Jue Tian didnt have any strength to strike back. He could merely look at Venerable Mei with grief and indignation. He had been humiliated to such an extent that a sudden urge to commit suicide had started to bubble inside his heart.

[I want to die!]

Li Jue Tians tragedy was inexplicable. [I, I I was just fighting against the Solitary Falcon! How did I offend you by doing that? Why are you beating me up?]

He didnt know it, but his bad luck had begun since the moment he had spoken, "I hope that youve been well since the last time we talked?" And, this was obviously due to Jun Mo Xie. And then, Venerable Mei had lost her rationality to her fury when her main culprit Jun Mo Xie had appeared before her eyes. So, how could she not brutalize him when he didnt listen to her order?

Li Jue Tian wouldve understood the reason behind his own predicament if he had known this. In fact, he wouldve realized that the beating he was receiving wasnt unreasonable. But, the problem was he didnt know anything about the situation

Therefore, Li Jue Tian had been rendered extremely sadden and indignant; in fact, he had reached his limits. The strongest person in the world was continuously pummeling the Second Great Master. In fact, even his face had been struck several times!

[This is a deliberate insult! How can I face the heroes and strong experts of this world now?]

[Even bullies dont bully like this! You had flipped out when I had said those words. But, I hadnt even said anything this time around. I was merely engaging with the Solitary Falcon! What action of mine will you deem proper? What should I do to make myself pleasing to your eyes?]

Li Jue Tian wanted to shout this out in a loud voice. But, he couldnt do it. In fact, it was impossible. Because

Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng exclaimed in shock, "The Power of the Universe? The World Cage!" They looked at Venerable Mei with awe. The two had previously planned to step up, and mediate. But, they couldnt help but take two steps back at this time.

Perhaps the Great Master Li and the others were unaware. But, how could the two former Great Masters and the current Golden Provosts of the Elusive World of the Immortals not know?

"The Power of the Universe transforms the Heaven and the Earth. The power of the Yin and Yang congeals. The Power of the Universe is in my hands. So, Im the best in the world! No enemy can withstand me if I can freely use this power to deal with them." This was the Power of the Universe.

It seemed as if Venerable Meis skill set had reached the peak of perfection as she dealt with Li Jue Tian. There was no room for him to dodge to. And, Li Jue Tian didnt seem to have the strength to retaliate either. This was obviously due to the The World Cage maneuver of the Power of the Universe.

It was as if the world would be reduced into a cage. The opponent would become ones prisoner. And then, they could do whatever they pleased with their prisoner. This was the effect of The World Cage. This explanation was somewhat exaggerated, but thats what it was

Venerable Mei had attacked due to her infuriated state of mind, and had shown the peak of her true strength. But, it was obvious that the previous fight had barely served as a warm up for her!

Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng looked at each other. They were inwardly alarmed. They were fortunate that they hadnt taken action. Otherwise, wouldnt the party being pinned down, and getting its face smacked be these two instead?

The two drew cold breaths. But, they were extremely relieved.

Li Jue Tian was being dealt with by Venerable Mei. But, he couldnt evade or resist. It had taken him a split second to realize that he couldnt even move a finger. The poor man couldnt resist at all. So, he had only looked-on in a helpless manner as Venerable Mei had grabbed him by his neck, pinned him to the ground, and smacked his face without giving him a breather. In fact, he couldnt even issue a groan

Venerable Mei had eventually vented enough anger on Li Jue Tian. So, she tossed him away; it seemed as if she had thrown trash. Then, she turned slowly, and looked at Jun Mo Xie. Her glare was sharp, and cold. It seemed as if she wanted to crush him!

"Whos this brat?" Venerable Mei gnashed her teeth, and asked in a subdued voice. Her fingers pointed at Jun Mo Xie, but her eyes had turned to the Solitary Falcon instead.

"Im from the Jun Family. May I know what this senior wants from me?" Jun Mo Xie took a step forward and replied. She didnt know the Solitary Falcons temperament, but Jun Mo Xie did. Venerable Mei was unrivalled, but no one could use that tone in front of Solitary Falcon and get away without hearing something in reply.

Jun Mo Xie had guessed that the Solitary Falcon wouldve asked in a straightforward and rude manner, "Whore you to ask?" if he didnt act quickly enough. Those words wouldve obviously offended Venerable Mei. And, the Solitary Falcon wouldve then ended-up looking like Li Jue Tian, and wouldve suffered a great deal like he had.

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie acted before the Solitary Falcon could. He had imagined that this Venerable Mei wouldnt have any complaints with him. So, he figured that it wouldnt be a big deal for him to speak. [Maybe this senior saw my forehead and my jawline, and wants me to carry out their legacy and be their disciple]

[Who need I be scared of in this world if that happens? Wa ha ha ha]