Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 36

Chapter 35 meeting in the rain
Chapter 035 Meeting In The Rain

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Old Song, what is wrong with you? Did that brats words provoke you to the point of becoming muddle headed? The middle-aged man gracefully lifted the wine jug, pouring another cup for himself. He is just a young, unrestrained scholar saying nonsensical stuff. You are someone with a high degree of tolerance; there is no need for you to be so petty about it. He may not recognize how good your wine is, but I do.

Your Highness may not know this, but this fine wine is my proudest achievement, the accumulation of my entire life. As for the others, they are nothing more than things of the past. When I heard that little brat treat my wine with contempt, all I did was laugh and ignore him! Old Song stared at the direction Jun Xie left with a blank, distracted look. What a pity that when I came out after hearing his last sentence, he had already left. To miss out on meeting a fellow friend who understands the realm of wine, what a pity!

A fellow friend who understands wine? Pity? The middle-aged man who was addressed as Your Highness was startled.

Indeed, it is a true pity! Old Song nodded without hesitation. To be able to utter those words, this youngster had proven himself as someone who understands wine! He then murmured. The true act of drinking wine, is to drink in ones emotions! ! Or even ones thoughts! Pouring wine into ones belly alone cannot be considered the act of drinking wine. That is simply the act of wasting good wine! One who understands the act of drinking wine, the meaning of wine tasting, the appreciation of wine, to miss out on meeting such a fellow friend who understands wine is truly the biggest regret in ones life

Glancing around, the bamboo rain hat that Jun Xie had left hanging had unknowingly disappeared.

Old Songs eyes flickered, the pupils of eyes suddenly flashed with a pale blue colour

Unfortunately, the one addressed as Your Highness was looking at him from behind and did not notice this.

Yellow for Earth Rank, Blue for Sky Rank!

This Old Song who seemed extremely untidy and only knows how to brew wine was secretly a Sky Xuan ranked expert! Standing below only the Supreme God Xuan, Sky Xuan experts could be considered the pinnacle of existences within the Xuan Xuan Continent! Such a distinguished individual was actually staying in such a small and remote wine shop!

It was unfortunate. If Jun Xie had not left, he would have been able to discover this extraordinary aspect of Old Song with this unique spiritual sense. He would certainly have caught onto Old Songs addictive love of good wine. Unfortunately, Jun Xie had long since left; not even his shadow can be found

After leaving the wine shop, Jun Xie walked slowly, both his heart and mind gradually became clear. He emerged out of the bizarre state that he was in; that state could be considered the representation of the Evil Monarch, Jun Xie. That state symbolized the Evil Monarchs true emotion from the past, which held only disdain towards the world! Showing no fear towards offending other, he would say whatever he wished to say, do whatever he wished to do, even if it meant choosing a different path from tens of thousands of people Even if his actions were universally condemned by the world, the original Evil Monarch would proudly continue forward, standing alone against the world!

Acting based on his own whim, uncaring of scruples, uncaring of others feelings! If the world chooses to praise me and lift my reputation to the skies, I would simply accept it while retaining a clear conscience. If the world chooses to curse me, I would also accept it all the same!

This heretical personality of his was what brought upon the name Evil Monarch!

[TL: The Chinese word for heretical and evil is the same: = xi ]

But after having vented some of his frustrations, Jun Xie who had collected himself would naturally choose to stop the sentiment he felt as Evil Monarch. Calming himself down, he stared at the heavy rain and decided that there was nowhere good to go in this heavy rain. Since there was nowhere good to go, he turned and headed towards his own home.

As he was about to turn into the corner of a street, Jun Xie was suddenly startled and slowed down his pace. A low muffled voice came from beyond the corner. If not for the fact that Jun Xies ears were more keen compared to the average person, he would never have heard it in the middle of such a heavy rain.

The voice said. We finally succeeded. If it was not for this heavy rain, we would never have this chance to even touch this Tang Familys item. This was a Heavenly blessing

Tang Family? Jun Xie felt shocked as he immediately thought of Tang Yuans family. Pondering about this, he moved his body, using the heavy rain as a cover and hid himself behind a wall with a flash. The wall was an earthen wall, not high by usual standards and not capable of hiding an entire person. However, it provided an excellent cover within this heavy rain, which was filled with fog; not to mention, the people in front were not even aware of his existence. He slowly removed the bamboo rain hat and was immediately soaked from head to toe in water.

This was because the sound produced from rain hitting the bamboo rain hat differed from the sound produced from rain hitting the earthen wall. Jun Xie could not help but be careful. Of course, there was still a fine difference in sound produced from rain hitting the body compared to hitting the earthen wall. However, when compared to the bamboo hat, this difference was far smaller.

Amidst the gasping sounds of hu, hu, roughly six people walked forward, seemingly requiring great effort to even walk. None of them seemed to think that it was possible for someone to be around the main street in this heavy rain. One of them who was holding on to a parcel, turned around and said. This matter had been planned for so long, but was never successfully accomplished. For us to finally succeed this time around, the master will definitely be overjoyed once he finds out.

Another man replied while gasping. It is true that we succeeded, but at no small cost. How unexpected, even though four out of six of the Tang Familys elites are not around, they still managed to detect our stealthy movements. If it was not for that mysterious person who lured away the two remaining expert of the Tang Family, and also our fourteen brothers who sacrificed their lives to guard our rear, I fear sigh Having said that, he started coughing.

However, this item is of great importance. We have no room for error regarding this matter. We had better return quickly and hand this item over to the master. We must finish up this matter as soon as possible; only then can we let our guard down a bit. Sigh, the next few days would certainly be crappy! Do not delay anymore, be careful of any possible interruptions and move!

Indeed, indeed. However, Brother Lang, in order for us to infiltrate the Tang Family earlier, your brother-in-law had helped us. What would happen if the Tang Family found out about it? I fear that your brother-in-law would be unable to escape

Fear your ass! By the time they find out about it, we brothers would have collected our rewards and leave this place for another. The world is not a small place. I really do not believe that this Tang Family have the ability to find us! As for my brother-in-law, I believe he is long gone by now. Like hell he would wait for the Tang Family to catch him! That guy is a slippery one, if you have time to worry about him, you might as well worry more about yourself!

Very true.

The six people moved forward in a hurry, each step bringing them closer towards Jun Xie. Watching from the side, Jun Xie observed that among the six people, four of them had suffered serious injuries while the injuries suffered by the other two was not light either. As they moved, blood continuously flowed out from them. Two of them were coughing non-stop, each cough resulting in the ground being splattered with the colour of crimson. However, the crimson colour was immediately washed away by the rainwater.

What exactly did they stole from the Tang Family? Was it really so important? They sent in twenty men, but was forced to leave behind fourteen, allowing only six to escape. As for these six people, four of them suffered such grievous injuries and yet they actually feel satisfied and proud?

If the Tang Family obtained something good, would Tang Yuan not show it off first?

Suddenly, the one who seemed to have suffered the most grievous of injuries stopped moving. He coughed out before snapping. Who is it? Reveal yourself! With a thunderous gaze, he shifted his attention towards Jun Xies direction. His body suddenly emitted a brilliant silver glow as he channelled all the xuan qi in his body, fully ready to strike at any moment!

The person who was suffering the most grievous injuries was actually a Silver levelled Xuan Qi expert!

Furthermore, he also managed to detect Jun Xies presence!