Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 360

Chapter 359 i will curse you till you die of excessive rage
Chapter 359: I Will Curse You Till You Die of Excessive Rage!

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Superiority and talent may not always be a good thing. Such things can even bring upon disaster and doom upon the host of such talents. And, one wouldnt have to go too far to seek an example. Baili Luo Yun was exceptionally talented. But, he wouldnt have attracted the envy of his entire family if it wasnt for his superior inborn talents. He couldve brought them a lot of fame and glory in the future if they had looked past it. However, they only wanted to get rid of him. And, as soon as possible at that!

[The wind can destroy any elegant tree.] Jun Wu Yi knew that his nephew was even smarter and more talented than Baili Luo Yun. He knew that Jun Mo Xies future accomplishments would be amazing. But, that was also a cause for worry for him. Anyone whod find out about Jun Mo Xies talents would obviously try to nip that potential threat in the bud if they had any misgivings about the course of Jun Mo Xie's future accomplishments.

[Wasn't that riot from the past created... for this reason alone?]

On the hilltop

"This battle is decided in Tian Fa's victory!" Lei Bao Yu eloquently announced the result of the battle since he was the witness. The outcome of the fight was a fact, and every senior who stood there had seen it.

"Wait!" a voice called out in anger. Then, it continued resolutely, "We still have military strength on the battlefield. Not all of our men have died yet. So, why has this been declared a victory for Tian Fa? Jun Wu Yi that coward is still in this battle. He isn't dead yet. So, why doesn't he attack?"

Everyone-present unanimously despised the idiot who had opened his mouth to speak that idiocy. In fact, that description was too nice for him. The person who had spoken this was obviously a perfect combination of mental retardation and brainlessness.

The human army was scattered, and each group was fighting alone. And, how many casualties had they managed to inflict on the Xuan Beasts? Especially when one eliminates the few inflicted by some Spirit and Sky Xuan experts? Eighty or ninety put together! The remaining Xuan Beats were more than enough to take care of the human survivors. The allied human forces were anyway left with less than three-hundred men if one didnt count the injured and the dead. So, wouldn't they lose for sure if they fought any further? Shouldn't they admit defeat now? Even the thick-skinned could see this!

Everyone turned their heads to see a blood-stained face with a wolf-like expression on it. A fierce light shone in the eyes of this person as he looked at Jun Wu Yi. That man was Xiao Han. And, his meaning was clear. It wasnt a defeat till Jun Wu Yi and his men had died. He wouldnt be reconciled to that fact until his rival was dead.

Everyone had understood the intentions of his heart.

Wasnt it obvious that he wanted to see Jun Wu Yi's death?

Everyone knew of the event of the past. They understood that this man's jealousy soared to the heavens. He had foolishly opened his mouth to express his jealousy. And, his words were purely unreasonable and provocative!

"The first one to run away has made his return. Doesn't he resemble a dog that has come back wagging its tail? Perhaps you should return to battlefield at the risk of your life, and show your blood-boiling heroic pride But, doesnt it seem like the deserter is boasting that the battle hasn't ended?" a cynical and lazy voice cut-in.

It was none other than the Young Master Jun. The young man had opened his mouth to dish out a resolute derision. He was now stationed at a significant distance from Venerable Mei. He had been trampled on by her. So, his heart harbored a lingering fear of her. In fact, the Young Master Jun hadnt intended to make an appearance at this time. But, he couldn't bear Xiao Han's shameless words. Moreover, he had understood that Venerable Mei wanted to beat him up, but they didn't intend to kill him.

He didn't have to worry about his life as a result. Moreover, he had an important matter to take care of. So, he took a risk, and made an appearance.

A faint light appeared in Venerable Mei's eyes as she looked at Jun Mo Xie's sudden appearance. [This brat is very mysterious. He had inexplicably disappeared a moment ago. But, he has suddenly reappeared. Moreover, he was also able to hide his spiritual essence. This is very strange!]

"What shameful crap did you speak, you ignorant brat?" Xiao Han retorted.

"What did I say? Was I not clear enough? Firstly, your Silver City broke formation before our side was even defeated. Then, your people ran away! This is a crime worthy of execution!"

Jun Mo Xie snorted and continued, "You just said that the battle isn't over yet. So, why have your people returned? You don't have the face to say that the battle isnt over! I don't understand what kind of high quality stuff they teach you at the Silver City You feared for your life, and ran away at the beginning of the battle. Then, you call someone who actually fought it from the start a coward! Tch the Xuan Beasts from Tian Fa are still here if you wish to go ahead with your rhetoric. You lead the charge, and I guarantee that Tian Xiang's forces will follow after. No man will stay behind. Will you dare to do it?"

Xiao Han was at a loss for words. [Wouldn't I be courting death if I go forth at this time? The Xuan Beasts will be lenient with you, but I wont get such a treatment.]

Jun Mo Xie then looked up and spoke, "Fortunately, many elders of the Silver Blizzard City are here. I would like to ask the Spirit Xuan elders present here to excuse me. But, is this shamelessness a tradition in the Silver City? Is this man the rising star of the Silver City's Xiao Family? Is the strength of your ten Spirit Xuan experts only good to escape despite being part of the allied army? Is it only good enough to protect your two Sky Xuan experts? You turned tail and ran to save only your people. Do your faces not turn red at this?"

Jun Mo Xies words were very sharp and unkind. But, they were still fact. No one could refute it. Moreover, it wasn't that a single person of the Silver City had escaped alone. It was a collective betrayal. And, that had led to the thorough collapse of the entire battle. After all, their strength was the greatest amongst the allied forces. And, their misconduct was a collective misconduct. And, they couldnt refute anything at this moment even if these actions weren't a tradition in their Silver City.

This was only a tradition of the Xiao Family; and not of the entirety of the Silver Blizzard City. However, they were present here as representatives of the Silver City. So, even their fart could be taken as the flatulence of their City itself.

The Third, Sixth and the Ninth elders of the Silver Blizzard City were stunned; the Seven Swords were no different. They were at a loss for words in the face of this reproach from the young man. They made the same action and lowered their heads; their faces felt hot. They couldnt get angry even if they wanted to since they were in front of a thousand staring eyes. So, they chose the strategy of distraction.

Even their shadows couldn't be seen on the battlefield while the Supreme Commander himself had continued to fight. They had obviously run away for no reason. Therefore, they had no scope for any argument at this juncture.

It was unpleasant to hear this. But, it wouldve been considered a capital offense if they had run away like that at a critical juncture in a real battlefield! They obviously wouldve been executed for their actions. In fact, the case wherein their familys entire property wasnt confiscated in light of their cowardice wouldve been considered leniency...

Moreover, Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng had also witnessed this battle. These two were the greatest experts of their generation, and they also represented the Elusive World of the Immortals. Therefore, the fact that they had borne witness to their actions had lent further weight to Jun Mo Xie's arguments...

Many elders including the most protective, Xiao Bu Yu felt annoyed at Xiao Han. He felt that his grandson had disgraced them all. [His life was saved. He should have laughed it off. What was the need to shout about this?]

[Would the ten of us Spirit Xuan experts need to escape if we werent burdened to protect you, you little brat? And, now the opposite party is ridiculing us. And, we can't even fault his reasons. The Silver Blizzard City has lost face in front of the world's heroes and experts. This loss of reputation will sting for years to come!]

"Speaking of no shame the Jun Family has been everybodys target." Jun Mo Xie vehemently confronted everyone, and glanced at them in a dark manner. He then looked at Li Jue Tian, and started with his real objective.

"The very able senior heroes from the Three Sacred Lands are in attendance today. Theyve all witnessed the battle. Moreover, the heroes of the world and the powerful Xuan Beasts are also assembled here. Even Tian Fa's Lord the Venerable Mei has come. So, I would like to ask the Great Master Li Jue Tian a few things in their presence."

Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng looked like they appreciated this. [This Jun Family's youngster is quite young. Yet, he has already reached the Jade Xuan peak. Even we didn't have such cultivation at that age! Hes very talented! Its seldom seen that someone faces extraordinary legendary experts from the past, and yet manages to act neither servile nor overbearing. This free and unrestrained manner is a result of self-training!]

[This kid will become very impressive over time! The world will witness another Great-Master-Level expert in less than thirty years!]

In fact, Jun Mo Xie could feel that his light flattery had left a favorable impression on the two Supreme Masters.

"We were in Tian Xiang City. We were living carefree and unrestrained. So, would it even be worth a copper coin to us if the Southern Heaven City were to get destroyed? Or everyone from the Xue Hun Manor was turned into a ghost? But, Great Master Li Jue Tian issued the Supreme Order, and we forgot our past animosity. We volunteered to fight, and led our army over thousands of kilometers over mountains and rivers to get here. But, we rushed through starry nights for the sake of what? For the sake of the Xue Hun Manor! We acted as part of humanity, and did our best for the survival of the noble society to perpetuity in order for justice to prevail throughout the world!"

Jun Mo Xie's voice was loud. It was like an attorney who was standing to accuse the guilty in a court of law. His face was painted with a sense of cold justice, "We came here warm-blooded. But, we got to suffer unfathomable pressure instead of getting a warm welcome! We were pushed around, and that high-and-mighty Great Master Li unexpectedly jeopardized the safety of the entire humanity for his selfish reasons and a long-standing personal grudge! He set up a conspiracy to carry out his desire to have us killed!

"The great Hurricane and Rainstorm Supreme Masters have discerning eyesight. They mustve seen what happened with the troop formation very clearly. Even someone who doesnt know the story behind this couldve seen it plain as day! We came here from afar to lend aid to our allies in battle. It could even be said that we provided critical help in the hour of need. So, how can I not ridicule at this moment? The two masters from the Elusive World of the Immortals are present here today. So, I wont fear, and I shall speak freely. What Second or Third Great Master would retaliate now? So, I would like to ask you where is the conscience in this? Wheres the justice? Wheres the morality? Could a clenched fist really oppose the world's justice and the will of the people?

"And, let me ask you something else if you're willing to make such decisions to settle personal grudges Everyone knows that Tian Fas victory in this war would mean a catastrophe for the common people since they can then invade inwards. So, how come you muddled such an important juncture with so many treacherous schemes? You decided to entrap the Supreme Commander of this battle! So, what are the common people to your eyes? You are each a peak Spirit Xuan expert. But, do you have no humanity? Not even a little bit of it? Could it be that theres nothing else on your minds except for your own selfish interests?"

Jun Mo Xie felt emotionally stirred as he continued to speak. He had planned to put on airs. But, he had become indignant by the time he had reached this topic, "Great Master Li, I will now be bold-enough to ask you this you don't care... you don't care that we have come to help you. And, you are even willing to entrap us. So, why did you issue the Supreme Summons in the first place? Why didn't you lead the Xue Hun Manor against the Xuan Beasts alone if you have such a high level of guts? Why in the world did you act like an ostrich that tries to hide from the truth?

"Why don't you stake everything in it? Why dont you go forth and kill or be killed plain and simple? Wouldnt the whole world have sung praises of your strength, and called you a hero and a towering personality if you had done that?

"However, you didn't do it. You feared for your life, and you called for help the Supreme Summons! Did you do it because everyone on the continent knows that it cant be ignored? Bah! It's still a call for help, understand? And, you have issued the Supreme Summons. This means that you craved life and feared death! This is the first Supreme Summons in the entirety of the known ten-thousand years of this continents history. Li Jue Tian, you're the first person since the ancient times to be cowardly-enough to have issued it! No one may be able to trump this in the future. This shall remain unprecedented! You will forever remain the first cowardly Great Master!

"Our strength is the weakest amongst the allied forces. But, we didn't withdraw from the battlefield. We stood there till the last man. The other families who fought didn't withdraw either. Their blood has been spread across the land. But, you tried to flee at the earliest! Your people are the reason for this conflict. And, the people who had issued the Supreme Summons were also those from the Xue Hun Manor and the Silver Blizzard City! And what's more your people are the strongest! Do you have no shame as you stand here amongst everyone?"

Jun Mo Xie sneered, "You had planned to entrap my uncle! So, you wont concede this battle in defeat since you see that he hasnt died yet? Li Jue Tian, Xiao Han, I shall believe that you two are the Supreme Masters of the universe from this day forth! Because you two are the undisputed and greatest Supreme Masters when it comes to being shameless! Who can match the two of you?! Supreme Shameless Masters! This name fits the two of you! I'm sure that no one can refute that!"

The people on whom Jun Mo Xi was raining curses turned deathly white. There were many whose hands weren't clean. And, they had used this opportunity to set up that shameless scheme. However, the others had still only been swayed by the tide, and had followed the course of the events.

Li Jue Tian had been caught by Venerable Mei a bit earlier. He was then repeatedly smacked on the face, and he hadnt been able to resist that beating to any extent. His reputation had already taken a bad hit thereof. Moreover, he was left seriously injured after Venerable Mei had finished with her moral lesson. However, he didn't have any face left to stand up. So, he merely stayed there, and remained lying on the ground. He mightve had avoided the problem, and mightve saved himself from this kind of an unnecessary humiliation during normal times if he hadnt received that beating. And, he wouldn't have been shamed as much in that case.

How could he not wish to retaliate? But, his skill wasnt equal to that of the opposition. So, how could he retaliate?

Li Jue Tian was still on the ground, and the people from the Xue Hun Manor were looking after him. It was then when he heard Jun Mo Xie's lengthy and reproachful question. Each sentence referred to justice; each word angled towards the essence of justice.

However, the fact that made things difficult for him to digest was that Jun Mo Xie hadnt discussed several other aspects. He hadnt discussed why many Sky Xuan and Earth Xuan experts had died Why many Spirit Xuan experts had also lost their lives But the many Jade Xuan experts under Jun Wu Yi's command had still managed to survive? And then, the youngster had played the victim card. He had used justice to appeal to human emotions in his derides. Moreover, this person had acted bold and confident as if the justice was on his side. His voice was powerful and resonant, and he had argued with the power of his convictions behind him. He derided the people, and he had shamed them. He shamed them so badly that they were even afraid to refute. So much so, that everyone had started to feel sympathy for Jun Wu Yi.

But then, Li Jue Tian heard Jun Mo Xie's snide, "Li Jue Tian, Xiao Han, I shall believe that you two are the Supreme Masters of the universe from this day forth! Because you two are the undisputed and greatest Supreme Masters when it comes to being shameless! Who can match the two of you?! Supreme Shameless Masters! This name fits the two of you! I'm sure that no one can refute that!" He couldnt digest this sentence. And, it started to resonate in his abdomen and chest. He then quickly got up, and turned his head to point at Jun Mo Xie. His finger shook as he angrily retorted, "Ignorant brat! You... you... puff!"

He spat out blood the moment he opened his mouth.

The Second Great Master had been made to spit blood by the curses of Jun Mo Xie a boy who was nothing more than an ant in his eyes.

Li Jue Tian was seriously injured. His internal injuries were critical. Venerable Mei had attacked him furiously, and in anger. He wasnt pretending when it came to that. In fact, his flesh had visibly been beaten to a pulp even if the internal injuries couldnt be made out.

Li Jue Tian had relied on his body's Xuan Qi to protect his internal organs. He wouldnt die even if worse came to worst. And, he was very proud of that fact. After all, the Lord of Tian Fa had roughed him up quite badly. And, this entity was none other than the apex expert of the universe! He had been confined and beaten to such an extent that his bones were broken in several places, and his internal organs were bleeding very severely.

He couldve easily killed Jun Mo Xie with one move even in such a seriously injured state. But, he still couldn't. In fact, he couldn't dare to. Because Jun Mo Xie had the Solitary Falcon at his side. Li Jue Tian wouldn't have been scared of the Solitary Falcon under normal circumstances, and wouldve faced him with full confidence. In fact, he couldve tidied the Solitary Falcon up with ease. But, he feared that the Solitary Falcon would take advantage of the injured state of his body, and would tidy him up instead.

Moreover, the two people from the Elusive World of Immortals were present here. The rights and wrongs had already been exposed. So, how could they not meddle? And, even if they weren't present here the Lord of the Xuan Beasts still was!

He could obviously kill the opposition with ease, but wouldnt dare to. And, thats why Li Jue Tian had been forced to bear those unending violent curses from the opposition. And, the fact that Li Jue Tian had to endure those curses was the reason why the blood came out of his mouth. This matter had crossed the limit of his tolerance.

And, that very helplessness of the Second Great Masters present state a state where he could to do nothing and be resigned to vomit blood was the main reason why Jun Mo Xie had gathered the courage to abuse him so openly and violently.

And as for later... there wouldnt be a later for Li Jue Tian! This was because Jun Mo Xie had already decided to kill him. Li Jue Tian was more dangerous than the Silver Blizzard City. The Silver City had been held back, and couldnt start a conflict so openly as a result of that. However, Li Jue Tian was different. He was a lunatic. He could do anything his son asked him to

He would act without any misgivings. And, he would act shamelessly at that. And, this was precisely the kind of trouble Jun Mo Xie would never allow to exist.

However, Jun Mo Xies current cultivation wasnt enough to kill Li Jue Tian even if the Great Masters entire body was broken. So, how would he kill the man?

Jun Mo Xie had already decided his plan of action in that regard. He had obtained a very powerful weapon ever since he had entered the second layer of the Hong Jun Pagoda. It was something which he hadn't shown to anyone yet!

And that was the Flame of Primal Chaos!

That pitch-black flame was the origin of entire world! It had the terrifying ability to burn anything down. And then again Li Jue Tian was a mere mortal. However, the Flame of Primal Chaos could even burn a golden immortal, and could then scatter the remnants of their soul.

However, Jun Mo Xie's Xuan cultivation wasn't enough to control the Flame of Primal Chaos. Therefore, he hadnt dared to use it until this point. Otherwise, wouldn't he have already used it to take care of anyone he didn't like? The fact of the matter was that he could concoct immortality pills that could help him control the Flame of Primal Chaos, and still leave him with some strength to spare. However, there was a huge risk of injury if he tried to maneuver the Hong Jun Pagoda inside his body. It would cause a huge wear and tear to his body. So, he had to be very careful. Otherwise, he could end up as a pile of ash himself...

It would be like getting hurt from devils bite even if there was a backlash. He would get hurt; very seriously at that. And, his mind would suffer serious damage as well. Further, Jun Mo Xie was unaware that there was a state of mind known as the Primordial Spirit. No lengthy amounts of recuperation would reinstate his state of mind if his Primordial Spirit were to sustain damage. The consequences were grave, and he couldnt afford a single mistake thereupon. In fact, he shouldnt have thought to employ it unless as a last resort.

However, Jun Mo Xie had no other option at the moment. It was a critical juncture, and this was his last resort.

Moreover, it was also the most fortune moment to strike. Numerous bones in Li Jue Tians body had been broken by Venerable Mei. He was also suffering from serious internal injuries. The Second Great Master was in the poorest condition of his life as a result. This was the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to kill him in his weak state. It would mean the end of Jun Mo Xie and the Jun Family if he didnt take Li Jue Tian's life in his most vulnerable condition.

In fact, Li Jue Tian would never have let Jun Wu Yi or the Jun Family off even if Jun Mo Xie hadnt rained curses at him by throwing caution to the wind. The Xue Hun Manor had lost around one-third of their strength in their scheme. They had suffered a great loss for a small gain as a result. And, that loss included three Spirit Xuan experts... They would undoubtedly blame this on Jun Wu Yis head!

Moreover, Jun Mo Xie was the main reason behind Venerable Meis wild behavior. One couldnt blame Jun Mo Xie for it at the moment, but he was main reason behind it. This held true especially for the second time! He had become the target of her anger in Jun Mo Xies stead.

However, how could someone with Li Jue Tians temperament allow the uncle-nephew duo to get away? He couldn't attack Venerable Mei. But, that didn't mean that he couldn't do the same to this uncle-and-nephew pair. In any case, Li Jue Tian wouldve never considered the cause-and-effect in such a matter...

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had no other choice. He had decided to take the risk out of desperation.

[I must kill Li Jue Tian! I must deal him the fatal blow!]

Li Jue Tian had been forced into a corner by Venerable Mei. And, Jun Mo Xie had done the same at this time!

Therefore, the Jun Family would see its end if Li Jue Tian didn't die!

Besides, there was no better way to solve everything than killing Li Jue Tian!

Everyone thought that Jun Mo Xie was being reckless since he had continuously hurled abuses at the Second Great Master. He had continually brought-up his name in his rain of curses. In fact, he hadnt even stopped for a breath. And, everyone considered that too be extremely reckless. However, Jun Mo Xies thoughts were different

[Li Jue Tian is seriously injured; in fact, he has suffered the heaviest injury of his lifetime! Moreover, he has suffered the greatest humiliation any Great Master has ever had to since the dawn of time. Therefore, his mental state would be highly incited. And, he wont be able to control it! And, his nature is anyway very vicious, and its rather hard to control his mind. So, the harder I abuse him at this moment the better. The more Li Jue Tian hears from me at this moment the more irritated he will become... And that would result in an absolute loss of self-control on his part!]

[The best case would obviously be if I can infuriate him to the point where he dies of excessive anger! In fact, his internal injuries will become more aggravated even if he doesnt die from excessive anger! And, that will result in the most favorable prerequisite for a shot at success!]

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