Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 374

Chapter 373 what kind of a medicine is it
Chapter 373: What Kind of a Medicine is it?

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Jun Mo Xie pondered for a while, but could not understand anything. So, he decided to let go of it. The Young Master then felt his aura surge rapidly. His aura had become extremely lively. This also made Jun Mo Xies spirits rise ceaselessly.

[Im no longer a weak shrimp from this moment onwards. The strength of a Sky Xuan initial level expert isnt exactly formidable when compared to the top experts of the mainland and the forest. However, its powerful and unreachable when compared to the usual Xuan experts. Moreover, I have many other methods to surpass the hierarchies!]

[Now, I can act openly and freely with this strength. I can deal with matters the way I want to. I dont need to rely on my mysterious identity and the enormously imposing power of the Hong Jun Pagoda like I previously used to]

[After all, a clenched fist is the absolute argument!]

[I do like that high-profile feel, but its not my real strength at the end of the day. What would happen if my strength is able to reach that realm someday?]

There was a faint yet hopeful look in Jun Mo Xies eyes. The Art of Unlocking the Heavens Fortune had brought about so many nice surprises. What would it bring next?

He still remembered how he used to watch those fictional martial arts shows on the television in his previous lives. It had experts cutting down small mountains with a mere push of their palms, while their swords could behead several hundred people at once. He used to watch those shows with dull enthusiasm at the time. In fact, he used to feel that it was pure nonsense. [Where does such abnormal martial art exist in the human world? I am the King of Assassins. And, even I cant accomplish such feats. So, how can someone else?!]

However, he had seen Venerable Mei in action. He had seen Li Jue Tian, Lei Bao Yu, and Bu Kuang Feng. He had even seen many of the Xuan Beast Kings

Cutting down a small hill with a push of their palm was nothing for them. They could perhaps flatten a huge mountain if they wanted.

This wasnt fiction. He had witnessed this on his own. So, what could be considered as impossible?

Then, Jun Mo Xie smiled as he mocked himself, and thought that every world has its own limits.

He put that chaotic train of thoughts aside, and took a step forward to go in.

And, that step forward brought him to the third level of the Hong Jun Pagoda.

[Would I get a mysterious gift here as well?]

[The first level had the Art of Unlocking the Heavens Fortune. The second level had the Flame of Primal Chaos, the Furnace of Good Fortune, and the Yin-Yang Escape Technique. So, the third level would have?]

[What nice surprise would be waiting for me?]

Jun Mo Xie felt heavy the moment he stepped in. In fact, he felt an unfeigned heavy sensation. It was like a treasured blade had cut across his face with a uniquely cold chop. It felt as if his body had been chopped by a Devine Weapon, and had been dissected thereof.

A wisp of a golden strand floated as Jun Mo Xie entered through. Then, it seemed like thousands of ghosts had suddenly found a host. They seemingly jeered as they rushed with lightning speed. They flew forward without a halt, and entered Jun Mo Xies forehead from the space between his eyebrows.

Another wisp of light this time a brilliant and shining green light approached floating quietly, and entered Jun Mo Xies head in a similar fashion

Jun Mo Xies entire body started to feel very exuberant. And then, a burst of killing intention arose, and rapidly integrated with his existing murderous aura. After that, two messages appeared in his head

The first message was, "Turn ordinary metals into wonderful gold. Obliterate everything into nothingness. This is the power that controls Gold amongst the Five Elements."

The second message was, "Change occurs at a moments notice. But, it covers the heavens and earth. This is the power that controls Wood amongst the Five Elements."

[The power of gold? The power of wood? Whats this?] Jun Mo Xies head felt foggy with confusion. [What do these two lines mean? Wasnt it quite simple when I had received the Yin-Yang Escape? But, this is very strange.] However, the aura from the pagoda suddenly started to enter Jun Mo Xie when he was pondering in his confusion. And, it filled him to the brim within a moment. It revolved inside his body, and Jun Mo Xie realized that this power and the strength within his body were completely different.

[It appears to be somewhat special?]

[Is this another special ability like the Yin-Yang Escape?]

Jun Mo Xie continued to circulate that power for a moment, and suddenly formed an understanding of it. This was because his aura had become very lively and many times stronger when compared to the time before he had circulated this new aura. In fact, it felt as majestic and powerful as a massive river!

His mind was set into motion, and his mental strength erupted like a hurricane. Jun Mo Xie had instantly reached an understanding

This was a mental attack! This force could encompass the mind!

He closed his eyes, and calmly digested it all. And then, Jun Mo Xies eyes flickered bright as he opened them.

[I will take on the entire world by merely raising eyebrows, and I will decide the outcome with a wave of my hand.]

[I possess a genuine combat advantage now!]

Inside Southern Heaven City

Dugu Xiao Yi was subconsciously pacing back and forth inside her tent. Her good-looking face seemed dark as she gnashed her teeth and talked to herself, "Humph! Ive had my eyes on him for a long time. Brother Mo Xie is mine! I found him first. So, why would I cower now? Argh! So what if youre trying to use your proximity to him to your advantage? I have my own means!"

She then clenched her teeth, and shouted resolutely, "Come in! I want a few of the Dugu Familys guards to come in! I have an important task for them!"

The guards rushed about in a hurry for a while. They looked anxious. The Young Lady had never issued such an order before, but they nevertheless convened quickly. [She looks worried. Has a major event occurred?]

The vassals and men affiliated to the Dugu Family abandoned whatever they were doing, and hurriedly rushed over and stood before Dugu Xiao Yi.

Dugu Xiao Yi regarded the family guards in a calm manner. She acted dignified, and her graceful eyes had a solemn look as she glanced around. Then, she coughed twice, cleared her throat, and spoke, "Ive called everyone here because Ive run into a problem with a medicinal drug I was trying to manufacture."

Those men looked confused. So, they looked at each other in dismay. [Since when did the Young lady start researching medicines?] But, they replied in unison, "Young Lady, you can command us to do whatever you wish, and we will obey without exception! But, will you let us test them first?"

"You should consider that properly," There was a supercilious look on Dugu Xiao Yis fair face. She solemnly nodded with her small head, "Listen to what Im going to say. Ive been wrapped up in studying medicinal methods of late. And, Ive made some big discoveries. I had just recalled something my sister had said when I was in the Capital. And, that has made me worried. So, Ive called you here to discuss it."

"We dont understand what the Young Lady is talking about." The leader of the Familys troops was a forty year old middle-aged man. He couldnt help but become cautious after he saw the seriousness with which Dugu Xiao Yi was speaking. The Young Lady had covered a lot of ground with her speech. She had first spoken about her research on medical issues. Then, she had jumped onto another topic. [Could it be that the medicinal research and this other matter are related?]

"Ah actually its nothing major Its just that" Dugu Xiao Yis eyes turned into beads. She couldnt find the right words. Then, she finally resolved her heart and spoke, "Several sisters have told me that theres a medicine in this world endangers us females very greatly. It possibly leaves us with life-long regrets, and makes beautiful women suffer unhappy fates. And then, it leaves them to commit suicide out of resentment. So, Im preparing to manufacture an antidote for it. And, I plan to distribute it far and wide to all the women in the world once its ready. The women wont need to fear this matter thereafter. And, a great deed would hence be done."

Dugu Xiao Yi put a lot of effort in order to seem like a dignified person who was concerned with the world at large. She had desired to put up a deadpan facial expression in order to seem serious. However, it was a pity that her face had turned red before she had even finished speaking.

Everyone became pensive after they heard those words. They had somewhat guessed what Dugu Xiao Yi was attempting to convey, but they couldnt believe it. The leader of the troops then braced himself, and asked with a stammer, "I dont know uh what kind of a medicine is that?"

"Ah...what kind of medicine...that is..."Dugu Xiao Yi's powdered became somewhat red as she looked embarrassed.

"What kind of medicine?" The men of the family grabbed their hair in confusion. They were still apprehensive about confirming it. So, they asked carefully, "What kind of medicine is it? Please tell us its name, Young Lady."

"You are very stupid and incorrigible!" Dugu Xiao Yi's face turned red as she flipped out. Then, she lowered her head and spoke in a low growl, "Aphrodisiac thats what! Do you understand it now?"

The ten Dugu Familys guards were left dumbstruck and flabbergasted. They couldve never thought that they would hear their Young Lady speak that word!

[Huh? Aphrodisiac? My God! It's the biggest taboo in society! Even the hoodlums and thieves wouldn't use it! So, how did this daring little girl come up with this idea?! This is frightening!]

Dugu Xiao Yi's face turned red. She pouted before she flew into a rage of humiliation and shouted, "Why are you looking at me like that? I'm doing it for the myriad of sisters around the world the common people! So, I ask if you have it or not? And, quickly hand it over to me if you do! I will study it. Then, I shall devise an antidote!"

[What?] Dark lines had stretched across everyones forehead.

[That aphrodisiac thing... would any be open about it and take it out even if they have it? Wouldn't they want to save their reputation in public? And, would they give it to the Family's Young Lady even if they didn't have any honor? Forget about that man would even the ninth generation of his family survive if something happened to her because of the medicine?]

[Also... you say that you need it for research but, God knows what you'll really do with it! Itll be extremely bad if you ask us to consume it so that you could personally experience the results for your research! In fact, it will be very bad for the ten of us as well!]

[This matter is no joke! My great aunt...] Everyone had the same complaint in their hearts

[As for preparing an antidote... I never knew that this thing would need any sort of an antidote. The only antidote that thing requires is a mans work! We haven't heard of any other method besides that. Even drenching oneself with cold water doesnt work]

They all looked at each other in dismay. It seemed as if they were foolish ducks who had been struck by thunder, and had become demented as a result.

"You don't have it?" The eyebrows of the Eldest Daughter of the Dugu Family shot up, "Are you not men that you don't have it? Are you not men?"

It had to be said that Dugu Xiao Yi had to be a very bold person to speak these words!

And, that boldness had left everyone cold and trembling. [My Mother! What is this?]