Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 381

Chapter 380 courageous little girl
Chapter 380: Courageous Little Girl

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"I was the first one to believe in Brother Mo Xie. And, Im obviously the first one to like Brother Mo Xie. Hes mine! No one can take him from me!"

Dugu Xiao Yi declared that loudly in anger. In fact, she had forgotten what was happening at that time. And, she had also forgotten that she was the instigator of this huge matter

"Uh yes. Hes yours, hes yours. But" Jun Wu Yi sweated profusely as he nodded repeatedly, and tried to placate that visibly emotionally stirred-up little girl.

"Dont interrupt! Just listen to what Im saying!" the emotionally stirred little girl screamed those orders. This stupefied Commander Jun, and shut him up.

"I had to take steps to prevent Brother Mo Xie from getting snatched away from me. So, I I I I" Dugu Xiao Yi came back to herself as she was speaking those words. And, she was somewhat embarrassed thereof. The little girl had just told them not to interrupt her, but she herself was unable to speak thereafter

Jun Wu Yi, Solitary Falcon, and the three Dongfang brothers the five experts looked blankly at the valiant little girl while they waited for her to continue. And, they could only think of one thing [The young ones will surpass us in no time!]

"So, I So I" Dugu Xiao Yi glanced around as she stammered. She had been an angry and courageous little girl a moment ago. But, she was suddenly at a loss for words, and became very miserable. This sudden transformation made the eyebrows of the five experts to shoot up wildly. [This is strange]

"So, I thought that I should cook rice with Brother Mo Xie! Then, he cant leave me, right? And, no one will be able to snatch him away from me!" the red-faced Dugu Xiao Yi had closed her eyes as she had shouted-out her hearts desires.

The five experts had seemingly been struck by thunder. And, they started to sweat like waterfalls. They eventually sat down with blurry visions. But, they couldnt take their eyes off this bold little girl who stood in front of them; they had been left dumbstruck.

"I summoned my family guards, and made them bring me the aphrodisiac. Then, I poured it into a wine bottle, and went to look for Brother Mo Xie. It so happened that he was very thirsty at the time. So, he drank the bottle empty"

Dugu Xiao Yi didnt feel shy or embarrassed as she continued to speak about the matter from the start. In fact, her demeanor was quite the jar-breaking and imposing, "But, Brother Mo Xie wasnt cooked properly, and went mad instead. Then, he tried to force himself on me, and tried to do indecent things to me! I panicked and screamed for help. It was then that Elder Sister Guan arrived to save me. And, I escaped. My actions may have caused harm to Elder Sister Guan Boo hoo"

The five great experts were covered in sweat. And, they had been rendered speechless. In fact, it seemed as if they had been hit by lightning. They were flabbergasted, and could only stare at her blankly with their mouths opened-askew, and their eyes narrowed.

It had been a roller coaster ride to hear about this bizarre matter from the mouth of this little girl. They had never imagined that she could be the initiator of this matter. [What is going on? She wanted to cook. So, she prepared for the other person to get cooked, but didnt cook at the end of it. After that, a third but disinterested party ended up doing to the cooking]

[She has indeed cooked an interesting dish ah!]

The five great experts acted at the same time, and put a hand to their forehead. Their faces had been riddled with dark lines, and they had been rendered speechless

They had known that the little girl was very bold. So, they had never thought of underestimating her. But, they had hugely underestimated her at the end of the day! [This little girl is already as tough as fierce woman!] A fierce woman? It was nothing like that in reality

To slip aphrodisiac into the drink of her object of affection in order to "cook rice" because she was jealous of a third party this wasnt entirely incomprehensible. But then she became scared, and escaped. This is unheard of!

It was like setting fire and running away

The Great Dugu Xiao Yis actions had no precedence in the entire Xuan Xuan Continents history. In fact, this unsurpassed and magnificent feat was a huge piece of pioneering work

It was genuinely amazing!

"Im thoroughly shocked! Do you even understand what cooking rice means, little girl?" Dongfang Wen Dao opened his mouth and asked. His eyes were opened as wide as bells, and his eyebrows had jumped off his face.

"Of course I know. Cooking rice means that a man and a womans hearts become one, and cant be separated." Dugu Xiao Yi pouted and stamped her foot. And, she then continued in a fierce tone, "And, no one can take him away after that!"

The five men felt like fainting in this moment.

"Your ahm ahm medicine... whats it called? And, what quantity was it?" Jun Wu Yi swallowed his saliva with difficulty, and asked with a glimmer of hope.

"That medicine is called its called Erect 150mg" Dugu Xiao Yi tilted her head, and wondered. She felt somewhat annoyed, "Its a very eccentric and awkward-sounding name. Its hard to pronounce it properly. I dont think Id be able to since my memory doesnt serve me that well"

"What? Erect 150mg" The five men sighed and shook their heads.

This was one of the best special-quality drugs for men. It had an extremely intense boosting effect on the libido. Moreover, it could ignite a mans se*ual drive to its greatest extent. It could even make them lose their minds. And, they wouldnt stop unless they had burned out the drugs effect.

The scariest thing was that this medicine was extremely potent! Only a little bit of it could be very effective.

Jun Wu Yis complexion changed as he asked with trembling lips, "This... ahm ahm Xiao Yi, forget about the useless name of the medicine You tell Third Uncle how much of it did you put in the wine bottle? How many fingernails?"

[How many fingernails?] A strange expression emerged on the faces of the three Dongfang brothers and the Solitary Falcon. They hadnt expected the Great General would know the correct usage. So, this development was genuinely unexpected for them. However, they were very concerned about Jun Mo Xie at this time. Otherwise, they wouldve laughed

"How many fingernails? I dont know. Thats difficult to guess. It was around one full packet." Dugu Xiao Yis eyes had taken a round shape as she gestured with her hands to mimic a packet, "I put it all of it into the win. I only wanted him to drink a cups worth of it. But, Brother Mo Xie was very thirsty, and drank all of it in one go. He had finished the entire bottle before I could do anything! He drank it down extremely quickly!"

"You put all of it in the wine, and he drank the entire bottle?" the five men exclaimed in alarm, and looked at each other in dismay.

[Good Heavens! This matter has genuinely gone to shit]

"You, you you little girl how youve caused trouble you genuinely caused a big trouble!" Jun Wu Yi had gone into a panic. [A person whod consume so much of that drug would explode!] Then, he continued in a stern voice, "Your your family guards are absurd! Why would a soldier march to war with aphrodisiac in his pockets? This is very shameful behavior! And, this is a violation of military discipline! Such a horrible conduct cant be forgiven!"

Jun Wu Yi was somewhat flustered. His expression was as fierce as someone who was about to peel the skin off a rabbit or a dog. But, he also looked a bit scared. [Such a large amount of Erect 150mg would obviously create a problem! If Mo Xie really damn! Then what?]

[Can we expect to get out of this but, the possibility of that is very low. And, what will happen to the Jun Family? Moreover, Qing Han shes considered the Jun Familys daughter-in-law, but shes still a maiden. How can she endure that? Whats to be done if shes unable to endure it, and vanishes like a falling star?]

Dongfang Wen Jian also panicked and suggested, "How about we burst-in and force those two apart? That poison will be forced-out if we transfer our efficacy. I wouldnt have thought of doing that unless the matter was so urgent"

"Youre a pig! An aphrodisiac is not a poison! Poison flows within blood vessel and meridians, but can be removed! An aphrodisiac penetrates the very being! It tempts the very basic instinct of a man! How will you force that out?" Jun Wu Yi had seemingly lost his mind as he showered down curses.

"And tell me again what will we do about Qing Han if we burst-in? What will we do about Mo Xie? You pig head! Urgent matter bullshit urgent!" Jun Wu Yi had been driven mad.

However, Dongfang Wen Jian knew that Jun Wu Yi hadnt meant it. He understood the Commanders frame of mind because his own was the same.

Solitary Falcon thought for a bit, and tried to calm things down, "Everyone calm down. Theres no need to muddle the situation. We can't forget that Jun Mo Xie has inherited his master's amazing fighting and medical skills. And, those skills are very miraculous. So, we needn't worry since his master has taught him those amazing things. Mo Xie will be fine..."

Jun Mo Xie's temper slowly began to stabilize. However, his eyes were brimming with worry as he said, "I hope so."

The three Dongfang brothers became curious, and asked, "Mo Xie's master? Who is that? Since when did Mo Xie have a master?" The three of them had become extremely curious about the words "Mo Xie's master" since these words seemed to carry a miraculous effect. In fact, these words had even made the half-crazed Jun Wu Yi to calm down. [But, why?]

"You've already seen his master. He's a genuinely skilled man!" Solitary Falcon's face was brimming with admiration. And, the three brothers could tell that this sense of admiration came from the depths of his heart, and wasn't fake.

"We've seen him? Who is he? How come such an expert didn't leave an impression on us?" The three Dongfang brothers were somewhat startled. It had to be mentioned that the Solitary Falcon was one of the Great Eight Masters. Moreover, he was also one of the most arrogant ones. But, he still harbored such respect for that person. Dongfang Wen Qing had never anticipated that someone in this world couldve been worthy of this feat...

"Mo Xie's master is the mysterious black-clothed man who got rid of Li Jue Tian!" the Solitary Falcon replied with a tone of acclaim.

The other four became speechless. Even Jun Wu Yi hadn't known that the aforementioned extremely formidable and mysterious black-clothed expert was Jun Mo Xie's master!

[No wonder such a senior had showed-up to rescue the Jun Family!] The biggest question in the Third Master Jun's mind had finally been answered. [That mysterious black-clad expert is Mo Xie's master!]

Dugu Xiao Yi was left somewhat puzzled as she saw everyone's reaction. So, she asked, "What's happening everyone... was the medicine bad?"

"Bad?" Jun Wu Yi looked at Dugu Xiao Yi weakly. She had a puzzled expression on her face. In fact, the adorable and silly little girl was still looking to Jun Wu Yi to guide her on the right path.

"The medicine wasnt good? Thats not the point here, little girl. The crucial point is that your cooking rice idea didnt go as planned" Dongfang Wen Dao smiled and continued, "You wanted to cook the rice. You put the rice in the pot, and then you added water to it. After that, you put it to boil. However, you refused to have the rice when once it was ready. And, you left. Your rice is cooked, but its being consumed by someone else. So, your laborious efforts are being taken advantage of by others"

Dongfang Wen Dao sighed, "Its like you worked hard to find the right clothes, but someone else wore them to their marriage. Good luck ah"

Everyone's hearts had settled down once they had learned about the identity of Jun Mo Xie's master. In fact, Dongfang Wen Dao was now in the mood to joke with the little girl

"What? Who is eating it?" Dugu Xiao Yi became very infuriated, "I cooked that rice!"