Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 384

Chapter 383 im a selfish man
Chapter 383: Im a Selfish Man!

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"Offend me? How could a brat with such low skill levels offend me? I just dont like him; that's all!"

The first voice became somewhat embarrassed for a second. Then, it quickly reinstating its composure, and said, "Don't ever think that I will have any affection for such a lecherous face! I only faked those feelings! I wish to beat him up and teach him a proper lesson. And, I will feel very happy once Ive taught him a lesson that my heart desires!"

The other voice fell silent. It was clearly shocked. [What happened to the eldests voice-tone when she was speaking that sentence?]

A long time passed before the second voice spoke again, "Then... what are you going to do, Eldest Sister?"

"The aim of our trip is to travel the world. So, we can follow these people for now. And, didnt you hear Dongfang Wen Qing? He said that they might take that brat to hide with the Dongfang Family This means that these people might part ways with the Jun Familys troops later. You see how I handle that brat when that time comes! Ill give him worse than death!" the first voice snorted.

"So, why didn't Eldest Sister intervene when Dugu Xiao Yi had given him that ridiculous medicine?" the sharp voice sounded confused, "He wouldnt have been able to do anything if we had stepped-in at that time. We wouldve gotten to see him choke on his urine. In fact, it wouldve been one of the worst ways of torture. Wouldn't that have been an interesting thing?"

Watching him choke on his urine wouldve been one of the worst ways of torture Wouldn't that have been an interesting thing? These two women who were speaking these words seemed more ruthless than the other

The strength of these two mysterious women was extremely high; they were exceptionally formidable!

"Intervene? Why would you wish to intervene then?" the first voice again seemed to have a strain of embarrassment in its usually cold texture, "Green Hunter... you and I have taken this form... we are in the form of women at the moment. So, we couldnt have stopped him from doing that scandal! We couldve killed him with ease but, stopping him... we couldn't have done that!"

"Eldest Sister is right! We shouldn't have intervened since we couldnt have stopped him..." the second voice turned out to be that of Green Hunters. She had given this angle some thought, and couldnt help but become a bit embarrassed as a result

"That man is despicable, and hes in need of a lesson. But, he still has some importance, and he doesn't really need to die." The first voice snorted and said, "Moreover, the pills involved in the transaction with the Sacred Fruit might come via him. Didn't you hear the Solitary Falcon speak that the mysterious man is that brats master? And, didn't you report that the mysterious person has made a solemn vow to give us those efficacious pills in exchange for the Sacred Fruit?"

"That's right! I had almost forgotten" The Snake Kings eyes shone, "Things change a lot if we consider that! That mysterious person's power is amazing and mystical! I still feel a bit traumatic at the thought of that previous experience! I feel that even elder sister might have a tough time in competing with that towering strength!"

"My meeting with that mysterious man was short. Moreover, he didn't fight for real. He merely moved and killed Li Jue Tian in the most deceptive of ways. Yes, I cant compare with such skills. I cant even figure out what technique that man had used. I think it was something like the Flame of Enlightenment or some other form of Pure Fire. It will be good if such a skilled person doesn't have any hatred for us. And, we can ensure that this person gives us more pills if we control his young disciple. We will at least have some cards in our hands in that case!" the person speaking these words was the Lord of Tian Fa Venerable Mei.

"Therefore, we cant afford to be careless with this matter! We heard them say that he might go to the Dongfang Family. But, there are many issues relating to that as well. And, one of them is the oath that family had to take. He he... Our departure from the Tian Fa Forest has already completed half of their oath. The remaining part relates to the crumbling of the Snow Sword Mountain in those Snowy Peaks. That would need some planning. In any case, this is a very interesting matter."

"So that's how it is! You have already thought of so much, eldest! The Eldest genuinely deserves to be called the Lord!" the Snake King said cheerfully, "So, we just watch the fun now?"

"Watch the fun? Not necessarily. Perhaps we might have the opportunity to join-in on the fun!" Venerable Mei smiled lightly.

Everything became quiet. The two didnt speak any longer. Suddenly, it seemed as if they had never existed.

Anyone looking at the tree from the side wouldve been amazed to notice that their shadows hadnt been visible this entire time even though there were sounds coming from the tree. In fact, not a single twig on the branches of that tree had shaken this entire time

Jun Mo Xie was in a difficult situation at the moment. In fact, he was in a very difficult situation.

He had just entered his tent when he had seen an elegant figure standing in front of his bed. It seemed like a beautiful and graceful figurine.

Guan Qing Han!

Her face was expressionless. It was as cold as it had been in the past. She was staring at the bed in a daze. And, she held her tattered clothes in her hand. The sign of her chastity had been smeared on them

She was dressed in white clothes. Her current dressing had belonged to Jun Mo Xie. So, they were quite wide for her. However, they clung to her slender waist even better, and made it looked even lovelier. Her expression was complicated and somewhat sorrowful somewhat shy a little distracted and even a little disappointed

Guan Qing Hans body trembled slightly as she heard Jun Mo Xie enter. Her face had become red, but she didnt turn around. However, her face soon became pale again.

Jun Mo Xie stationed himself behind her. Neither of the two spoke for a while. They merely listened to each other breathe, and remained silent.

They were only a short distant apart from each other. But, it seemed that they were at the opposite ends of the world. The two of them had been involved in that intimate act a while ago. But, it still seemed if they were strangers. The atmosphere in the tent had become stifling as a result; it had become exceptionally stifling

Jun Mo Xie smiled in a gentle manner after a while. And then, he suddenly sat down on the wooden chair behind her.

Jun Mo Xie looked at Guan Qing Hans back, but it seemed as if he was talking to himself, "I know that the feelings in your heart must be complicated. In fact, you must be at a loss. You must be confused about what is to be done from this point onwards. In fact, you must even be confused about whats to be done at this moment..."

Guan Qing Hans body trembled.

"Actually, even I dont know whats to be done. Im confused as well!" Jun Mo Xie said slowly. Guan Qing Hans delicate body trembled and she couldnt help but turn her head. She wanted to turn around at first, but she forced her head back instead. [You dont know whats to be done? You dont know whats to be done with a girl next?]

She realized the entire matter as she listened to Jun Mo Xies slow voice. Guan Qing Han had finally understood Dugu Xiao Yis strange behavior of the past two days. She couldnt help but sigh.

[This matter is a result of an unfortunate accident it was a great coincidence. its just that I have been entrapped in this calamity.]

Jun Mo Xie took a deep breath, and spoke with determination, "I know that this matter is an unfortunate accident. It was a freak coincidence. However, you are my woman from now on whether you wish for it or not Your previous status is of no relevance anymore. You are my woman whether you admit it or not. And, that is an unchangeable fact.

"This will never change. This will never change no matter the time and place," Jun Mo Xie spoke these words slowly and carefully. And yet, he also seemed very dominating.

However, his unusually dominating mannerism didnt create a sense of antipathy in Guan Qing Hans heart. Instead, her heart felt an indescribable feeling of commitment.

Jun Mo Xies voice strengthened as he continued to speak, "Being called my woman may not be easy. But, I will spare no effort to cherish and protect you as long as youre my woman. And, Ill ensure that you never suffer any grievance.

"Perhaps I can give you time to think it over if youre not ready yet."

Jun Mo Xies tone was unhurried, "We know that your engagement with my brother was worthless. It was worse than worthless. And, youre no longer my brothers wife. Youre Third Uncles adopted daughter now. I hope you remember that. There will be many complications if we get together, and there will be many slanderous rumors. But, you neednt worry about any of that!"

Jun Mo Xie then smiled and said, "These are matters of men. There will be a lot of rumors, but I will ensure that none of them reach your ears. Not a single word! Do you understand? So, the thing youre worried about doesnt really exist!"

Guan Qing Hans shoulder moved a bit and she suddenly seemed to relax.

"I believed that you must understand my temperament properly. I am not a great hero or very heroic. Im a very selfish man. There arent many things I care about in this world. But, Ive always cared about my loved ones my family, my woman, and my brothers. Nothing else matters as long as theyre safe and happy. And, I Jun Mo Xie have nothing to do with the other people around the world. Im not a noble man!"

Jun Mo Xie smiled mischievously, and spoke frankly with an aura of assurance, "Im afraid that I will disappoint you if you expect great achievement from me. Because Im not a hero. I am a selfish man. Im so selfish that if any man says that he wishes to bully my people or embarrass my woman that person will suffer the cruelest form revenge from me! And, that includes your Guan Family because they arent one of the people I care about!"

Guan Qing Han was unable to remain calm because she suddenly had a flash of realization. So, she turned around while biting her lips. Her expression was extremely complicated as she looked at Jun Mo Xies calm face. Her mouth opened and closed for a bit, but she still didnt say a word.

She didnt know how her family would regard her once this matter became public. She didnt know how she would have to suffer at their hands. And, the thought of this had sent her heart in a frenzied state of panic. And, she simply couldnt think of what to do anymore

Those flat-sounding words from Jun Mo Xie had suddenly left Guan Qing Han to feel a chill inside her heart. And, she had started to worry about them instead of being concerned about herself at this time.

She tried to imagine what Jun Mo Xies reaction would be if someone from the Guan Family disrespected her. Moreover, the Guan Familys impression on Jun Mo Xie was very poor since they had tried to force her to marry into the Xue Hun Manor.

[Jun Mo Xie is unlikely to let them off easily.]