Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 385

Chapter 384 the undercurrent in the capital
Chapter 384: The Undercurrent in the Capital

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Jun Mo Xie would rarely ever be serious. But, anything hed ever say in a serious manner would stand to represent a commitment. And, Guan Qing Han had understood this fact clearly by this time. However, it was the understanding of this point that had left her to feel increasingly scared.

Someone wouldve spat out a mouthful of saliva in contempt if he hadnt spoken those words with a serious look. However, no one couldve done that in this instance!

[No one can ever change his decision. He had similarly vowed to protect me when faced with the Xue Hun Manors threat. So, Im sure he means it this time as well.]

"Everyone has always called me a licentious debauchee theyve said that Im ignorant and useless" Jun Mo Xie smiled bitterly. "However, I dont understand a womans mind in reality Nor do I know how to talk of love. Maybe I should carefully cajole you at this time or convey gentle feelings with honey-laced words. You have done a lot for me. And, Im not a heartless man. But, I can I can I genuinely dont know how to say these things"

"I have never talked about love! I have genuinely never talked about it! Yesterdays matter ahem it was my first time in this life. And, it was painful for me as well. Im not lying to you. You werent the only one who felt pain. I felt it too. In fact, I feel a little dizzy at this time. I can tell you this, but I felt very embarrassed at the thought of mentioning this to the others" Jun Mo Xies face seemed pained, and a little embarrassed.

Guan Qing Han had wanted to laugh out for a brief second. She had been a maiden woman until then. So, this instance had been her first time as well. And, she too had felt a lot of pain. So, how could she have felt like laughing at this time? It was because she had heard these words from Jun Mo Xies mouth

It was very hard to believe these words since they were coming from the mouth of a Young Master with such an ill and loathsome reputation. But, Guan Qing Han didnt laugh since she saw the expression on Jun Mo Xies face. Jun Mo Xies expression was strange and awkward, but Guan Qing Han could tell that those words werent lies. In fact, they had seemingly come straight from his heart

[Is possible that this is true?!]

[The legendary tyrant the greatest debauchee of Tian Xiang is a first-time in reality? It cant be, right? There would still be a little credibility to the words of a man who says that a few women in the Spirit Fog Lake are virgins. But, Jun Mo Xie]

However, Guan Qing Han hadnt listened properly. Jun Mo Xie had specifically said in "this life." Or maybe she had heard him clearly. However, she was unable to understand the meaning contained in those two specific words.

Guan Qing Hans eyebrows skewed, and her face became cold once again.

Jun Mo Xie waited for a moment. He noticed that Guan Qing Hans lustrous mouth had opened for a moment, but her complexion had eased to some extent. So, he couldnt help relax as he said, "In fact, last night I had the medicine and my mind had spiraled into a chaos I know that I had exerted the entire of my strength, but I didnt feel a thing its indeed a huge pity"

Guan Qing Han hadnt expected that the little brat would speak such words right when he was being serious. Consequently, her face became red with embarrassment.

Jun Mo Xies intention was to use those words to probe the situation. He had always noticed that Guan Qing Han would get enraged whenever he would say or do something foul and bold. In fact, he couldnt help but gather the courage to get up in order to hold her in his arms

However, Guan Qing Han was startled by this, and hastily took two steps back. She wiped the tears from her cheeks. And, her face became cold as she said, "We were helpless in todays matter. But, it was a mistake. I wanted to save you. I didnt do it for you alone, but also for the Jun Familys sole heir! We have made that mistake, but it doesnt mean that you can recklessly disrespect me! Jun Mo Xie, we cant make that mistake again! A mistake only adds to a mistake! You are acting willful again!"

Jun Mo Xie stopped his hand midair. His complexion changed a few time in a short while. Then, he eventually retracted his hand, and spoke-up, "You cant accept something at one moment, and say something else later you said you are my woman! So, why would you run away now? Your status in the family will change after we return, and Third Uncle will take you as his adopted daughter. Well have a huge banquet. And, all the respected individuals of the world will come to attend So, I believe that things will slowly simmer down. And then, I can take you through the doorway of marriage."

"Who who said that Ill marry you?!" Guan Qing Han was embarrassed and angry. [Ive never seen such a tyrant! He has spoken no sweet words to me yet, and he still wants to marry me?

"Whether you get married or not is your business. And, me taking a wife or not is my thing." Jun Mo Xies eyebrows rose as he gave a nefarious smile and said, "Come, beautiful youve had an exhausting day. I know youre tired. Hurry up, and Ill send to you to take rest"

Guan Qing Hans face instantly became red. And then, it became as white as ice. She looked at Jun Mo Xie, and enunciated every word she spoke, "You rest, Jun Mo Xie. Dont try those methods with me! Dont make me look down on you again! And, you can forget about what happened today. You go back to your grandfather, and tell him everything. He will settle the accounts. And, I will never stay here with you for the life of me"

Jun Mo Xie smiled and replied, "I said that Ill send you off to rest. I never said that Ill make you stay here. Elder Sister seems to be thinking crooked things"

Guan Qing Hans eyes opened wide as she pointed a shaky finger at him, "You you lecher! You hoodlum! I will be your Elder Sister?!"

Jun Mo Xie laughed out loud, "Lets look at this. You are Third Uncles adopted daughter. So, does means youre my elder sister, right?"

Guan Qing Han got extremely mad. She swung her sleeves, and turned to go. But, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her lower body the moment she took a step. Her forehead got covered with beads of cold sweat since she couldnt take another step!

Guan Qing Han had just lost her virtue. In fact, she had endured hardships for the entire day. That had already been too much for her delicate body. And, adding oil to fire Jun Mo Xie had been very rough.

Jun Mo Xie saw this, and rushed forward. He stooped down, and his left hand went under her neck, while his right hand curved under her legs. He held her like one holds a baby, and brought her body up towards his chest. The Young Master then stood up, smiled, and walked outside while carrying her in his arms. He smiled as he said in a lowered tone, "Don't worry. I'll take you back."

Guan Qing Han was alarmed and ashamed by this. How could she live with pride if she was carried back by him in this manner? Therefore, she couldn't help but struggle in a vigorous manner.

Jun Mo Xie controlled her body in a firm manner, and didn't allow her move. He then steadily walked out. Guan Qing Han felt so embarrassed and ashamed at this that she hid her head in his arms. The Young Lady didn't wish for anyone to see her, and didn't wish to see anyone herself either

However, they didnt hear even the slightest of sounds once they walked out. Not a single soul was in sight since it was already late at night by now. This made Guan Qing Han relax somewhat. But then, her shame and embarrassment welled-up again since she was being carried by Jun Mo Xie. Her ear was stuck to his chest. So, she could listen to his heartbeat. And, she couldn't help but become confused at hearing his palpitating heartbeat

Jun Mo Xie dropped her back, and was driven out of her tent after that. He smiled bitterly as he returned to his tent. Then, he started to circulate his aura through his body in order to recover his strength as quickly as possible. However, his skills had evolved, and his aura had become purer. Thus, he had managed to recover his strength in less than one hour

The Young Master stood up, and moved-about a bit. He then stretched his limbs a bit, and murmured, "Todays events seem like a dream. I cant tell if this was a traceless illusion..." His body then suddenly disappeared from the tent.

Jun Mo Xie hadnt forgotten that he still had a promise to fulfill.

[One should never break a promise. And, one should never commit to a promise they will break!]

[The Bear King Big Bear, and Crane King Long Crane did everything in their power to help deal with the Xue Hun Manor. So, I still have to complete my end of the agreement! And, tonight is my last chance to settle my debt!]

Naturally, this was also an opportunity to enhance his personal influence as well!

Jun Mo Xie didn't like owing a debt to anyone irrespective of whether it was an emotional debt or a monetary one. And, he particularly didn't like being indebted to someone who had acted first and had done their best to accomplish their part.

The matter had developed into a big one. In fact, it had gone beyond everyone's control. However, they had done this because they had made a commitment. So, Jun Mo Xie couldn't break his promise either.

Moreover, the elimination of the Xue Hun Manor had come as the removal of a huge threat.

Guan Qing Han was his woman now, and the Xue Hun Manor had been destroyed. This had obviously led Jun Mo Xie to feel more refreshed.

[You dare try to snatch my woman?! You're fu*king dead!]

Therefore, he had recovered his strength with full speed, and had then unleashed the Yin-Yang Escape to its full capacity to rush towards Tian Fa.

An alarmed voice sounded around one-hundred-and-fifty meters away as his shadow disappeared, "Whats going on? How did that brat disappear so suddenly? His speed is so astonishingly quick that it surpassed my perception!"

Then, another person spoke-up, "Why does Elder Sister care about it? So what if that brats speed is exceedingly fast? Everyone from the Jun Family is still here. The monk cant run away from the temple. So, why fear that he will run away?"

The two voices chucked for a while, and became quiet again

The Capital Tian Xiang City

There had been many big changes since Jun Wu Yi had led his army away. And, small changes had been pouring-in in a continuous and never-ending stream. There would be a conflict between two powerful families on one day. And, the Emperor would have to mediate matters. Then, there would be mediation between two families who were at loggerheads the next day. An announcement of an Imperial family suit would follow the day after

In short, the Imperial troops were being dispatched in an increasing frequency. Moreover, there had been changes in the official appointments, and his Majesty had been vigorously appointing many young scholars. However, these smaller changes had mostly gone unnoticed since he was using exquisite means to lubricate the entire structure, and had made the changes without making any noise in broad daylight. Consequently, no one had noticed the manner in which he had quietly infiltrated these young scholars into various departments through ordinary means. And then, some rotten officials or elderly members of some powerful families who werent at a very senior position were sent away perhaps with the excuse that they could go back home and enjoy the rest of their years in peace

Not a drop of water had been spilled from this air-tight mechanism. It was a seamless and clever method.

The number of people affected on an immediate basis werent a lot. So, not a lot of people seemed to care about it. Three to five people were thrown out one day then, five or six people would leave the next day and the next And, this had continued for the entirety of those two months. Thus, the Imperial polity had been turned on its head, and there had been massive changes

The higher positions of powers were originally held by members of the powerful families. And, most of them had still retained their positions. However, many of the people under their command had been replaced with new recruits or members of other families.

This entire thing happened in a very smooth manner. So, the powerful families were caught unaware. They may have wanted to take some countermeasures once they had realized this. However, it was already too late. Therefore, they had been rendered helpless in the face of it.

They had been overwhelmed!

Moreover, the internal conditions of the powerful families werent that great either. And, that was because there were undercurrents surging inside these families. No one knew who had spread the rumor but, it was said that the young masters who had been sent with Jun Wu Yi to the battlefield had been handpicked to gain experience. And, it was further said that these young masters would become the choice for successors for their respective families head-post as long as they would return safe and sound

This rumor had quickly given rise to huge waves!