Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 387

Chapter 386 enters tian fa for the third time
Chapter 386: Enters Tian Fa for the Third Time

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Inside the Imperial Palace

The Emperor frowned. His dignified face looked gloomy. He paced back and forth for a while. His pace was neither too slow nor too fast. And, he eventually let out a long sigh. The Emperor's expression was that of confusion. He seemed to be stuck at an important decision. In fact, it appeared as if he had been facing a complex problem.

Several powerful Xuan Qi experts had announced their support for the Jun Family. And, this list now included that very powerful and mysterious Master as well. This matter had struck the Emperors heart, and had kept him awake day and night.

"How much truth do you think there is to this matter, Elder Brother Wen?" He had received this amazing news some time ago. In fact, many people had confirmed it. But, the Emperor still couldnt believe it However, the fact was that he didn't wish to believe it...

"Elder Brother Wen, Jun Family had suffered a major tragedy twelve years ago. We must consider that those tragedies couldn't have happened if such a person had stood behind the Jun Family this entire time. Jun Wu Hui and Jun Wu Meng wouldn't have died, and Jun Wu Yi wouldn't have become a cripple. Moreover, the Jun Family's third generation wouldn't have had only one surviving child. And, thats because the Silver Blizzard City wouldn't have dared to do anything. Therefore, I'm convinced that something is odd about this matter!"

The Emperor frowned as he continued, "But, don't you think that it's merely weird? Don't you think that it's only an act by the Jun Family to neutralize the intentions of those who wish to prey on them? So, has this been done with the intention to give the Jun Family an opportunity to flourish? This would prevent the deaths of Jun Mo Xie's generation to say the least!"

Mr. Wen's face had lost its calm and tranquil demeanor a long while ago. He sat with a serious expression at the moment, and it was evident that he was pondering over something.

"This entity is a supposed to be peerless expert first of all. He is rumored to be a-once-in-a generation expert. So, why hasn't there been a legend about him if he has existed in the world of the mortals for many years? Moreover, its impossible for such an expert to emerge in such a short while. Secondly This man is supposed to be a towering and peerless Master who existed from ten to twenty years ago. So, he shouldve had an awe-inspiring aura. And, it wouldnt have been very difficult to believe if this person had hailed from a force that was at the level of the Silver Blizzard City or the Xue Hun Manor. However, the Jun Family is nowhere near at par with them. So, this matter seems very confusing

"Third such a tragedy wouldnt have occurred if he had genuinely watched over the Jun Family. And finally, the most important part This mysterious Master may have been away for a long time. Therefore, he may not have been aware of the tragedies that had happened to the Jun Family. However, he still didn't take any action even though he has reappeared! Any person wouldve found those things to be intolerable! First, this person doesnt show himself in the past ten years. After that, he only killed Li Jue Tian. But, he still allowed the Silver Blizzard City's men to live. He even spared the Xiao Family's men! This is very unreasonable! After all, Xiao Bu Yu had forced the Dongfang Family to take a very humiliating oath. Moreover, Jun Wu Yi and Xiao Han have always had an irreconcilable hatred for each other

"Every grievance has someone responsible for it. And, there is a debtor for every debt. These words have some truth to them. But, we know that Jun Wu Yi's legs were disabled, and havent been healed since. So, how could he take revenge? Theres no chance of him taking revenge! But, whatever that man has said and done in this matter becomes even more inexplicable if we deny those words of his! So, this matter has many layers where confusions exist!"

His Majesty frowned as he paced-about and pondered.

"Your Majesty, theres a good possibility that this information has some truth to it," Mr. Wen spoke-up in a serious manner, "So, I request Your Majesty to consider this most people present at the time of that mysterious mans appearance were under Li Jue Tians influence. And, Li Jue Tian didnt get along with the Jun Family. And, most of the families present at that scene had conspired to entrap Jun Wu Yi into throwing away his life. So, why would they wish to fake such news? Moreover, pulling off an act in front of exceptional people like the Lord of Tian Fa and the Provosts from the Elusive World of Immortals is impossible!

"Your Majesty's misgivings are naturally very reasonable! However, I believe that the sole reasonable explanation for this rests in the angle that the Jun Family may have somehow gotten the support of such a capable person in recent times. It could be similar to how they managed to get the Eighth Great Master Solitary Falcon's support. Its only that this person's strength is even more formidable!"

Mr. Wen then continued in a serious tone, "It doesn't matter if this support is recent or has been there for a while. But, this man genuinely exists. And, theres no doubt about it!"

"That's true. Ah, I had figured that it was a facade, and nothing more than that. But, that seems impossible at this time. So, we need to determine how the Imperial Court shall treat the Jun Family from now onwards."

The Emperor let out a deep sigh. The dark line on his forehead visibly denoted his worries as he looked into the distance. His state of mind wasn't clear. The ruler of the Tian Xiang Empire had already acknowledged the existence of that mysterious man. However, it seemed that he was waiting for someone to tell him that the matter was merely a huge facade.

"The Jun Family... the current relationship with the Jun Family might not be what Your Majesty considers. In fact, it might be considered to be very harmonious by some!" Mr. Wen spoke, "And, the Jun Familys newly acquired support may not have to be a bad thing for Your Majesty and the Empire. All you have to do is maintain your current relationship with them. Then, you can attempt to win them over. That Jun Zhan Tian isnt the kind of man who will forget old favors and friendships nor will he forget the emotions therein."

"Not a bad thing..." the Emperor smiled bitterly, and muttered in a low voice, "Jun Zhan Tian isnt a man who will forget past favors and friendships..."

It wasnt known why he had repeated what Mr. Wen had spoken, but his tone had sounded eccentric and eerie.

Mr. Wen was startled as he looked at the Emperor's face. It was as motionless as a lakes water. He couldn't see any emotions on it. There had been traces of gloominess on it before, but that had also disappeared at this time. However, Mr. Wen also felt that His Majesty was suppressing his deep and heartfelt emotions.

Then, a strong wind suddenly blew through the window. A memorandum that was placed on the table was blown away by this gust. It floated-about for a moment, and eventually fell to the ground. A page had been blown-open from it. It read, "Jun Wu Yi is returning safely with the army from the battle at the Southern Heaven City. A mysterious man had appeared at the scene. And, not one of the thousands of men dared to disobey him even though he had acted haughtily. He killed the Great Master Li Jue Tian with merely a turn of his hand. After that, he proclaimed for the Jun Family. The man destroyed the Xue Hun Manor, and he also made the Silver Blizzard City. Even the Lord of Tian Fa didnt dare to call out to him. The two Provosts from the Elusive World of Immortals didnt dare to move either."

After that, the voluminous writing became extremely detailed.

Mr. Wen's vision got affixed at a set of words.

"Not one of the thousands of men dared to disobey him even though he had acted haughtily. He killed the Great Master Li Jue Tian with merely a turn of his hand. After that, he proclaimed for the Jun Family. The man destroyed the Xue Hun Manor, and he also made the Silver Blizzard City. Even the Lord of Tian Fa didnt dare to call out to him. The two Provosts from the Elusive World of Immortals didnt dare to move either"

[What could be the identity of such a skilled person?]

Mr. Wen narrowed his eyes, and looked upwards as he pondered deeply.

That matter at Tian Fa had only taken place three days ago. And yet, the Emperor had already received this secret information. This message had reached here even faster than an eagle that was flying at full speed

The Jun Family Household

Jun Zhan Tian had become a recluse ever since his son-and-nephew had gone to war. In fact, he hadnt even appeared in public ever since.

Old Pang hurried over with his bamboo cane and reported," My Lord! The secret report from the Southern Heaven City!"

Jun Zhan Tian's eyes opened wide as he stood up and said, "I want to read it! Bring it to me!" He hurriedly took the report. His arm had started to tremble somewhat. The face of the old man who had received many urgent military reports in the past was calm. In fact, there was no movement on it. But, he was scared inside. In fact, he was nearly on the edge.

Only Old Pang knew that Jun Zhan Tian hadnt slept properly for two months since Jun Wu Yi had gone to battle along with his nephew. In fact, he hadnt even had a single night of proper sleep.

Jun Zhan Tian read this secret report very quickly at first. He then discovered that he had overlooked the real message in that secret report. So, he started to read it again more carefully this time word by word sentence by sentence

His taut body finally relaxed as he sat down on the chair.

"Wu Yi is alright. And, even Mo Xie is alright! They're returning triumphant!" Jun Zhan Tian tried to control his happiness. He sounded calm and indifferent, but his brows were enough to determine that he was very happy. "It's just that Mo Xie will follow his mother's brothers, and he will go to the Dongfang Family for a little while. This was requested by Dongfang Wen Qing."

"This is indeed great news, My Lord!" Old Pang was genuinely happy.

Jun Zhan Tian's face wrinkled and blossomed as he smiled and replied, "Its indeed great! The Dongfang Family had been very good to our Jun Family in those days. Mo Xie is very heroic, and his wit is also commendable! Wu Hui's in-laws mustve become very fond of him after having met him!"

The secret report had been issued from Tian Fa three days ago. However, it didnt inform the Grandfather that his "commendable" and treasured grandson had done something earth-shattering.

This matter was like a level-eight earth-quake or level-nine tsunami for the Jun Family!

The Old Man would grab a stick to break that youngster's legs if he came to know about it

Jun Mo Xie was entering the Tian Fa forest for the third time at this moment.

He had taken Tian Fa's Sacred Fruit the first time he had entered the forest. The second time had been during the battle. He had transformed into his formless mode, and had spoken a few words of instruction to Big Bear.

And, he was gracing the Tian Fa again for the third time now

The Young Master Jun felt that the Tian Fa Forest was the best place for him.

This was where he felt at ease the most.

In fact, he wouldn't even leave if it were possible.

This was the only place where he could somewhat loosen up.

Young Master Jun was moving like flash of light. He knew from experience that the Xuan Beasts of Tian Fa wouldnt be at the edge of the forest.

The Tian Fa Forest covered a huge area. And, Jun Mo Xie didnt know where the epicenter of the forest would be. He had collected rare herbs for medicines like a locust the last time he had been there. But, he knew that if the increasing concentration-density of these herbs were to be put on a map it would form a straight line. And, this straight line would go to the core of Tian Fa. However, he was a long distance away from that central region at this time. Jun Mo Xie had swept through the area, and hadnt left anything un-plucked in his path. But, it was still merely a drop in the ocean.

However, this also meant that he was at a loss in this case since he could only track the location of the top herbs in Tian Fa

He had obviously penetrated very deep into the Tian Fa once before. But, his overall knowledge of the forests road map was very poor. Therefore, it would be very difficult for him to find someone in this vast territory. Consequently, the Young Master Jun was forced to rely on his memory alone, and decided to proceed towards the spot where he had interacted with them the first time had been here

The range of Jun Mo Xies spiritual sense had also increased with the progress of his cultivation. So, he put his powerful spiritual sense to use, and quickly located the spot where he had last met the Crane and Bear kings.

Everything around the Ten Thousand Poison Valley seemed bleak. The Young Master hadn't gone very deep into the valley, but he didn't need to His powerful spiritual sense was enough to determine that the Crane King and the Bear King weren't present there. In fact, even the Snake King wasnt there at this time.

The Young Master was in no mood to look for them since it wouldnt be an easy task. Anyway, it would be a lot easier to make them locate him instead

Jun Mo Xie revealed himself in the Tian Fa Forest. Then, he abruptly flew into the sky. After that, he pushed forth the formidable aura from the Hong Jun Pagoda. The pure aura pushed forth from his body, and rushed out. Then, it spread in the area around him