Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 389

Chapter 388 help the beast king with the breakthrough
Chapter 388: Help the Beast King with the Breakthrough

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The Xuan Beasts came in different shapes and sizes. However, they were still beasts at the end of the day. So, there had always been somewhat of a barrier between them and humanity since ancient times. In fact, they were starkly juxtaposed from the human world.

Therefore, there was one Formidable Land outside the Three Holy Lands. In fact, there wouldve been four Holy Lands instead of three if it werent for the existence of this difference. However, the level of their strength far transcended that of the apex-ranked humans. So, how could an ordinary human compare with them?

Jun Mo Xie had emanated that faintly amiable feeling. It was very faint, but it had come from the heart. And, the Xuan Beasts were very sensitive to the feelings of likes and dislikes. So, they had sensed it, and had found it very pleasant.

Long Crane and Big Bear genuinely felt that the person in front of them was truly amicable and trustworthy.

Therefore, they looked at Jun Mo Xie with extreme gratitude, and didnt hesitate as they sat down cross-legged. It didnt take long for that strong smell of wine to evaporate from their bodies. Consequently, their previously red faces resumed to their normal color.

Big Bear felt that his aura was flowing free and unrestrained. He was in a very peaceful frame of mind. The Beast King was about to open his eyes when he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. This hand then moved to the vital point of his shoulder as a soft voice instructed, "Stabilize your minds. Dont move. Long Crane, you must keep watch. No one must disturb this process."

Then, Big Bear removed all the defenses from his mind for the first time in his life. And, his entire Qi Structure was exposed to the explorations of that persons hand. In fact, this was also the first time that Big Bear had become so unreserved and had put such an enormous amount of trust in a human.

Long Crane complied, and quietly slipped out. And, he started to watch the surroundings very attentively for any activity. This was supposed to be their territory, but Long Crane still acted like it was ruled by a great enemy. He was extremely vigilant

Because this breakthrough was very important for Big Bear and him!

Big Bears eyes were closed, and he could only feel a cool sensation on his shoulder. In fact, it felt as if it was winter-time. Then, he suddenly felt something similar to ice-cold water pour onto his shoulder. This feeling then seeped to his bones. He could feel the pure aura bubble-out from that hand and pour into him. In fact, it was flowing out like a river. And, that river had started to irrigate his meridians!

His meridians had already reached a critical point. In fact, they had attained the peak of a Beast Kings strength. But, they were then edged-on by the pure aura they received, and started to enliven bit by bit. After that, the meridians began to accept the aura, and eventually started to expand a little

[This is so fast. It is an astonishing progress. And, it is so effective!]

Big Bear was astonished by this, and his immediate reaction was one of admiration. But, he still didnt dare to allow even the slightest of chaos to seep into his mind. Instead, he made a great effort to guide the flow of that powerful external aura through his internal cultivation structure. And, it started to trickle into his Dantian little by little

Long Crane was standing around thirty feet away when he found that Big Bears body had suddenly started to emit a faint milky-white mist. And, it was becoming denser with every passing moment. In fact, the mist continued to become more and more concentrated until the big and sturdy body of Big Bear had been enshrouded in it.

"This is an unworldly aura! In fact, this is the sign of someone being on the verge of breaking through to the tenth level! How could he reach breakthrough so quickly?! Hows this possible?!" Long Crane cried out in alarm. In fact, the Crane King was subconsciously rubbing his eyes since he couldnt believe what he was witnessing

[A miracle is happening in front of me! An incredible miracle!]

The mysterious person had promised to help them with their breakthrough. However, Long Crane had assumed this entire matter differently. The man may sincerely try to help, and he may even possess some extremely remarkable method. However, he had figured that the best result would an increase in their cultivation which would take them to the critical point in fell swoop. So, he had felt that the two of them would have to endure bitter hardships and pain-staking practice before theyd eventually breakthrough to a higher level.

He had considered that scenario as the best possible conclusion to this!

However, Long Crane couldve never imagined that this mysterious and skilled person would use his powerful aura to help them in breaking through the bottleneck without a pause and, that too in the blink of an eye!

[What does this mean? What does this signify?]

This meant that this mysterious black-clothed man was willing to sacrifice his own strength for them. He had gone through bitter hardship, and had travelled across the world to help these two brothers. Long Cranes eyes quickly became somewhat moist. [We had wagered an insignificant task in exchange of this. What would such a task be in the eyes of such a peerless person? And, this mysteriously skilled person has still fulfilled his promise! In fact, hes even sacrificing his own strength for it!]

[How many people in history have honored their promises with such seriousness? How could such people ever be untrustworthy? How could anyone still doubt that this person would cheat us and run away with the Sacred Fruit? That would be a huge joke!]

Its important to know that this mysterious person could easily kill the two Beast Kings in one move since they had lowered their guards. And, he wouldve gained top-tier Xuan Cores of Beast Kings who were on the verge of breaking through to the tenth level. Moreover, he wouldn't have had to expend any energy for doing this. It wouldve been a great procurement for him, and it wouldve surely been very advantageous for his cultivation as well.

However, he didn't do it. Instead, that man complied with the agreement. In fact, he was even sacrificing his strength to help the two Beast Kings with their breakthrough.

Long Crane asked himself if he wouldve sacrificed his strength to help Big Bear with his breakthrough?

And, he became red with shame after he had carefully considered the possibility for a while. And, that was because he had come up with a clear subconscious answer No!

[I'm not willing to make that sacrifice for my own brother let alone other people!]

[This black-clothed mysterious person deserved the admiration of everyone around the world. Any friend of his would feel reassured, fearless, and honored.]

Jun Mo Xie wouldve become giddy with happiness if had gotten to know what the two Beast Kings were thinking at this time. In fact, he would have fainted, and still woken up giddy. Moreover, that cycle wouldve continued for several iterations.

The obviously seemed to be a big misunderstanding.

Jun Mo Xie was obviously serious about his promise. And, he had genuinely expended a massive amount of extremely pure aura. But, he wasnt sacrificing his own strength to help the two with their breakthrough. In fact, the Young Master Jun wouldve never agreed to this deal if he wouldve had to do such a thing. He had never been a great and towering hero. So, how could he ever do such a great and altruistic deed?

The reason was obvious. The Xuan Beasts of Tian Fa regarded this pure aura to be extremely valuable. In fact, the valued it far more than the Young Master Jun. Moreover, the quantity of aura inside the Hong Jun Pagoda was very large for Jun Mo Xie. In fact, it was nearly inexhaustible. He was increasingly absorbing more and more aura with the increase in his cultivation. However, he wouldnt feel the need to worry about its scarcity

Using the Hong Jun Pagoda to help the Xuan Beast Kings with their breakthrough was nothing to Jun Mo Xie. In fact, it was almost as if a man with a mountain of gold the size of the Great Himalayas was trying to flaunt his wealth in front everyday office-goers. Such a person could easily give everyone a few gold coins and seem generous as hed say, "Its nothing. Go and have fun with it"

The scale of the assistance he was lending was something similar...

Moreover, Big Bear and Long Crane were simple and honest creatures. And, this was to Jun Mo Xie's liking. Therefore, he was willing to help them. And, getting to the heart of the matter helping them out would still carry many benefits for him

These two weren't ordinary individuals. In fact, both of them were easily equal to some of the Great Master. So, extending a hand of friendship to them would bring no harm

It is often said that its more than enough to have only one friend who is willing to help you in the need of hour. But, how could anyone dislike having more of such friends?

[Ive received a lot of quick help from these guys. And, Ive obtained the Thousand Evil and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit from them. Ive also collected so many other rare herbs from their forest.] This had left Jun Mo Xie to feel that he had done nothing for them in comparison. In fact, he even felt a little guilty. The Young Master Jun would never consider himself a good man, but he still had some conscience. Therefore, he felt extremely bad

[I havent done much for them when I compare it to what they have done for me.] However, The two Beast Kings felt the same way. In fact, their sentiment was a hundred times stronger than Jun Mo Xies.

[Hes genuinely an exceptional man!]

Big Bear sighed in his heart. He had been emotionally moved by this. Suddenly, he felt that the energy-circulation inside his dantian had started to become increasingly urgent. In fact, it had soon taken the form of a whirlpool. And, that heavenly aura had become exceptionally frenetic in a split second

The aura amassed!

He went past that critical point without stopping, and attained his breakthrough with an explosion!

Big Bears state of mind was very tense, and he didnt allow his mind to wander. He spared no efforts, and gave his all to push through his meridians. The forceful aura coming from that hand had started to feel warm. Suddenly, a loud sound was heard. In fact, this sound was loud enough to shake a mountain!


The thick mist that had surrounded Big Bear suddenly disappeared. Then, there was a loud noise. However, no would figure its origin. But, it had left everyones heart to tremble. It was indeed a very mysterious feeling.

Jun Mo Xies body suddenly flashed. He appeared ten feet away, and stood beside Long Crane. His black hood was somewhat moist. And, his body was shuddering lightly. It seemed to Long Crane that he was about to collapse.

Long Crane felt very gratefully at this time, and he was about to speak-up. Then, he saw Jun Mo Xie put his finger in front of his mouth in an indication that he needed to remain silent. Jun Mo Xie then said, "He has just made a breakthrough!"

How could a Beast King like Long Crane not know that? His very soul had been shaken a moment ago. And, he had immediately realized that Big Bear had finally broken through.

Big Bears post-breakthrough strength was easily equal to that of the Second Great Master, Li Jue Tian. In fact, it might even have transcended that

Big Bear unconsciously let out a loud and vigorous screech at first. Then, there was a flash of a golden light. In fact, this dazzling light painted the ground in its color as it spread out.

After that, Big Bears body started to rise in front of these two individuals even though there was no wind. Then, there was a loud bone-crunching sound. In fact, the echoes of that explosive sound reached the very soul. Many similar explosions were heard thereafter. And, this was followed by a very loud sound, "Bang!"

The accumulated strength inside Big Bears body had finally broken out. And, his majestic body had also been lowered from mid-air. He now had the body of a magnificent, fierce, and tough bear.

The golden hair that covered his body suddenly started to turn a deeper shade. In fact, each of his hair seemed to be exuding magnificent splendor. This astonishing phenomenon continued to for a while before it came to a stop

The Xuan Beasts throughout Tian Fa had gone silent. In fact, many of the Xuan Beast Kings had started to tremble with fear. Even their very souls could sense that a formidable entity had arrived in Tian Fa. A real Beast King had taken birth!