Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 39

Chapter 38 purely coincidental
Chapter 038 Purely Coincidental

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On the street, the heavy rain continued pouring down, dispersing the crimson lines on the ground leaving only six corpses lying quietly. One of the corpses had its eyes remained wide open, staring furiously towards the skies, his face filled with resentment

After taking a few detours, Jun Xie finally made his way back to the Jun Residence.

Even as Jun Xie strolled ahead, the rain continued falling without abandon. The blood on Jun Xies face had already been washed away by the rain. After being washed by rainwater, the only thing one would see was a few brownish stains. No one would have guessed that those stains were the blood of six warriors!

Besides, there was no way that Jun Xie could have fought against those men with his current level of strength. After all, these were the blood of a Silver levelled expert and five Ninth levelled Xuan Qi experts!

It was at this moment when Jun Xie had stepped into the Jun Residence that a tall figure pierced through the heavy rain. Just like a rocket streaking through the skies, this figure arrived at the corner where the six corpses could be seen lying on the ground. Becoming surprised, the person rushed towards them, using a hand to pat the six men, searching their bodies but was unable to find anything. Suddenly straightening his body, the persons face became extremely gloomy.

This man wore a peculiar looking mask on his face, making it hard to ascertain his facial features. However, every move of his was done with calmness and ease. With a golden glow, he flew up to a big tree located five zhangs (15 meters) away from them. Standing on the tree, he looked around. His way of conduct seemed as though he was not wasting any energy or effort in his actions.

A golden glow could be seen, this person was a Gold levelled expert!

With a lightning like gaze, he carefully inspected the surroundings. Suddenly, he flew down from the tree and moved towards the six corpses. He circled the six bodies as he analysed it. After which he moved towards one of the directions where their blood was flowing. However, his movement speed were surprisingly superior compared to that of the usual experts, his speed exceeding what the experts could achieve when running!

That direction was none other than the direction that Jun Xie had used when he left this place!

This person was truly detailed; amidst the heavy flow of rainwater, he actually managed to pinpoint the right direction!

The man followed the traces and moved forward. After moving for a while, he suddenly stopped and let out a light sounded curse. The detours that Jun Xie had taken had actually led him in a circle! After following the traces left by Jun Xie, the mysterious Gold levelled expert found himself back at the same starting spot

Who was it? Who could it be? Such a deep level of thought process! The man whispered to himself; he raised his head to the skies, his mind lost in thoughts. Who was it who disrupted my plan? Who was it that could seize this opportunity with such precision? Who could have seen through my plans? Who was it that could read my mind?

The execution of this plan was something done at the spur of the moment, not even he himself predicted that this would happen. In addition, there was the sudden heavy rain! Considering these factors, the problem could not possibly have originated from his end. But then, where did it come from? Could it be The mysterious man painstakingly analysed, poring through every variable, going so far as to suspect everyone around him in his analysis

This mans thoughts have always been deep and profound; every factor must be within the palm of his hands before a decision was made. His obsession towards detail could be said to have reached the extreme! Take what happened today for example, even if he was beaten to his death, he would never believe that there would be such a kind of coincidence! As such, his mind was fixed from the very beginning. The incident today must have been the work of someone or some organization, perhaps his own family was trying to screw him over or perhaps someone with an enmity towards his family!

His thoughts sprouted out with this point of view as its base. It was only natural that all the possibilities in his mind were wrong, so much so that it could be said to be of hundreds of thousands of li in difference!

This man could never have considered that what happened today was simply a coincidence! A very interesting coincidence!

If the Silver levelled expert had not detected Jun Xies presence, then Jun Xie would never have chosen to incur the wrath of others while his strength had yet to bloom. If the one the Silver levelled expert had detected was not Jun Xie but a commoner, then he would have been able to safely deliver the item back to the designated place. In fact, if this person had arrived just a few moments earlier, there was no way Jun Xie could have beaten the man with his current level of strength

Everything that had happened was all a coincidence. Coincidences were the inevitable path for all developments. The events of the world could never follow the will of men!

Although Jun Xie taking away the item that the man wanted was due to a coincidence, Jun Xie himself does not know what the item was, or what it can be used for!

Jun Xie deciding to go out for a walk was a coincidence in itself. When he realized that the Mid-Autumn Festival of his past life was approaching, he felt himself becoming nostalgic and homesick. In this world, there was no one he could have a good chat with; there was also no place like the bars in his past life. It would also be inappropriate for him to become depressed at home, not to mention Jun Xie was not one to let others see himself being submerged in such weak emotions. Thus, he went out, planning to drink away his sorrows. Unexpectedly, that middle-aged mans words caused him to lose the desire to continue, the wine becoming less appealing and harder to stomach. After saying a few contemptuous words, he left the wine shop.

Still feeling depressed, Jun Xie wandered about in the streets, as though this act of threading through the heavy rain could bring some level of comfort for him.

It was then which the coincidence occurred!

After a series of coincidences, Jun Xie ended up bumping into those men who had stolen the item from the Tang Family. Those few men who barely escaped, coincidentally also stopped for a while, allowing Jun Xie to listen in on their conversations.

With his current level of strength, Jun Xie had intended to simply forget about this incident. After all, the current Jun Xie had no particular feelings for the Tang Family. If the Tang Family lost something, then so be it! It had nothing to do with him, regardless of what it might be. Who could have guessed that those men would have such dog like noses to be able to sniff out Jun Xies presence? This left Jun Xie with no other option; considering the strength of these men, running away was not an option.

With no other options at hand, Jun Xie resorted to utilizing projectiles, depending on the help granted by the Heavens, in addition to utilizing his trick and had these men killed in one swift moment! Since those men were dead, there was no reason for Jun Xie not to help himself to it and retrieve the item from them. As such, the invaluable item that the mysterious person eagerly desired fell into the hands of Jun Xie through a series of seemingly limitless coincidences.

None of these matters seemed to be eye-catching at all. And yet, when they came together, these series of coincidences could cause anyone to jump in shock! Gaining great benefits without knowing what was going on, ruining other peoples meticulous plans as he strolled around aimlessly!

For so many coincidences to have occurred, this was simply a form of divine intervention, even the Heavens decided to throw in a heavy rain to add to the fun. This could only be labelled as Heavens will, or perhaps the director of this series of coincidences was Heavens itself!

The mysterious man remained there and was just about to leave when he heard a roaring noise. The Tang Familys house guards were charging over. Sighing, his body radiated a golden glow and he made his move. Six pa sounds were heard, as the heads of the six corpses below exploded, their original visage no longer recognizable. Brushing his sleeves, the man jumped into the rain and disappeared.

When the Tang Familys men came over, all they saw was six corpses with damaged heads. As for the item that they needed to recover, it was nowhere to be found

Jun Xie remained ignorant to the fact that he had inadvertently disrupted the plan of Jun Familys biggest enemy. He even retrieved the precious item that the mysterious man desired. However, Jun Xie only felt aggrieved: I had originally only wanted to enjoy the rainy atmosphere, reflect on the memories of my old world, immerse myself in this nostalgic emotion of solitary loneliness. Instead, I had to bump into a bunch of rotten bastards, destroying my perfect atmosphere and feelings! Sigh, how depressing

Not a single thing went right! First, I went to drink wine but bumped into a man who cannot differentiate between good and bad wine, claiming that an inferior wine is a masterpiece. How pitifully laughable! After that, I left to enjoy the rainy atmosphere, but instead bumped into a bunch of people trying to kill me

What a bad luck! Jun Xie sighed as he raised his head to the skies. Patting the small parcel on his bosom, he stepped into the Jun Residence.