Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 390

Chapter 389 many beast kings gather to celebrate with jun mo xie
Chapter 389: Many Beast Kings Gather to Celebrate with Jun Mo Xie!

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Big Bear came down to the ground after a long time passed. He then transformed into his human form again. He seemed very happy as he looked over his body. It seemed as if he was in a dream. A long, long time passed. However, it seemed as if this dream-like state of his hadnt come to pass.

He examined him body very thoroughly a few times before he finally accepted that he had genuinely made a breakthrough.

Big Bear looked upwards, and let out a roar. Then, two tears rolled down his big eyes. He then took great strides, and stood in front of Jun Mo Xie. After that, he eagerly kneeled.

Jun Mo Xie was startled by this. Consequently, he didnt even get the time to stop Big Bear as he continually knocked his head on the ground. Meanwhile, Big Bear choked with emotion as he spoke, "Thank you thank you"

Long Crane had been standing on the side this entire time, and his eyes had also somewhat reddened.

He was also a Xuan Beast King like Big Bear, and he had also been stuck at the same bottleneck. Therefore, he understood Big Bears frame of mind. And, he also understood why the Bear King was kowtowing. Big Bear had acted like this because that mysterious person had given the two of them a new lease of life.

Jun Mo Xie hurriedly pulled Big Bear to stand upright, and said, "What is this for? We had made an agreement. And, I was only honoring my commitment. Theres no need to do this!" Jun Mo Xie felt somewhat embarrassed as he said this. In fact, he felt as if he was the typical sort of man who took cheap advantages of others

[This isnt that big a deal. I could do this eight to ten times a day. And, Id still have room for more]

However, Big Bear and Long Crane didnt feel that way. And so, they spoke-up with tears in their eyes, "This may have been an agreement, and it may not feel much to you but, it means the world to us. In fact, it is similar to receiving a new lease of life! We dont have the words to thank you for this huge favor! The senior can send us on any errand without hesitation, and we would do whatever he says. The strength of our bodies isnt weak. We arent called Beast Kings for no reason!"

Jun Mo Xie looked at Big Bear. His eyes were glittering with a luster of sincerity. In fact, Jun Mo Xie was left to feel that his future plans to exploit their strength were a bit despicable after he witnessed the genuine sincerity in their eyes.

He faced upwards, and sighed as he finally figured it out. [One may need many schemes to motivate their subordinates to face the enemy. And, one may need to use such scheme again and again. However, no such methods are required to seek help from a true friend. In fact, a little kindness would be enough to motivate them.]

And, Big Bear was obviously such a person

He wouldnt forget someones kindness until the day of his death.

And, such people were worth making friends with.

Jun Mo Xies expression became peculiarly gentle as he softly patted Big Bears shoulder and said in an earnest tone, "Dont be like this, Big Bear. I genuinely consider you a friend!"

He let out a prolonged sigh, and spoke, "I dont have many friends in this world. You are one of the very few so you dont need to thank me!"

Big Bear's face lit-up since he became overjoyed at these unexpected words, "Great! Thats amazing! I was acting in a very unnatural manner, ha ha..."

Jun Mo Xie chuckled gently, "Now it's your turn to keep guard while I help Crane King and fulfill my promise."

Long Crane anxiously suggested, "You mustve become very exhausted. Why dont you rest for a while and recuperate?"

Jun Mo Xie replied, "No, I can still do it. Come on." He then extended his hand.

Long Crane hesitated at first. He repeatedly sized-up Jun Mo Xie to ensure he was alright before he eventually sat down.


Some time had passed. Jun Mo Xie looked at the ecstasy filled faces of Long Crane and Big Bear. And, he suddenly felt very happy inside. In fact, he couldnt even describe this strange and unspeakable happiness.

This kind of happiness was entirely different from the one hed feel after his well-calculated plan had succeeded or the ecstasy of suddenly discovering treasure or even the relief after he had killed an enemy.

This was a very pure form of happiness! And, this strange happiness had surprisingly given Jun Mo Xie great joy.

[The struggle of fighting to death in very thrilling But, helping people on the odd occasion also feels very good]

Jun Mo Xie smiled as he pondered...

The Young Master Jun had been feeling cheerful and content the entire night.

Big Bear and Long Crane spared no efforts to invite their benefactor for a celebration. In fact, they even vowed that they already prepared some Monkey Wine as a token of their appreciation

It was very difficult for Young Master Jun to decline the great kindness and repeated invites of the two Xuan Beast Kings. And, it would also be unreasonable to do so. Moreover, there was still a lot of time left before the break of dawn. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie gladly accepted their invite

The Monkey Wine was considered legendary in comparison to the inferior wines of the rest of the world. Therefore, it would be too big a waste of the opportunity if he didnt try it

Big Bear unendingly gave orders to the level nine and level eight Xuan Beasts as they proceeded forward, and asked them to bring the best and the tastiest wine. In fact, he even told them to "deliver the wine at the speed which matches the Crane Kings!" Consequently, a huge chaos had been stirred-up in the center of Tian Fa.

This turmoil was even greater than the one that the forest had witness at the time of the Xuan Beasts uprising. In fact, it was greater by a fair margin. The depths of the Tian Fa forest would usually be quiet in the middle of the night. But, its sky was dust-ridden at this time. And, the strongest Xuan Beasts were moving-around like ordinary houseflies. In fact, it seemed as if they were scattering in disarray.

The ruckus created during the Xuan Beasts uprising was massive in scale, but it hadnt had any effect on the depths of Tian Fa. But, the territory was suddenly witnessing a major fit of chaos in the middle of the night

The following visuals had suddenly become very common A bear would be chaotically charging through the forest with a fruit wine from the northern side. His heavy footsteps would leave the ground to tremble. A Golden Tiger would be rushing alongside him with a fruit basket on his back

Someone would often turn a bend, but would unfortunately collide with a level nine beast! A loud "Bang!" would be heard, and both of them would be thrown down to the ground. Consequently, the ground would end-up being covered with the cherished fruits

The Tiger King, Lion King, and Falcon King also rushed-in like a tornado in quick succession. They obviously knew that they wouldnt get many opportunities to drink on the same table as such a strong individual! And, only a fool wouldnt do their utmost to take hold of such an opportunity. [Maybe this person will help us make our breakthrough Didnt we see how Third and Fourth Brothers made their breakthroughs so mysteriously? No heavenly treasure apart from the Sacred Fruit can have such a terrifying effect, right?]

Jun Mo Xies eyes had opened-wide when he saw the huge stone table in front of him.

The Young Master Jun felt dizzy when he saw the two wine cups. In fact, he suspected that Big Bear and Long Crane had perhaps invited him to bathe in the wine instead of drinking it. [The sizes of these wine cups and the wine barrels are phenomenal! Even a bath tub isnt this huge]

One golden-furred monkey was transporting a small barrel of Monkey Wine with sincere effort. However, a small barrel of Monkey Wine would be enough for Big Bear and Long Cranes drinking capacity. Consequently, one could see several golden-furred monkeys transporting more of those barrels towards this place from afar. Everyone without exception was putting their best efforts to task

Then, the chiefs of peak level nine Xuan Beasts, level nine Xuan Beasts, and level eight Xuan Beasts came over. Each of them had a flattering expression on their faces as they offered some cherished fruits. In fact, they even wagged their tails before they retreated in a respectful manner.

[Damn! There are so many rare fruits here. Forget about eating or seeing them theyre only mentioned in the legends! These are so rare!] Young Master Jun couldnt help himself as a light flashed in his eyes. [How much money could I make if I took these back to Tian Xiang?]

[These fruits are amazing. But, these Xuan Beasts are even more astonishing! Who has ever seen the faces of lions and bears with human-like expressions of flattery as if they wish to belie their desire to curry a favor? I have!] Moreover, it wasnt just one or two of them or even a group or two of them this was the case with each and every one of them. So, how could this scene not be weird?

Each one of them had arrived prepared with the intention to welcome Jun Mo Xie!

Consequently, Jun Mo Xies self-importance shot up in a matter of seconds

He suddenly felt like a legendary figure The Monkey King!

He almost felt like the Monkey King from the fables. The Monkey King had created a ruckus on the Heavenly Mountains. Therefore, he had been banished. However, he was later proclaimed the King of the mountains, and everyone had prostrated in front of him. This scene was something similar to that one

Such a pleasant day was one that was fit for the immortals only

Then, a huge white lion carefully came-up to the stone table in a respectful manner. He then awkwardly cupped his two furry paws, and arched his back as he faced Jun Mo Xie. After that, he took a seat with half of his posterior on the stone bench, while his flagpole-like tail wagged behind him non-stop

Jun Mo Xie was stunned for a moment. And, it took him a while before he realized that the lion had offered salutations to him. In fact, the beast had actually cupped his paws in courtesy!

[Hes so polite!]

[This is really astonishing!]

Big Bear made the introductions a while after the new-arrival sat down, "Senior, this is my Sixth Brother. Hes the Lion King Careless Rock."

"Ke ke ke" Jun Mo Xie coughed in a violent manner and said, "Lion King? Is his surname genuinely related to that word for cow dung? Doesnt it stink? This name is very unique!"

Big Bear and Long Crane froze. They had been left dumbstruck by this remark. A dark line appeared on the Lion Kings forehead. He wanted to drill a hole in the ground so that he could hide in it due to the embarrassment. The embarrassed Beast King then gave many meaningful looks to Big Bear. What it meant was"Hurry up and explain my name to him! That meaning is making me nauseous. Its killing my mood to drink the wine. "

"Senior may have misunderstood. The Sixth Brothers name means, Careless Rock, and ahm ahm not carelessly defecated rocks, ahm ahm" Long Crane coughed as he explained.

"So thats what it is! I guess I misunderstood because of my bias. I request the Lion King to not feel offended." Jun Mo Xie nodded and cupped his hand towards the Lion King.

The Lion King became calm once again. [This mysterious person has actually apologized to me! His conduct genuinely befits that of such a skilled man!] He had started to feel unhappy to his very stomach a moment ago. But, he suddenly felt that he had regained some honor again.

Another individual had also arrived some time ago. However, this one was in his human form, and was adorned in golden clothes. This individual was the Golden Tiger King. He too had wanted to speak-up, but he found himself choking when he heard the remark that was made on the Lion Kings name. However, he quickly bowed in salutation as Jun Mo Xies vision shifted towards his direction.

"Hes the Ninth. The Golden Tiger King Earth Cracker," the corners of Big Bears big mouth had drawn back into a smile while he made the introductions. He seemingly hadnt moved-on from that previous remark yet

"Tiger King, Earth Cracker! Ah, this name is indeed bold and powerful! And, its interesting the way it corresponds with Big Bear!" Jun Mo Xies expression was a gentle one behind the veil. The Golden Tiger King felt very happy about that comment. In fact, he had been overwhelmed by this seniors grace by the time he took his seat.