Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 391

Chapter 390 i will do this for your reputation
Chapter 390: I Will Do This For Your Reputation

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Suddenly, a dark cloud appeared overhead as the Falcon King spread his huge wings and glided down. He arrived over everyones head. After that, his body suddenly reduced in size, and changed into a dark-grey-clad grim man. A big aquiline nose hung from his face, and he looked very fierce. He cupped his hand in a deferential salute to Jun Mo Xie after he landed.

"This is our Tenth Brother, the Falcon King Sky Breaker." This introduction was made by the Crane King. It seemed that the air-borne Xuan Beasts fell under Long Cranes command, and the terrestrial Xuan Beasts fell under Big Bears command according to Tian Fas hierarchical system.

One could clearly see as a huge monkey as he rushed over from afar at a lightning speed. He was visibly larger than any other monkey around. He panted as he faced Jun Mo Xie, and made his salutations.

"This is our Seventh Brother the Monkey King. His name is Seventh Earl." Big Bears eyes made it seem as if some matter had hurt his spirit. He said, "Youve already met our Eighth Younger Sister the Snake King. She has gone out with our eldest sibling for some work. So, theyre not in the forest at this time. Our youngest brother has disappeared, and hasnt been seen for the three years since"

"Oh okay. I could only meet the Lord of Tian Fa Venerable Mei for a short time. And, I really regret that. I had come to meet her as well, but it couldnt happen. What a pity! And, that little girl the Snake King had acted with guts. She took responsibility, and I genuinely appreciate that!"

Jun Mo Xie chuckled as he uncovered the lid of his wine cup. The Beast Kings thought that he would drink, but they were bewildered to see that he didnt touch the wine cup for a while. But then, the wine cup floated in the sky, and a fragrance assailed their nostrils. This was the fragrance of the Monkey Wine. It then circled in mid-air like a whale which was swimming in sea-water. After that, it went towards Jun Mo Xie, and disappeared behind his veil.

Jun Mo Xie took a sip, and smacked his lips. He then closed his eyes. It seemed as if he was enjoying the aftertaste. He then said, "Good! This deserves to be called the Monkey Wine! It truly deserves its reputation!"

The Beast Kings had been stunned by this. [This person is genuinely very skilled! Even the way he drinks wine is so unique!]

The Beast Kings had intended to take that opportunity to make Jun Mo Xie drink wine. They had believed that they would get to see the appearance of this mysterious master by doing so. But, Jun Mo Xie had used that skill, and they had failed in their objective. However, they could only sigh since they felt a little disappointed.

Jun Mo Xie then changed the topic and asked, "Oh yes! Big Bear, Im a bit confused with the introductions you made a moment ago. I know that Tian Fa works with a hierarchal system like ours, and has always done so. That is no secret. The Tiger King is the Ninth, and Falcon King is the Tenth. So, why is it that they have taken their human form when the Lion King and the Monkey King are still in their Beast forms even though they are the Sixth and the Seventh?"

These words immediately sunk the atmosphere, and made it restrictive. The eyes of the Lion King and Monkey King had suddenly brimmed with extreme sadness.

"Senior has asked this question. So, we will answer. This isnt really a secret Lion King and Monkey King had left Tian Fa for their adventures sixty years ago..."

Long Crane continued in a deep and pensive tone, "But, they lacked experience with the world outside. So, they had revealed themselves and their whereabouts after they had gone out. Four of the Eight Great Masters had joined hands, and had launched a pincer attack on them. It had been an arduous battle. The Sixth and Seventh werent able to match them. In fact, they were barely able escape with their lives they had nearly been turned into corpses by the Great Masters hands. They were lucky to escape but not without unavoidable injuries. In fact, they fled that battle with incurable injuries. We were able to save their lives, but they had suffered irrevocable damages. Consequently, they have fallen back to level nine. These two have also lost their ability to take-on the human form ever since. And, they still havent been able to get over that injury..."

Crane King then spoke with grief and indignation, "Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng had been amongst those Four Great Masters! Those two bastards! Eldest was extremely furious when this happened. Eldest even stormed the Elusive World of Immortals to look for justice. But, that wasnt enough to deal with the power of the Elusive World of Immortals. So, there was no choice but to leave the matter unsettled. Ah"

Lion King and Monkey King hung their heads down in sadness. Their strengths had been impaired, and their cultivations had suffered serious setbacks. Consequently, even the seniority of their position in Tian Fa wasnt guaranteed to last. In fact, they would have to cup their paws and surrender their titles of Beast Kings if another beast from their respective species ever reached the peak of level nine

There had been many lion and monkey beasts who had reached close to the peak of level nine over the years. The difference in strength wasnt that great either. Those said-beasts were only a step behind. And, this posed a serious threat to the leadership of the two Beast Kings. They would be helpless if their strengths fell short. That was the standard rule, and rules must be obeyed. Tyrannical strength was everything

Moreover, the situation in both of the Beast Kings groups had slowly become discordant over years. It didnt resemble the situation from that time in the past when their word was law. There had been a time when they had commanded strict obedience, absolute authority, and absolute strength. However, that time had come to pass. In fact, they wouldve already lost their positions if the other Beast Kings werent helping them in secrecy

However, the Xuan Beast groups had always favored the strong and discarded the weak. This was an uneasy truth which had been as such since eternity. Their groups may have some warm feelings towards them. However, their own kind would have no choice but to comply with the basic laws of survival of the strongest if a viable candidate were to appear within their groups. And, Big Bear and the others couldnt get involved in their internal strife for the position of Beast King when that time came...

It would be the end for those Kings when that time came

"You've got injured... he he... what injury could be sharp-enough to have such grave consequences? Let me have a look. Perhaps I can heal it... can't say for sure though." these words had barely exited Jun Mo Xie's mouth, and the six Xuan Beast Kings had already begun to tremble. Their eyes were filled with a look of ecstasy!

[Whos this man in front of us?]

[Hes a great and unmatched person!]

[I'm sure that theres nothing that he can't accomplish! He hasnt said that he can help them for certain. But, the two Beast Kings have hope as long as he tries!]

[This individual possesses the strength that has helped two Beast Kings to advance without a hitch. So, what would some insignificant injuries be for him?!

The Lion and the Monkey King were moved by this. In fact, their bodies had somewhat started to tremble.

The hope that they had been waiting for had finally presented itself!

Jun Mo Xie calmly extended his hand, and lightly touched Lion King's broad and furry shoulder. After that, a strand of refreshing and pure divine aura entered into his meridians. The Lion King suddenly felt very comfortable as this happened. That small strand of aura cycled through the meridians inside his body. It continued to cycle for a while until Jun Mo Xie retracted his hand. After that, he lightly put his hand on the Monkey King's shoulder

The faces of the Beast Kings had nervousness written over them as they looked at him. However, not a single one of them dared to utter a single word for fear that they might disturb that very able person.

They couldn't see that mysterious person's expression since Jun Mo Xies face was covered with a veil. So, they could only do try their best to try and guess his expression. However, Jun Mo Xie's expression was very mild and placid.

Jun Mo Xie eventually stopped after he had expended his efforts. He then slowly let out a sigh. But, the breath in his sigh seemed biting and angered to the six Beast Kings. In fact, the hearts of the six of them had begun to throb

"The condition of Sixth Rock and Seventh Earl isnt good. Their meridians have been inflicted with heavy damages. Moreover, a portion of them have been shattered. And, this has blocked the cycling of the aura from their dantian. Also, theres an unfathomable, malicious, and mysterious power which has remained hidden inside their meridians. And, this power is rather hard to deal with. That malicious power brings-about the unceasing destruction of your foundation. In fact, you shouldve been able to recover a long time ago if it werent for this. There isnt too much of that energy inside you. But, its still enough to bring your cultivation to a standstill. In fact, it has been reducing your cultivation in a slow and steady manner. Im sure that the signs of tendency have already emerged"

Jun Mo Xie sighed and said, "This is a very sinister Xuan skill. Which of those four Great Masters did this to you?"

The Lion and the Monkey King blankly stared at each other. And, the spontaneously saw the answer in each others eyes.

The Lion King moistened his claws with the wine, and slowly wrote something on the table. They had lost the ability to take-on the human form. So, they had also lost their ability to speak like humans. But, they were still able to write

"The Great Master of the Evil Winds Yin Huang Quan!"

"So it was the Great Master of the Evil Winds move! Its not surprising that it was so sinister!" Long Crane and the others exclaimed in unison.

"Senior youve examined them is there no hope? Can they be cured?" Big Bear asked nervously. Lion King, Monkey King, and the other four-footed Xuan Beasts came under Big Bears jurisdiction. Moreover, they had been working together for a long time. So, they were very close to each other. It was unknown how many pains Big Bear would have to take and how much time it would take to form such a close partnership with anyone again

"That sharp and sinister injury from the Great Master of the Evil Wind is sixty years old." Jun Mo Xie intentionally-or-unintentionally started to shake his head. The Lion and the Monkey King saw this very skilled person, and felt that he looked helpless in the face of danger. So, they couldnt help but feel disheartened since their hopes had turned to dust.

Big Bears expression underwent a drastic change as well, "Dont tell me that there is no hope!"

Jun Mo Xie looked at the urgency of Big Bears expression, and let out a long sigh. He had a warm color in his eyes, "This is a matter of grudges which are sixty years old. And, I didnt wish to get involved. But, I cant watch that expression on your face, Big Bear. I guess its fated So, I will help you! These injuries are quite severe, but they arent untreatable. Yin Huang Quan must be quite ruthless, but hes nothing in my eyes!"

This had showed-off Big Bears enormous reputation.

Big Bear was moved after he heard those words. His big and furry face had started to revel with pride and glory. His face exposed an arrogant grin, but he didnt know what to say

[I cant watch that expression of your face]

[Damn! This has got me excited!]

The Lion and the Monkey Kings had started to tremble unconsciously. This news was no less than sudden thunder from the sky to their ears. In fact, their beating-hearts had almost come to a stop.

They had been in hell a moment ago and they were suddenly in heaven.

They had no hope at first. So, they had no option but to despair. Then, they had received such a huge surprise!

The despaired Lion and Monkey King had been overwhelmed. After all, they had seen that deity-like senior look helpless a moment ago. Moreover, that mysterious person had given them a negative reaction a second ago...

However, this kind of a wound was a piece of cake for Jun Mo Xie in reality...

This was very similar to the time when Jun Wu Yis legs had been severely injured. A Spirit Xuan exert would have to give their all, and would have to use the entirety of their medical expertise in order to cure it. However, the victim would still suffer a lot of damage to their cultivation if that were to happen. Moreover, even that Spirit Xuan helpers cultivation would suffer a great loss.

Big Bear and Long Cranes breakthroughs were another example of such an instance. In fact, the Lords of the Three Holy Lands may join hands, but they would still regard this matter as "impossible". But, this "untreatable injury" was nothing for Young Master Jun