Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 395

Chapter 394 the nine xuan root
Chapter 394: The Nine Xuan Root!

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Jun Mo Xie had no choice but to go in. And, this was because the Young Master noticed a peculiar foliage of vine at the edge of the white mist the moment he thought of withdrawing away. The leaves were heptagonal in shape, and blood red in color. Their inner veins were clearly visible. In fact, it was like they were trying to burst out of the leaves surface.

This slender vine was snow white in color. In fact, it looked like silk floss. However, anyone whod touch it would realize that it was stronger than steel.

[The Nine Xuan Root! This is the Nine Xuan Root I havent been able to find anywhere!]

Jun Mo Xie was overjoyed at this unexpected discovery. This was the final ingredient he needed to concoct that Xuan Advancement Dan! Jun Mo Xie had accidentally stumbled upon this surprise. So, how could he let go of this herb? It could be dangerous inside. But, he would blame himself for an eternity if he didnt take the Nine Xuan Root.

The pills derived from the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit would also have the same effect. But, that pill was still out of Jun Mo Xies reach since he lacked a large number of raw materials. Moreover, his present cultivation wasnt high-enough to refine it. Anyway, the Young Master just couldnt wait...

Moreover, he could always make use of the pills he had refined from the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit after he had done the same with the Xuan Advancement Pills. And, this would result in two burst of advancements. Plus, there was a chance that the pills refined from the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons may fail to be as effective as he had imagined. So, wouldnt the gains still outweigh the losses if he was able to procure this vine for the Xuan Advancement Pill?

Jun Mo Xie became extremely elated at seeing something he had thoroughly longed for. And, he initiated the Yin-Yang Escape at its full capacity.

However, he was disappointed once again. The Yin-Yang Escape had been unstoppable in the past. And, it had always been extremely remarkable in every endeavor. But, the Young Master was unexpectedly encountering obstacles while using it in this place. He had the freedom of direction, but hed feel as if he had fallen into a swamp whenever hed touch the white mist. And, each step hed take would require a huge amount of energy

Jun Mo Xie felt trapped. And, he started to feel as if he had stepped into a mountain-pile of cotton. The cotton looked as light as a feather. But, one couldnt see thing once they had gone inside that pile of white cotton. The eye could only see one color, but the purity of this color still had a bedazzling effect

[Such a fantastic place exists inside the Tian Fa Forest?] Jun Mo Xie was completely amazed.

He obviously didnt stop the Yin-Yang Escape. Wouldnt he become an easy target for some hidden expert if he did that? A man could die in that murky atmosphere, and wouldnt even come to know about it

[Using the Yin-Yang Escape is draining a lot of energy. But, it still maintains my invisibility. So, I will be invisible even if an overwhelmingly talented expert is present inside. This is my biggest advantage!]

[This is a remarkable thing! How amazing!]

Jun Mo Xie was trapped inside this fantastic environment. So, he reached down towards the Nine Xuan Roots, and walked along its rattan in the same manner a person walks in their sleep.

The Young Master wasnt worried since he had already conducted his experiments. It wasnt easy to go forward if he wanted it. But, it was quite easy to move backwards. Therefore, he could withdraw whenever his heart so desired

Hence, his safety was ensured

Jun Mo Xie would only venture into such a strange area as long as his safety was a hundred-percent ensured. And, he wouldnt move forward if things looked even a little dangerous

This was the prudence that had earned him the title of the greatest assassin of his generation.

However, Jun Mo Xie anyway wouldnt have retreated very easily

And, this was because he was determined to obtain the Nine Xuan Root.

The six Beast Kings were drinking and celebrating at the time Jun Mo Xie disappeared into that valley. They had also heard that gloomy screech which had originated from the south. They stared blankly at first. Then, they jumped up. In fact, it seemed as if someone had lit a fire under their buttocks.

"It came from the direction of that Tian Fas Cave!" Long Cranes voice was filled with alarm and panic. He was genuinely very nervous.

"That genuinely is Tian Fa cave!" Big Bear and the others turned pale. They didnt waste any time, and rushed towards it with all their might.

"Does this have anything to do with the Senior? We were drinking, and he was in a hurry to leave. So, we forgot to tell him that he couldnt go there!" The Tiger King seemed somewhat worried, and his forehead was covered in sweat. In fact, he had spoken this while he was galloping along the route.

"Its hard to say" The Falcon Kings dark face became even darker. His falcon-sharp eyes could see only pitch-darkness far ahead.

"Who apart from that Senior would dare to enter Tian Fas sacred place? Would you dare to do it?" Seventh Earl looked very anxious. He then continued in an impatient manner, "This sound may have originated because of the Senior. And, we must beg for leniency and get him released if that is the case" The Monkey king had recently received a favor from the said-person. So, how could he bear to see them suffer in his homeland?

Big Bear snorted and said, "Its too early to speak anything on that matter. Its very difficult to say which one of those two will have the upper hand here. So, it is very difficult to decide who we will have to beseech in the end. I just hope that the Senior still gives weight to my word"

These words were enough to determine the absolute and unparalleled faith Big Bear had in that mysterious person. It was hard to assess that whether Big Bears reputation was prominent-enough to speak those words or not. However, it was evident that his skin was thick-enough. His skin may not have been the thickest one around. But, it was surely unparalleled in many ways

"Shut up everyone! Is this the time for this? Lets just get there first!" Long Crane shouted back. Then, he stopped running on the ground, and rose in the air as he transformed into his original form. He then quickly turned into the huge pure-white crane. He flapped his huge wings, and quickly flew past.

Big Bear saw Long Crane leaping into the sky, and immediately understood the Crane Kings plan. So, he leapt up as well. In fact, he jumped even higher than the Crane King. He would continue soaring into the sky until the Crane King would come around. Then, hed transform into his Bear-form, and start to descend due to the excessive weight. The Crane King would catch him as hed start to fall, and he would revert to his human form before hed land on the Crane Kings back. Then, the two of them would proceed forward together

The two Beast Kings had been cooperating with each other for decades. Therefore, they were very familiar with each other.

However, there was a miscalculation this time. The Crane King was clearly very impatient at this time. He flipped around in mid-air, and came to a stop. Big Bear saw this, and transformed to his Beast-form in order to fall down towards the ground at a very fast speed. However, the impatient Crane King gave a screech, and shot forward at an even faster pace.

This was a big mistake

Big Bears immense weight dropped to the ground with a loud "Bang!" He had fallen to the ground very heavily, and the solid layer of earth was smashed. Consequently, an enormous crater was formed at the place he had landed. He had been completely unprepared for the eventuality, and was hence caught off-guard. He didnt sustain any wounds to his flesh since it was quick thick. But, there wasnt an inch of his body which didnt hurt badly. The Bear King then sat up, and cursed in anger.

The other Beast Kings were in haste at this time. In fact, it was almost as if they were fire-fighters charging to put-out a serious arson. They flit from his side in quick succession. The Falcon King was the kindest since he returned to Big Bears side, and handed him his clothing. However, his speed didnt slow down as he did this. After that, he also flew into the sky, and shot southwards like a black arrow.

The six Beast Kings arrived at the forbidden area of the forest in nearly an instant due to their cultivation levels.

They found no reason behind the sound they had heard, and only saw that white mist instead. The six Beast Kings searched the area around the white mist, but didnt discover any traces that would indicate that a person had entered it. They were obviously very relieved at their finding

However, they were unaware that Jun Mo Xie had gotten here by using the Yin-Yang Escape, and wouldnt have left any traces as a result

It was a remarkable technique. It had left no traces behind whatsoever

"It seems that no one has come here. And, its a great thing that no one has!" Long Crane became relieved and spoke, "No average person can enter the forbidden area. Everything seems fine."

"I think its still good to ask. The scream that came from inside has made me worried." Lion King seemed anxious as he continued, "We all know that they wouldnt have made such a sound if they werent seriously injured"

Monkey King disagreed, "One can sometimes feel intolerable pain during their practice. And, that can happen particularly when ones making a breakthrough. Perhaps thats what that scream was about. Such a sound isnt common inside Tian Fa, but its not very rare either. So, should we make such a fuss over nothing?"

"Youre right. Every Xuan Beast screams like that during cultivation practice. But, have you ever heard such a sound coming from the forbidden area?" the Lion King replied in a sarcastic tone.

Long Crane thought for a moment. He then strengthened his voice, and asked, "The current Crane King has come to pay his respects. Does the Senior of the Sacred Land have any instructions for us?" his voice was deep and resounding as it made its way inside the white mist.

A voice of someone gnashing their teeth replied from inside the mist after a long time had passed, "Sure, youve come to pay your respects! Hurry up and get lost to your grandmother!"

The six Beast Kings were stunned. Their big eyes had narrowed as they gloomily returned to the road they had come from.

The six Beast kings had been very unlucky this time. The individual inside had been caught off-guard by the powerful spirit sense from Jun Mo Xies Hong Jun Pagoda. So, they had suffered a terrible defeat, and were currently lamenting about how heroic they had been in the past. And, this had made them very impatient and annoyed. It was then that the six Beast Kings had decided to come. So, how could they not be snubbed despite their good intentions?

The six Beast Kings were given a tight one in their face, but they still didnt dare to complain. In fact, they went back at greater speeds, and disappeared from the scene very quickly.

Then, that voice again spoke-up from behind that thick mist, "Damn it! I forgot to ask them if anyone had come-in a while back. Who was that guy? He was such a pain! His spirit sense was so powerful and frightening! I wouldve been done for good if it werent for that quick action!"

Jun Mo Xie was using the Yin-Yang Escape with everything he had. He was having difficulty while moving inside the thick mist, but he couldnt help laughing after what he had heard. [It seems that the guy inside this place is having a tough time. I seem to have driven his mind out of sorts. Just how powerful is the Hong Jun Pagodas spirit sense? I was able to contend against this individuals strength. In fact, the Hong Jun Pagoda left this individual in an injured state. This is truly amazing!]

He followed the Nine Xuan Roots vine one step at a time. And, each step of his was extremely cautious

Jun Mo Xie couldnt believe that the person inside this thick mist could live in this environment [He shouldve been dead by now Moreover, I havent come across a single tree or any other plant since Ive started to follow that vine. This is extremely abnormal!]

[The Nine Xuan Root is here. So, how come there isn't any vegetation around?]

[This doesnt make any sense!]

It was unknown how much distance Jun Mo Xie had covered before he finally felt that the thick mist had begun to thin out. So, he mustered his strength, and proceeded forward

Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt his body relax as he finally left that thick-white mist. And, he found himself inside a clearing. The area was still surrounded by a wall of that snow-white mist. Therefore, one couldnt see anything past it. The Young Master could only see up to a few meters in diameter, but nothing beyond Everything beyond it was merely endless and thick white mist.

There was a cluster of trees not far from him. And then, there was a hill a bit further ahead. But, it was enveloped in mist as well.

One could clearly see a little bit of that mist in-between the vegetation as well. The mist was light where the trees were thick, and it was dense where the trees were sparse.

Jun Mo Xie suddenly realized something. He still hadnt figured what this white mist was, but he had certainly understood one thing. [This strange mist is sparse wherever there is a lush growth of trees, but it is dense in the area where the vegetation is scarce]

The Young Master saw the endless white mist and sighed. [It seems there isn't a lot of vegetation here. Its no wonder that something as poisonous as this Nine Xuan Root grows alone in this place]

The Nine Xuan Roots were spread far and wide just like the diameter of the trees

The Young Master discovered that the trees inside the cover of this mist weren't very tall. In fact, they mustnt have been more than ten meters in height. However, they were very thick. It was obvious that the fog had stunted the trees' growth in terms of height. So, they had grown horizontally instead.

However, Jun Mo Xie was still very puzzled by this since there was no sunlight in this area. So, he couldnt understand how these had managed to trees grow. Moreover, they seemed to have been growing for thousands of years

Jun Mo Xie sighed. He decided that he wouldnt think about these mysteries any longer. The Tian Fa Forest was full of mysteries, and he didn't have the strength to solve them all at this point.

[It is difficult for me to make progress with the Yin-Yang Escape method, and my skills arent helping either. But, I will unravel these mysteries one day. And, that is when this Tian Fa will thoroughly accept me!]

[Anyway, I dont have the time to think over these restricted matters right now. I only need to dig out this Nine Xuan Root, and Im done after that.]

He was about to start when he heard a soft sound. It was coming from the forest, and it sounded like the snort of an animal

Jun Mo Xie attentively looked in that direction. A huge golden-furred bear slowly stood up from the mist that had shrouded his body. It then stretched its huge body

It was a level nine peak Xuan Beast.

Jun Mo Xie didnt wish to complicate things. So, he decided to evade in to the soil. He went underground, and dug out the Nine Xuan Root. He could smell the Nine Xuan Roots fragrance more easily inside the soil. He held the Nine Xuan Root in his hand to take a better look, and his face exposed an exulted expression.

The snow-white Nine Xuan Root sparkled like jade in Jun Mo Xie's hand.

The Nine Xuan Root had a very strict aging system. It would be black after it would sprout. And, it would remain black until the first ten years had passed. It would turn brown after that. The color would change to yellow once a hundred years had passed red after a thousand and, it would only become milky-white after ten-thousand years.

[This place has the best quality Nine Xuan Root!]

Jun Mo Xie hadnt expected to find such a huge surprise. The quantity of this Xuan Root wasn't small either. It could be used for Grandpa Jun's pills, and there would still be a lot of it left afterwards. In fact, enough of it would be left to supplement the refining of every kind of Divine Xuan pill

The Young Master happily took the root, and put it inside the Hong Jun Pagoda. He then broke into laughter without realizing it. Suddenly, the entire area started to reverberate with loud screeches. It turned out that there were more than one level nine Xuan Beasts in that area.

Jun Mo Xie used his spirit sense to search forward, and found the sources to be as strong as the spirit sense he had previously clashed with. In fact, there were several such entities in this area!

Jun Mo Xie couldn't help but break out in cold sweat. [My God! How come there are so many powerful entities hidden here?] He couldnt dare to delay, and he whizzed away from there.

It was difficult to come in, but it was quite easy to go back. It only took him a moment to get away from the scope of that white mist. The Young Master smiled as he looked at that white mist from afar, and muttered, "I will be back! Thats for sure!"

Jun Mo Xie then came upon a huge rock which had big inscriptions written on it. It was then that he realized where he had been to

[Tian Fa's Cave!]

[This place turned out to be the most mysterious place in the entire world!]

[Tian Fa's Cave! This is great! It is genuinely worthy of its legendary and mysterious status!]

Jun Mo Xie couldnt help but smile inside his heart. He then flew-up like a breeze as dawn broke out in the silky blue sky. After that, he quickly made his way back to the Southern Heaven City.

[This is truly a great harvest! And, an unexpected great harvest at that!] This great harvest had left Jun Mo Xie to feel extremely happy.

He now had every material required to make his grandfather advance. Moreover, he would also be left with enough material to refine a lot of divine pills. Was there any medicine that couldnt be refined from this herb that had accumulated tens of thousands years-worth aura in the Tian Fa?

There were barely any other places apart from Tian Fa which had a special environment that was capable of growing such heavenly herbs.

[How much effort has this saved on my end?]

[Moreover, my relationship with the Beast Kings has improved a lot after today. In fact, weve become quite familiar with each other. And, this will come out to be very helpful there as well!]

Jun Mo Xie still looked like the debauchee from six months ago. However, the fact was exactly opposite. He had been amazing in secret.

The Jun Family's military strength couldn't be considered weak. They had many people under their dominion. Moreover, Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang were there to take care of the Jun Household in the Tian Xiang City. And, the underworld gangs of the city were working for them as well. So, it was like they had full layout of the Capital with them.

Moreover, the business was blooming under Tang Yuan's talent and bitter haggling. The Aristocratic Hall was like a legendary treasure tree in the Capital. Moreover, it was a treasure tree which would shed huge amounts of treasure when shaken once.

In terms of individual cultivation Jun Zhan Tian was at the peak of Sky Xuan, Jun Wu Yi was at Sky Xuan middle rank, and Jun Mo Xie was at the base rank of Sky Xuan. And, each one of them was on the verge of another breakthrough; especially Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi! They would soon become Spirit Xuan experts as per Jun Mo Xie's plan.

They also had external help since one of the Great Eight Masters Solitary Falcon was living at the Jun Familys residence. Moreover, Jun Mo Xie was on the verge of completing the prerequisites that would free the Dongfang Family from the burden of their oath. And, this would gain him an extremely startling force in the form of these assassins. Each of his three Dongfang uncles was a Spirit Xuan expert. So, wouldnt the Dongfang Family be more powerful when their complete strength was taken into account?

Furthermore, he had painstakingly performed great favors for six Beast Kings in the Tian Fa Forest. It could even be said that the level nine Xuan Beasts and the Beast Kings would rush to assist in any battle as long as he asked them in the form of that mysterious master. This genuinely wasnt an impossible notion to consider. And, there was literally nothing that these Xuan Beasts couldnt achieve

Moreover, Jun Mo Xie had invented himself into that mysterious master, and this was one of his greatest advantages. Who in the entire world didn't know that such a divine and powerful person was supporting the Jun Family?

This incorporeal and mysterious force was the Jun Family's greatest support. Who in the world would contend against the Jun Family after such an individual had decided to support them? Had they not seen the Second Great Master turn into ash?

In addition, the Baili Family's young genius Baili Luo Yun was waiting for him in the Southern Heaven City. Inviting him had also been part of Jun Mo Xie's big plan.

It could be said that Jun Mo Xie had become a great power in this world.

He had become extremely awesome!