Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 396

Chapter 395 how did you eat it
Chapter 395: How Did You Eat It?

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In the Southern Heaven City

The very exhausted Guan Qing Han had closed her eyes, and lain down on her bed after Jun Mo Xie had left her tent. Her spirit had been stretched extremely thin ever since she had been besides the Young Master. Her heart wasnt worried. And, the others didnt matter. However, Guan Qing Hans mind was fuzzy, and she was extremely exhausted. Pain was invading her body. In fact, there wasnt a point on her body where it didnt hurt. Moreover, she felt ashamed that the lower part of the body hurt a lot in particular. In fact, she felt as if it was being torn apart. Even the tiniest of movements would give rise to excruciating pain there

[Its entirely that idiots fault for meddling with things! Damn it hurts so much!]

Guan Qing Han felt powerless and weak. She couldnt move a single part of her body not even her little toe. Two tears flowed down her cheeks. She didnt regret helping the Young Master. Nor did she resent Jun Mo Xie. But it was too painful. And, these tears were her only means of relief from this pain

The Young Lady had been passive throughout that stormy event. In fact, she had even mentally prepared herself for it. But, she had still lost every ounce of her physical strength. In fact, every bit of her Xuan strength had forsaken her as well

She felt that she didnt have any bones or muscles in her body. She wasnt able summon any strength from any part of her body. But, she was still unexpectedly able to turn her eyes. Guan Qing Han felt somewhat surprised at this. And, those tears had left her eyes even before she could react.

She expended the last bit of her strength to save her pride and dignity when she had stood-up inside Jun Mo Xies tent, and had put-on her clothes

The Young Lady didnt wish to show her weak-side in Jun Mo Xies presence. She had told herself that she had committed that mistake to save Jun Mo Xie to save the last surviving member of the Jun Familys Third Generation. She had thought that there would be no traces of that event, and that she wouldnt get involved with him after that. In fact, she had convinced herself that there wouldnt be a need for them to get involved with each other after the incident had passed.

She tried to think along these lines, but she couldnt convince herself.

"Youre my woman! This is a fact!"

Jun Mo Xie had spoken those words in a domineering manner. And, his tone had been unquestionable in its authority. That scene had been repeating in her mind, and those words had been playing in her ears

"I will marry you when these problems subside!" that man had said.

[Was that a promise? Was that his desire?]

[That was a mistake, right? Isnt it?]

[And, why am I so scared?]

[But, why is there a trace of bashfulness in my heart?]

[I did it to save the sole surviving member of the Jun Familys Third generation. But, why havent I committed suicide already? Why havent I traded my life to defend the names of these two families? Why hasnt this idea even cross my mind? Why?]

[Am I a woman with no sense of shame and honor?]


She was quietly lying in bed when this train of thought overwhelmed her, and flooded her mind with a plethora of questions. And, Guan Qing Han had forgotten about the pain her body was suffering as a result. Her face became red at first. It would then turn deathly pale before turning deep red again and would eventually paint her neck the same color. And, this continued to happen in endless circles

Two tear drops flowed down her cheeks, and soaked her long, black, and satin-like hair.

However, they werent because of the pain this time.

[This night I am doomed to get no sleep]

She was unaware of how much time had passed when she heard someone speak something outside her tent. She didnt care much about that at this time. Everything seemed very trivial to her in her current frame of mind

But, theres always something that comes to provoke a person regardless of how hard they try to avoid it. Someone lifted the entry flap of the tent, and stuck their small head inside. This person then sneakily looked around the place, and walked-in on tip-toes

"Elder Sister Guan are you alright?" Dugu Xiao Yis face was brimming with a sense of loss and shame. Her eyes gleamed with tears as she looked at Guan Qing Han. She then cautiously and solemnly sat at the bedside. It seemed as if the little girls figure had wasted away in the middle of the night

The little girl had been born into the second most powerful family of the Capital City of the Tian Xiang Empire. And, she was the only girl in her generation in that huge family; the rest of the off-springs were boys. Therefore, Dugu Xiao Yi had blossomed in that family while being doted on. In fact, the care she had received was hard to imagine

It was very hard to have male-female relationships in that era. And, this case was the same for even the most common of girls of the most common of households. The morality of such a relation was scrutinized very strictly before marriage. And, it was for the fear of someone learning about something unsavory. And, wasnt she from a big family like the Dugu Family?

Even the people of the neighborly households had to be very vigilant. They may dare to talk about those tabooed things, but the Young Ladys ears shouldnt come to hear of them. Otherwise, it would be a huge and unforgivable crime

Their family had the Grandfather in-charge, three great generals, and the seven beastly Young Masters, and many other powerful members. Which one of them couldnt decide the life or death of a person from an every-day household? Therefore, the consequences of even one indecent word reaching the ears of the Young Miss Dugu would be horrible

Moreover, the little girl was only sixteen years of age at present what could she understand?

This was an era when the youthful maidens would only come to understand such things a night before their marriage. The mother and daughter would be alone together, and both would be blushing. The mother would gingerly hand-over erotic pictures through the silk. And, the daughter would be very careful while stowing it away. However, the thin silk enveloping these pictures would clearly indicate its purpose.

After that, the mother would send a loyal and elderly lady with her daughter upon her marriage as a guide. And, this is when the real education would begin. Instructions about what to do and when and so on the newly married girls would follow that loyal elderly ladys teachings Ahm ahm

Even the mother would be too shy to speak about such things to her daughter!

Therefore, the fact that Dugu Xiao Yi already understood this much and now knew what something as vague as "cooking rice" meant was an amazing feat in its own merit.

However, Dugu Xiao Yi didnt understand this aspect of the society since she was very adorable and pure. A Young Lady would quickly assume the indicated postures the moment a man would ask her switch to the pushing a cart position if she knew about these things in detail. How terrifying would such a tabooed sight be for this era?

Which family would ever dare to take such a daughter-in-law in that era? And, they would be very unhappy even if they braced themselves and went ahead with such a marriage proposal


Guan Qing Hans expression became complicated when she saw her culprit in front of her. How could she not harbor some hate when she saw the person guilty of perpetrating such a big crime?

The little girl wouldve had to lose her virtue, and wouldve had bear this pain if they hadnt switched places by accident

[She had thought herself clever, and had set out to "cook rice". She had then set a roaring fire, but she herself had been scared away from the cooked food. And then, I took advantage of the situation wait I didnt take any advantage of the situation. I was obviously the innocent one in this case]

[Could it be considered as taking advantage? It hurts a lot. This is a huge sin!]

Guan Qing Hans face started to heat-up at that thought. It was like her face had caught fire. However, she didnt know whether it was because of anger or shame

"Elder Sister Guan Im really sorry I didnt do it on purpose I didnt know that it would turn out this" Dugu Xiao Yi scowled miserably. She felt distressed that she had lost such a rare once in a lifetime opportunity due to her mistake. The little girl had obviously cooked great rice. But, someone else had consumed that cooked rice. In fact, she hadnt even come over to apologize. Instead, the little girl felt wronged

"Its nothing its in the past now" Guan Qing Han smiled with difficulty. She wanted to raise her hand, but she was unable to since it was extremely painful. In fact, even budging a little hurt her a lot

"Elder Sister Guan is it it isnt that painful?" Dugu Xiao Yi saw Guan Qing Han remain motionless. So, she asked inquisitively.

"Ah Ahm Ahm" Guan Qing Hans red face looked at her in an accusing manner. How could she reply to that? [How can I possible answer to that in a way that doesnt sound wrong?]

"Elder Sister Qing Han, youre not answering but I know that youre in a lot of pain youve suffered a lot, elder sister" Dugu Xiao Yi spoke-up with some sympathy. "Did he hit you?"

"Did he hit me?" Guan Qing Han opened her big and beautiful eyes at those words. [Where did that come from? Jun Mo Xie had lost his mind due to that excessive poison. He hadnt gone berserk on a battlefield. So, why would he hit me?]

"Oh, I had also seen Brother Mo Xies devilish form that day. He was sure to have hit you. Uh its my fault" Dugu Xiao Yi had spoken those words absent-mindedly. It was evident that she hadnt dared to speak the words she was thinking in reality

"He he" Guan Qing Han had finally understood that this little girl didnt understand what she herself had believed a moment ago.

[She definitely has a lot of guts. How else could she have dared to ask that question?]

"Can I ask you a question, Elder Sister Qing Han?" Dugu Xiao Yi became relaxed when she saw Guan Qing Han chuckle. In fact, she had become so relaxed that she had become unbridled by what had happened before.

"Whats the question? You can ask." Guan Qing Han looked at her gently. She could do nothing about this little girl at this time

"Uh ahm ahm that one... how did you eat it? Was it tasty?" Dugu Xiao Yi rubbed her clothes as her face turned red with embarrassed.

"What? Eat what? I havent had anything to eat!" Guan Qing Han was flabbergasted. How could anyone not be puzzled by what that little girl was speaking?

"I Brother Mo Xie wasnt he cooked by the rice I gave?" Dugu Xiao Yis face became extremely red. She gathered a lot of courage as she asked, "I cooked the rice, but you ate it in the end So, how did you eat it?"

"Huh?" Guan Qing Hans beautiful eyes widened to their greatest limit.